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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Elrond  (Read 2566 times)

Elrond Peredhel

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« on: January 31, 2016, 04:32:02 PM »


NAME: Elrond
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Peredhil/Half-Elven
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): F.A. 532; 6,440
PLACE OF BIRTH: Havens of Sirion
RACE:  Half-Elf (with a shot of Maia)

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: Black and straight and long
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Lean and yet rather muscular; 6'9”
OVERALL APPEARANCE:  Elrond is often found wearing robes in generally rich, darker colors and wears a silver circlet on his head. He wears two rings on his fingers: his wedding ring on his right index finger and the Elven Ring Vilya on his left ring finger. 
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: A tiny bit heavier than most Elves due to his mixed heritage
WEAPONS: Vilya could be a weapon in of itself; he also wields Hadhafang, which was his paternal grandmother's sword
FACE CLAIM: Hugo Weaving

STRENGTHS:  Healing, Administration, Wise, Forgiving
WEAKNESSES:  Somber, Cynical, Often Guilt-ridden and melancholy, Archery
ASPIRATIONS:  To see Middle Earth at peace and see his wife again   
FEARS:  His children choosing to be mortal like his twin; never seeing his wife again
PERSONALITY: Elrond is an Elf that has seen much both good and bad, and those things have affected him deeply. He has always been a caring person, which is what drew him even as a young adult to healing, but the departure of his wife and the death of many that he has cared for has made him rather cynical and he often has bouts of melancholy. Some times what he has done, or hasn't done, can leave him full guilt and thinking of what might have been. For example, he has always struggled with Isildur taking the One Ring rather destroying it and the thoughts of what if he had pushed him in, thereby destroying the ring, and what could be the moral implications of that.

Yet he is more accepting of others than most Elves, offering his home as a shelter those who need it, though due to Vilya's influence, the truly evil cannot enter. Vilya helps enhance his natural healing abilities and makes foresight stronger, as well as his telepathy, though he will never be as strong at either as Galadriel. He is extremely fatherly, having three children of his own as well having taken in the heirs to the kingdom of Gondor (and descendents of his twin), though he worries endlessly about both his own children and those that he has fostered.

His skills are fairly wide-ranging, between healing others, administration, and leading others in battle, as well as having a fair hand at sword-fighting. He is somewhat helpless at archery and he is far too aware of the emotional scars that his wife nearly dying and then sailing has caused him. He is wise, though not as wise as Cirdan or Celeborn, or even Galadriel, but he has long given up comparing himself to them, or to Gil-galad, the one death that haunts him the most. He has never said this to anyone, but he some times thinks he sees Gil-galad.

HISTORY: Born with the blood of all three clans of Elves, a Maia, and all three houses of the Edain, Elrond was born alongside his twin brother Elros at the end of the First Age in the Havens of Sirion. His mother was Earwing and his father Eärendil. Yet his life even from the beginning was not a peaceful one for he and Elros were taken as young Elflings by Maehdros and Maglor, in hopes of being ransomed in exchange for the Simaril that his mother had possession of. While Elrond at first disliked the two sons of Feanor, he came to view Maglor in particular as a father-figure since he did not know his own father very well.

Yet he and Elros were soon released and made their way to Lindon where Elrond soon became friends with Gil-galad Ereinion, the Elf who would soon become the last High King of the Noldor. It was at the end of the First Age that the always close twins were given a choice, one that would soon sunder them forever from the other: the Choice of being counted as an Elf or a Man. Elrond chose to be an Elf and yet he was heartbroken when his twin chose to be mortal, knowing he would have to watch his beloved twin eventually perish and never see him again. It was during this time that Elrond found his two skil sets: administration and healing, though he also became a fair and deadly warrior. He became herald and captain for Ereinion and became one of the High King's most trusted friends and advisers.

The two would see Annatar, whom they would soon learn to be Sauron in fair form, come to Lindon but since neither trusted him, he left and went to Eregion, where he went on to forge the Rings of Power. Soon, Celebrimbor, the smith ruler of Eregion sent Gil-galad two Rings of Power he had crafted without Sauron's help but still with his knowledge, and Gil-galad gave one to Cirdan and the other to Elrond. Then they learned that Sauron was assaulting Eregion to reclaim the Rings of Power so Elrond led troops to help, where he met up with Celeborn, though even their combined forces could not stop Sauron.

They fled to a valley where Elrond would form a haven called Imladris and it was in the few years before the Last Alliance that Elrond met Celebrian, daughter of Galadriel and Celebrian, and loved her, though he was silent for he knew that he may be slain in the coming battles. He joined Gil-galad in leading the Elves to fight against the forces of Sauron alongside Men, including descendents of his twin, Elendil and Isildur. But he would see many cut down, including Elendil and Gil-galad before seeing Sauron defeated, though despite his urgings, Isildur would not destroy the One Ring and so Sauron was not destroyed.

The beginning of the Third Age was a time of new beginnings as the Elves worked on repairing damaged lives and homes. It too was a time of new beginnings for Elrond for he finally told Celebrian of his love for her and after asking for permission from her parents, married her in T.A. 109. It was only a few decades later that they had twin boys Elrohir and Elladan followed over a century later by a daughter they named Arwen.

Yet all too soon his beloved was torn from him when she was first captured by orcs and tortured. The twins would rescue her and Elrond would personally heal her wounds but not even his vast skill could mend the emotional scarring and a year after her capture, Celebrian sailed to Valinor to gain healing that only the Valar could provide. He fell for a time into a deep melancholy but his decision to take in and foster the heirs to his twin seemed to help heal him as best as anything could.

All too soon, it would appear that Sauron had truly not been destroyed and he may possibly be returned as the mysterious Necromancer. Yet no one could be sure so Galadriel called together the White Council, which Elrond was a member, in order that they could find out the truth of the Necromancer and to help keep Middle Earth as safe as possible.

AGE: 28
EXPERIENCE: About 7 years now online
OTHER CHARACTERS:  Abaan Samara, Anardil, Belegil, Celeborn, Cenric, Everard Noakes, Faenloth, Haldir, Hithwion, Iarmirion, Laeron, Lin, Marfaer, Rhaw, Thalaron, Trenardir
CONTACT: PM or Skype or mention Cel in the C-box
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: Don't you know that I'm trying to take over :D
*waves at any of the above characters*

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Re: Elrond
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2016, 11:48:03 PM »
Wonderful to see you taking up Elrond, Becca!  Have fun with him. ~

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