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Author Topic: As Far as Firsts Go  (Read 3644 times)


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As Far as Firsts Go
« on: March 15, 2016, 04:44:18 AM »
[T.A 3019]
     Inhaling the night air, Avila closed her eyes and imagined she was back at home snuggling under her mother’s soft down feathers that padded the nest she had been hatched in. Grandfather Denor was off somewhere, glowering from the darkness, his orange eyes watching her as she chirped softly to let her mother know that she felt safe and sound, that she would never leave her side, and never leave her nest.

The moment Avila opened her eyes the image was gone, and the scent of her mother vanished with the night air. It was nearly dawn, and she spent the night in a spruce tree not far from the edge of a small forest. Before her stood mountains, tall and almost intimidating. At least they would be if she had never seen mountains before. The first mountains she had ever seen were large and white, and a city was nestled against it, like the mountain would protect it from oncoming storms of invaders.

She had spent a good year in the city, and made a couple of friends, but the scenery was growing a bit dim, and the shadow that laid across the wide open fields seemed to have grown, and showed no sign of stopping. In the distance the setting sun made the black, distant mountains glow like fire. It was uncontrollable, and when she asked what laid in that direction, she didn’t like what she heard. The following day she left the White City in the Mountain and flew west.

So far there had been nothing exciting out this way. No one really seemed to inhabit the land except small critters and the very few hunters, but they didn’t seem like the sort that would take kindly to being interacted with, and then there were the few men on horseback who rode swiftly by every now and then. What their errand was, she would never know, but she knew that one day curiosity would get the better of her, and she would simply have to find out!

The stars above were beginning to fade. Where they went, Avila often thought, was some place where someone else could enjoy them just as much as she had.

A chill set over the land as morning mists moved across open fields and settled in the trees. Fluffing her feathers, Avila stepped out onto the cool branch, forcing herself to overcome the frost that rested there. She stretched her wings, and fanned her tail before a shiver ran up her spine causing her fluff out entirely, her feather ears standing on top of her head, and her face puffed out two times it’s normal size. “Brrr..” She mumbled, “So cold.” Taking in another breath of fresh air she puffed out her chest and let the air out slowly, watching her breath form small puffs that were gone in an instant.

The rest of the morning passed without much excitement. Avila had flown from the spruce tree and decided to get closer to the mountain. As she did so, the forest began to thin, and she could see where the rock met the earth. Sailing up to a bolder, Avila’s orange orbs took in the morning light. It must have been about Nine o’clock, and there was silence except for the wind gently rustling the trees.

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Re: As Far as Firsts Go
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2016, 03:56:57 PM »
{Well this got long ^^ Sorry Hades, Friór wanted to thought ramble on his first post. Hey look! That almost makes the title...nevermind XD}

The trip wasn't all that unusual for Friór to have signed on with or for his parents to agree to...for the most part. His mother and father both trusted Aunt Dags implicitly. Still...Friór had seen it; sometimes when Bree was mentioned a shadow would cross his father's face (more so for his sister and son to be mentioned in taking a trip perhaps) and at even more rare times his mother's countenance would pick up lingering edges of that shadow.

Of course Fritz had soon enough smiled obligingly. A trip generally aiming for Bree but which would perhaps spend a few days among the forests surrounding was nothing and just an excursion, good for the boy even.

Still, it was perhaps not surprising at least a few members of what of the Royal Guard clung on went along in absence of Fritz's own presence where Friór felt his father would have gone if he could have. Yet backed orders and...perhaps a feeling he would be too paranoid restrictive had hindered.

He seemed to catch it in his own self as he swallowed with a smile of almost inner chastising unfounded fear, yet had still bent quite seriously to catch his growing son's eye as he instructed him to keep far from the Weather Hills at all costs.

Odd he didn't tell Aunt Dags this herself and Friór's aunt had quickly if ever gently chimed in, did he not know she knew better and would never be careless?

Again, if one knew how to take in silent exchanges as Friór had learned from his own silent watchings, much was said and an untold story almost told around the lad and over his head, but it remained just that. Untold; and though Friór was curious, he didn't pry. Then.

He and Aunt Dags just saw to more of their early morning preparations and then set out, Friór gifiting his aunt another smile just...for being her. Where as many of her peers had resigned themselves to sitting and knitting within the mountains, she, even now, kept insisting she had to keep grabbing "inspiration" from outside at least a time or two.

All excuse to just not get stuffy.

Though both his father and Uncle Einar weren't with them, his uncle's peers were entrusted to keep them safe and report accordingly. They would answer to many if they didn't it seemed, perhaps doubly because Aunt Dags had once been in the very close running to being Queen (before losing her fiancé, Late King Thorin Oakenshield's nephew and heir, Prince Fíli) and still held what could be called Royal favor perhaps...of what royals Ered Luin itself had left. Thorin's cousin, Dain, ran Erebor, reclaimed as the late King had wished and the "Refuge City", as Ered Luin felt now some of the adults said, was left to Councilors it seemed but for Miss Dis' presence.

All this was history to the young adolescent Dwarf though, names where as to his parents and aunt and uncles they had been real people. Given what he heard, Friór wished he could have met them, could have known this "Uncle Fili" of his...almost having.

All this on the Council, though, Friór didn't have to listen close to catch, really; also not even how though she held no claim or true position, Aunt Dags refused to not be watchful on the Council herself and a quiet force to be taken seriously. Friór understood that latter very well. Uncle Einar still held his own postion, but it seemed Aunt Dags, of all of them, had truly taken over for Grandfather with his Council position and all.

As with all political things, dependent on who you talked to...some said the Dear Maiden turned Spinster had no true position really.

Friór took offense to this though! Aunt Dags could end up running Ered Luin yet! Very biased thoughts by her nephew though...

She kept her ear and finger to the pulse of news, though, he could tell because early that very morning, as he left his tent, Aunt Dags' soft tones had been speaking semi-seriously, and sounding quite sure and knowledgable, with a few of the guards, dissuading worries it seemed.

The very real but supposed trouble was not to these quarters yet

Dagmar reminded again how this was just an excursion, her and her nephew. He was old enough to spread his wings a bit and Friór had been intrigued by the prospect himself when agreeing, and he of course trusted Aunt Dags implicitly as well.

It did sound fun, his smile had said, and he'd quickly enough nodded his own agreement.

And it had been thus far. Even further confusing talk such as this didn't detract as he jogged over to where the grown Dwarves sat for a simple but filling camp breakfast which his aunt filled his plate with. No one in the family was truly allowed to compare her to Grandmother, but she still had her small ways it came out and doted on not only him but Ashar and Anlis as well.

Ah! If his cousins could have come! Ashar would no doubt show him every tree even now "grown" himself! Not that he didn't enjoy the time with just Aunt Dags.

As it was, after enough meats cooked over an early morning fire and bread none the less for having been packed up prior, Friór set out to explore the surrounding woods himself. With plenty of expertise which went along with him, passed down from his many uncles, if not they themselves being with the lad. Not that there was anything wrong with being alone in the woods, both Uncle Andi and Kvas seemed to vouch for the quiet reflection time it offered and his father said something interesting was almost always around the next corner. Friór had found both to be true.

Birds filled the air with their songs and the crips scents one would expect from a wood were all about. Friór breathed deep and smiled smally.

Taking wide steps over a fallen log, which was no bigger than it ought to be and just due to being a not fully grown Dwarf, his hand rested lightly at the hilt of his sword to remind himself it was there, though he wasn't apprehensive. The weapon had been expertly made by his own father and Friór didn't doubt it's effectiveness and fine balance in his hand and ease of use if the time came for it. Yet hopefully that would not be the case.

Birds hopped branch to branch, watching him, as was only wise for their kind, and Friór identified out a small finch on a branch which studied him before fluttering away, chirping noisily in either greeting or just complaint. Uncle Finch had said chattering was why he'd been tagged thusly, once upon a time. Friór grinned.

One never really saw many doves (or buntings for that matter, unless they were mistaken for other song birds) but the young Dwarf kept his eyes ever watching to report back to his parents if he ever did. They wouldn't call him silly for it. Oh, to see an actual dove and tell his mother of it and thus make her day even a small bit more as he knew it would...Friór could only hope!

The song birds and squirrels and such thinned out a bit as he made his way along, not seemingly due to his presence as had been the case as he explored thus far, but seeming already fled, maybe due to the forest thinning and coming up against mountain again. Glancing up at the rocks along the side, Friór thought they looked climbable and set in to trying, to see what view maybe the higher vantage point would afford of the forests about. Of course Dwarves knew mountains and rocks very well, but usually reached sides of it through passages inside. Maybe he'd get all the way to the top and next time they visited Uncle Kophas and his Ravens at Erebor* he could report his own progress to the Master Climber of all things himself! Friór certainly was gifted in terms of his family, he pondered, then his catching up to his uncle's climbing status was hindered just a bit as his foot slipped. He still had both hands about a firm ledge up top and so easily enough swung his foot back over to find footing on what rocks hadn't made way, blowing out a small "Whew", though he hadn't been truly worried about tumbling. Still, Uncle Kophas always made it looks so easy.

{*Blue said something about Erebor and Ravens (and Friór totally wants to come visit and see the Ravens if so!) but understandably we're all figuring out this timeframe and so I shall tweak if it ends up I have to ^^}
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Re: As Far as Firsts Go
« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2016, 06:54:18 PM »
       It wasn’t long before the forest came alive again. The bird song increased, and it was almost lovely… lovely to know that her breakfast would get the chance to sing before it officially became her breakfast. Avila took another deep breath before spreading her wings preparing to take off when something wasn’t quite right. Slowly the bird song to the left of her started to dwindle and go quiet, and the song to the right seemed to catch on. It wasn’t something that many of the two-legged people paid attention to unless they were looking for it. Something was headed in her direction, and she felt a thrill of excitement at not knowing what sort of creature would cause that sort of reaction.

She let her imagination run away from her. Maybe it’s a dragon! Or an Ogre, are there Ogres? Or maybe it’s an Orc, or perhaps it’s some sort of dangerous criminal! To Avila, these were the only things that mattered when she was adventuring. Meeting dangerous beings! Unfortunately the effect didn’t last as long as she thought it would. In the distance she could still hear bird song, which meant it wasn’t a dark or dangerous creature at all. Just someone, probably one of those blasted Rangers, making their way through the forest.

She was just about to give up on excitement and go somewhere else when she noticed something small - from a distance - coming towards the mountain. One foot at a time, Avila clawed her way among the rocks one steady foot at a time. When she finally reached a good vantage point, she watched the small mass - now distinguishable as possibly a young human being - climb up the rocks. Once she noticed he was hindered when his foot slipped, and her own stomach dropped a little. But, the little being persisted.

A few moments later it was obvious that the little human was not a human at all, but a small Dwarf. Smaller than the ones she had seen, and she wondered if this might be a little Dwarfling that she had overheard one of the Dwarves in Bree was talking about. Not that, you know, Dwarves weren’t short, it was just that she was large in wingspan, and about the size of a young Dwarf. Avila was aware of her large, intimidating figure and tried not to allow it to cause her to be anti-social.

When the Dwarfling was “planted” firmly on the ledge, Avila tilted her head a little to the left. There is something likeable in his face. She thought, her claws scraping the rock as she advanced towards Frior until they were both in each other’s sight. Her large orange eyes looked him over intelligently. “Hmm...” She hummed. “Live ‘round here?
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Re: As Far as Firsts Go
« Reply #3 on: March 29, 2016, 04:08:38 AM »
Just don't go and fall off the mountain...

That would be embarrassing, assuming and hoping he was uninjured after the tumble or whatnot, and Friór decided that if such did happen then he just wouldn't tell about the climbing attempt at all. Especially not to Uncle Kophas at any rate. The whole of this experiment was to have some sort of following in skills to tell his uncle of favorably, however far he could, and same as he tried with every one of them.

Friór's first tumble off a pony in riding, while not helping with the slight hesitancies to start with about the larger (at the time) animals, had mostly been embarrassing and since his Uncle Andar had been teaching him and seen and all. Oh sure, it was normal, and he was assured that, as well as gently coaxed to the most important part of falling off a pony, the not avoiding it for and after that, but still he'd have rather his uncle not seen it all in the first place.

Some of his father's own worry over appearances and keeping to skills and capability, though it didn't take quiet the amount of focus his own father had let his tries take. Still, it was probably normal to not want to mess up in front of family or have to tell them of too embarrassing occurances. Especially since somehow everything he did at times gave those of the varying classes who watched and spoke over his family reason to comment one way or another.

The young Dwarf hadn't tumbled off the mountain just yet though, and was in fact enjoying himself with the small little bits of success. He wouldn't go too high, Friór decided, no sense worrying Aunt Dags if she discovered what he was about or making the job too hard and unattainable on his own end.

I didn't reach the entire top, but I think I probably could some day maybe!

Of course in his bid to pleased across the board, Friór knew he had to be careful, a bit of encouraging and telling even this much and Uncle Ko would probably aid him himself and show him literal ropes and climbing!

Frior smiled over this introspection before his focus was taken. During the climb, by thinking he'd heard something; yet a quick glance about showed nothing. Granted he only had so much focus to spare to the search, suspended as he was on the side of a mountain cliff, even if only a bit of a ways up.

It was rather precarious and his sword useless if he had to let go of a much needed hand hold to defend...

Friór strained a bit, listening and trying to watch but all seemed still again. His imagination? His father's concern making him paranoid?

Satisfied all was as it should be, at the moment at least, the lad pressed on; his mind running with these thoughts as he hoisted himself to a ledge.

What was it about the Weather Hills...?

Friór was drawn from his light musing as he caught movement off to the side and, starting, quickly turning to face the direction it came from, thankfully the ledge being wide enough for this, his eyes widening first lightly in the surprise and taking in of the situation then in earnest!

Seeing birds your size would do that, though the owl was perhaps no bigger than it should be, and Dwarves were on the shorter side of species.

Something in the look and head tilt seemed none threatening and just curious though. Maybe. Friór was no expert in birds and their languages and gestures, again he'd leave that to his Uncle Kophas, but he thought the intense interest seemed curiosity and not...sizing up or anything, though he was given a short span only to reflect on that as he took in sight of her too.

"Hmm...Live ‘round here?"

The young Dwarf blinked. Then glanced over the owl once more. Had...had it just...spoken?!

Yes, there wasn't anyone else here to have asked that, the youth giving a short glance generally about him, mostly behind, but not truly as he double checked to this fact.

Sitting up straighter Friór leaned nearer, his own curiosity and bewilderment coming to his features as he studied the owl before him more intently now. "Uh...I...sort of...I'm...from Ered Luin..." he said, choppily, a doubtful, or just unsure, tone to his voice as the response both felt odd to be directing to an owl and was sort of a test to see if the creature truly had been the one to speak to him.

Friór felt he should maybe go on to ask if she was from here as well, but...manners after being assured he wasn't losing his senses perhaps...
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Re: As Far as Firsts Go
« Reply #4 on: May 15, 2016, 11:17:55 PM »
     Avila didn’t usually take instant liking to people, most of the people she had ever met. She found it refreshing that the boy didn’t over react. Instead she noticed him stand a little straighter and he leaned in. He looked at her, probably assessing her before he answered. “Uh… I… sort of… I’m... from Ered Luin.” Well, that was close, wasn’t it? Avila had seen a map once, of all the places in Middle Earth. But she couldn’t quite recall where everything was. These thoughts didn’t last long, however, and she put her mind to the present.

His answer had been choppy, and unsure. Her next task what was to make him at home. Or, at least as at home as she could make him. If he was used to living underground, it wasn’t going to be easy adjusting to above ground life. From what she knew of Dwarves they lived in underground cities and weren’t surface dwellers. How could she make him feel at home? Perhaps if I told him that, no, no. That won’t work. Maybe ask him about his home next? Yes! … Well, maybe.

So,” She started after an awkward pause, “You’re taking everything very well for someone so small. Why don’t you tell me about your people?” From there she was unable to stop, “What do you eat? How do you sleep? Do you sleep, I know Elves don’t really sleep all that much, and then when they do they don’t sleep for that long. Like cat naps standing up. I don’t suppose you come above ground often.

Hopefully this was making him feel more at home. First impressions were always good, and she hopped she was making a good first impression. If she was coming on too strong, she would see it in his face, right? Surely she would. Or maybe he just always looked nervous? Perhaps it was the height? Avila felt no fear. She always looked down on the world, not really in a metaphorical way, but literally. Someone who wasn’t used to heights might feel a bit queasy at first.

Why are you up here? Are you by yourself or other like you?” She asked lastly. Then she shut her beak and stared at him intently with her large, orange eyes. Anticipating the answer before it even crossed the Dwarf’s mind, and a million different answers presented themselves.

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Re: As Far as Firsts Go
« Reply #5 on: May 20, 2016, 07:59:16 PM »
Friór continued to just regard the bird; yet not on into staring...hopefully. It was a talking owl! The dwarfling had heard about the Ravens but...oh Uncle Kophas would just be so jealous!

He had to be told too! Him and Anlis! Not for this reason but in sharing! And...something in Friór had a good intuitive feeling about the owl too.

Was definitely intrigued at any rate!

A pause stretched as they both regarded the other and just as doubt started to creep in again on if he'd heard her talk (but of course he had!) she did it again!

Many words in fact! Eyes lighting up Friór listened and semi-struggled to keep up, but not truly.

"What do you eat? How do you sleep? Do you sleep, I know Elves don’t really sleep all that much, and then when they do they don’t sleep for that long. Like cat naps standing up. I don’t suppose you come above ground often."

Friór laughed. Not at her, but just happily and at the situation and maybe the elf comment too. Especially since it was what he went on to answer with humor and curiosity in his tone still. While the lad tried to be fair he was still dwarvish, and pretty much amicable, enough to find it funny.

"I guess they do, I've never seen Elves so I wouldn't know but if horses sleep standing up...", Friór laughed again. Many in his family would probably agree the comparison...then again maybe some wouldn't!

Relaxing in his sitting upon the thankfully large ledge, the young dwarf backed up and answered all her questions though.

"Am I?", he had to inquire over her saying he was taking it all rather well. Not in not believing her but genuine curiosity. Was he really behaving more calm than others she'd run into? Odd if so and a bit reassuring the somewhat meek lad.

"We eat lots of things really. Sausage. Bread. Baked yams or any number of not too green vegetables, corn's acceptable too in the summer and my ma makes the best apple pies! Sometimes with blackberries or pears thrown in!" Friór's tone was happy and his words of a medium pace, not said slow but delivered with enough care and forethought to what he said that she caught what he meant hopefully. Same as he said everything pretty much.

To the point but with enough to give the point and not be too curt.

"And yes, we sleep", the lad nodded, "We have whole comfy rooms inside whole comfy houses all carved in the inside of the mountain".

His bit of traveling and meeting new folks, mainly Men, had taught the young dwarf that not everyone knew this and even found it odd, dwarves living their whole lives all but underground. Though she seemed to know this off her earlier words.

The owl paused, then went on.

"Why are you up here? Are you by yourself or other like you?"

Of course the more suspicious amongst them (so many of the dwarves back home, and even some with his current company) would say Friór should watch his words. This could all be a ploy and who knew but the owl could be an information getter for someone; but that was the last feel Friór got off the situation! They were genuinely two who had just come across one another and were curious one about the other.

"Oh, well...there wasn't really a purpose other than to see what was up here", Friór admitted to with a small smile. "And yes, I'm with a company of us; with my aunt and others", Friór pointed in the vague direction he'd come from, though it was very vague and he'd trekked out a bit.

"And you? Do you live around here?", the lad inquired his own self, with interest and curiosity showing in his bright blue eyes. He wanted to also ask about other birds taking but figured it might be rushed if he asked next thing!
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