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Author Topic: [LotR] Ulfric  (Read 3288 times)


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« on: March 13, 2016, 09:16:04 PM »



NAME: Ulfric
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941/3019): Born June 11th T.A. 2951, making him 67 years of age.
PLACE OF BIRTH: Near Gondor, on a little farm.

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: The dark shaggy locks mimic that of his father before him - deep in shade but with a certain unkemptness to it. This wasn't from want of his mother trying to make it tidier, but after a while, she gave in due to Ulfric spending most of his time messing it back up again. He doesn't keep himself overly beardy - the only real facial hair he holds is kept tidy or at least a 'respectable' stubble - though he hasn't been unknown for growing it out occasionally.

EYE COLOUR: The Dúnedain's eyes are more like his fathers than his mother’s - an odd colour of hazel with the same gold ring around the centre like his mother has.

BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Standing at 6’6”, he’s the taller of two brothers (quite like his father was) but not quite as tall as the burly man was. Built quite muscularly, Ulfric does look like a force to be reckoned with. He certainly towers over most – and is quite the rarity when it comes to the height of men; though thanks to his genetics, he’s done rather well. Working the farm as well as rebuilding parts of the house his mother resides in certainly keeps him well toned and well worked.

OVERALL APPEARANCE: Ulfric, not unlike his father, stuck to the same unremarkable and bland clothing, with the only difference being that his clothes are considerably more beige and lighter than his father’s ever were. His armour was of lighter leathers, paler browns and his father’s leather throng, as he was the oldest by a few moments than his twin brother. Instead of taking his father’s sword, however, and instead took his mother’s bow as he preferred the style of archery, though had been trained with a sword. His reddish hair came from his mother’s side of the family, and curled from his father’s side with slightly tanned skin and constantly calloused hands from all the work he does in life.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS: He doesn’t need anything more distinguishing than his sheer height alone. He definitely stands out in a crowd, and unlike his parents, he’s been careful in battle to avoid anything that may be notable or have any scars that majorly stick out. He’s lucky in that sense.

WEAPONS: Ulfric had the pleasure of choosing between his mother’s bow and his father’s sword, and as he is one part of a twin, he decided that they should choose in blindness. He knew they would both, potentially, pick the same thing and that if they didn’t know what they were picking – they’d be better off. He ended up with his father’s sword after his mother reluctantly gave it up.

FACE CLAIM: Adam Driver

STRENGTHS:  He has gained his mothers indifference to cold – and this is useful in snow storms, or terrible winds. He can tolerate a harsh winter and tends to enjoy his time better when the weather is colder. Mountains are no match for Ulfric.

Like his father, however, he has the sheer physical strength that comes with being 6’6” and trained to use his weight in muscle to his advantage. Whilst his father wasn’t around for most of it – his mother had spent enough time with him to know how to train him.

WEAKNESSES:  Unfortunately – whilst he has his mother’s indifference to cold, he also holds her dangerously impulsive behaviour. He, unlike Ioreth, is unaware of his impulses, and will act on them whenever he pleases.

His other weakness is that he is neophobic. He has a major irrational fear or anything new or unfamiliar and cannot stand change. That doesn’t help as he has to deal with deaths, and eventually his mother will die and that’s something he’ll need to deal with later.

ASPIRATIONS: He aspires to be everything his father was, and more. He heard of stories of his father to remember him by throughout the years, and he loved his father dearly – but his mother is the one who keeps him in check, and occasionally makes comment that he is like Ivorak in a way.

He also aspires to find his own little farmhouse, get himself a girl, and live a long fulfilled life there. Long enough to have children so that his mother can have some grandchildren in her old age.

FEARS: Ulfric suffers from a Middle-Earth equivalent of Pachydermophobia, only the elephants in Middle-Earth are significantly larger, with scarier tusks and pancake making feet. He finds this fear perfectly rational.

He also fears disappointing his mother. It’s taken him this long to get to where he is – and watching his brother progress quicker than he, he often wonders if his mother has a favourite (she does not). Without his father figure – Ioreth is all he has.

PERSONALITY:  Ulfric is a beautiful balance of both his mother and his father. Whilst he is brash and brave, he is also the epitome of brawn over brains. It’s not that he can’t think for himself, but he certainly comes out with some questionable things from time to time. He gained his mother’s youthful cold-hearted approach to life – never letting anyone in that is undeserving, but like his father, he is more kind-hearted than he would allow anyone to believe. He isn’t, however, unaccustomed to using sarcasm and will use it freely and willingly to anyone he has deemed worthy of the banter. Despite being like his parents, he has gained some qualities that he may not otherwise have gained without his brother Ohltar. He understands the need for comradery and the importance of family – but also commands a level of discipline that rivals his mothers.

He is loyal to a fault and will follow those who ask to the ends of the Earth if that ensures their safety. Ulfric is keen to please those who he keeps in his life – but, does not believe in the rule of the Steward of Gondor, so will not swear fealty to him unless the need is dire. He is grateful to those who help him along the way – and will always pay his dues. A lesson his mother taught him – never owe anyone anything, and if you need to, always pay it back in kind. Ulfric is a keen fighter and has learned that every blow with a sword doesn’t necessarily come from the shoulder. From this – he has become a keen learner of most melee weapons, and this has shown that despite him not being wholly smart – he can learn things that interest him with a reasonable speed.

HISTORY: Ulfric was born, along with his twin brother Ohltar, on the 11th June T.A. 2951 to Ioreth and Ivorak. They grew up with pretty average live – but Ulfric was a daddy’s boy beyond anything. Ohltar was fond of his mother – but Ulfric wanted to go wherever Ivorak went and would insist on doing so from the moment he could crawl. Years went by, and the four lived in a nice little cottage that was on the road to Gondor and lived there in happiness and bliss – seldom having troubles. As he grew up, it became more and more apparent that Ulfric was going to grow up like Ivorak, as he favoured hard labour compared to playing checkers. He would go out with his father and help him with the garden, whilst Ohltar stayed in and spent time with Ioreth, who was reading or making food. From there – Ulfric’s life was uneventful as mentioned. Quite unlike his parents – they made sure that he had a nice and quiet life that they had wished on themselves – occasionally leaving the house to go camping and enjoy life on the road and partake in travelling caravans.

When Ulfric turned 20, his father collapsed in the garden whilst he was out collecting supplies for his mother and died before he had a chance to say goodbye. From then on out – Ioreth’s demeanour towards her children had changed. Not to something necessarily cruel – but certainly something cold. She blamed herself for Ivorak’s death, but moreso was bitter that he’d left her so soon – and so, Ulfric and Ohltar were trained up to be warriors – of sorts. They were given weapons at the age of 21 and shown how to use them. At first, Ulfric tried to use his sheer brute strength to best his mother – but Ioreth showed him the importance of using the elbow or short thrusts rather than constantly swinging from the shoulder – which was often slow and could result in injuries. He was taught in the way of bow and arrow – but didn’t like it in comparison to his sword.

When he got to the age of 35 – Ulfric and Ohltar took up work where they could in order to help their mother, who was starting to collapse in on herself and be more and more introverted than they thought possible. She no longer wanted to leave the cottage and instead would mourn in silence in her room whilst the boys ensured she ate and drank. They understood her mourning – Ulfric missed his father dearly but knew that he would want him to be the man about the house and look after his mother in any way possible. He would never forgive him if he didn’t.

Though it took 20 years for Ioreth to get over the death of Ivorak, she eventually did, and took the boys on the road so that they could learn how to put their skills to good use. Whether it was hunting food for themselves or finding ways to put their skills to use in villages to earn their keep beyond that of selling their wares, that is what they did. The boys learned better this way. Their mother would always put them to the test – and on one outing, they took a ship out to sea and learned how to be sailors as well as simple men of the land. Ioreth fully believed that people were better as jack of all trades rather than masters of none. If the boys couldn’t handle ocean sickness, then maker forbid they should ever end out at sea. She taught them to swim, to fish, and everything else that they could possibly need when she was gone.

Training took years upon years, but when Ulfric reached the age of 60, nothing of real significance had happened. Now, the world is growing darker, and his mother’s concerns are now becoming a reality. The three of them train – regularly, and hunt even more so, whether it’s together or alone. There is often time when the three of them are separated for weeks at a time… months even. They always come back to each other – for Ioreth is getting weaker as she grows older, and Ulfric fears the loss of another parent is on the horizon now closing in around him.

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Re: Ulfric (WIP)
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Re: Ulfric
« Reply #2 on: January 19, 2020, 12:50:39 AM »
Two years later - but he's finally done.
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Re: Ulfric
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