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Author Topic: [Hobbit] Rhaw  (Read 1946 times)


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« on: September 22, 2015, 04:28:34 PM »


NAME: Rhaw
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Runt (by his first owner)
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): T.A. 2933; 8 years old
PLACE OF BIRTH: In captivity (likely somewhere in Gondor)
RACE: Capuchin Monkey

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: Rhaw's fur is typical of a Capuchin monkey: mostly black with the area around his face, chest, and upper limbs being whitish. It is kept surprisingly clean since Rhaw dislikes getting dirty if he can help it.
EYE COLOUR: A dark brown
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Rather skinny and seemingly underfed, although he is not starved in the slightest
OVERALL APPEARANCE: There is a reason his first owner called him “runt” since he is small, smaller than most of his specie. His tail is longer than the rest of his body and is prehensile. His eyes tend to sparkle with mischief and generally rather happily. He does have a belt with a few pouches (for things he...liberates from people's person) and a sheath for his sword.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: None but how small he is
WEAPONS: He has a little sword bought for him by his current owner Alaric

STRENGTHS: Highly agile; Curious; Happy
WEAKNESSES: Anything shiny; Extremely distractable; Can be a bit vindictive
ASPIRATIONS: None beyond making Alaric happy
FEARS: Thunderstorms and being alone
PERSONALITY:  A fairly cheerful, if excitable little monkey, Rhaw is loyal to Alaric, the first person that dealt with him kindly, and has turned into quite the scallywag. He has a love of all things shiny and enjoys doing practical jokes on people, though they can be a bit cruel/inappropriate (he is particularly fond of leaving poop in your things). But he is mostly happy, go-lucky, with a great deal of charm and probably gets away with far too much simply because of Alaric and how cute he is (which he takes full advantage of).

As a pickpocket, he is second-to-none (or at least in his mind) simply because he is small, agile, and not many people notice him lurking around. He also is good for sneaking around for the same reasons. Although he can speak, being a monkey, he is surprisingly good at making what he needs to “say” known, whether through pointing or making the appropriate monkey noises. He does enjoy giving people monkey kisses (whether they want them or not, it doesn't matter to Rhaw).

He is rather intelligent for a monkey and can use most tools, as well as a weapon. He finds most humans, even his Alaric, a bit strange but life on the sea is far better for him than life in a cage or as some little girls doll (he hates dolls since they look rather creepy most of the time). He is rather affectionate, but really only with Alaric or occasionally his friend Loire.

HISTORY: Rhaw's life started in a cage. His mother and his father were owned by a rather slimy, dubious man whom everyone simply called “Master” (it was the only he heard the man be called), and Rhaw was born to that couple. He was separated from his mother early and kept apart from the rest of his family. The man didn't exactly name them properly and he was simply called “Runt” since he was so small.

He was only a few months old when his rescue came. A man named Alaric came to his master's wagon-shop and decided to buy him. He was more than glad to be away from the slimewad and could tell there was something nice about Alaric, that he would well taken care of. Alaric cared for him and trained him. He would bring Alaric tools and things and he learned various commands and clicks from Alaric. Alaric named him Rhaw.

About a year after he was bought, Alaric joined a ship, one which was full of pirates (not that Rhaw knew what pirates were), and Rhaw took rather well to the less moral way of life, self-teaching himself to pickpocket and for him to be taught to fight with a little sword. And he has something that he is pretty sure none of his family has: freedom. Or at least as much freedom as a monkey owned by a pirate can.

AGE:  Can I be immortal yet?
OTHER CHARACTERS: Abaan Samara, Anardil, Belegil, Celeborn, Cenric, Drogo Baggins, Everard Noakes, Faenloth, Haldir, Hithwion, Laeron, Lin, Marfaer, Trenardir
CONTACT: PM (or Skype for those that have; PM me for it or AIM if you want it)
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: I all but live here anymore
*points to above character for writing proof*

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Re: Rhaw
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2015, 05:53:51 PM »
Eee! Monkey! Oo I can't wait for the ships antics and fun and all things in between. Wonderful work Becca. Now go forth Rhaw and cause havoc!

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