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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Elrohir  (Read 3205 times)


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« on: September 15, 2015, 06:09:28 AM »


NAME: Elrohir
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): T.A. 130; 2811 years of age
RACE:  Half-elf

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: His hair is black and worn long.  While it is never exactly a mess, Elrohir rarely takes the time to do more than run a comb through it to make himself presentable.  The only exception to this rule would be in any case he is needed to stand in for his father as a representative of Imladris.
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Tall and lithe, Elrohir holds himself with the innate dignity and regality inherent of his kin.   He may appear fairly slender at first glance, but he carries lean muscle developed over years of training with the sword.
OVERALL APPEARANCE: Elrohir’s manner of dress often identifies him as the reluctant lordling that he is.  He knows well how to dress properly, but that doesn’t mean he enjoys it.  On most days he dresses simply, at least insofar as he can dress simply.  Most of his robes are finely embroidered and expertly tailored, and so he wears them.  However, that does not mean he wears them properly.   More often than not, his robes are wrinkled or otherwise disheveled from spending hours curled in an armchair or hidden in the garden.  In fact, it’s not unknown for him to arrive at supper having failed to fully clear away the lingering blades of grass or straw that he has managed to accumulate.  He doesn’t mean to look a mess; sometimes it just slips his mind.

However, in matters of importance, he will put in the necessary effort to look presentable, though he rarely goes beyond presentable and he very clearly lacks his brother’s sense of fashion. 
DISTINGUISHING MARKS:  He has a few minor scars here and there, but nothing that would draw particular attention. 
WEAPONS: Elrohir has passable knowledge of a variety of weapons, though he has only achieved true expertise in a few.  He is a skilled archer, both on foot and on horseback.  He carries a longbow crafted by his mother’s kin in Lothlorien, and a pair of finely crafted swords.
FACE CLAIM: Efren Garza

STRENGTHS:  Elrohir is, above all else, an intellectual.  A lifetime of dedicated study has made him into a skilled loremaster, and he bases many of his decisions off of history.  He knows what worked in the past and what will likely work in the future.  He is also a well studied strategist, able to evaluate an enemy and devise the best plans to move against them.

Despite his scholarly nature, he is also skilled in the art of battle.  Though not quite a match for his brother, Elrohir can hold his own in battle.  A primarily defensive fighter, he prefers to hold back until he has evaluated his opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, upon which he can often deliver a well placed, deadly blow.  This has also made him quite skilled at incapacitating his enemies without finishing them off.  Elrohir’s fighting style is all about precision and subtlety.

WEAKNESSES:  While being thoughtful is hardly a weakness, Elrohir is often thoughtful to the point of indecision.  He fears making the wrong choice, and so he often makes no choice at all, at least not until the time for choosing has long past.  His mind is often filled with ‘what if’s’ and it is difficult for him to fully banish the nagging voices of doubt.  What if I make the wrong choice?

Similarly, Elrohir is a procrastinator.  Being of a responsible mindset, he knows very well what things most need his attention, but if he’s not careful, he can become distracted by so many other little things until the important task is all but forgotten.  This is partially because he’d much rather be doing the things he enjoys than tending to the more bothersome aspects of his position, and so it’s easy to set the important things aside.  There’s always time later.  At least, until there is no more time later.

This has made him very good at making plausible excuses.  In his youth, this manifested itself as the uncanny ability to blame things on his brother (and sometimes he could even get Elladan to think he really had been the culprit all along!).  But as a man, he has turned his skills upon other scapegoats.  Elladan manages to get himself into enough trouble on his own, anyway.

ASPIRATIONS:  Above all else, Elrohir strives for wisdom and courage.  He’s acutely aware of just how much he has to live up to, for he knows very well the accomplishments of his family, both immediate and extended.  He’s the grandson of Earendil on one side, and Galadriel on the other.  He is descended from High Kings and heroes.  That’s quite a lot for one young man to live up to, and while he can’t imagine being equal to the deeds of the heroes of old, he at least hopes to be worthy of his lineage. 
FEARS:  In broadest terms, he fears the shadow of the Enemy and the suffering that might be brought down upon the world should such evils return, a fear grown even more acute in the face of his own mother’s suffering.  Now his greatest fear is to lose another that he loves to the evils that roam Middle Earth.
PERSONALITY: All his life, Elrohir had been called ‘the quiet one,’ almost always overshadowed in some way by his brother’s more exuberant nature.  Whereas some would be resentful, or even jealous of spending so much time in the background, Elrohir prefered it.  Let them all pay attention to Elladan’s antics; it only gave Elrohir more time to think.  While he was hardly anti-social, he sometimes preferred books to people, and had been known to spend hours, if not days curled up in some corner or another in the library, or hidden in the gardens, or in the secluded nook behind the stables, content with simply the company of his books, sneaking out only to eventually answer the call of hunger, or to attend reluctantly to some promised duty.

Often mistaken for shy, especially when placed in direct comparison to his brother’s social ease, in truth he had little trouble with the social necessities that came with being of such a prestigious lineage.  It was only that small talk bored him, and he preferred to seek out those with whom he might have more meaningful conversation.  In that vein, he could easily be the last to retire from the Hall of Fire on many evenings if he found himself engaged in worthy conversation.   Still, he could nearly match Elladan’s charm if the need were great enough, though it left him drained afterwards, and more than a little grumpy for having to put on such a false face.

It was his curse that his charming facade was necessary more often than not, for his more thoughtful nature was more often needed when important matters were at hand.  And so while he’d rather sneak off somewhere quiet with his books, he was often called upon to see to such tasks as his father had little time for and his brother little skill for.  No matter how trying the task, Elrohir was nothing if not obedient and dutiful, understanding and accepting the weight of his own lordship easily, if not reluctantly. 

For much of his life, Elrohir had to be the responsible one, looking out for his more reckless brother even from the time they were small.  Over the years he has learned the signs of Elladan’s temper, and will often move to counter it if he can, and he’s also developed quite the aptitude for calming his brother’s anger with rational words and stern tones, the same tones he might use for a soldier under his command, fully expecting obedience and willing to setting for nothing less. 

HISTORY:  Along with his twin brother Elladan, Elrohir is the firstborn child of Lord Elrond and Lady Celebrian, and the twins were said to be so alike in appearance that only those who knew them best could tell one from the other.  Truly, no young elf could wish for a better upbringing.  The twins were lavished with affection not only from their parents, but their grandparents as well, and being so fortunate, were able to pursue any and all interests.   And for the first years of their lives, they were practically inseparable.  Even as they grew older, and their interests diverged, one could rarely be found far from the other.  Yet their eventual separation was felt far less keenly by Elrohir than his brother, if only because he was more easily distracted.

As he grew to adulthood, Elrohir developed a keen interest in scholarship, and he eagerly devoured any text he could get his hands on.  He especially favored history, filling his mind at first with stories of adventure, tales of bravery and victory against all odds, delighting in any tales of the heroes of old, his own kin. Such tales led to darker stories of hardship and loss, but those too he read just as eagerly.  The older he grew, the more varied and obscure his interests became, and soon he was reading volumes on horse breeding, or manuals detailing how to increase yearly wheat yields.  Anything and everything was worth investigating, and so it was he found himself with less time and interest for his brother’s less than scholarly entertainments.  Still, he always made certain to set aside time for hunting with Elladan or joining him for sword practice. 

Eventually, though, he outgrew his childish obsession with the written word, but only insomuch as he did not spend every free moment with book in hand.  He took an interest in horses (in no small part due to a particularly interesting book he’d once read), and it was not long before he’d evolved from only being able to sit in the saddle to possessing the subtle, quiet hand of a master horseman.  From there, he learned the arts of mounted combat.

Years later, he rode to the wars in the north, doing battle against the forces of Angmar.  In such he was torn, for the childish part of himself still remembered tales of glory, of elves in shining armor, blades bright and sharp, marching rank upon rank to put down the forces of the Enemy.  Yet he was not eager to ride to war, for he knew just as well from his stories the cost of battle, and it weighed upon him heavily to think of what cost lay ahead.  So more than the battle, he focused on the planning, hanging on every word as the more capable commanders debated the best course.

After the battles, Elrohir, along with his brother, began to spend more time among Men, learning much of their ways, ever fascinated to hear their thoughts and perspectives.  Though he was often away from his beloved library, he found himself still learning, often spending long hours listening to tales which he might never have heard from any of his own kin. 

His life carried on for many years in such a way, and it seemed for a time as if there were no room for sadness or sorrow.  When word arrived that his mother, who had been traveling for the purpose of visiting her family in Lothlorien, had been taken by orcs, there were no words adequate to describe the chill that fell over Elrohir.  It was as if all the warmth had been carved out of him, leaving little else behind.  Even as he, with Elladan at his side, rode to her rescue, he felt very little.  It was as if somehow he knew that he could not afford such a liability, and it was only when Celebrian had been returned safely to Imladris that he allowed himself to feel at all. 

Somewhere within the haze of his own rage, he recalled his attempts to calm his brother.  If not for their own sakes, for the sake of their mother, who would not want to see them so overcome.  And so when he visited her bedside, he put on his false cheer, hoping that somehow his own joy might pierce the cloud of her suffering. In the evenings he read to her, or he sang, or sometimes he simply remained near, quiet but ever present. But it was of no use.  Elrond had repaired the wounds of her body, but nothing could fully repair her spirit, and not a year later, she sailed West, unable to remain in Middle Earth. 

The loss of his mother wounded Elrohir deeply, turning him, for a time, from an elf of learning into a creature of vengeance.  He and Elladan hunted the orcs mercilessly, riding far and wide in search of any servants of the Enemy that may somehow threaten what remained of his family. 

But time can heal many wounds, even for the elves, and in time Elrohir abandoned his quiet rage, becoming again something of the thoughtful scholar he had been in his youth.  Even so, he never fully abandoned his intense hatred for orcs, but rather he tempered it with hearth and home and love for his family.

YOUR NAME:  Whitney
AGE:  older than the hills
EXPERIENCE:  the answer to this question makes me feel old
OTHER CHARACTERS:  Gwaehadron, Tinuvagor, Eadlyn, Togh Tor Scathas
CONTACT:  PMs are good or cbox
HOW DID YOU FIND US?:  Google?  Tumblr?  Referred by a friend?  This will help us figure out what's working and what's not.
Show us what you can do!  It doesn't have to be with this character or even from this genre of role-play.  This is only required if this is your first character application with us.

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Re: Elrohir
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2015, 04:17:17 AM »
Ready for review!


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Re: Elrohir
« Reply #2 on: September 19, 2015, 01:04:02 AM »
This was a very awesome read and it's plain to see you've put a lot of detail and effort into bringing Elrohir to life! I can't wait to see him around on site.


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