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Author Topic: Thanks a Lot, But No Thanks  (Read 2053 times)


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Thanks a Lot, But No Thanks
« on: August 15, 2015, 05:20:00 AM »
They hadn’t exactly left the Iron Hills, not quite. The people her mother had hired to take her to her Aunt Sassa in the Blue Mountains were stopping for some things in a near by little place not far from her own home. Eir sighed as she sat on the back of the wagon, kicking her feet in boredom, and resisting the urge to just run off. Which would find her in trouble, yeah? So, what of it? Trouble was all she could conceive getting into when she didn’t have her mother lurking over her shoulder every hour of the day. She could live her life, do as she pleased! … So… why didn’t she just hop down from the cart, curls bouncing behind her as she ran to the stalls of sweets to buy something, well, sweet? Was this what fear felt like? Was she going to feel it for the remainder of the trip, and all the way till she reached Ered Luin?

     No! She thought, knocking her feet together as outward assurance to herself that she was going to do the right thing, I will not just sit in fear! What is the worst that could happen? Perhaps her mother hadn’t quite gotten a good look at her friendly traveling companions. They weren’t exactly the sort to look after her if she got into too much trouble. Besides, if the guards were going to arrest her, the only thing they’d have reason to do so was if she stole something.  And she wasn’t going to do anything like that. Taking a deep breath, she collected herself, and hopped down from the wagon what would seek to confine her to it’s small quarters.

     With her coin purse tucked away in a secure place beneath her coat, Eir trotted into the throng of people doing their shopping. To a Dwarfling, the stalls looked larger than she assumed they were. The other Dwarves were taller, and their clothes varied from rich in color, to drab and mold. Her large blue eyes popped out of her head at seeing so many people. There were stalls that she didn’t quite understand the function of, and then there were the ones that sold the sweets she had been looking for. But, the specific sweet she was looking for didn’t seem to be at any of the stalls she had seen so far, and her options for something of the fruit-sort were innumerable.

     It was while she was looking at the watermelons that something from the shadows disturbed her (a small cat), and it caused her to bump into the carefully stacked melons making them tumble into marketplace street. Panicked, Eir heard angry shouting, and didn’t think twice before her feet carried her as far away from the melon stand as possible. They also didn’t seem to care which direction they flew in, so when Eir finally darted behind a water barrel to catch her breath, she glanced about. The first thing that hit her was the darkness. Of all the places in the world to end up, she didn’t want to end up in a dark place. There was singing coming from one of the taverns down the way, then there was shouting and laughter coming from another direction.

     Eir sank to her feet, hugging her knees close to her chest as she listened to the unnatural sounds all around. The people that walked by didn’t seem to notice her, or care to. Some of the women were dressed in faded colors, others laughed obnoxiously while being held up by a friend, it seemed. Pulling herself together she walked away from the barrel and up to the porch of one of nearest buildings, and hid herself as best she could behind the pole that was holding up the ceiling. She stared wide-eyed at everything that was going on around her, and fear began to seep back into her being the longer she watched.

And the longer she watched, the more she wanted to get out. The one thing that held her back was she had no idea how she had gotten to this place...

ooc :: Blue, if the ending doesn't suit you, let me know where you would like her to meet Eskr and I'll change it! ^^b
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Re: Thanks a Lot, But No Thanks
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2015, 05:30:06 PM »
((OOC: Nah, works for me! Hope this is okay in return~ I'm making posts longer than they need to be these days XD))

The caravan hadn’t stayed long at the Silver Hill. There was little they could do, little place for them when they knew nothing and were simply intruding on an incomplete, bittersweet reunion. Eskr had barely talked to Séla in the scant hours spent there, getting quickly out of the way to wait for the caravan to move on.

 They had time to move to a small town before night fell. It offered more space than the Silver Hill, in more ways than one.

 Eskr hadn’t really consciously chosen to work through the night, but he certainly hadn’t done anything to change it when he realised it was happening. Sketching quieted the murmuring thoughts far better than sleep – thoughts of orc blood on his hands, of the half-remembered patterns of step and block and swing that suddenly pressed forward, itching to be relearned and to be permanently forgotten at the same time, of a cruel carrion-eating beak telling him that his friend was dead and had been for years and he just hadn’t known, and of Féren’s unfocused gaze occasionally making him think it might have been true, in a way. He finished the final pitch for a design commissioned by one of the caravan’s guards an hour after dawn broke.

 He conscientiously stowed the paper and took extra care to buckle tiny ink bottles into their correct places in cleverly designed holders that had made it across Eriador three times. The guard had insisted on red accents and Eskr double-checked labels to make absolutely sure that firstly, he had in fact used the correct shade, and secondly that he wasn’t putting the ink in with the greens that, to him, looked murkily similar. Then and only then did he pillow his head on tattooed forearms and fall asleep, to the lullaby of the rest of the world waking.

 Sleeping in his workspace was a terrible idea that left him every joint in his body stiff and cracking, as well as interesting wood-grain patterns stamped into his skin. He was really getting too old to be doing this. The distant yell of a vendor had dragged him to wakefulness (or some semblance of it) and he wondered what time it was, disorientated.

 A change of clothes and a few minutes spent meticulously fixing the braids that had started to come undone left him feeling at least presentable, even if it didn’t fix the faint pressure of tiredness behind grey eyes. That was easy to ignore, though – he was well used to it. A regular sleeping pattern wasn’t something he had had for a long time, nor really aimed particularly hard for.

 Hunger was a simple enough matter. The most difficult part was forcing his eyes open to adjust to the overwhelming sunlight outside his sheltered temporary workspace. After that all he had to do was wander into the market and find somewhere with a decent balance of value, taste and quantity. The skinscribe wasn’t as fond of food as many dwarves were – its visual appeal was often diluted, he suspected, by his perception of colour. And it was merely a means to an end, a way of acquiring energy. Like sleep. Also like sleep, it was often forgotten or postponed.

 He almost tripped as a dwarfling darted across his path – he was getting old and slow to react. The girl was a flash of silent colour; bright, bright yellow, burning gold against all the muted shades that the rest of the crowd just then were garbed in. She walked but walked fast, radiating unease. Eskr paused to get his balance back (easy, when he was so steady by nature, but he took his time to make sure he wasn’t going to topple over gracelessly) and so had time to watch her patter up to an entrance and tuck herself behind a wooden pillar. Wide eyes appeared and disappeared, glinting in the shade, and the artist paused a moment longer to weigh options.

 She looked lost, and while he may not have been the best option to provide any help, she would certainly be less safe alone. It wasn’t fair for the child to be all by herself without a clue of where she was going. He had been through this tiny town before – perhaps a decade before, and he had stayed for no more than a day, but it couldn’t have changed much and that was better than nothing.

 He stopped at the bottom of the steps, folding his arms behind his back (one shoulder protested with a muted crack) and not bothering to adopt a smile. Children liked genuineness, or at least they hated catching liars – and he wasn’t skilled at or inclined towards deceit. “Excuse me, little miss, are you alright? I may be able to provide you with some directions if you wish.” May being the operative word. If she even was lost. Perhaps her expression simply leaned that way for some other reason, or he had misinterpreted it.
« Last Edit: December 21, 2015, 05:31:24 PM by Eskr »



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Re: Thanks a Lot, But No Thanks
« Reply #2 on: October 29, 2018, 02:21:00 AM »
While she sat observing the drunken crowd that ambled by, she lost all sense of direction - not unlike before - as she gazed about the small town. Had she come in from that way? It looked familiar, but that might be because she had looked at it several times already. Her hands clutched her knees tighter until her knuckles were barely turning white. She rose from her position behind the water barrel - for that was indeed what it was - and moved to stand, and clutch a post that propped up a patio roof; probably to some inn, or something far worse. Eir didn’t know exactly. And what she didn’t know exactly frightened her. And, since she had no originally intended to be gone quite so long, she knew that her charges would be looking for her about now, probably panicked, and worried about what they were going to tell her mother.

She could just see the expression on her mother’s face. One of pure anger, and amusement. The thought that she couldn’t have found more incompetent people to look after her daughter was no surprise; especially since she really couldn’t have.

Eir peered from behind the post and froze when she noticed a man at the bottom step. Facing her! Hands behind his back, and not a smile on his face.  As she looked at him, she could see that he had no issue with talking to strangers, something she admired immediately about the man. His beard was braided nicely - she thought - and his eyes were the most captivating. They were blue, and he had a strong face. A strong  face, ha! No, it was a strong  face. Almost handsome, it was … captivating. That didn’t mean that she found it inviting, though in a strange way she did. The more she stared - which she didn’t really care if it was rude, or not - she more she grew to like the face. His hair was streaked with silver in the soft yellow light. But he wasn’t … old. Like some she knew.

Then he spoke to her. “Excuse me, little miss, are you alright?” She stared at him, still taking him in, everything about him, “I may be able to provide you with some directions if you wish.

Well, at least that was all he was offering. He didn’t give her a smile, he didn’t seem to be pretending about anything. And besides, his face invited her to trust him - all on it’s own. In fact, she quite liked it. Oh I hope he doesn’t think me too rude for just staring. I should probably answer him.... I-” she started, and for the first time in her life she was lost for words. She didn’t know where to begin.

Eir took too long to think about how she wanted to answer the question. She just stared at the stranger with large, round eyes, her mind blank. All she could feel was frustration, fear, and a sense of loneliness she had never felt; all building within her at their own rates, and no matter how hard she tried to push them down, or reason them away, they never left. “I- Yes. Yes, I think- I don’t know where I am, or how I got here…” She blurted at last, feeling no sense of relief. But of course he knows that! Why would he have asked if he didn’t think I was lost? Silly. She told herself.

Uh,” She continued to say, moving from behind the post to beside the post, “Where am I? I started off in the market, but something happened, and I ran! I just don’t know how I ended up here. If I could just find the market place again… but… It’s dark, the stalls are probably all turned down now.” She explained, feeling her usual boldness return the more she explained to this stranger her situation. She stopped talking, and watched his face to see if she would have to explain further her situation. Would she end up telling this man more than he wanted to know?

A loud shout came from behind her, and she spun around just in time to see someone come tumbling out of the door of the Inn. The person stumbled over their feet, and tumbled down the stairs. Eir’s eyes were wide with wonder as she watched the spectacle. But, turned to the man who had addressed her, giving him her full, undivided attention.

ooc:: Haha, Blue, I found one!!
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