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Author Topic: Good Business Sense & Generosity  (Read 1883 times)


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Good Business Sense & Generosity
« on: August 02, 2015, 06:57:00 PM »
{I can bump us back down to early 20's if we need, but for Li to later come along, 2933-35's our window. Let me know if date or anything needs tweaked. Also...don't analyze my attempt at light Iron Hills/Scottish accenting it's awful!}

Kargach's relationship with Morning was on rocky soil most times. It depended on the day and strain and trials of the day and at times on into night before. He'd gotten into this "guiding-wagons" business for the pure fun and adventure of it, but tediousness still seeped it's way in quite easily and many a night, Karg would find his work not done and some merchant's wagon needing patched or mended.

Something they would arguably do themselves enough and he was just aiding, as his duty as the leader saw fit. Drisk (who's family was of Iron Hills decent though he hadn't been there in years and who also enjoyed an agreeable silk trade so wasn't sure why folks would ask at times if one of his relations worked the Ered Mithrin forge?!) was wearing on Kargach's nerves!

Too much of the night before had been dedicated to fixing the Dwarf's cart's busted wheel while Drisk himself went into the actual civilization for comforts of an inn and actual meals! In his defense, perhaps, no one has asked Karg to sleep under the stars just because he was a bit behind the rest of the caravan's turning in schedule, since most of the rest of the caravan dispersed for four walls as well, and stars and quiet nights weren't half bad, as he often held. A Dwarf could forget where he was and just get lost in thought and lose every care he had needing no one but his own self staring into the expanse the Maker had given...

He was making sure Drisk pulled his weight though! Two of the merchant's wheels had needed attention and Karg had only given it to one, stating distraction and perhaps unprofesionally holding up the caravan while having to convince a stubborn Dwarf, but they had the time to spare.

"Ye gonna help mah 'er wha'at?!", the Dwarf scowled as Karg handed him another hammer but didn't bend to lay hands on the wheel himself.

"What", the Caravan Manager answered simply, trying to hold in a smirk of satisfaction as he watched the Dwarf before him bend and grumble and work. Ok, maybe his sense of Fair Play could be put under a watch-maker's glass for analysis and rightness (if he wasn't going to actually help he could just leave the Dwarf be instead of stand and almost gloat), but Karg didn't feel he was hopping over any lines.

Drisk was stubborn as any Dwarf should be and a dog with a bone, though! "Aint ye a wheel-'right 'er somethin'?"

"Is there a point to that question?"

"Nah, nah, let th' silk merchan' fig'are it!"

His point was invalid and almost pouty, he could fix a wheel just fine.

"Fix a Dwarf's wheel for him and you've only fixed him for a day, if you teach a Dwarf to fix his...", it was not customary to laugh when someone fixed you with a death-glare, but then Kargach wasn't Customary! Usually.

He let the Dwarf be finally and moved on to see about other carts (and dispell any growing annoyance). Most understood about Drisk though and more than a few were on the Manager's side.

The air still held the crisp feeling of dawn though there was plenty of light, and Kargach just took in the sight a bit of the forest about him coming awake. It was while spotting a robin flitter from one tree to another that he caught a figure farther back and approaching. Not too surprising really, given they were still near civilization. He (assumption) could just be a foot-traveler who's way they were semi-blocking but the figure seemed to be heading towards them specifically, or this was the inference Karg took.

A few of the merchants closest to his path turned in interest. Karg made his way over, head tilting slightly in intrigue but looking professional enough (hopefully), though still with an affable smile as he reached the figure and nodded cordial and casual both. "Well Greetings there, friend", a good, vague, sort of term and title when you didn't know much on a person but they hadn't appeared a problem just yet.

"Something any of us can help you with? Sorry if the carts are in the way, we'll be moved shortly" Soon as Drisk stops pouting...



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