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Author Topic: [Hobbit] Isaac Brandywood  (Read 3859 times)

Isaac Brandywood

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Isaac Brandywood
« on: June 30, 2015, 03:22:00 PM »


NAME: Isaac Virgil Brandywood
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Trip (on account of his severe stutter as a child - because he tripped on his words). Only used amongst those who mock him or amongst very close friends who have chosen to forget the negative connotation of the old nickname.
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): Thirty years of age, born 2911 T.A, but often taken to be five or six years older than he actually is.
PLACE OF BIRTH: Hobbiton, the Shire.
RACE: Hobbit

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: He has a head of copper ringlets, which he always does his best to keep as neat as he can, and as cropped as should be acceptable for a lad his age. No beard yet, of course, though he secretly wishes he could have at least a short one to look a little more serious and unchildlike.
EYE COLOUR: Light greenish, with hints of brown.
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: For a Hobbit of his age and economical status he is quite thin, owing to nights of study and hard work. However, he is rather proud of his long, bony fingers (the hands of a musician, some say, until he hastily corrects them they're the hands of a physician). As for height, he's a mite short for his age at 3'6", making him look all the more unimpressive-looking to the average passerby. However, his straight posture and sure footing whenever he's faced with a medical issue will and has turned heads at the sudden transformation of the shy little Hobbit into a professional to be trusted.
OVERALL APPEARANCE: Coming from a family of tailors and seamstresses, Isaac endeavours to dress his very best, and not just out of family pride, but to keep his image as the serious, presentable physician he wishes to be. And in the vein of looking serious, he tries his best to aim for darker colors. For example, his pride and joy is his navy blue coat with tinsel buttons. But if he is on his own he likes blues, browns and sometimes gold, best for his personal attire. Depending on the day, his shirt is tucked in and immaculate, or he's a veritable sleep-deprived mess. But overall, he looks like not a very impressive character at a distance. At a distance, mind you. He looks like a shy, odd little Hobbit too fancily dressed for his station from afar, but up close his concerned green eyes aren't just worried, but focused, and his words are kind and reassuring. A lot of people that aren't his patients see only the image from afar, however, because he is so withdrawn.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Other than his sad and nervous green eyes, the bags underneath them often tell you he's the sleep-deprived aspiring physician you're looking for. He's also one of the few Hobbits that choose to wear gloves, out of a need for cleanliness. On a slightly more personal note, he has a small arc-shaped mark from that one time he fell from the Party Tree and nearly broke his neck, and a few reddish scars on his hand from a recent fight with an aggressive dog at the doors of an inn he stayed at in Buckland. There is also a vocal mark that will set him apart. Once a stutterer as a child, now the tendency will reassert itself only once in a while, but it still sets him apart easily.
WEAPONS: None. But he has learned to defend himself solely on fists thanks to travels to Bree, thanks very much! Still, he'd very much hate to ruin his clothes on a fight. Most unseemly. 
FACE CLAIM: Anton Yelchin.

STRENGTHS: Isaac's greatest strength is also his weakness: meticulousness. Whatever he does, he checks and rechecks until it's perfectly to his liking and he won't have it any other way. It's a compulsion, which almost makes him look neurotic, but the truth is that all he wants is safety through order. It will keep his ditzy sister Elanor and his bohemian brother Jayden in line, that is all he wants to hear. It earns him a great deal of respect from patients, because he's safe and knowing and organized. This also spreads to cleanliness and hygiene; he's the kind who will wash his hands twice after eating or using the restroom. He even keeps logs on his learnings and every day happenings down not just out of personal expression, but to reread and remember what he's learned on that day - there is always something new to learn, he is sure. And despite not being a very domestic creature, rarely will something go wrong when Isaac plans for an activity, as he's prepared for even the worst often. But when it does...well, that's for the weaknesses part.

Another of his biggest strengths is his kind heart. Despite having been mocked as a child over his shyness and his nervous disposition, Isaac still isn't one to hold a grudge too easily. It comes with being a physician, one might guess, but even if he had chosen to become a banker, Isaac would have always been the lad to offer a cover under his umbrella to the Hobbit who laughed about his stutter in a rainstorm. He is easygoing, reassuring to others (since he can't be to himself) and patient - after all, he lives in the same house as Elanor and Jayden!

And finally, he is clever and intelligent. He's quick to notice patterns, repetitions, structure, and themes. This would almost make him a good artistic mind, but at most he's a very good critic of art. He's also particularly adept at making a wisecrack or two, and he enjoys joking about like this with his brother Jayden despite their difference in interests. Most of this commenting goes over Elanor's head. He's quite fond of reading; even if his family isn't well-off enough to own books, they can at least read. When Isaac wishes to read he asks friends, especially the well-off Bagginses and Tooks that have libraries and such at their homes.

WEAKNESSES:  As proven above, Isaac's greatest strength is his attention to detail, but it has also making him into a bit of a control freak, especially in a home as boisterous and loud as the Brandywood home. He lets his passion for control and order take over everything on occasion; it even has him managing things he doesn't even know how to do solely because he falls into thinking he does know better and could do better than others solely because he can find order in it! Needless to say, if a close friend is drawn away to the usually mild-mannered Isaac, most times it's because he's let his obsession with logic and order take over until it's shut up his kinder, more patient side.

Another bleaker side of Isaac is his crippling shyness. Isaac can treat almost everyone as his equal or more, but he's one of the worst conversationalists you'll ever meet. In his earlier days on his quest to become a physician, his introversion really got his goat and wouldn't let him talk confidently with people of higher status than him when it was needed that they connect more. If he's really not feeling well on a day, either he will fall back into his childhood stutter when he speaks, or he'll fall into a rude, rude silence. This is still bringing him trouble when he talks, for example, to Big Folk, or to some Bree Hobbits that steamroll over the unassuming little Shire Hobbit into silence. Suffice to say he's a disaster at parties and even worse at flirting. If he has trouble talking to non-Hobbits, try women. You might get him to literally trip.

Lastly, he's not open to change. Anything out of the ordinary - he fails at. The spiritual aspect of healing, one of the most important ones, eludes him greatly. Goodness knows what the poor wretch would do when faced with the Black Breath - even a Ranger's child could do better than him. Despite hoping for a happy marriage for his siblings and so, the pass of time and the changes it inflicts on his beloved home terrify him. Death - well, he has very mixed feelings about death, but that shall be abridged in the 'fears' section. Ironically, birth and marriage are as much a change in his book as death, so it's a bit funny in perspective on how he has to be coaxed to attend a close friend's wedding or to preside over the birth of a child of someone he know, but it troubles him so deeply it can affect his actions terribly.

ASPIRATIONS: I'm glad you ask! Aspirations makes up a good part of Isaac's life. Ever since he was a young Hobbit boy he wishes to become a good physician, for everyone to trust. That's the biggest aspiration, the one that drives him to travel from town to town in search for experts to develop his skill and increase his knowledge, face his fears about death and uncertainty and his shyness, because he wants to help others to live long and in as much comfort possible. It's a noble cause to pour himself into, indeed. A smaller shoot into this aspiration, too, is to be of use to the people in his life when they're ailing, but his focus goes beyond his loved ones.

Another aspiration of his is to keep his family safe. As the logical one to the spunky little Elanor and the laidback Jayden, Isaac does his best to be the pillar of logic and reason for when things get bad for them, if their parents die (but Isaac prefers not to think about it). And his family needn't extend to his siblings and parents. He also wants to do his best to aid to his extended family and privately, he wishes someday to have children at his own home. Now, how on Middle Earth he's going to manage to have children when he can't speak three sentences without stuttering before a lady, but somehow he hopes for it. Adoption, after all, is a decent alternative, even if it's uncommon and unusual, but he'd take the chance. Of course, that's for when he's an older physician, a famous and reliable one!

FEARS: Isaac's deepest fear I have touched on before and I will elaborate on now: his fear of change. Of course it sounds silly putting it into words like that, but this all ties to very real scenarios: death or marriage of loved ones make him nervous and tongue-tied because it's all change he's not terribly comfortable with. Perhaps marriages, births, or people moving away or new people moving in he can take, but death is a lot more than just..."taking" it. This puts a far more interesting spin to his desire to be a physician, if he's afraid of death. So far not a single patient has died in relation to his actions, but he fears the day a patient dies at his hand, terribly. The death of a loved one would break him, most certainly. But he doesn't even want to contemplate this possibility. Aging he's not terribly comfortable with, but it's even more inevitable and thus he's not at home at family reunions where he meets someone he hasn't seen in a long time.

Back in more physical fears, Isaac fears being mugged or attacked. While strange as it may seem for a Shire Hobbit who has grown up in safety and comfort, he has travelled to almost every Hobbit-owned piece of property in Middle Earth in his search for learning to become a physician. Some of these places aren't as carefree as the Shire: for example, Bree, or Buckland, or the outskirts of the Shire, where Hobbits are a bit more wild and mean. Isaac has been conned before and he was not pleased at this development and he never wishes to repeat this again. Other than being attacked by another Hobbit (...or Big Folk but don't give him any ideas!) he is also pretty afraid of being attacked by animals. Of course, he's not the type to go wading into the Old Forest! By animals he means angry dogs or cats or unwilling ponies or even goats.

PERSONALITY: By taking a look at his strengths, weaknesses, aspirations and fears, we've a good look at Isaac Brandywood's mind. He's, in short, a dependable, loyal fellow. But he is also an awkward, fussy and unreasonable one at times. As a generalization, one can divide him in the beginnings of the physician he wishes he could be, and the image of the middle child in the Brandywood family that he thinks should never change. This, of course, shall never be. Despite his unwillingness to face change, Isaac shall have to confront it at one point or another. It is, after all, the destiny of a healer to see many pass to the Halls of Mandos, or to do his best to keep them from them.

The beginnings of the physician he wishes he was, hm. He has the makings of a healer's soul in his attentiveness to the well-being of others, his intelligence, physical skill with wounds and other such emergencies, and ability to do well under pressure. While he may be afraid of change, he's not all too attached to tradition for the sake of tradition so much as the reason of that tradition - so he will accept the new if it helps him save someone else. Thus, how he set around the Shire in his quest to become a physician. When he is in healer mode, his initial timid demeanor drops away for a friendly smile and a cheerful comment or two for the sake of his patient. He'll even help the dog that bit him yesterday and the bird that pecked him lunch if they need his help. And he'll throw his heart and soul into aiding someone he deeply cares about, like his family.

As for the image of the steady middle child of the Brandywoods, you can begin seeing the bigger problem with Isaac's inner turmoil. He has wholeheartedly embraced the role of the "sensible" one in his family, so at times he'll go overboard trying to make that image a reality, without regard for others' feelings. And if that must never change, neither must anyone else. That part deeply roots him into the past; into his stutter and his days without friends, into the image of his youth that he never wants to change. While the part of him that demands order reaches into both sides of him, the more negative and obvious side slinks here. There is absolutely nothing wrong with trying to preserve the happiness of his family and of his past, but when he goes overboard and tries to boss those around him into listening to him and do as he says, he becomes unsympathetic and stuffy.

A third side of him (not really counted amongst the other two so much as a combination of traits that belong to both and share one thing in common) can be associated to the social, which I will explain here for the purpose of simplicity. Are you a close friend of Isaac? You will most likely know him as sweet, nervous Isaac Brandywood, and try your best to catch him in his best moods around holidays or other events that require planning. However, if you don't know him, you most likely have caught word of that physician-in- training that's been doing rounds about town and that's incredibly funny to tease, but is still a dear. If you have more sinister intentions, then you will immediately peg him as someone easy to take advantage of by feigning injury/illness. Once he would have been pegged as 'easy to hurt' too, but lately he's proven himself as not quite so quickly overtaken. Lastly, if you already know him, but not closely, all you'll see is his more anxious and fussy exterior, complete with the accompanying stutter. But of course, there is so much to Isaac than this.

HISTORY: Anslie Brandywood and Rea Burrows' love story began at a small Bywater dance and flourished from then on beautifully - while Rea's family was more a lower working class sort, she wasn't too under a Brandywood's expectations. Despite the Brandywoods being 'Brandybucks that lost track of their side of the river', Anslie's family still held some powerful connection, say, amongst the Shirriffs and so. Even with Rea's fussy demeanor, Anslie swore she was the most beautiful lady he had ever met, and so went on the usual business of Hobbit weddings. Not a very grand affair, but a sweet one nevertheless. The two decided to settle at Hobbiton, and thus started their humble family with the small Jayden coming to grace them in the year T.A 2910, which is by Shire-Reckoning.

Rather at an unfortunate moment was Isaac Brandywood born: the boy had been unplanned and it had been dreadful luck that by the time he was due the Fell Winter was causing chaos all around the Shire. The elder Brandywoods were not farmers, but tailors, so their finances went down but weren't so catastrophically affected as it did farmers, and the great freeze did bring them trouble. Still, by the end of the Winter all the Brandywoods were accounted for, and with the promise of spring and summer came next Elanor, the youngest and last Brandywood child.

Their household was a happy one. Anslie always did his best to instill hard-working mentality into all his children, but the only one in which it really took hold was Isaac. Not that Anslie minded very much when the happiness of his children was concerned, it was more Rea that was distressed when Jayden and Elanor grew wild and careless and absent-minded. But overly serious Isaac from the beginning always wished to do his best in anything he worked at. His sombre attitude at times was unchildlike, and thus began the problems between Isaac Brandywood and society. He was too shy, too focused, too odd. While Jayden was lauded for being care-free, artistic and at the very least likable, Isaac won the fame of being a "sissy" and a stammerer - thus the infamous nickname "Trip".

The only Hobbit children he got along with was his cousins, the Burrows. The Burrows did not live in Westfarthing but often visited, and the Brandywoods often visited them at Woodhall. They did not mock Isaac so much, but they prompted him to get into more trouble than usual that he did not wish to. Whether it was playing in the deposits at Scary or making little rafts to mess with at the Water (rafts!), Isaac was often messing around in the wrong places at the wrong times because of them. Likewise, it was fishing at Bywater Pool or climbing trees at the Far Downs. But Isaac was already beginning to show signs of being a sensitive, attentive soul not just by being the sensible one of the group, or because he would feel sorry for the fish he caught, or by the birds hit when the Burrows boys were messing with slings.

It was one instance when three of his Burrows cousins and he went play make-believe at the Rushock Bog when Isaac first realized what he wished to do with his life. A thunderstorm fenced the four boys in, Hollis broke his leg falling from a tree, and they were forced to cower behind one of the bigger trees in the swamp. None of their parents had any idea of where they were. But Isaac was the only one with a cool head, who knew how to keep that leg set and to have his delicate cousin Graeme from caving to a panic attack, and who knew the best moment to set out when the storm was going down. They were joyfully welcomed back home as well as punished for their mischievousness and Isaac was resolute to become a physician. No other life would make him happy.

The Brandywoods knew how to read, and taught their children, but their not so high social standing did not make it a necessity that they should become well-red. So Isaac went on, made friends with the richer Tooks and Brandybucks in search for books to read, talked with town physicians all around Westfarthing, and tried his best to treat even hurt animals. Other boys his age either laughed at him for his odd obsession, and others admired his intelligence (but it wasn't very common). To his mother's distress, he began making calls around other towns in Westfarthing, making observations of illnesses on his own, looking outright odd in society - her only hard-working boy, throwing away a chance at courting a girl! However, Anslie gave the boy his blessing - and so did the other Brandywoods.

His aunt Adamanta Brandywood married late in life to a Took from the Long Cleeve in Northfarthing, and she saw the lad's potential where none other did. So she reassured Rea that perhaps a change of setting would help the boy flourish in his path and perhaps settle or a lady, in his twenty-second year of life. While the first turned out to be true, Isaac's hopelessness at courting became even more accentuated in the North, but not that he cared. Udolf Goold, a famed apothecary man from Long Cleeve, immediately took the boy under his wing. However, it was not a year into this new life of his in the North that his aunt simply - died. At fifty-three, no less, from a heart attack. Thus came Isaac in contact with a darker side of his family history. It was somewhat common knowledge that several Brandywoods that died relatively early in life from heart failure, for no reason, and it had just been accepted as an oddity.

Young Isaac became deeply affected by his dear aunt's death, and he had no choice but to go back to Hobbiton to his parents, newfound knowledge under his wing, still determined to learn to become a decent healer. But the iron had entered his soul and he now wished to battle the very ugliest parts of medicine so that no one would ever have to die as young and as suddenly as his aunt Ada. He went even to Bree and to the South, in search for places where to learn his trade. So he accumulated many recommendations from physicians all about the Shire and presented himself to the Thain and the Mayor of Michel Delving for proper recognition as a physician of Hobbiton at the age of twenty-eight - and yet he was rejected. Not only was he too young, his shyness also made him look a bittoo...young for the post, so he was recommended to keep on gathering knowledge and to return in a few years, perhaps when he was thirty-three. And Isaac listened. He is three years away from his goal, and he's becoming more experienced by the day.He can only hope that he will be the healer he wishes his Aunt had gotten help from before she died.

AGE: Postmodern age.
COUNTRY: Jurassic World.
EXPERIENCE: Eons of it.
OTHER CHARACTERS: Ori, Castamir, Pearl Bolger, Leander Boffin, Issa, Anitra, Féren.
CONTACT: Skype, Tumblr, Blue.
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: I followed the call.

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Isaac Brandywood
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2015, 12:33:00 AM »

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Isaac Brandywood

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Isaac Brandywood
« Reply #2 on: July 12, 2015, 02:25:00 AM »
I hereby declare Isaac ready for inspection!

Played by Jo


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Isaac Brandywood
« Reply #3 on: July 12, 2015, 11:02:00 PM »
Oh, Isaac is quite the darling Hobbit!  I have no doubt he will be a wonderful addition to the Shire crew.  Enjoy him, Jo! ~

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