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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] The Necromancer  (Read 2709 times)


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The Necromancer
« on: April 11, 2013, 10:28:00 PM »

The Necromancer

NAME: Sauron
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Mairon, Annatar, The Enemy, The Dark Power, The Necromancer, Dark Lord, Lord of Mordor, Lord of Gifts, Lord of Barad-Dûr and The Lord of the Rings  
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): Ageless
RACE: Maiar
GENDER: Male  

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: Immaterial now, previously long, straight and black.  
EYE COLOUR: Immaterial now, previously almond shaped cunning brown eyes  
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Immaterial now, previously tall and well built. He used to stand at 8''11' and wear a bulky armor during the First and Second Ages, though he took on other forms as well. Now he is but a shadowy form, which seems to be of the same size of an ordinary man.  
OVERALL APPEARANCE: Shadowy form of the general size of an ordinary man.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Seemingly no tangible physical form.
WEAPONS: Basic magic, summon the dead, sense the environment and control of fire. His ability to tap into the fires in the earth are priceless to his conquest goals. This also means that his "magic" is intimately related to fire and that is the element Sauron has more affinity with to use in order to enforce his will on the world.  
FACE CLAIM: Benedict Cumberbatch  


- Deception: Sauron is highly capable to deceive all but the most wary, even the wiser of beings, by making them think certain untruths are truths.

- Persistence: Sauron is nothing but persistent and will keep coming back until his goals are achieved and his vengeance is made. Nothing stands in his way, what tries is generally washed away soon enough.

- Inability to care: Sauron's complete inability to attach himself or care about others in a compassionate way is to him a strength as such attachments would naturally decrease his will to achieve his particular goals if they existed.

- Power: It is undeniable that Sauron is a very powerful being even in his weakened current state. Few would have the courage to cross paths with him directly and amongst those even fewer would be able to survive such encounter.

- Age: Sauron is a clever old being who has been around for a very long time and due to such has learned much about Middle Earth and how to assert his will over it.


- Arrogance: Certainly that is Sauron's greatest weakness. He believes himself to be undefeatable due to the many times others have tried to make him disappear for good without success and that it is just a question of time until he obtains his ring and his full degree of power again.

- Intangibility: The Dark Lord cannot regain a tangible physical form due to the current weakened state of his powers. The forms he takes on are all ghostly and intangible. They tend to be made of fire or a kind of black cloudish fog with a humanoid shape seeming to be contained within it. He can also gain a form close in appearance to that of the one he had when defeated by Isildur, including the missing finger. That is the ghostly shape he uses to torture his 'guests' at Dol Guldur. It is his will or mind that does the torture as he cannot touch anything at any time right now.

- Delegation: Due to his current inability to regain a tangible form, Sauron must delegate the control and leadership of his armies to the Witch-King and the other Nazgul, who are under his direct command due to their rings. This though is not akin to having the Dark Lord himself in the battlefield like in the days of old and his incipient new war effort certainly suffers due to this.

- Decreased Power: It is certain that even though Sauron is still very able to manipulate things in the world and even summon the dead, his power is vastly inferior than it was when defeated by Isildur.

- Megalomania: His determination to make all do his bidding generated determination of equal power in those who were able to escape his crafty ploys and thus created a force that now contends with him.

ASPIRATIONS: Sauron's sole dream is to dominate all life forms of Middle Earth, pure and simple. 

FEARS: Sauron is not afraid of many things, actually the only thing he truly fears is not being able to regain his ring and full power. He is mindful not to enter direct conflict with the Istari until his own power increases more.  

PERSONALITY: Mairon was a clever and powerful Maia before being corrupted by Morgoth and turning evil still during the First Age of the world. As Sauron, the Dark Lord, in the two subsequent Ages, he has lost all ability to repent himself from his actions and is an evil force to be reckoned with. He is also unable to form connections to other people and does not care about the fates of others, just that they must serve him. If they die serving him, he does not mind at all. Sauron is certainly the definition of the control freak and what he wants the most is to extinguish freedom on Middle Earth.     

Sauron is also crafty and the greatest proof of his manipulative nature was the ploy he had come up with in order to easily conquer the Elves, the Dwarves and Men through rings of power. He promised them everything, so he could later just take it all and their will as his own. His deceitful scheme nearly worked completely and could've endangered freedom on Middle Earth forever without any war whatsoever. That tells something about Sauron, he once preferred to use ploys and deception other than direct war. That has now changed since he can no longer take on a fair form and thus deceiving others has become harder to accomplish, but not impossible as he has been doing exactly that as the necromancer.

Sauron is extremely smart, knowledgeable of the things concerning the earth and capable of careful plotting and a precise attack. He is a great strategist, but his arrogance is his undoing most of the time. Now separated from his ring, his powers have diminished greatly, not allowing him to take on a truly tangible physical form. Most would see this as a hindrance, but Sauron has used his skilled mindset to adapt to his current condition and exert as much influence on the world as he is currently capable of. He taunts and challenges his opponents just like always in order to try to brake their spirits before they can go forward.

HISTORY: Originally known as Mairon and belonging to the Maiar of Aulë, the Smith, a Vala, he acquired great knowledge of the world: of its substances and how to use them. Corrupted by Morgoth, an evil Vala and Dark Enemy of Arda, during the First Age of the world, he took for himself the name Sauron by which he is mostly known to this day. Although he has served his master faithfully, they had differing objectives. Morgoth aimed to control or destroy the very matter of the world, while Sauron wished to dominate the minds and wills of its creatures, ruling as sole master of all life forms. During such times, he was known and feared by his sorcery and as a master of illusions, who was able to change his physical form.

After the War of Wrath, in which Morgoth was finally defeated, Sauron repented of his actions and then pleaded for mercy. Even though his plea was, by then, genuine, his arrogance wouldn't allow him to admit to be placed through a judgment of his actions and so he fled and hid himself on Middle Earth at an unknown location. Odd centuries later, he was known to have stablished himself at Mordor when the construction of the dreaded fortress of Barad-dûr near Mount Doom began. Concurrently, Sauron undertook other endeavors, such as raising vast armies of Orcs, Trolls and other foul creatures and the inception of his new campaign to corrupt the hearts of Men, chiefly the Easterlings and the Southrons.

Though he has always known that Men were much more easily swayed, Sauron sought to bring the Elves into his service due to them possessing greater power. Due to such will, already during the Second Age of the world, the Dark Lord took on a fair visage and calling himself Annatar, the Lord of Gifts, he befriended the smiths of Eregion, teaching them about arts and magic. However, not all Elves believed in his seemingly good intentions towards their people, amongst those who didn't trust him were Lady Galadriel and Gil-galad, High King of the Ñoldor. Most though payed no heed to their warnings.

This lead to the Elven smiths doing exactly what Sauron expected of them as he encouraged and assisted in the forging of the rings of power. Three of such rings were given to the Elves of Eregion, seven to the Dwarf Lords and nine to the great Kings of Men. As part of his crafty ploy, Sauron forged in secret, at the fiery depths of Mount Doom, the One Ring to control all the other ones and make the bearers of all other rings his slaves. This plan, though well thought out, did not succeed to his expectations. The Elves, even at the eleventh hour, saw through his facade and relinquished their rings by hiding them after Celebrimbor's rebellion, thus saving themselves. Sauron also could not submit the Dwarves to his will, who due to this also escaped unharmed. However, the nine kings did not find the means or the strength to resist thus falling prey to Sauron's will. They became his ring-bound slaves and later on his lieutenants, the dreaded Nazgul.

Some time later, Sauron, now known as the Lord of Mordor, already commanded great armies and his fortress of Barad-dûr was completed. Marshaling his armies against the free peoples of Middle Earth, his forces were met by the Last Alliance of Men and Elves, lead by Elendil, his sons and the Elven King Gil-galad. That was a long war, which ended with Sauron's defeat at the battle of Dagorlad. Even though both Elendil and Gil-galad had been slain by Sauron himself at the slope of Mount Doom, Isildur took his father's broken sword and used it to force the Dark Lord to part with his most prized possession, the One Ring, which was done when his finger was cut by a shard of the blade of Narsil. Drained of his power, Sauron's spirit fled his ruined body. Isildur took the ring as his own but was betrayed by it and killed by Orcs shortly after. The One Ring becoming lost and forgotten for centuries to come.
Not having given up on his goals, Sauron resurfaced during the Third Age at a stronghold called Dol Guldur, the Hill of Sorcery, in southern Mirkwood. Then darkness started to engulf Middle-Earth once more. Orcs and other foul creatures made the Misty Mountains their home. Gandalf traveled to Dol Guldur to uncover the dark magic at work there. Sauron, though, then called The Necromancer, fled before being found due to his power still needing some increase for such direct confrontation.

After a hundred years, The Necromancer once again took up residence at Dol Guldur, and the White Council was formed in order to combat the threat. Again, the Elves from the forest did not realize that the dark sorcerer known as The Necromancer was actually Sauron returned. Gandalf was the one who discovered his true identity after stealing into Dol Guldur. Gandalf managed to escape imprisonment, but the White Council has decided to take no direct action against Sauron. Make no mistake, he is enjoying the opportunity he was given to increase his own might, try to find his ring, whose power he can sense, and then returned to full strength take what he wants from the world: everything.

AGE: 30
COUNTRY: Brazil  
EXPERIENCE: 15 years
OTHER CHARACTERS: None so far, but I have my eyes on Aragorn, another favorite of mine.
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: Ad on another board.

The lidless fiery eye at the top of Barad-dûr was, as always, searching. Looking for the very thing that Sauron wanted the most: his powers, his ring. He remembered the information extracted from that feeble creature called Gollum. How could such lower creatures happen upon his ring? It was an irony of destiny, but one he was intent to soon correct once and for all. The all seeing eye then turned its gaze towards the Shire. It was, to Sauron, an expressionless place. Nothing of worth lived there or was located there but for his ring. The Hobbits were just some weak creatures who would crumble fast under him and his armies. Probably they would make lousy slaves in the near future. They'd certainly be left for last as an afterthought in his war effort just to cover all the pieces of land and all life forms of Middle Earth.

The eye accompanied the journey of his Nazgul into the Shire for a while, but knowing that his slaves could do nothing else but his bidding Sauron didn't have any reasons to believe that they would do anything but take it from the feeble Halflings and bring the ring back to Mordor. Turning his gaze towards Rohan, Sauron investigated the lands of the Rohirrim. They would not be allowed to become a nuisance to his plans and his new puppet, the former Istari Saruman, was seeing to it. His new army of Uruk-Hai was really impressive and worthy of Mordor. Yes, the Dark Lord was pleased and would allow Saruman to live as a reward for his nicely done work.

If he had a physical mouth, he'd certainly be smiling at seeing the cunningness with which Saruman was using Grima to trap the mind of the feeble king Théoden. It brought nice memories of the past and his own deceitful ploys. The stakes he went for though were always higher. It was all or nothing most of the time. This time it was no different. Sauron was aiming for everything as usual. Saruman was a good puppet, yes, but he had a long way to go to master Sauron's greatest art, deception.

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Thanks to Alagon for the awesome set of graphics!!!!


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The Necromancer
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2013, 11:03:00 PM »
Welcome to the forum, Marbys!  This application is nothing short of superb, you have described and outlined in wonderful detail the formidable, menacing and ancient figure that is Sauron (and I very much look forward to seeing what you do with him).  We ask that members wait a week between creating characters but if you are interested in Aragorn you are more than welcome to reserve him. :)  Anywho, that's you approved, so feel free to get started!

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