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Author Topic: Another Home Awaiting  (Read 2338 times)


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Another Home Awaiting
« on: July 11, 2015, 02:32:00 PM »
It was three months of sheer, blind denial before a flaxen-haired link girl came to terms with the predicament that had befallen her since that near-fatal link run in October. Just the first month in she had dismissed the signs her body showed and blamed it on anything else: the coming winter, yet another stomach flu causing trouble... Fool that she was to deny it, she was not blind. Anitra almost wished the usual toll that winter took on her would take away all that promised to be with the absence of her monthly bleeding, the plaguing nausea that would sometimes come to her in the morning, the fatigue...well, she didn't wish aloud, but by taking no actions until three months along. By then she seemed to jump at her own shadow and cry about the slightest problem in private. It was only then that she could not pretend that one day she would start bleeding again and everything would go back to normal. Only then that she understood what would happen to her in the future, if she survived it.

There was only one place to go: Anitra donned one of her darker black tunics and cape and told Damel and Dyen to see if any link runs could be booked for spring, when it was finally safe enough for her not to risk frostbite, sickness, and other ordinary complications. She covered her head to further hide her identity as she skittered down the icy streets into the roads she rarely took in her settlement of Ered Mithrin in search for that bizarre but somewhat home-like hearth she had been carried to when her eyes had briefly failed to work after the attack. It had been simple to tell from the moment the soldier helped her step through the door that it had been a brothel she had been brought to. What momentary fear she had of sinister intentions on her savior's part vanished at the solidarity from every side of the whorehouse. This place - and a knot came to Anitra's throat at the thought of it - was to become her new home before the year was over.

However, unrecognizable that she was in her dark, drab clothes and hidden hair, she was still in the wrong place to be for a woman, even if it was still the early afternoon. The smells of the perfumes used in the cheap brothel made her nose react rather violently, and by the time she was at the door, three Dwarf men had already gathered to greet her with bold words in Khuzdûl and covetous eyes. And it was almost a signal of what a terrible whore she would be, when she turned them away with curt words and grit teeth. "I'm not for sale, growled Anitra of the few words, which brought on hoots of laughter from the clients of the brothel. Had it not been for a watchful eye near the entrance of it, the unwarranted attention might have turned violent.

One of the whorehouse matrons of long, black hair and a piercing voice opened the door to chase away Anitra's pursuers with harsh words. The link girl could barely breath a hurried thank you before she was ushered in out of the cold without a word of welcome. The matron grasped her shoulder with strength Anitra did not expect of an old crone, and brought her face-to-face for a "What business might bring a girl like you here in the bitter months of winter?" The danger of leaving home for the unforgiving frost was not taken lightly at all in Eres Mithrin, so Anitra made good use of her sparse words and memory to speak. "I seek...Gigra. Or - or Ástir." The name of either of the women rang from her first blind visit of the old shack. She crossed her arms, feeling unsafe in this place once she saw it with working eyes. Yet that was no way to feel when the utter reality of her situation made her tear up at the thought of forever leaving Damel, and home...over a child.

Played by Jo


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Another Home Awaiting
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2015, 02:30:00 PM »
The workload of the day had been nonstop - to the point where Gigra's body was aching, but work away she must. Her savings were little, but soon she would have enough to get one of the girls out of here, though, making the decision of who would be difficult, yet, it was a decision she'd have to make. She'd been pretty settled for a moment, perched in her chair and topping up her lip stain, until of course one of the other girls charged in without so much as a knock. She was new; she was yet to learn the rules of Gigs' room, and one of them was, nobody was permitted to charge in, no matter how dire it may be, manners didn't cost anything. With a roll of eyes, she chose not to so much as look at the intruder until, of course, she spoke. "Gigra, there's a girl in the hall asking for you."[/i]

"A girl?"

"Barely looks of age." That's all the red-headed needed to hear before she was up, out of her seat and sweeping down the corridor to the reception area where clients were often perched until she showed her face and called them through. She'd glided past other girls, face almost like thunder upon her features until she got into the open hall and noticing the young girl, she'd made a quick split decision.

Drawing her locks back, she ushered the clients waiting for her out of the door and told them to come back tomorrow, promising that she'd make it up to them the next dear before drawing her attentions to the young girl in drab looking clothes, hands placed on her hips as she looked the lass up and down before speaking, eyebrow quirked. "My dear, this is no place for a child." Gigra had a natural sense for distress, even without really knowing the individual, it's what made her job a whole lot easier and made it easy to see when some of her girls weren't ready to play. "Though you seem plagued with stress... Come." She wrapped a warm gentle arm around Anitra's shoulders, and guided her along the hall, pressing open the door of her boudoir and ushering the young girl in. It was the safest place to be was in there rather than out in the reception, where any man could come in and kick off if he so chose to.

A hand waved over to one of the seats across the room, near the table where she often kept her items of makeup. "Sit yourself - I'll see if I can't get us some tea." and as quickly as she'd bustled the pair into the room, she'd rushed herself back out again, a few shouts and a lot of running up and down corridors eventually drew her back to the room with a tray, teapot, and cups for the two which was set down on the table next to Anitra. "What troubles you? Well, what brings you here, I mean?" How the girl had known to ask for Gigra was beyond her, though, knowing her name alone wasn't exactly a surprise. Plenty in the community was fully aware of who Gigs was, and sometimes it was good, but others it was bad because it was angry wives knowing their husbands were spending an awful lot of time in her company - though what marital problems they had was no business of her. That's when she paused, fingers pressed down on the top of the lid, eyes narrowing as she looked at the young lass again. It was almost like the cogs in her brain were working overtime until she'd finally placed that face. "....I know you. That friend of Kvas', right?" No she wasn't Rian, but the other one - the one he'd brought back once... something had happened hadn't it? Oh but so much had happened between now and then that Gigra wasn't expected to remember it all, was she?

"It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations if you live near him.”


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Re: Another Home Awaiting
« Reply #2 on: July 19, 2016, 05:03:00 AM »
A few moments after whoever had been at the door left Anitra alone, a group of all male Dwarves was thrown out of the establishment. She did her best to shrink back and let them pass, shivering under her hood and hoping her size was good enough so they would forget them. She turned away from the door while the clients were all ushered away, and was only called back by a kind female voice. “My dear, this is no place for a child.” Anitra, started by the sudden call, opened her mouth. The little fright caused Anitra to draw back in fear, but the Dwarf lady beckoned her forward warmly. This woman, presumably Gigra, put an arm around her and led her to the back, away from the reception. A knot formed in Anitra’s throat, and she closed her eyes to try drown out the hysteria that rose from the sight of the place. No fear now - she couldn’t lose her composure in a place she would be frequenting for the rest of her life.

She was almost in a daze when she was led into an empty room to herself and Gigra left her to herself for a few minutes. To comfort herself, she wrapped her arms around herself and tried to shut out the cold, the sounds, everything, even her own thoughts. So it was another little start when Gigra returned with food and tea for them. “What troubles you? Well, what brings you here, I mean?” Anitra raised her eyes, looked Gigra in the eyes, but failed to say anything. It was impossible for her to summon the lack of feeling that helped her climb all over the Grey Mountains in no matter what weather and what clients she was to deal with. She was undone, just as she had been undone the night she was attacked, and then it hit Gigra. “....I know you. That friend of Kvas’, right?” And Anitra cracked a smile, gave a little sad laugh, and let a tear escape the corner of her right eye, which she wiped off as quickly as possible.

“He brought me here when I was attacked by three strangers on a link run in the night, three months ago,” began Anitra. Her voice quavered all the way, but she did her best not to break down before Gigra...for some reason. “And you were kind enough to take care of me then when I had nothing to give you back.” With trembling hands, she took out some link run wares from the folds of her tunic sash. The coins jingled when placed on the very tray Gigra was offering her food in. “But I’m not here merely to repay your generosity.” Anitra then grasped a teacup for her to drink from, barely keeping from dropping the cup. She could almost hear Ryel tutting from her side, and feel his hand shoving at hers to ridicule her trembling.

Then she lowered the cup. “Those Dwarves ruined me,” confessed Anitra. “My family would turn me out doors if they knew, I - I have nowhere to go. And it’s only a matter of time before they find out - I have six months at least to stay, if they don’t find out earlier - ” This was when her voice broke, and her head bowed. “No one will ever take me - I have no one else, but I know that here, you wouldn’t think me spoiled. You’d - I never thought I would come here by choice, but if you’re the only Dwarves in these mountains that will take me, for any price, I’ll come here. I’ll stay. You can - you can have me.”

Then Anitra broke down crying, not only from the increasing terror she had been bottling in from months, but from her recent pregnancy. She set aside the cup with as much grace as she could muster, and returned to hugging herself to try and keep from wailing out. It was ridiculous - she had never been so pathetic since Ryel abandoned her to Dyen’s family - she hated this weakness her attackers had instilled in her. It would never leave, it would never leave, it would never leave...

Played by Jo


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Re: Another Home Awaiting
« Reply #3 on: November 17, 2019, 12:06:27 AM »
"I see…” Gigra started, her face remaining unmoved by the girl’s words, but not because she was, in fact, unmoved. In times of unshaken confidence, sometimes empathy wasn’t the correct strategy, especially for someone of her age to admit what had happened. "Kvasir and Astir have a good trust of people – and I trust their judgement.” As words of payment and work came around, Gigra could feel her soul shudder, but gave herself no time to dwell on it too much. She let the girl speak - and then, tears. She placed her cup back down on its neat plate and rose from her seat. "One moment…” She whispered and wandered closer to the door, opening it.

"Eir!” Gigra hollered at a tone which was not usual for her. It carried ghosts of concern and urgency. It was never long before someone arrived at her door – if Gigra shouted, immediacy was expected. In the doorway, a woman with a kind face and blonde locks braided beautifully into her beard stood, arms folded before her. She didn’t look like the others – more like a nurse maid if anything. "You’re getting quicker Eir… I will need clothes, bedclothes, bedding, and another bed moving into Tagri’s room. She shan’t mind. Get Filla and Helin to move it.” Eir smiled and nodded before looking at Anitra and offering her the same. Gigra sauntered up to Eir and placed two coins firmly in her hand before kissing her forehead. ”You’re made of Gold. I swear it. Send for Tagri as soon as is convenient.”

Nodding she moved almost silently back around to her dresser, searching for something that could be used as a towel for a bath and dipping through a door that was attached to her room and into another. She spoke almost silently to another one of her maidens, asking for heated water and the usual cleansing tub to be filled. Gigra knew how… dirty one could feel after incidents such as attacks – just because one usually asked for payment, did not mean that those who were refused could take. Eir returned with clean bedclothes and informed Gigra that the bedroom was being made up as they were speaking. "Do not think me rude, child.” She began as she came back into the room. "I know all too well the pain you speak of.” Gigs placed the clothes on Anitra’s lap and knelt beside her. "And do not think me a monster. I would not dream of selling you to the vermin that wander these halls. You are not ready for that commitment.” She offered her a gentle hand on the shoulder – not wanting to overstep the boundaries of her new guest.

A smaller figure appeared behind Gigra. Small with bright red curly hair and beaming green eyes – though no beard was fully apparent yet. "This is my daughter. Tagri. She will need someone to keep an eye on her during business hours. Eir may be my maid but looking after others is not her job. Just keep her company and consider your debt paid. You will be given coin, a bed, and clothes. Take Tagri to town – she will help you find the best material in the market and Eir will measure and make you clothes.” She waved at her daughter to sit with them, whose eyes were saddened by the sight of another crying. Tagri scrunched up her face and looked to Gigra who nodded in approval. The young dwarf threw her arms around Anitra and held on tight. "We’re your family now, girl. You’ll never be turned from these doors, but for now, I say you put on some bedclothes. You shan’t be out again today, and Tagri will bring you downstairs for dinner.”

"It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations if you live near him.”

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