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Author Topic: Timeline  (Read 6024 times)


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« on: September 04, 2015, 08:15:00 PM »

To have a thread added, please fill out the following and remove the *asterisks* in the [*code] tags.

Code: [Select]

[URL=THREAD URL]Thread Title[/url]
[i]Season/Date if applicable[/i]
[b]Characters Involved:[/b] Who’s involved?
[b]Location:[/b] Where the thread takes place.[*/code]

This is First Age/Second Age/Third Age/2941/Post-2941.

(If the thread is in 2941, please put the month in the ‘year’ space.)









A Moon-Spree
Characters Involved: Ori, Aesa
Location: The Blue Mountains


The Wondrous Intricacies of Rock Composition
Characters Involved: Aesa, Dís
Location: The Blue Mountains

The Gift of Distraction
Characters Involved: Bofur, Ori
Location: The Blue Mountains

Minas Tirith in Ink
Characters Involved: Ori, Dagmar
Location:The Blue Mountains


Ruffled Feathers
Characters Involved: Dénor, Ginger, Aurhîn
Location: Further Afield, Eriador


The Folly of Underestimating
Characters Involved: Nyx, Dís, Fíli, Kíli
Location: The Blue Mountains


World on Paper
Characters Involved: Rian, Ori
Location: The Blue Mountains


Lessons Learned the Hard Way
Characters Involved: Arathion, Nyx
Location: Lothlórien

Troubled Sleep
Characters Involved: Celeborn, Arathion
Location: Lothlórien

All Lost Souls
Characters Involved: Ginger, Beriadan



Another Day in the Life
Characters Involved: Vashti,  Dénor
Location: Laketown


Characters Involved: Thorin, Ori
Location: The Blue Mountains


For Posterity and Officialness
Characters Involved: Bilbo, Ori
Location: Further Afield, Eriador

 Horses and Elves
Characters Involved: Celeborn, Ginger
Location: Outside Lothlórien

Twice as Charming
Characters Involved: Dénor, Celeborn


Beyond All Hope
Characters Involved: Ginger, Casswyn, Castamir
Location: Angmar (Further Afield, Eriador)

Safety at Their Fingertips
Characters Involved: Castamir, Ginger, Casswyn, Haereldir
Location: Rivendell

Dwarves Among the Enemy, More or Less
Characters Involved: Ori , Fíli, Nori
Location: Rivendell

Ink Lords, Paper Apprentices
Characters Involved: Glorfindel, Ori
Location: Rivendell


The Danger of Innocence
Characters Involved: Beriadan, Arathion, Timnarian
Location: Osgiliath

Eat Up!
Characters Involved: Ori, Bombur
Location: Further Afield, Rhovanion

Told by the Roadside
Characters Involved: Bofur, Bilbo, Ori
Location: Mirkwood

You Call That WRITING?!
Characters Involved: Tauriel, Ori
Location: Mirkwood


Now Don’t Be Rude
Characters Involved: Sigrid, Ori
Location: Laketown


Dragon Dreams
Characters Involved: Ori, Dwalin
Location: Erebor

Above Hoarded Gold
Characters Involved: Ori, Bifur
Location: Dale

Beyond the Count of Grief
Characters Involved: Sigrid, Ori
Location: Dale

One Promise Kept
Characters Involved: Tauriel, Ori
Location: Erebor

POST 2941


Shovels of Gold and Ashes
Characters Involved: Ori, Aesa
Location: Erebor

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