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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Cephas  (Read 2339 times)


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« on: September 09, 2015, 02:33:31 PM »


NAME: Cephas
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Ce or Ceph (Say or Seph)
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): Born T.A. 2861 making him 80 years old.
RACE: Dwarf

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE:  Keeping both beard and hair short, Cephas tries to keep it tidy and neat, mainly because longer hair (on both accounts) is hard to maintain in its curls. It is normally brown in colour but has not been unknown to look like there's blonde in there in certain lights - though he wouldn't readily admit this. His beard is quite short, barely growing just under the chin, but he hasn't decided if that's genetics or his choice to keep everything short, he could grow a longer beard... maybe.

EYE COLOUR: Cephas has cool, determined yet strangely relaxing arctic blue eyes

BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT:  Well-built would be the word to describe Cephas, mainly due to the fact it would be hard to confuse him with a stick, or a brick wall. He's neither skinny nor excessively muscular, and standing at 4'6" doesn't make him overly tall for a dwarf either - he's certainly known taller. He doesn't share his brother's love of food, though, that isn't to say he doesn't eat - otherwise, how would he have built up what muscle he does have? Though, most of the time this muscle is hidden away under layers of clothes.

OVERALL APPEARANCE: Favouring various shades of greens and browns, from pine green to sage, or caramel brown to umber, Cephas often finds himself quite 'colourful'. He favours a green tunic shirt, that's quite light and thin in material over all his others, but he hasn't been unknown for wearing something a little more heavy for evening events, just to make sure he looks the part, to a certain extent. He's not been unknown for wearing pauldrons or armour in general, due to his trips out, the leather armour is rather necessary for his own safety.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS: He has a few rather unnoticeable scars unless of course you're really looking for them, but these have been gained over travel and are often inexplicable. There is a larger, more noticeable one on his bicep, which he can only explain as a training accident, though it seldom bothers him. Cephas didn't follow Kophas' geometric tattoo trend, and instead just opted for a line from shoulder to shoulder, of Khuzdul runes, that spell out all the members of his immediate family, fitting just nicely stretched over the skin without any distortion unless he flexes.

WEAPONS: As much as he detested the idea, Cephas embraced the bow and took it up to learn - though this was not over the sword. Having a bow and a knack for archery was just another thing that he could have under his belt, though, close combat was much more preferred to him. He keeps a sword strapped to his side and a bow wrapped over his shoulder whenever he's on the road, though, he often uses the bow more for when he is hunting than when he is fighting.

FACE CLAIM: James 'Jamie' Dornan

STRENGTHS: Cephas is, more often than not, benevolent in behaviour and attitude. Everything he does is well-meant and in an attempt to be kind, even if sometimes it doesn't come across that way. If it goes against something that someone else wants, it's often viewed as a bad trait, but sometimes, he's right, and they thank him later for his benevolence in their situations. His benevolence often goes hand in hand with his over-protectiveness for his family.

Modesty is another trait that Cephas holds, mainly praising others rather than paying attention to what it is he can do. He won't often bring up his own abilities nor accomplishments and when someone else brings them up, he gently draws away from the subject. He doesn't like talking about himself, and that is something he can be proud of.

WEAKNESSES: He might be quick to praise, but unfortunately, he's also quick to disapprove and that can be attributed to his condemnatory side. Who he earned this trait from, he'll never know, but when he disapproves of something, he makes it known without really thinking about it. In a way, this connected to his benevolence, in that he thinks what he's doing is well-meant, but well-meant doesn't often mean well.

Cephas, unfortunately, has on occasion been known to be irascible, and this isn't something that bodes well for the normally cool, and calm individual. Though, he was more so when younger, and is trying to grow out of it, it occasionally seeps into his behaviour and often needs to be reigned back in. Being easily angered is absolutely no good for a merchant needing to make sales.

ASPIRATIONS: Cephas strives for pure independence, and what he means by that, is absolutely no reliance on his family. He already made the transition by taking up merchant's work, and plans to save every last coin from this that he can to move himself into his own home where he intends to start his own branch of the family, though, he's not even sure he will get to that point.

Despite his drive for independence, Cephas also wants the best for all of his family - aspiring to see them all gain exactly what they want. In his eyes, all the Anliv's deserve to get what they want in the end, and he will do anything he can to help that, even if he doesn't exactly agree with what it is they want.

FEARS: Unfortunately, he has a fear of lacking in air/being unable to breath, though he can't quite pinpoint the exact moment he gained this fear - whether it was through rough-housing or not - he does not like being anywhere that cuts off his lack of air. He can't even stand being in small space with limited supply though this fear is often confused for claustrophobia. He doesn't fear the small space, but the lack of air that comes with it.

Another fear that he holds is losing a limb - though, why he holds this is a mystery. He would rather keep all his limbs firmly attached and does not think he would cope well if he should ever lose one. Being rendered unable to do something is the greater of his two evils, and losing a limb in any shape would certainly take away from him.

PERSONALITY: As mentioned before, Cephas is benevolent, modest, allocentric and articulate; all traits that would make a fine young dwarf, and often do when his flip side isn't shown. He uses his kinder, more openly accepted traits whenever he is surrounded by the ones he loves and whenever attending an evening event of sorts where he must ensure the family name is not tarnished, and rarely ever breaks this. There is a certain charisma when he walks into a room full of people and out in public, which can be used to the twin's advantage. Cephas tries, for the most part, to be courteous and dignified, as well as remaining disciplined, for the most part - one can't blame one for trying. Whilst he's not quite as ebullient as he was when he was younger, he has certainly mellowed out, but not to the extent of sternness and disinterest, instead steadying himself at the agreeable middle between the two. He's not known for being as quiet as Kophas, often trying to break awkward silences rather than stand there with the silence - often using the time to change the topic onto something a little more agreeable amongst the group he is chatting with. He is, in essence, a good-natured lad with only a few major flaws to contend with.

On Cephas' flip-side, he is condemnatory, as well as, from time to time, irascible, which often doesn't play to his advantage. This side of him tries not to come out to play too often, but it's hard to control if someone goes against something that he thinks is best for them. He's just trying to do what's best for people and doesn't like to see them get hurt - so when they do something that is hardly advisable, the condemnatory behaviour begins, quickly followed by the irascible side. The twin has been known for being pedantic on occasion too, concerning himself with minor details instead of staying out of things - though sometimes, this trait pays off. His benevolence can sometimes be mistaken for meddlesome behaviour, but to know that isn't the case, one needs to really get to know Cephas.

HISTORY: Cephas was born to Anlaf and Liv only an hour after his twin brother, Kophas, was born - making Ce the fifth child to join the family, but the fourth son. Despite the tight-knit family, Cephas has always felt closer to his twin, though, that is pretty much a given when twins are born and age at the same rate. Growing up had been gentle and quite peaceful in Cephas' eyes, but whether that was simply because he was the fourth son or not, he'd rather not know. He was hardly in line to gain anything, but this didn't bother him too much - simply spurring the young dwarf to want to go down his own path and make his own name rather than clinging onto the Anliv family for everything he needed. He stuck close to his brother in friendship, but not in life choices, finding he was better suited to social gatherings, but that Kophas was far better at hunting - but neither drew jealousy from their differences. It's mainly this lack of jealousy that has kept them so close through the years. The twins, from a very young age, had their own strange sub-dialect that they would often speak in and often still use it well into their adult lives.

When he came of age, he set out to start work as a merchant, and at first, he was frowned upon for the profession, but mainly by the other merchants who thought he would use his family name to do what he needed to get the coin in his pocket, however, Cephas proved that he didn't need a name to make a good merchant, and soon thereafter, he was accepted by the others. It was his charming and polite demeanour that helped with his merchant life and put coin in his pocket, and quickly into savings. He planned to work his way up on his own terms, with his own money, without the reliance of others, including his twin brother. The decision to be a merchant over a soldier or guard had not been a tough one - mainly due to the fact that sometimes guards/soldiers gained themselves a bad reputation with the people, whereas merchants often did not. A families reputation often tainted people's views of the individuals from that house, and rather than become someone more well known due to 'power', he would rather be lesser known and able to slink off to do his merchant work in peace. Being a family well known by the nobles drew uneasiness to Cephas, mainly in concerns of his sister, who he'd noted was becoming close to a certain prince - and so, his condemnatory side began to show, much to his own dismay. The friendship did not sit well with him, so trips out with his brother came a little more frequent, which hardly bothered the younger twin, because time with Kophas was always time well spent.

Then came the courting, and soon the engagement, all the while Cephas trying his hardest to keep his opinion to himself, but snide and near sarcastic disapproving comments could not be stopped from falling past his lips for too long. Fíli was cocky, arrogant and unsuitable for his sister, or at least, that's what Cephas let himself believe. Truth be told, the only bone of contention Cephas really held was that Fíli was a prince, and someday would be King, which was not an easy role to fill - and if he were to take Dagmar on as a bride, then she too would share his burden, one that was not rightfully hers, and that irked Cephas beyond belief. Once again, he tried to keep his opinion under wraps but often could not help himself in the presence of the prince. It was at this point he'd decided that the less time in his company the better for his sanity, and so he started to take her merchant work as far as Bree, spending weeks at a time far away from home, and in the company of 'peace'. Little did he know that Fíli would be taking a long trip away, leaving his sister back in Ered Luin alone. He would often tell Kophas of his comings and goings, as well as his adventures in Bree (and how the ale tasted nothing like home), just so that he still had distractions from his flip-side of emotions. This did not stop Cephas from hearing about Andar and his new bride, who, quite quickly after their marriage, seemed to give birth – and to the overprotective brother, this did not bode well, though, his opinions on the matter seemed to be kept tightly zipped behind his lips, especially since Andar kindly told his siblings the truth of the matter.

Pulling us gently into the present day, Cephas is more inclined to stay in Ered Luin to keep his sister company now that Fíli is absent, he still travels to do his work, but less so now, which means the money flow is steady, but not as much as he would like. There's never been a time where Cephas has returned harmed, and so, he's been permitted to pursue this, though, he imagines this could quickly change should he come home injured at any point. That is something he doesn't intend to allow to happen, and often doesn't go anywhere without armour and appropriate weaponry for his aid. The merchants are talking about taking their work a little further out, and Cephas has a mind to do so, if only he could leave behind the gut feeling that something terrible is about to befall his family... though, once he overcomes this, there's not a lot stopping him from doing so. In more recent times, Kophas and Cephas have butted heads due to Ce's overprotectiveness and Ko's inability to see why his brother has a problem with the Fili/Dagmar relationship – though, with time this may resolve.

AGE: 22
COUNTRY: Yorkshire...
EXPERIENCE: All the experience
OTHER CHARACTERS: Elrania, Ruairmli, Ruby Goodbody, Adair, Bombur, Lainon, Annis, Ioreth, Sela, Filmore Took, Vark, Gigra, Sebastian aaaand Njordr...
CONTACT: My throne - it's in the corner.
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: I've always been here. I live here and always will.
Show us what you can do!  It doesn't have to be with this character or even from this genre of role-play.  This is only required if this is your first character application with us.

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Re: Cephas
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2015, 04:58:43 PM »
I am so delighted to see Cephas back in play, the Anliv family is once again complete!  You've done a splendid job putting your own spin on this wonderful Dwarf. <3

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