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Author Topic: Elvish Herb Tales [LOTR]  (Read 3564 times)

Samwise Gamgee

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Re: Elvish Herb Tales [LOTR]
« Reply #15 on: August 13, 2019, 03:14:20 AM »
Sam beamed with pleasure when Bilbo affirmed what he said and knew about the Gaffer. His father was not one to suffer fools lightly and Bilbo’s Sackville relations were certainly fools. Perhaps it was ill of him to think so but despite is good-breeding and general forgiving nature, there was no denying that Lobelia was a nasty person. The fact that both Bilbo and the Gaffer said it repeatedly made Sam feel better about thinking it, not he would say such a thing out loud.

At Sam’s question about if secret rune-reading was something known to all Elves or not, Bilbo said he thought it likely that Sam hypothesis of it was was correct. And Sam took Bilbo’s words as being true since he was the one with the most experience with Elves, both out of the pair of them and in general. Elves sounded like they were marvelous but exceedingly strange creatures. And Sam was honestly torn between desperately wanting to meet one and feeling absolutely terrified at the mere idea of meeting such a noble and curious person.

Bilbo then brought the focus of the conversation to Sam and what he’s been growing by himself beyond roses. Sam flushed a little as he hurried to explain. ”Well, I ‘aven’t really grown any roses completely by myself. I’ve helped Gaffer with ‘em.” He then brightened. ”He did give me my own plot of garden. I’ve grown taters and onions by myself, with a little help from Gaffer.” He was especially proud of the potatoes since they were one of his favorite things.

Bilbo Baggins

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Re: Elvish Herb Tales [LOTR]
« Reply #16 on: August 25, 2019, 10:30:19 PM »
No matter how right he and Hamfast Gamgee were in their criticizing of Lobelia, Bilbo reminded himself that he and his gardener sharing a mutual grumble out by the rose patch ("Well consider yourself lucky, what she did last week...") was far different than leading Sam too far in to criticizing the woman himself.

Or letting the young lad catch too much of it.

Of course even in the midst of grumbling, Hamfast was nothing if not place knowing and never pushed the boundaries of speaking too ill of his "betters" (Bilbo would argue who deserved which of that title!), still it was probably best for both of their sake's when the conversation shifted to Elves in general again, as well as Hamfast's roses.

Sam was such a modest lad! Maybe just to his father's employer, as well as his reading tutor, along with Frodo. Bilbo smiled, "Ah yes, he told me about that! Asked if I would mind, as if I'm gong to say no to more potatoes and onions", Bilbo gave the lad a kind smile. Even if, as he'd told the Gaffer, the plot, and all young Sam grew, could be treated as much Hamfast's property as Bilbo's, the Master of Bagend knew the Gamgees enough to know they would at least be giving him an ample stock of what came from the plot, and he was always, always, fair about credit whenever his tomatoes, or anything, won prizes at any local competitions.

It was mostly during these talks that a few would offer to buy Bilbo's gardener off him, and Bilbo was very glad of Hamfast's loyalty and stubbornly firm himself! There wasn't a price any in the Shire could name that would out-do that brand of loyalty or make Bilbo part with it.

"Well, why don't you show off those onions and taters to this old Hobbit, if you wouldn't, my lad", Bilbo went on with a smile as he stood. He tucked the book under one arm, in case it was needed, and set his mostly finished tea upon the bench. It would be safe enough until he returned.
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