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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Estel  (Read 2873 times)


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« on: April 21, 2013, 04:26:00 AM »


NAME: Aragorn II 
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Estel and Elessar (the last being a name given to him by Lady Galadriel, but he doesn't know about it yet. Actually right now he doesn't even know that his birth name is Aragorn) 
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): T.A. 2931 (10)
PLACE OF BIRTH: Somewhere around the Eriador region 
RACE: Man, more specifically the Dúnedain of the North

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: Aragorn has a bit revolted at the back short dark brown hair that is growing again. 
EYE COLOUR: Aragorn has very blue and lively eyes.  
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Aragorn currently stands 60" tall and has a lean constitution due to his upbringing. 
OVERALL APPEARANCE: Due to living at Imladris currently, Aragorn most times uses clothes of Elven origin, though not so sophisticated. Simple dark colored pants, a light colored shirt and an Elven green cloak will do for him most of the time. 
WEAPONS: At the moment, mostly bow and arrows. He is though showing a very good learning curve at sword fighting. The only problem is that he's not yet strong enough to carry a real sword, so when needed he carries a long Elven knife instead, which is smaller and much lighter in weight. 
FACE CLAIM: Asa Butterfield 


- Tracking: Aragorn is already a very skilled tracker and can pick up even some faint signs left on the earth by other creatures, even small ones.

- Healing: Aragorn is currently being trained as a field healer. He is in the process of learning from his foster father how to collect and the several names by which many plants used in healing are called throughout Middle Earth. He is showing a very good skill in this area that if further honed can turn him into a very accomplished healer in his adult years.

- Sword fighting: Aragorn is just beginning his training in this skill, but also showing a very good aptitude in it.

- Loyalty: Maybe that is one of Aragorn's greatest strengths and will continue to be throughout his whole life. The last thing he would consciously allow himself to do is to betray, disappoint or leave his friends or family behind in any way. Aragorn would go to any lengths to make sure that the people he cares about are well.


- Trust: Aragorn tends to believe in the nobleness of people in general due to his experiences so far and that will eventually make it hard for him to tell friend from foe, even because so far he has only met friends.

- Loved Ones: Aragorn would willingly sacrifice himself for the safety of any of his friends or family and thus they are one of his weaknesses.

- Restlessness: Aragorn sometimes is over energetic and just wants to venture out to discover new things. He is aware that this is a dangerous world with many foul creatures like those who took his father away before he could form memories of him, but his lure towards what the world has in store for him can sometimes overcome his boyish better judgement.

- Archery: Even though Aragorn is being raised and trained amongst Elves, who are ace in this skill as a rule of thumb, he is not to their level in it at all. He is a very skilled hunter already and can bullseye something that is moving, like a rabbit, but he is no Robin Hood or Legolas. Not even close to that nor he will ever be.


- Aragorn wants to become a strong fighter and go after the Orcs who have killed his father. He wants to make sure no other kids will be fatherless due to those foul creatures.

- Aragorn also wants to find out what is currently being hidden from him by his mother and foster father.

- Aragorn also wants to travel to Gondor and Rohan someday, the largest and noblest kingdoms of Men nowadays. So far he has only been to Rivendell.


- Like any kid, Aragorn fears disappointing his mother and Lord Elrond by failing their expectations for him.

- He also fears the Orcs taking over Imladris, even though he does know the Elves are powerful warriors when put to the test.

PERSONALITY: One of the key aspects of Aragorn's personality, today and always, is his selflessness and from there stems all his other characteristics. He is nothing but a dependable boy. You can always rely on him for any kind of help you may need. He's not the kind of boy who puts himself first or is whiny when things don't go his way. He'll do for you what he is able, be it just a kind word or hunt a rabbit for your dinner. He would consider it the height of dishonor to mistrust or betray someone else for any reason. Make no mistake, this boy is lively and always wants to be engaged doing something. Inactivity is death to young Aragorn. He is also avid for knowledge and diligent in his studies.

Aragorn is also no dumb cookie and he has noticed that other Dúnedain who used to know his birth father sometimes look weird towards him as if expecting some kind of behavior from him. So the young boy reached the right conclusion that his mother and foster father are holding something important back from him, but he trusts them both to be doing the right thing and what is best for him, so he's not truly upset about it. He'll wait until they think it is wise to tell him whatever it might be they're holding back, but that doesn't change the fact he wants to know what it is. He is also currently unaware that his true name is in fact Aragorn, not Estel as he is called nowadays.

Aragorn loves to listen to the Elves, their songs, many of which he knows by heart and sings not so well due to his still childish kind of high pitch tone of voice, and their ages old stories. He finds the people who have embraced him and his mother so kindly hard to truly emulate though. For this reason Aragorn has chosen his male role model from the stories he had been told: the great Númenórean king Elendil. He was a mortal man like himself and someone he could see himself like as an adult more than he could see himself as someone like his foster father Lord Elrond. Aragorn already has the conscience that he'll never live long enough to be that wise and thus is truly grateful for Elrond's kindness and teachings.

HISTORY: In the year 2931 of the Third Age, Aragorn was born from Arathorn II and Gilraen somewhere at region of Eriador. His people, the Dúnedain of the North, now live a nomadic life style since the fall of the old kingdom of Arnor. For this reason, it is not possible to precise exactly where Aragorn was born. Possibly around the city of Bree, but it isn't sure. When he was a two year old toddler, his father was killed while hunting Orcs. His mother then took him to Rivendell where he is being fostered by Lord Elrond himself. His ancestry and lineage being withheld from him by Gilraen's request to keep him safer from persecution and meeting an untimely death. Aragorn, for this reason, was then renamed Estel, name by which he is still known.

Still living safely at Imladris in the company of his mother and foster father, the now ten year old boy is avid to learn new things about the world out there and to get to see more of it. He loves Rivendell, but the lure of everything else out there is too great for him. About an year ago, Lady Galadriel gave him a name, Elessar, though only Elrond and Gilraen are aware of this fact besides Galadriel herself and her husband Celeborn. Still unaware of many facts about himself, Aragorn has recently started his 'deeper' studies with Elrond. He is diligent and just wants to absorb all the wealth of wisdom that is being kindly offered to him. His aptitudes are just being found out to be honed, but it is obvious that his focused mind will take him far and very likely he will be known as the one more like Elendil than any other before him as he reaches adulthood.

AGE: 30
COUNTRY: Brazil 
EXPERIENCE: 15 years
OTHER CHARACTERS: The Necromancer (Sauron)
CONTACT: PM and the C-Box
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: Ad on another site

Being warned by Gandalf of what could be happening soon, Aragorn made it his vow to be present when the Istari's Hobbit friends arrived at Bree. 'Wasn't there supposed to be only two of them?' The Ranger thought to himself seeing four of the Halflings enter the Inn of the Prancing Pony. They stood apart in the crowd due to their height. Not that it mattered how many they were anyway. He was to keep an eye on them and protect them as they were carrying something precious. What this something precious was, Aragorn could only suppose due to his last mission for his Wizard friend.

His perceptive eyes scanned all the room for threats towards the little ones. Soon there was a commotion… Baggins was now revealed as himself by one of his companions. Beneath the hood that was covering his face, Aragorn was paying attention to the positions of the Hobbits. If things grew too complicated for them, he'd have to interfere. And then it happened… Suddenly he could no longer see one of the Hobbits, Frodo. Aragorn's eyes went wide and searched the room even more avidly. Nothing. He was ready to interfere and take the Halflings out into a room where he could keep both his eyes on them until the morning.

Though the Hobbits, the fourth having mysteriously unvanished, started to go upstairs on their own accord. Aragorn silently and quietly followed them up and as they closed their room's door, he made his presence noticed through his voice. "That was an interesting demonstration down there. I can avoid being seen if so I desire, but to disappear completely is not something I ever heard of…" He said, showing himself to the Hobbits. Aragorn knew that they wouldn't know who he was, but anyway he'd have to convince the little ones to take him along. He checked if there was anyone outside the door who could listen in, closed it, took a seat and then continued.

"Your… business is a dangerous one as are those who are after you. I may know a few things about both and I can impart my knowledge to you right now. I only ask one thing in return: that you take me as your guide and that is a deal breaker. I'll answer whichever questions you might have to prove my good will… By the way, at these parts I'm known as Strider." Aragorn's voice was direct, incisive, a bit threatening at parts, yet humble overall. He knew that his vagrant appearance would not be helpful to his intent, but they had to accept his offer or they would never reach Rivendell alive with the Nazgul following them as Aragorn had heard accounts of the Black Knights wandering this region lately and soon they would be zeroing in on them after Frodo's little stunt downstairs.

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Thanks go to Alagon for the lovely graphics!!!!


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« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2013, 01:30:00 PM »
Another superb application, Marbys!  From this you can absolutely get a sense of the man we know that this boy will become and the traits that he will carry on from childhood.  I look forward to seeing what adventures you have with him!

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