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Author Topic: [LotR] Friór  (Read 2468 times)


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« on: March 09, 2016, 03:06:30 PM »


NAME: Friór (his parents say it means Peace and some others also Wanderer)
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): His parents call him Little Bird sometimes and as for specific birds, anything Uncle Kvas and/or Aunt Ri give him ^^
TRILOGY: Lord of the Rings
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 3019): January 1st 2975 (44)
PLACE OF BIRTH: Ered Luin, Eriador
RACE: Dwarf

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: Straight brown hair that has darkened as he's grown and is now at a medium dark.
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: While still young, Friór gives off the impression that he won't grow to be a well muscled Dwarf and will probably average at a medium build like his father. As a Noble's son (or heir of the sixth inherited) Friór's well fed but still trim and pretty energetic if not adventurous.
OVERALL APPEARANCE: Friór's appearance pretty much gives away much of him and his background at a glance. Well made but practical tunics and breeches, ususally plain white and brown, though at times he will wear still subtle light blues or greens. His boots fit the same description and, while he'll explore outside, they never come home too scuffed as Friór isn't known for taking too many risks.
WEAPONS: Given his age, nothing official and only back up protection when he leaves the mountain, a short sword skillfully made by his father, of course, and which was all but designed by him given he was asked every question about what he wanted even in the lines of the blade and which he's meant to grow into.
FACE CLAIM: Michael Campion

STRENGTHS: Thoughtful, Polite, Cheerful, Observant to all but Calculating in a good way (on the best of attention span days), also knows Sign language, somewhat, and learned early from his mother and along with his learning words. While he doesn't have a passion for any one animal like birds or ponies, Friór also, like many of the Anliv and extended clan boys, has a sort of gentle understanding with animals and easy manner about them (now that he's old enough for the "large ponies" not to scare him)
WEAKNESSES:  Self-Deprecating and a bit lacking Self Esteem wise at times. Easily cowed in/made to back off. Mediocre fighting skills. Not known for speaking up.
ASPIRATIONS: Find his "niche" in life and be good at whatever it is he decides he wants to do, like his father and many uncles have. He enjoys working with his hands and is working out what that looks like whether it be smithing like his father, carpentry more or maybe even seeing if he's any good at map sketching as he's played at (he has a good head for direction when outside, though that alone a navigator does not make ^^). Make his family proud in short and also keep everyone safe as best he can at this age.
FEARS:  Most of the dangers of outside to some extent and despite almost all his uncles having something to show or aid with in terms of the lands surrounding the mountain. To old to be "afraid of the dark"...much, dark corners are still a best avoided thing.
PERSONALITY: Friór's a child who will fade into the background if he's allowed. Not anti-social exactly but quiet and saying two words at best in most answers and keeping to himself and his thoughts unless directly asked something/pulled out of it. He still gives all the words needed to not come off rudely curt or rude at all and plenty of smiles are gifted to compensate maybe. He's also a cheerful child, not morose or anything. While he gets plenty of comments about taking after his mother, none of this is from full out fear such as hers was and more just a caution about the world and outside, though he will travel outside and often does with any number of his uncles, enjoying taking in their tutelage. Don't be fooled though, he picked up some of his father's stubbornness and just Dwarven stubbornness in general as well though! It comes off more in being easily offended and getting his feelings hurt by even small things and while he won't rant about it, he may shut down and fold inward and it may take much consoling and appology to pull him out of it, depending on the transgress.

He can be termed "smart as a whip" perhaps, even if he doesn't always show it, but an observant child, Friór picks up on much and most that goes on about him same as his father also did and can even be deceptive about it in that he is likely to not saying anything about what he perceives. If he's in the room never take it for granted he missed what went on or was said. He also has a steady attention span (age aside and at times hindering this) and is good with his hands, or will be when older and with a firmer grasp of what he wants to do.

He's also extremely conscious of how he's perceived due in part to being a class conscious child, thanks to both his parents side of things. Even he can see the difference to be had in visiting say his cousins and Uncle Andi's house (or any of his father's brothers) and then going to Uncle Kvas' fine, but more humble, house. He fears being thought either stuck-up or low of in either circumstance of neighbors, proud as he is of all his family, and can get Defensive due to this pride and deep love.

HISTORY: Born in 2975, January 1st, on what all but Dwarves would have counted the first of the year, Friór seemed to signal new promise in many ways. He was and is technically his parents, Fritz and Líknví's, second born child, only their first actual born. His sister (never given any name but Lark) was expected in 2965 but was lost early before ever being given a chance to come into the world properly. Therefore both of Friór's parents and extended family were anxious and hopeful when news of him came along. His mother would be known to hardly move at times until coaxed for fear of any number of small things harming her child as she feared she had her unborn, lost daughter. All this Friór only vaguely knows of from small mentions and he is only just now reaching the age where his family feels they can dive into the topic in any detail.

All this to say he's at times viewed as something of a miracle baby or his mother's little miracle; for more reasons than just this, the lad picks up on at times, his mother often being fond of saying or signing that both he and his father saved her and continue to in far more ways than can be counted.

For all that seemed to rest on his little shoulders, and just normal mother's worry perhaps, Líknví was very interested that her son not hurt himself though she tried to not be overprotective or such and despite all this Friór is still a pretty humble child and doesn't think too much of himself (at times not enough even!). His growing up could be called both normal and perhaps a bit not so at the same time and due to the loving family he was and is surrounded by. He knows only that his mother and Uncle Kvasir, along with Aunt Rian, grew up in Ered Mithrin before coming, separately, to Ered Luin after personal trials of all three of their own and that they had a poor childhood, not the whole of the sordid tale (though again he will pick up bits and pieces at times). After his mother met and married such an upstanding Noble's son as his father, Fritz, it wouldn't really matter and still doesn't except that Friór and his parents are still very close to both Uncle Kvasir and Aunt Rian, who have also made an upstanding life for themselves, but the class distinction is still very apparent and whispers still go about and Friór at times feels caught in the middle of it despite being immensely proud of all his family.

Still, figuring out how to be both Anlaf's grandson and Kvasir's nephew, for concise example, at the same time has it's days of confusion.

None that get to the lad or have hindered his growing and coming to be the budding young adult he is now set to be and is. The family he loves so has brought their share of chaos and fun along the way and to not one regret from Friór now that he's on the other side and, along with surviving visiting both his father and Uncle Kvasir's own smithing forges and shops, has survived both introductions to being attacked by hawks and taught to ride ponies and even a sketch session with his Aunt Dags that somehow turned into a paint fight. He's vague on if he knows anything at all about how to pick pickets or such but firmly states he would never!

The chaos of the extended clan that is his family has helped keep Friór from becoming too locked into himself and isolated and given him the boldness and confidence to face both the world and interactions where he has to, though he's still apt to hang back and answer only when spoken to especially when being introduced to adults and friends of his parents etc.

Just now, on the cusp all but of figuring himself, not much of the darkness said to be creeping across the world has come to or affects Friór much. One of his father's all but peers, Master Gimli, leaving with his own father, the Great Gloin--of the Quest for Erebor--for Rivendell and some big meeting (would have to be to drawn a Dwarf to Rivendell!) being the first hint Friór or even his own family seemed to get of anything, though Aunt Dags all along seemed to keep an ear and finger to the pulse from Erebor and Friór feels she knew something was brewing if not what specifically herself. Still, for being all somber seeming, the young Dwarf is sure it's nothing and it hardly has any bearing all the way at Ered Luin.

AGE: Old
COUNTRY: Middle Earth
OTHER CHARACTERS: Bilbo, Dags, Fritz, Líknví, Saga, Kargach, Naruoval, Nyx, Gard, Sofia, Wes
CONTACT:  PM main account or Skype
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: I stumbled into beauty ^^
Fritz's kitchen (well, it was Líknví's kitchen, wasn't it?) wasn't all that hard to figure out the layout of and Dags soon found her way about baking up a section of jam filled tea biscuits but not for any gathering. Nope. Just for her and the sweet little Fifteen year old she'd gained sole privilege of minding for her youngest brother and sweet Lí.

Dags felt a bit like she'd gone and stolen him, it had been Andar's turn...

Oh when everyone else found out there were sure to be grumbles! Perhaps most especially from her set who enjoyed minding their youngest cousin just for the privilage or favors. Dags had told her sweet sister-in-law that she didn't have to cater so to the little Erebor princes and princesses but for being overwhelmed with family, Líknví seemed to enjoy it.

Fíli and Andar currently had some of the boys occupied in a hunting trip that should be swap enough for everyone though. 

Setting the biscuits upon a plate to cool, Dags was suddenly aware of the passage of time she'd allowed. She'd been in the kitchen a good while was quiet!

That Mother's Instinct she'd thought her own had been making up had been thus proven right and Dagmar knew she had a strong sense of it as well. Through the likes of her own Flynn and minding Ashar it had been honed to where even logic and knowing how certain little boys took after their mother in important ways and were not as bad as Fritz had been at all couldn't impeded in against.

"Friór!", Dags wheeled back around to round into the main room. Next moment breathing a sigh. Little Friór, with his mother's watchful blue eyes and dark locks seeming to try to decide which of his parent's tint they would take to more, glanced up at his aunt's approach. He could hear and speak just fine (some had wondered if such things didn't transfer) though he only spoke when it was needed it seemed and even then was brief. So the tiny Dwarfling's expression held the light askance.

Dags laughed; at herself. Of course Friór was fine. Still, dealing with Dwarflings was ever a learning and figuring game. "What are you doing?", she next asked, but truly curious and puzzled and not worried.

Friór lowered his left foot from where he'd held it up so he could stand on just the right. "Balancing", and again the curt answer was not rude and the child smiled.

Dags giggled, what more answer had she expected? Still she persisted to learn, if just for more insight into her youngest nephew.


A tiny face crinkled as Friór thought. "I dunno", the child admitted with a shrug, "I did and I didn't fall so...".

So, why not linger and keep exploring it.

Dags smiled, catching the small-child-reasoning even if Friór didn't. "And how long was that so far before I rudely interrupted you?", she continued brightly.

"Oh! I forgot to count!". Next moment Friór's smile grew and he giggled as his aunt swooped him up for a hug and tickle.

"Well, would some jam-filled biscuits and milk make up for your broken concentration?".

Friór probably couldn't have matched his father's own eagerness so well even if he had added words to it. His smile and nod did the trick well enough!

He also had his father's ideas at times, "Aunt Dags, can I pour the milk on top of some of the biscuits if I promise not to make a mess?", the boy shyly asked and Dagmar had to laugh, "I think that is an experiment I would love to watch our Little Bird attempt!" she said brightly crinkling her nose and squishing it against tiny Friór's, to another giggle from out of him.

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Re: Friór
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Oh Gard, Friór is such a darling!  I'm so delighted you're making him!  Uncle Kvas and Uncle Andi both look forward to threading with him. <3

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