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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Tinuvagor  (Read 2836 times)


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« on: June 13, 2015, 09:19:00 PM »


NAME:  Tinuvagor
NICKNAMES (IF ANY):  He was called Quellarmo in his youth, but he prefers not to answer to that name.
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): sometime late in the years of the trees; he is currently over 7000 years old
RACE:  Noldor Elf

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE:  Tinuvagor’s hair is black and he wears it long, though he’s not particularly fond of looking after it.  At times, without a reminder, he’s unlikely to take a brush to it for days.
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT:  Like the others of his kin, Tinuvagor is tall, though he does all in his power to diminish this height.  Whether due to some quiet shame or a longing to pass unnoticed, he has developed rather poor posture, not at all befitting of an elf of his age.  However, if one were to see him in the midst of battle, or in the pursuit of physical labor, he tends to forget his wishes to pass unnoticed and a shadow of his youth as a soldier might be glimpsed.  If he truly wished to be, he might even be called imposing, though he loathes being seen as such by any other than a servant of the Enemy.
OVERALL APPEARANCE:  While he does own a fine suit of armor, ancient and well maintained, he rarely puts it to use, instead preferring the worn comfort of traveling clothes.  However, at the times when he dwells in the cities of his own people, he dresses in the appropriate attire out of respect for those who have granted him a place to rest. 
DISTINGUISHING MARKS:   While he has earned some scars in battle, none are particularly distinguishing. 
WEAPONS:  He carries two swords, though one is never used.   It is old, nearly as old as he, and though he has made a valiant effort, it has not weathered the ages as well as he had hoped.  Still, he carries it as a reminder of his own sins, and in the hope that someday it might be put to some better use.

The second sword is well made and well used, crafted in the Second Age for use in war. 
FACE CLAIM:  Jonathan Rhys Meyers

STRENGTHS: Tinuvagor was once a soldier, and he is still quite capable of battle, skilled with sword and shield.   

Beyond skill at war, he is in possession of a very strong resolve.  Some might call him stubborn, but he prefers to see himself as focused. 

He is also exceptionally loyal to those whom he feels have earned it, though that list numbers very few.   To earn his loyalty is to earn an unwavering, steadfast friend and companion for life. 
WEAKNESSES:  However, there is currently no soul alive in this age that has earned Tinuvagor’s loyalty, and while there are those he would call friend and those he would follow in war, he does not rank them among those few souls whom long ago he put upon an almost unreachable pedestal.  Though he is often careful to bite his tongue and avoid conflict, should he reach the point of argument (a thing more likely when he’s spent too much time in the company of fine wine), he has a tendency towards harshness, or even cruelty, in defending those he deems worthy.   And while he might regret those words after a time, sometimes regret and apology is just not enough...

While he will gladly serve in times of war, Tinuvagor loathes combat.  He will attempt all other avenues, even if it puts him in danger, and he has suffered injury because of this stubbornness. He is more quick to make exceptions for servants of the Enemy, but he would rather evade battle than join it.  He feels his blade has already been put to too much ill use, and he would rather favor caution than welcome yet more regret, for a life taken cannot be returned.

ASPIRATIONS:  Redemption for the sins of his youth.  This has become the singular focus of his long life.
FEARS:  His greatest fear is that he will never find himself worthy of the redemption he seeks.  But just as frightening is what he might face if ever he did find himself forgiven.  Such a long lifetime lived in pursuit of this one goal has left him almost afraid to achieve it, for what purpose would await him should it be achieved?  Who would he be if not who he is now?  And even more than that, he is afraid of what awaits him should he return home. 
PERSONALITY:  While he often seems to make an effort at passing unnoticed, Tinuvagor is in fact, quite friendly.  He is often eager to join others of his kindred in feasting and song, and he is both compassionate and kind.  In a place of comfort, he is quick to laugh, and at times quick to overindulge in food and drink, though he will say he knows better.  He has a weakness for good wine, though he does not drink so often as he would like for he is most often in possession of only passable wine.  Yet, despite his friendly nature, those with a keen eye for observation might note that he never fully gives all of himself to cheer and revelry.   He bears some burden, though he has borne it so long, he hardly seems to take note of it.  It is his constant companion, a weight that he will not allow himself to be parted from.

Even deeper, though, lies the fear.  He is rarely sure of how to fully define it, but it is rarely absent from the inner recesses of his mind.  What if he is not worthy of redemption?  What if, no matter what he does, no matter how earnestly he endeavors to put things right, there is simply no act great enough to earn forgiveness for his sins?   

It is in those moments, weary with the weight of his grief, that he most feels the keen longing for the sea.  He wants nothing more than to sail home again, but he dares not even draw within sight of Mithlond.  As sharp as his pain is now, it would only be all the greater if he were to return home and find himself unwelcome.

He is also in possession of a mild temper, though it rarely shows itself.  Much of his deepest passion was spent long ago, and thus it takes some effort to rouse him again.  Yet those few that manage it often find themselves overwhelmed by the deep well of emotion that he can conjure if so inspired, for even Tinuvagor himself finds it difficult to contain it once it has battled its way past his defenses.   

HISTORY: Tinuvagor was born in Tirion upon Tuna and he grew to manhood in the light of the two trees.  He knew little of the political turmoil that threatened the peace of the city, though his parents spoke of it often when they thought he could not hear.  They were both fervent supporters of Feanor, and as tensions rose among those of higher station, it slowly began to pollute Tinuvagor’s home as well. So, like any good son, he supported his parents' position, though he hardly knew or cared why, and as he grew older, his fervour grew to match their own.

And so it was only natural when, just shy of his 130th birthday, fervour turned to madness at the Darkening of Valinor.  Too young to think through his actions, and still largely innocent of the world, Tinuvagor saw no wrong in seeking vengeance, and so he eagerly followed Feanor, leaving his parents behind in the darkness.   A fire was in him unlike anything he’d ever known, and that fire drove him to follow any order, no matter if it should have given him pause.  It seemed only right that their quest be completed at all cost!  That those who stood between them and their vengeance deserved to have their blood spilled in the name of the greater good!  Though these things were not done without regret, he trusted in Feanor’s purpose, not only for the honor of his lord, but for all of his people, for they had been wronged greatly.

Yet the world beyond Valinor was not as he had expected.  This was meant to be an easy victory, a brief war that would end in glory.  Instead, it brought naught but despair, for they had all been ill-prepared for what awaited them. 

In the years that followed, Tinuvagor settled in Himring in the service of Maedhros, and there he grew, abandoning the childish dreams of valor that had led him across the sea.  In place of that he grew more steadfast and determined, and even more dedicated to the son than he had been to the father, for his saw in Maedhros something more noble and lordly.  In those years he turned much of his focus towards honing his skill at arms, and he proved time and again a worthy companion in battle, both courageous and skillful.  Whether by luck or skill, he survived many battles of the First Age, and he grew weary of living ever in fear of the Enemy.  Yet he had cultivated in those years a sense of purpose, his loyalty becoming more necessary, not to his lord, but to himself, for there were so few constants left to which to cling.  And it was that steadfast, stubborn loyalty that led him to commit such atrocities as he had hoped never to see again. 

He was ever plagued by regret for the lives he took at Alqualonde, but he had comforted himself with empty assurances that he had been young and foolish, that he had since grown wiser and knew better than to act in such haste.  But the second kinslaying was not an act taken in haste, and he followed now out of loyalty, for the honor of those whom had shared with him many hardships.  Besides… it was too late now to abandon his course.  What kind of man would turn away when the road turned toward the shadow?

Thus began Tinuvagor’s downfall.  The world, it seemed, had fallen down around them.  There was no hope, no distant light of salvation.  Nothing seemed to remain but to wait for the end, hoping that in death there might come some kind of rest.  Such was his state when he marched upon the Havens of Sirion and there were committed sins far worse than any in the long years before.  Tinuvagor put to the sword all those who stood in his way, be they armed men, or helpless children, and he did so cursing his own loyalty, for it had led him only to this.

After this last, great failure, what was left but to struggle on with grief and weariness as all the world came crashing down?  And when at last came the end of the age, Tinuvagor found himself without a lord and without a purpose.  He could not sail West, for he was not worthy of such an honor.  He could not offer his blade to the High King, for what right did he have to serve those he had slain?

For many years thereafter, he wandered the wilds, avoiding those who might question his purpose or his past, for he felt himself unworthy to live amongst his own people whom he had willingly betrayed.  But upon need, he would stay a time in the cities of the elves.  And in that manner he slowly began to rise from the depths of his grief, becoming something more like himself again.  It was in this slow return to normalcy that he at last settled himself upon the path of redemption, if such a thing could be found for a kinslayer. 

He offered his aid to all those who would take it, pledged his loyalty to causes that seemed the most just, and sought out those he had wronged.  After many years afraid to do so, he returned to Lindon and pledged his sword to the service of the High King, and though he was accepted into the armies, Tinuvagor was never quite sure if it had been done out of kindness, pity, or perhaps only practicality.  War was brewing again, and a skilled blade was not a thing easily turned away in times of need. 

He served well, never seeking gratitude or acknowledgement for his deeds, remaining low in the ranks and accepting no position of leadership.  He did not deserve any such honors, or so he said aloud, but truthfully, it was fear that kept him from advancement.  Fear he could hardly define, but it held him in a painful grip, and in all his long years, it never fully released him.

After the wars of the Second Age, he departed from Lindon, once again unsure of his place in times of peace.  He took up his wanderings again, though he did not hide in the wilds has he once had.  Instead his travels took him here and there among his own people, living with them rather than apart from them.  Perhaps, at times, he even allowed himself to forget his grief and give in to the joy of friendship and comradery.   He found homes for a time in Mithlond, in Imladris, in Lothlorien, never overstaying his welcome, but becoming a face recognized by those few friends he had made.  Perhaps, he imagined, a face even eagerly looked for.

YOUR NAME:  Whitney
AGE:  older every day
EXPERIENCE:  15ish years
OTHER CHARACTERS:  Gwaehadron, Eadlyn
Show us what you can do!  It doesn't have to be with this character or even from this genre of role-play.  This is only required if this is your first character application with us.

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Played by Whitney


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« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2015, 09:26:00 PM »
Ready for review.

Played by Whitney


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« Reply #2 on: June 15, 2015, 09:04:00 AM »
Excellent work detailing the history of such an ancient character, Whitney!  I hope you have fun with him. ~

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