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Author Topic: [Hobbit] Bowen  (Read 2004 times)


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« on: September 29, 2015, 04:11:57 AM »


NAME: Bowen
NICKNAMES (IF ANY):  He’ll tolerate being called Bo
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): TA 2901, 40 years old
RACE:  Man

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: Bowen is fair haired, and upon leaving the army, he stopped caring quite as much about its maintenance.   He generally wears it only long enough to tease at his shirt collar before it begins to trouble him enough to have it trimmed.

Bowen had spent his years in the army clean shaven, and so as a pirate, he has grown out his beard, though he keeps it trimmed as neatly as one might on a ship.  Recently he’s begun to notice the unfortunate presence of grey hairs...
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Standing at just over six feet tall, Bowen has the build of a soldier, honed by half a lifetime of marching and swordsmanship.  Muscular, but not so much that he has lost the lean look of his youth, he can strike a quite predatory stature were he of a mind to do so.
OVERALL APPEARANCE:  Simplicity is key for life on a ship, and Bowen’s wardrobe consists mostly of brown and more brown.  Simple trousers and shirts are his staple, along with a worn light leather coat to ward off the weather.  His boots are leather and well worn, but they are comfortable and he wouldn’t trade them for anything.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS:  A lifetime of crossing blades has earned him his share of scars, but none that are too distinguishing.
WEAPONS: He has retained his army issue longsword, one of hundreds of identical blades,and continues to use it, mostly because he enjoys the irony.  He also carries a dagger, though it is just as often used for work as it is for killing.
FACE CLAIM: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

STRENGTHS: Bowen is a skilled soldier, and knows his way around a blade, and to a lesser degree, a bow.  While he was never one of the best, he had always managed to hold his own in battle.  He has spent the years refining his fighting style and adapting to the confines of a ship. 

If there’s one thing his time in the army has given him, it is endurance.  He is slow to tire, even from strenuous work, and he can often work longer hours or fight harder battles without tiring.

He’s still quite good at making candles, for what it’s worth.
WEAKNESSES:  Even years into his tenure, Bowen is still only a passable sailor, and at times he can be more of a burden than an asset.  He has, at least, learned when it’s best to step aside and let someone more capable handle it, though he is making some effort to learn…

Unfortunately, he suffers from something of a lack of motivation.  He’s not completely lazy, but rarely does he give his all.  Perhaps it is just superstition, but he’s almost positive that the moment he actually becomes a good sailor, he’ll end up having to give it up much as he had to give up his previous professions. 
ASPIRATIONS:  At this point, his only real concern is living one day at a time.   Having too many goals was too much work.
FEARS:  Most literally, the hangman’s noose.  But more than that, he’s afraid of having to start over yet again.  He’s a bit too old to learn any new skills, or so he thinks.
PERSONALITY: Bowen is generally cheerful, owing much to the fact that he rarely takes his life entirely seriously.  He spent enough years in the military to know that being too serious isn’t very good for you, and if fate has made him into a pirate, he might as well enjoy the spirit that life represents.  He laughs easily and often, and at himself as much as at others.  He sees his life as something of a joke, and so is one of the first to laugh at himself.  There is, however, one exception to that rule.  Within the past year, Bowen has become a bit self-conscious about the appearance of grey hair, particularly in his beard.  Those who see fit to mention it should be very careful.

Beneath the easy humor, he can be something of a pessimist, though he calls himself a realist.  He has had enough things go wrong that he’s largely stopped expecting the important things to go right.  His years of piracy have done their part to cure him of this trait, though any time he catches himself beginning to believe things are going right, he’s very quick to correct himself.  And perhaps such an attitude is part superstition as much as it is pessimism.  After all, the last few times he had finally felt things were going well, they did not last.  And he’s much too comfortable as he is now to wish for an end to it.

While he can be fiercely loyal to those whom he feels have earned it, he is also equally bitter towards those who have betrayed him, and he tends to be suspicious, particularly of new faces.  His natural instinct is to trust, but life has taught him not to be too free with trust, and so he struggles daily, constantly forced to remind himself that friendship counts for very little when something important is on the line.  He lets himself form friendships, and while he is more than sincere in such relationships, he cannot help but constantly remind himself that anyone can betray you. 

Whatever negative thoughts might dwell below the surface, Bowen can be quite charming.  He possesses an easy, disarming smile and has learned well how to use it to his advantage, particularly when it comes to flirting.  He has been known to talk his way out of some troubles, but he’s never been quite charming enough to talk the price off of his head.

HISTORY:  Bowen was born in the great city of Minas Tirith, the fourth son and sixth child of an expert candlemaker.  While they were hardly upper class, it afforded them a very comfortable life, as good candles were and always would be a precious commodity.  Yet comfortable as it was, it was not a profession easy to pass on to six eager children.  By the time Bowen had grown old enough to learn the art, his oldest brother was already past his apprenticeship, the other two well into theirs, and the workshop already far too crowded. 

Still, he took to the task eagerly, putting in double the work of his older brothers.  Even so, his hard work was not enough to persuade his father to keep him on.  There was not enough demand to pay for educating four boys, and so at fifteen Bowen was shipped off to the army, despite his many protests. 

Initially, the boy felt completely out of his depth.  He’d gone from being quite good at his trade to being inexperienced and, despite his best efforts, a bit clumsy.  He didn’t quite fit in with the other boys, most of whom had come into training with typical boyhood aspirations of heroism and glory.  Yet, within the next few years, Bowen managed to grow out of his clumsiness and outmatch nearly all of the other boys who had once teased him for being nothing but a candlemaker. 

At eighteen, Bowen was assigned to a unit and sent out into the field.  His duty consisted mainly of peacekeeping.  They drove off bandits, protected the outer villages, but mostly they marched and camped.  If he were to be asked what he remembered most about the army, it would have been the marching.  By the time he’d earned enough rank to earn himself his own horse, Bowen figured he’d likely walked the length of Gondor at least five times over. 

Whatever might have been said about its monotony, Bowen considered his life in the army to be generally comfortable.  Sure, it was dangerous, and there was always the threat of ‘certain death’ hanging over his head, but along with certain death came certain other… benefits.  He wore his armor well, and there was no shortage of admirers when he passed through. 

However, like his childhood in his father’s workshop, his good life in the army was not to last.  One evening, enjoying the company of two of his good friends in a local tavern, they encountered a pair of young men, obviously wealthy if their clothing were any indication.  Men of a certain standing; their father was some high general within the Tower Guard, a man of great renown and influence.  And like so many young men of rank, the two little lordlings had few kind words for such lowborn soldiers. 

Bowen cannot even remember who struck the first blow, though he still swears to this day that it was one of the young fops.  Whoever struck first, Bowen struck last, leaving the brothers crumpled on the tavern floor, bloodied and unmoving.  The sight was sobering enough to prompt Bowen to flee, returning to his post in the hopes that no one would be any wiser.  Bar fights happened all the time, after all. 

Days later he found out that those arrogant young fops were dead, though he still swears to this day that they were still breathing when he left the tavern.  Rumors flew through camp.  Some cast the blame upon Bowen, but others said that another soldier had left the tavern after he had fled.  However, no two men could agree on who the other soldier had been.  Still, Bowen dared to hope the entire mes would simply blow over and be forgotten.  After all, bar fights were a common thing…

Later that evening, though, he was visited by a friend, a captain in his company, and given a hushed warning.  Word had reached Minas Tirith and the general was demanding justice for his murdered sons.  With the other soldier still unknown (though yet more rumors said he was someone far too important to take the fall for murder), the blame had fallen fully upon Bowen.  It would be the hangman’s noose for him. 

Within the hour, Bowen had fled.  He left behind his armor, but took with him his blade, all his coin, and his horse, the only things he had in the world. 

After more than a year on the run, in which he rarely spent two nights in the same place, by some happenstance, Bowen learned of a pirate ship in need of crew.  At first, such an idea was dismissed; he knew nothing about sailing.  But he did know his way around a fight, and what better place for one outlaw to hide than on a ship full of them?  Decision made, his blade was offered and accepted, along with a promise that he would learn how to sail… a promise he only ever half kept. 

Despite his failings when it came to manning the ship, Bowen found his life to be more comfortable than it had been during that year on the run, though it took him more than a little time to feel comfortable even partially trusting his new crewmates.  After six years, though, he trusts them as well as he trusts anyone, though he remains wary of betrayal.  They are pirates, after all, and his head is still worth a few coins.

Regardless of Bowen’s bouts of mistrust, he has earned the position of first mate, which he fulfils to the best of his ability.  Perhaps at times, his old military habits resurface, but he does his best to remember that his crewmates are hardly soldiers.  Rather, he maintains a friendly air, and he’s more often than not found sharing a drink with the crew… perhaps a bit too often.  But, of course, the rum does make him a better sailor.

YOUR NAME:  Whitney
AGE:  ancient
OTHER CHARACTERS:  Gwaehadron, Tinuvagor, Eadlyn, Togh, Elrohir
CONTACT:  PMs, Skype, cbox, pony express
HOW DID YOU FIND US?:  Google?  Tumblr?  Referred by a friend?  This will help us figure out what's working and what's not.
Show us what you can do!  It doesn't have to be with this character or even from this genre of role-play.  This is only required if this is your first character application with us.

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Re: Bowen
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2015, 04:40:52 AM »
Finally ready for review!


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Re: Bowen
« Reply #2 on: October 01, 2015, 11:40:40 AM »
Ahh, he is marvellous Whitney!  Wonderful face, wonderful name, wonderful application.  Go forth and have fun with him! ~

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