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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Ashar  (Read 2984 times)


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« on: May 08, 2016, 02:59:20 PM »


NAME:  Ashar.
NICKNAMES (IF ANY):  Ash, Shasha, Kanbûn (meaning ‘dogman’).
TRILOGY:  Both (though primarily The Lord of the Rings).
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941/3019):  20th of August, T.A. 2935 (6 years old in T.A. 2941, equivalent of 2; 84 years old in T.A. 3019, equivalent of 28).
PLACE OF BIRTH:  Ered Luin, Eriador.
RACE:  Dwarf.
GENDER:  Male.
HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE:  He may have inherited his father’s unruly waves and curls, and their tendency to tangle, but Ashar’s colouring is entirely from his mother.  In the light of day, streaks of muddied gold are revealed in the wild brown locks that tumble about his ears.  He occasionally wears a few small, loosely-twined and discreet braids, the sheer unmanageability of his hair generally dissuading him from anything more elaborate.

EYE COLOUR:  Warm, honeycomb brown.

BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT:  Ashar is both broad-shouldered and strong-limbed, possessing an athletic and muscular build.  He stands a touch taller than his father, at a respectable 4’10”.

OVERALL APPEARANCE:  More often than not, Ashar dons breeches and tunics of plain or natural colours, favouring greys over the occasional deep shades of blue, green, red or purple.  This does not mean he is common in his presentation, for his garments are fashionable and handsome, cut from quality fabrics and having either been commissioned from seamstresses or lovingly sewed by Arndís.  Being somewhat narcissistic, Ashar invests time and money into his appearance, and his most sumptuous pieces of clothing are undoubtedly his cloak and boots.  The former is navy in colour, has a large, wolf fur-trimmed hood and tarnished silver detailing at the hem; the latter is also trimmed with wolf fur and is composed of durable, supple leather stained black.  More notable are the leather ties wrapping around his boots, for they are threaded sparsely with small, roughly hewn gemstones of varying preciousness – a somewhat discreet display of wealth made noticeable when they catch the light.  Unopposed to decoration, Ashar’s fingers are often graced by several rings and his ears by ear cuffs.  When hunting, he wears a finely-crafted leather cuirass with matching pauldrons and vambraces.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS:  The most notable of Ashar’s marks are to be found on his hands and forearms, the skin there marred by innumerable nips and the occasional bite from his hounds.  Most of the injuries have healed neatly and without issue, leaving inoffensive scars ranging from silvery white to pale pink in colour.  Less obvious and more telling are the marks on his knuckles, mementos from liquor-fuelled brawls and scraps.

WEAPONS:  Being noble-born, and the child of two whose kinship was founded on lessons in swordplay, it was inevitable that Ashar’s hands would come to know steel.  Time spent in the training yard allowed him to become acquainted with all manner of weapons and, as many might have predicted, he came to favour swords above all else.  Courtesy of his Uncle Fritz, Ashar possesses a formidable bastard sword he rather irreverently named Beiskaldi, meaning ‘bitch’.  In addition to his blade, he often carries a coiled whip at his hip – a gift from his father – to help control the dogs that could also be considered weapons.

FACE CLAIM:  Marlon Teixeira.
STRENGTHS:  Ashar is, first and foremost, a largely carefree and positive soul.  Optimistic and driven, he deals swiftly with any arising issues or offences (which in truth can be a double-edged sword, as it naturally lends him to impulsiveness).  Perhaps his greatest strength is his unshakeable and insurmountable confidence.  Comfortable in any company – indeed Ashar is easily able to traverse the social stratum, finding himself as at home amongst the lower orders as he is rubbing shoulders with the fellow elite – he is free and able to speak his mind and to be laughed at without harm.  This makes him something of a clown and arguably adds to his likeability.  There is gentleness in him, and a natural sort of intuition, but equally he is hardened to some degree, able to destroy sickly or unwanted dogs.  As is to be expected of the son of the Master of the Horse, he is an excellent rider and possesses a natural affinity with animals.
WEAKNESSES:  While Ashar does not rankle, feel embarrassed or discomfited when fun is poked his way, he is easily offended when insults are made against his family.  An impulsive disposition meets with a fiery temper to produce a young, hot-blooded Dwarf ready to pull fists at a moment’s notice, one unafraid to use the threat of his more ferocious hounds to instil fear and quiet wagging tongues.  Ashar does not fear violence, his memory is long and he bears his grudges with a dogged vengeance.  There is also a dominant, impatient streak in him and his confidence often bleeds into arrogance and vanity.
ASPIRATIONS:  To continue to build his reputation as a leading breeder, trainer and supplier of hounds.  To silence those who would speak ill of or bring harm to his family.  To safeguard his sister and always see her happy.  In many ways, though Ashar is not consciously aware of it, he would continue his grandmother’s work in seeing those of his blood fill the most desirable and influential positions of power in Ered Luin.
FEARS:  His family losing their wealth, power or position.  Ashar, lover of beautiful things, also fears siring children outside of marriage – though this distant anxiety does little to curb his promiscuous tendencies.

There is much that is positive about Ashar, much for his mother and father to be proud of.  Kind, openly affectionate and helpful, he works from his own initiative and does not need to be prompted to undertake tasks.  In fact, Ashar happily helps with chores around the family home and has something of a flair for cooking.  Ultimately this Dwarf has a loud personality that is both generous and non-judgemental, but equally undeniable and considerably less flattering is his recklessness and tendency towards impatience.

Confident in himself, Ashar borders on being cocksure.  He revels in the social gatherings his parents despise, being able to play the social game with ease, and in more relaxed settings will drink, dance and sing (rather unremarkably) to his heart’s content.  All too often, he is out until the small hours of the morning and some nights he doesn’t make it home at all.  Being more than comfortable in his own skin, he will shamelessly use his appearance and charm to manipulate.  With his full lips, comely face and soft brown eyes he has been able to get his way much of the time and generally manages to extricate himself from trouble.  Part of this inherent persuasiveness stems from his being an only son, albeit not an only child, his parents having denied him and his sister very little.

Ashar is very aware of his social status, wealth and power (he will even use these to his advantage on occasion) but his happiness in life revolves around family and work.  For him, his kin will always come first.  While this is especially true of his twin sister Anlís, it applies to every member of their large and sprawling clan.  Where he is considerate of friends and family, Ashar can be frivolous with the feelings of those women who invest too much of their time and heart in him.


Born late in the summer of T.A. 2935, to Andar and Arndís, Ashar arrived into the world 20 minutes before his beloved twin sister Anlís.  The birth was the pinnacle of a momentous scandal, his parents having conceived the twins in the fifth year of their engagement, swiftly bringing their wedding forwards by some two years in a largely failed attempt to disguise their indiscretion.  Questions over his mother’s virtue, and his father’s honour, would haunt the lad as he was growing up.  The ruthless gossip mill would later be fuelled by the knowledge that his Uncle Fritz had married a woman born of an Ered Mithrin brothel.  Ashar would come to loathe wagging tongues and would seek to still them wherever he could.

As would be expected, given his heritage, Ashar grew up spending his days between the stables, the training yard and the great outdoors.  He became an adept rider, one familiar and comfortable with ponies, though in this he cannot hope to surpass or even match his father.  For his fiftieth birthday, his coming of age, Ashar was gifted with a coiled whip by his father as well as the true name of ‘Ursul Marabi, meaning ‘Fiery Element of Spirit’. 

In T.A. 2995, by then appointed Master of the Horse, Andar established a message-running service and social enterprise.  Offering lessons in horsemanship and survival to young men and women, mostly those of impoverished backgrounds, he would then employ them as couriers.  The company was named Ávalt, meaning ‘always’, and by T.A. 3019 it covers much of Eriador, its messengers astride swift and sure ponies bred especially for the task.  Ashar was one of the first employed, for he needed no training to fill the role, but his interest and enthusiasm soon waned – his passion was instead for hunting, his devotion to the continued breeding and training of his dogs.

Confident outdoors, having spent much time on the mountainside with his parents, sister and uncles, it was his love of hunting with hounds that saw the Dwarf take his first steps into breeding and training the creatures, dabbling in the business from a young age.  While he will retrain problem animals for others, his focus is mainly on providing gargantuan wolfhounds, deerhounds and warhounds, gangly and powerful creatures with shaggy, coarse coats.  He sells them to hunters as well as to private homes and he landed a weighty contract to supply the Ered Luin gaol with dogs for security.  Ashar’s dominant personality lends him to this vocation.
AGE:  27.
COUNTRY:  Winterfell, Westeros.
EXPERIENCE:  Ah, I suppose I have a fair bit now.  Just take a gander at my character list...
OTHER CHARACTERS:  Aesa, Andar, Ástir, Brandr, Damel, Faramir, Fíli, Haleth, Ivorak, Kvasir, Liv, Loire, Marroc, Morvoren, MuunokhoiRorion, Veizla and VexShame on me! XD
CONTACT:  Private message, Skype (feel free to ask for it) or I can usually be summoned by throwing heart-shaped confetti in the cbox. ;)
HOW DID YOU FIND US?:  Been here since before the beginning, mate!
You won’t find the answers
Without putting up a fight
You can only see the stars shine
In the darkness of the night
Don’t ever say no
Don’t ever stop believing

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Re: Ashar
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2016, 01:36:55 PM »
I think this fellow is ready for review, finally! <3


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Re: Ashar
« Reply #2 on: May 26, 2016, 07:28:48 AM »
Beautiful, as always. :3 I'll see about updating the lists in the morning when I wake up.


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