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Author Topic: [Hobbit] Wei-Tao Ning  (Read 3843 times)

Wei-Tao Ning

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Wei-Tao Ning
« on: September 23, 2015, 10:32:34 PM »


NAME: Wei-Tao Ning

NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Cook, The Food Bringer, Rotten, Drunk, maybe something unfriendly if you don't like him, Ning

DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): 35, T.A 2906


RACE:  Man

GENDER: male 

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: Like most, Ning's hair has tendency to be ... no, that would be lying. Ning's hair grows at an awkward rate of quickly. He probably has more hair cuts in 6 months than most people. Over the years his hair has been waist length, nonexistent, short, real short, medium, etc. currently it is back at waist length and he's considering getting it cut again. It is ink black, and although it looks soft, it actually feels coerce when you touch it. It is naturally straight, though sometimes if the humidity is high, it can have a slight wave. He keeps it up in a floppy bun, or a really tight one. Rarely is he seen with it down. 

EYE COLOUR: Dark brown

BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Ning stands a ... ... well, a slender 5'6", and small enough - I suppose - to sleep where he does. the pirate life has agreed with him physically. He has a rigorous routine and has never missed a day of training his body (and mind). Despite the fact that he is always seems to be intoxicated...

OVERALL APPEARANCE: Ah, mostly black, Ning's wardrobe lacks clolor, sometimes a deep, midnight blue shirt is the only thing that offsets all that black. Oh, and course a white apron for cooking. He does have more sets of clothes, like his jamas, a matching midnight blue pair of pants, weird looking soft shoes that he wears all the time and allow him to sneak about if he needs to, they also grip well, but only because he has a special concoction that he makes and applies to the bottom of his shoes...
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: There is nothing particularly distinguishing about him, not even his height, though he is shorter than most people on the ship, but taller than the shortest member, it depends on what you want to call 'distinguishing marks'. Though, he does have both of his ears pierced, but he rarely wears the simple, small gold rings. And call it what you will, but he has a sort of giggle that can be unsettling, or cause you to giggle ... though maybe not very assuredly.

WEAPONS: The only weapon he really keeps on him is his sword. But he really likes his kitchen knife set (when on an official raid, he ... raids the kitchen while everyone else is plundering gold... he likes pointy objects... in kitchens... it's weird.. I mean, can you see it? You're done with the raid and hurrying back to the ship, you call back: "NING COME ON!! D:<" and he answers: "BUT SHINY!!! MUST HAVE SHINY!!!"). Where was I... oh yes... he keeps a small chest for himself where he stashes his sharp, plundered objects ranging from bizarre, to daggers.

STRENGTHS:  Picking up cuisine techniques, nimble and stealthy, and I'm sure there is more, but we have to figure them out. Navigation

WEAKNESSES: Boxes, he loves boxes, food, bad judge of character, .

ASPIRATIONS: To retire one day, and open his own restaurant, if it is possible!
FEARS: The thought of being poisoned is why he prepares his own food and NEVER allows anyone to mix up a drink for him. He is entirely self reliant, dying any other way would be better than being poisoned. He also, and rightly, fears his captain in a rage, especially if he is the one who provokes it.

PERSONALITY:  Wei-Tao is a gentle soul. He loves a good laugh and isn't afraid try and make others join him. Not someone you would generally think to be a Pirate, someone ruthless and unforgiving in battle. Well, that is exactly how he is in battle. He's not afraid to get his hands bloody, and since his first kill he's been alright with killing in defense, but that strong moral fiber the Monks instilled in him keeps him from murdering in cold blood. Of course the line between self defense and murder is always in question. He doesn't generally like killing, and takes no pleasure in leaving someone dead. Instead, he prefers to mortally wound. 
Passionate... about his cooking, and about building relationships with others. There is no possible way for anyone to worm their way into his heart after it belongs to someone else. It will take a while for him to warm up that way to anyone and he tends to put the word awkward before extremely intimate relationships. So, he keeps himself neutral by ignoring any sexual hints and shifting the topic, and himself as far away from the subject as possible. But, since no one has ever made an advance, he's had no reason to push people away. He also doesn't really need to do that, either, he pretty much keeps to himself, he is a walking contradiction. 
Quick to learn, back in the monastery with the monks, Wei-Tao advanced in his training rapidly, and being the only one young enough to begin at age 3 or 4, or whenever you learn to walk, it wasn't difficult to reach advanced levels of anything he was passionate about. Astronomy, navigations, self defense and lastly cooking. 
A poor judge of character, it doesn't often show, but the people Ning chooses to trust often has terrible consequences, which is why he keeps certain things to himself. It is easy for you to trust him, call it the 'babyface' ruitine, but over the years he has learned to be less trusting of others. He always keep his promises if he promises at all, and if you get one of his promises... he'll keep it. 
Probably snappy when agitated, he has no problem using sarcasm if others are doing so too, and making fun of his shipmates can be taken to a pranking level, and with his 'ninja' skills of sneaking around the ship, it makes sneaking and pranking all the more fun, turning his shipmates against each other without an ounce of suspicion. It also helps with nicking other people's flasks of ale. 

Leaving a little bit of room for personality development.

HISTORY:  A long time ago, in a land very far away, Wei-Tao Ning was left on the doorstep of one of the monastery with a note attached to his blanket. 'please care for him, as I am unable to. His name is Wei-Tao Ning.' The note read. The monks took him in, and raised him in their ways. But Wai-Tao was not... interested in learning the material as he was in learning self defense, and reading fairy tales when he was a child. He was also very lonely between the ages 6 and 13 because there was no one of that age at the monastery. Sadly everyone was much older than himself, and - he felt - about to keel over and die at any moment. They were dull, and there is nothing worth mentioning except lots of training, reading and learning. 
At age 15 Wei-Tao took an interest in the stars. Astronomy was one of his favorite studies, so much so that it felt more like a hobby than actual study. He learned about sailing the seas with honor, and at age 16 he began to prepare for the path he wanted. His dream was to sail, and navigate the sea. He told no one of his plan to escape the monks. When he finally was ready, his things packed in such a way that it would be easy to carry for the long journey to one of the ports. It was winter when he made the journey, and almost instantly regretted it. The cold was not pleasant, but he wasn't going to turn back. There was a rule about leaving on your own. It was simply: No Returns. 
As you can imagine, by the time he was 18, and it was winter again he made it to the ports. The sight of the sea excited him, it was just as lovely as he imagined it! So excited he took a deep breath and started the awkward part of his plan. Becoming cabin boy. He was a bit old, but there had to be someone who could take him! Unfortunately the people that did take him... were Pirates. No, Wei-Tao didn't know they were pirates at the beginning, they didn't advertise like they were. It wasn't until their first pillage that he understood that he made a mistake. But, because Wei-Tao was already committed, he learned to be a pirate, and the Pirates (although some of them did not like him, and weren't afraid to make it obvious) learned a few things from him. The Captain, who's name will remain unmentioned (there is quite a price on his head you know, if you knew it would put him in danger.) took him as more than a cabin boy, and taught him how to sail. He sailed with these pirates until he was 26 before he decided to strike out on his own. Again, without telling anyone, Wei-Tao escaped into the night without anyone to stop him (he drugged the guard on duty) and took up with a different pirate ship where he sailed with them for two years as Navigator. 
Then, how had he become a chef? Well, during the two years Wei-Tao fell in love with the cook of the ship. The pirates had captured her one of their plunders a year before he had joined. But, she did not reciprocate his affection, and he did not press her to do so. Instead, he learned to cook from her, and for six months off a ship he took up with a cook at one of the ports and furthered his education. He had always been a fast learner.
At age 29 he joined Captain Barabal as the ship's cook. Since then he has pillaged and plundered, and did not object that a woman was captaining the ship. He respects his captain, and if she should ask for his opinion, he would gladly give it. 
So, what about his drunkenness? That habit was started back in his early years. He enjoys drinking as an every day, and he is rarely seen without a silver flask, be it his or someone else's. A few tricks of the trade, and of course Wei-Tao has not forgotten his own training. He trains on deck at night when no one is around. He doesn't mind if people see him, but he feels more focused when the moon is out and the sea is calm, and they are not doing anything. 
So, I guess you've figured out by now that he doesn't sleep with the crew below deck? No? Well, Wei-Tao enjoys his small bed on the top shelf of his cupboard. He reinforced it with the help of Alaric, the ship's craftsman. Below in an unused cupboard he keeps his belongings, and boxes.

AGE: optional of course...
EXPERIENCE:  a while
OTHER CHARACTERS:  [i am ashamed]
CONTACT:  PM, Skype... pigeon
HOW DID YOU FIND US?:  a long time ago...

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Wei-Tao Ning

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Re: Wei-Tao Ning
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2015, 01:32:51 AM »
if there is anything, let me know!
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Re: Wei-Tao Ning
« Reply #2 on: September 28, 2015, 03:58:51 PM »
This pirate crew just keeps growing and growing doesn't it! Wonderful job! Happy sailing! Or is it....


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