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Author Topic: Build High, Dig Deep  (Read 493 times)


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Build High, Dig Deep
« on: July 14, 2015, 04:58:00 AM »
Sawda yawned and stretched. Her bed was filled with blankets of multiple colors, and the day was just starting to warm up. Pulling her blanket close to her, she could still feel the lingering coldness of the night. She had slept peacefully for the first time in a week. The idea of other bandits trying to take over her father’s camp was, of course, a ludicrous idea! They would most likely end up joining up with him before they attacked. Her father had a smart way with words. Unlike the rest of her family. She was ever so grateful that her mother had married her father, though, she was perfectly lovely in every way, but although she liked her mother, she loved her father best, and she knew that her father loved her, and that was all that mattered. At least at the moment. Another thing that mattered was her desert pony, and the monkey she had, and the hawk… and … every animal her father would let her have. Baba, I want an Oliphant! She remembered saying after hearing about the tales of the Easterlings and their large, tusked animals. They sounded exciting, and she wanted one! But, of course, she couldn’t have one. Camels, horses, hawks, monkeys… but not Oliphants. Never.

     Tossing her blanket aside, Sawda shoved her feet eagerly into her shoes and trotted over to the bowl of fresh water. Dipping her hands in, she splashed her face clean, grabbed her hairbrush and brushed her dark brown hair. In the mirror it looked almost black. Braiding this she pinned it up (telling herself she needed practicing) and once she felt she had it perfect, she pranced out of the tent and into the bright morning sunlight to greet the day. The sky was beautiful, clear and pale blue, the palm trees of their current home were green, and the desert grass brown against the orange sand. The watering hole they were staying next to glimmered in the morning light. Sawda paid no attention to this, however, as she continued to prance towards her father’s tent. He should be up by now! She thought, a smile coming to her face and picking up her pace from a prance to a jog. Sand shifting beneath her feet, the little girl expertly crossed without too much trouble.

     Her father’s tent was obviously ornately decorated so you could find it. In Sawda’s mind her father wasn’t afraid of anything! He was the bravest, smartest, wisest person she had ever met. Yet, she stopped just on the other side of the cloth door way. No voices came from inside, usually her father was up at this hour. The smile she wore faded and reaching a hand out she was about to swipe the curtain aside and peer in when she stopped herself. Of course! She thought, smile returning to her face. He is tending the horses! That is where he is. Without a second thought she dashed for the ‘stable’ and trotted to a stop. Again, there seemed to be no sign of him. Confused by this, Sawda proceeded into the tent and called, “Baba?” That’s what she called her father, “Baba!? … Hmm.” Hands on her hips she looked about. No one was in the makeshift stable.

     Brushing a strand of hair aside, Sawda made her way past the horses, not saying a word to the people who were there. Her clothes, rich in color and just a little too big for her, billowed as she jogged from the pig pen, to the main camp, to the watering hole. Stopping by the water’s edge, she wondered if her father had left in the middle of the night and had yet to return. A look of sad realization crossed her face and she sank down beside the small pool and hugged her knees to chest trying not to cry. He promised we would spend some time together today! She thought with anger, whipping a tear away with her sleeve, He proimised…
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Abaan Samara

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Build High, Dig Deep
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2015, 06:06:00 PM »
There had been talk of a band just outside the area where his tribe controlled and while they had yet to do anything, Abaan had made sure that there was someone keeping an eye out for any trouble. Then there had been missing goats and other livestock, which could easily have been put off as being taken out by predators. But what had convinced him they needed to act and get rid of the group of men was when a scout had been found with his neck slashed, and not by an animal but a blade.

So the previous night, he had ridden out with his best warriors to deal with the intruders, whether it was just run them off or completely wipe them out. The battle was rather quick and he had managed to capture a few of them as his prisoners. He generally treated them decently well. They were put to work but fed, not as well as his own people but they wouldn't starve, and given decent shelter and clothing when what they wore could not be repaired anymore. He had of course spent early morning interrogating them to find out what they knew and he almost let time slip away from him until he glanced at the sun and realized he had promised to spend the day with Sawda.

He strode off, long legs taking him first to the stables to see if his youngest daughter had been there to find him, which she had. The stablehand mentioned where he had seen her go and so with a curt nod of thanks, Abaan headed in that direction. He found out that his daughter had been quite a few places before he was told the last place she had been seen was near the waterhole. He approached the watering hole and frowned as he saw her sitting with her knees by her chest and wiping a sleeve as if she had been crying. ”I'm sorry I was not here earlier, Sawda. I had to keep some bad men from hurting us all.”

He sat beside her and gave her a gentle hug. ”But your uncle and the other elders know that I am spending the rest of the day with you and will not be pleased with them if we are disturbed. So what does my little girl want to do with her baba?”


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Build High, Dig Deep
« Reply #2 on: August 12, 2015, 04:24:00 AM »
Sawda sniffled, using her sleeve once again as a she would have a ‘hankie’ to wipe her nose. Why had her father lied to her? There was no reasonable, nor logical explanation that came to her mind as to why. Still, figured if he did not come she would just show her disappointment in some way that would get her noticed, and keep her reputation up as a Little Girl of Mischief. There was no other way to put it, and there was no other way that it was said. Sawda was a trouble maker, especially for those who dared defy her! Even her siblings didn’t stand a chance. Those large, brown eyes of hers would grow to be as large as moons, well up with tears realistic enough to move even the heart of the enemy (who ever that was at the time), and get her out of any trouble.

     The soft shift of sand (it couldn’t actually be called a crunch because sand was never hard, it was only ever soft, so it shifted) under clothed feet made her look up. Someone coming to scold me, no doubt! She thought with hate. For someone so young, it was almost difficult to imagine that she could hate. Well I don’t need any scolding! She was going to say, I need my Baba! So, Sawda kept her head down and waited for the village elder (or whoever was behind her) to speak up.

     “I'm sorry I was not here earlier, Sawda. I had to keep some bad men from hurting us all.” Her father said as he sat down next to her. The sound of his voice soothed her, and she grew excited. Looking at her father with nothing but love through her large, round, brown eyes she accepted his gentle hug, wrapping her own as far as they would around his torso; squeezing gently. Bad men indeed are no match for you! She wanted to say. “But your uncle and the other elders know that I am spending the rest of the day with you and will not be pleased with them if we are disturbed. So what does my little girl want to do with her baba?

     Her father probably already knew, but it was quite a loaded question. Releasing her Baba from her grip, Sawda thought for a moment, placing a finger on her chin, and looking to the watering hole for the answer. “Well,” She started, as confidently as ever, “We could take Horus out for some training!” She looked up hopefully at her father. Horus was her pet hawk, and he was beautiful, though as stubborn as she was. “Or we could go horseback riding, or we could maybe we could play a game!!” She stood, and took a few paces towards the clear water. Then she looked at her father. Handsome as ever, no one could compare! She would find someone like him one day, she knew. Even in the morning light he looked as though he could handle anything. “Will the scary men come?” She asked as casually as she liked.
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