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Author Topic: [Hobbit] Njördr  (Read 2633 times)


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« on: July 18, 2015, 10:33:00 PM »


NAME: Njördr
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Njör, Light Finger (due to his thieving skills and tinkering).
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941):Born in the Autumn of T.A. 2830; 111 years of age.
PLACE OF BIRTH: The Iron Hills
RACE: Dwarf

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE:The hair atop his head is shoulder length, often swept back as its waves are often getting in the way - made of warm honey browns and dark, almost blackish browns. His beard may not be as long as most, but as a smith, he often found himself singing the ends and so, kept it neat and full, like what his father had blessed him with, matching the colour of his hair almost perfectly.

EYE COLOUR: Njördr's eyes are a very sharp, piercing yet inviting blue.

BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Having worked as a blacksmith for a number of years, it should come as no shock that this 4'8" individual is quite a stocky, muscular individual, who is not afraid to throw his weight around when necessary. He does not frequent the tavern, so unlike his comrades, he lacks in the ale-belly they have all gained throughout the years - instead often showing off his arm muscles in a good tavern brawl. His height, however, is a mystery as both father and mother (so they say) were both quite short.

OVERALL APPEARANCE: His darker skin is often dirtied by being out on the road for so long, though, he is used to this oddly charming mucky look, due to how his blacksmithing often muckied him up. Wearing a thick dirty brown tunic, with a short leather surcoat over the top, tied with bits of rope, Despite how battered his garments look, people still just boil it town to his smithing rather than the thieving lifestyle he now finds himself accustomed to. His boots are thick and heavy, strapped tightly to his legs with leather straps

DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Splattered in small splash shaped burn marks, Njördr isn't short of distinguishing features. Upon the right side of his neck, he has a scar, which is often covered by a wrap of material, gained during a fight in a tavern where someone decided to play dirty. More noticeably, the dwarf is missing three fingers on his left hand, missing his index, middle and ring finger - taken by a Guard who thought removing those particular fingers at awkward angles would stop his light fingers, but it didn't. He has wooden fingers, though, he has made them a lot more functional in later years. His newer hand, whilst still made of wood is more technical than the first, using a simple mechanism to bend the wooden fingers, but to use them as part of his own was more tricky. For his ring finger, which was all nearly all gone, he attached a finger, with a metal hoop on his little finger so that it was this finger that controlled it – as the other two still had the most part of a finger left, he used the metal hoop on the respective fingers – controlling them as such. His final most distinguished feature is only noticed whenever his tunic is off and is a tattoo over his back, and just creeping over his shoulders.

WEAPONS: Forged by his own hand with the help of one of the older blacksmiths, Njördr decided that a smaller one-handed hammer was his weapon of choice - though, nobody could ever figure out why. It is no bigger than a smithing hammer, and no heavier either, but that doesn't stop the dwarf from making good use of it - especially after working out weak points on a dwarven body, this little weapon is definitely more deadly than it looks.

FACE CLAIM: Joe Dempsie

STRENGTHS: If there's one thing Njördr has going for him, it is certainly his charm, which often gives gets him what he wants, whether that be a man's wife, or whether that be a pint in the local tavern. He has managed to get out of plenty of situations, all except the one in which he lost his fingers, but it wasn't his fault the Guard didn't have a sense of humour.

Despite his past, he finds strength in hope - hope for a better life, hope for a better future, and generally hope that one day he will have enough coin in pocket to attract a girl that doesn't just want him for the night. It's hope that keeps him going, and hope that makes him wake up in a morning, and though people would question why one so hopeful would turn to thievery, they need only look twice to understand that it's the only thing keeping him sane.

WEAKNESSES: In his charm, comes his weakness, for being a liar is hardly something one would readily admit to. As he puts it, "I don't lie, I just fabricate a helpful truth," which most of the time, is a lie in itself. His lies are only helpful... to himself and that ties in with being selfish, for a liar and selfishness tend to go hand in hand. Whilst he has his 'band of brothers', all of them are ready to split and part ways if any one of them falls.

If there's one thing he won't admit to, it's being cutthroat, but at the first sign of being exposed, he has no issues with disposing of those threatening his livelihood. He has gotten away thus far as being just a 'travelling tradesman', but if anyone were to work out he were a thief, he would be a very different man.

ASPIRATIONS: He aspires to have enough gold that he can sit pretty until his dying days - which is what everyone wants, but he has the potential to get this. He's not too bothered if he has a girl on his arm to enjoy this aspiration, but if he did then that, to him, would just be a very cheeky bonus.

Tying in with his first aspiration, he wants to be a more successful thief than he had ever been as a toymaker and blacksmith - which is quite a leap to go. His toys were quite intricate and worked wonderfully, but that life had never been for him, picking pockets however... now that's the road he travels more often than not.

FEARS: He fears his second-life being revealed to his father and being brandished a failure by him; though, he tries not to admit it, his father's opinion still matters, despite Njördr claiming that what he wants is far greater than any of his father's wishes.

His second fear is rather odd, even for a dwarf who has spent time in the mountains, but he has a fear of being buried alive, wrought on by the guard who took his fingers, threatening to do so. His taphophobia came about when, before relieving him of his thieving fingers, the guard in question dragged him out to an already dug hole, threatening to throw him in - but was deterred when Njördr pointed out a missing Blacksmith cross toymaker would make people mighty suspicious, especially seeing as they saw the two leaving the tavern together.

PERSONALITY: Stealer of wives and drinker of ale, Njördr is as charming as he is witty, often using his one liners to get him out of trouble. His charm gets him into women's bed, and his wit gets him out of it again - often using it to escape unseen and without leaving too much information about himself. By the time he as crawled into said woman's bed, they are too drunk to remember his face, or too scared to tell their husbands, and that is a win-win for him. He is highly adaptable in more ways than just one, such as adapting his taste in women, adapting his career choices and adapting to different rules of different places, though, he doesn't often really pay attention to rules. Njördr often comes across as ebullient, which, to people, makes him one of the least likely suspects to be stealing from their pockets - due to the fact that he is, in short, far too 'friendly' to be the kind. Despite travelling with a 'band of brothers', it should be no shock that he is rather more independent than he lets on, often taking on additional jobs to the ones that he and his comrades already have going on. He's not been unknown to help out other groups, should they ask him to, and for the right price.

Njördr is, unfortunately, a little on the libidinous side, which is what often finds him in the beds of Guard wives, if not in the local whorehouse for whatever reason, but this is something he gained from his father, who, at his age, was doing the exact same thing until he found a wife and settled down. To his peers, who are not female, he can be a little crude, especially when they seem to be stuck up their own backsides. He has a tendency to try and bring the big people down, if they snub him in some way - whether it's stealing part of their family fortune, or sleeping with their wives, he always finds a way to get back at them. Some might, if they really knew him, suggest that he is a little more amoral than people might believe.

HISTORY: Born to Askr and Frea, who had unfortunately passed away upon his birth, Njördr was brought into the world in the autumn of T.A. 2830, leaving Askr to raise his son. Though little complaint came about, during his childhood, Njördr could not help but feel a little distance from his father, even from a very young age though he never voiced this concern. The boy would prove quite the little tinker from a little age, often making little models of things, his father quite proud of how smart the young boy was - clearly gaining his knack for building from his father. Askr would often spend hours with the small boy teaching him how mechanisms worked, and this would prove useful in the boys later life - though he did not know for what purpose. One of the first things the young Njördr would make was a little mechanical pony, which, when wound, would appear to gallop on it's stand, and often entertain his father for hours, mainly due to how proud he was of the little toy.

As he came of age, his father insisted he found work, and, as a result, took on work as a blacksmith rather than the tinker he wanted to be. Working under a dwarf by the name of Peukr, he quickly found himself taking a disliking to the job, though, he did the very best that he could, often working long hours at a hard pace just to make sure all the work was done. It was during his time as a blacksmith, that he forged his first weapon - his father having designed it beforehand. Whilst his father's choice was to have it as a two handed heavy weapon, Njördr changed this, making it a smaller, one-handed hammer that could easily be just another blacksmithing hammer. When questioned as to why it was made in such a way, the young dwarf simply answered "because sometimes the smallest things can surprise you" and this was, in his own special way, a nod to his mother. Another twenty years he spent as a smithy until at last he found work that much to his surprise, he didn't know he craved. He caught a young man pick pocketing a drunkard in the tavern, and, after confronting the boy found that he was part of a group of pocket pickers. It was at this point, that he joined the little group and found money falling into his own pocket that smithing could not provide. The young dwarf told neither boss nor father of his new side project.

Another fifteen years went by, and by this time Njördr has made his own little band, though, rather than being simple pickpockets, they had worked out methods to steal from people's homes without being noticed, using the bulky dwarf as their distraction. His charm was to prove useful, for wooing women in the tavern, getting them drunk, and taking them back whilst their husbands were on duty. Whilst this was happening, his band of brothers, who went unheard as they snuck about the house due to the bedroom noises, found treasures that quickly fell into their pockets. These treasures would later be sold at different markets across the earth so that it could never be traced back to them - which, had all been thought up by Njördr. The one and only time he'd been caught was when the incident happened. He was seventy-six when he'd made his way into Ygnvi's wife's bed, though, he had not counted on his band of brothers abandoning him when the guard came home unexpectedly. Dragging him by his locks, the guard took him to the back where a large hole had been dug (where Ygnvi had been intending to bury a small trunk of his stuff) and threatened to throw the poor lad in and dump the ground back on top of him. Instead, after Njördr's pleas, and reasoning, he took him back inside and haphazardly removed his fingers as a warning for touching his wife. Hurrying himself to the smithy's, telling him they were taken in a bar fight, Peukr took matters into his own hands, and sealed the gaping wounds.

The loss of fingers never stopped him, and after telling his father the real reason why (coincidentally missing out the fact that he was part of a group of thieves), his father helped him fashion some wooden fingers as replacements, but this was no good. Whilst his right hand was his good hand, he needed his left to pocket the purses they managed to pinch in taverns. Right hand to take it out of their pocket, left hand to put it into his own. Smithing became hard too and making small toys, but this didn't deter the young dwarf lad. Taking his time, he eventually managed to make his own wooden fingers quite functional, attaching them to other fingers and moving them with ease. It took him an awful long time, but eventually, he managed to start using them like they were his own fingers, and not long thereafter he started to feel 'pain' in them like they were his. He managed to get back into his toy making, and eventually theft, picking up where he left off and using the same methods - but this time, having a new twist so that he would no longer get caught, which involved a young boy lookout, who would hoot whenever the husband was returning home. The only real difference in his behaviour, was that he would never stay in town for longer than a month, telling his father that he had to travel for work, though, he never said what type of work.

Now, at the age of 111, Njördr spends his time between all the dwarven cities, never really staying anywhere long enough to be accused of theft, and due to sneaking around, people still think he is very much the charming toymaker, who just sometimes gets in trouble with the guards for sleeping with people's wives. Despite this, he still makes plenty of friends and has only on the odd occasion ended up in a cell for his troubles, just grinning and bearing it, for if they knew what he was really up to, he imagined he wouldn't be let out as quickly as he often was. His hoard of gold is becoming quite hefty, but he intends to keep growing it until there is enough to have him retired at a young age, and whether or not a girl will be joining him is up to the women of town. He is more open to working with other teams of thieves and black market individuals - if only to earn himself a lot more coin.

AGE: 22
COUNTRY:United Kingdom
EXPERIENCE: I think we all pretty much know this by now? Seeing as I sit on a throne of feels with a crown of tears with Cass.
OTHER CHARACTERS: Elrania, Ruairmli, Ruby Goodbody, Adair, Bombur, Lainon, Annis, Ioreth, Sela, Filmore Took, Vark, Gigra, Sebastian.

Previously played: Goblin King, Rosewyn, Galadriel.
CONTACT: Just click your heels and wish for me.... Or PM is good, ye ken?
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: I'm a permanent resident – unless Cass hands me a notice to evict. She wouldn't do that. Although Blue might... Blue? What's that in your hand?

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Played by Pip!


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« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2015, 05:21:00 PM »

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« Reply #2 on: July 22, 2015, 02:04:00 PM »
Hee hee, oh I love him Pip - but you knew that already!  I have no doubt you're going to have a lot of fun with this one. ;)

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