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Author Topic: Full-Fledged Conflict  (Read 2894 times)


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Full-Fledged Conflict
« on: May 11, 2015, 09:55:00 PM »
Second's flight feathers had appeared.

 They were sleek and beautiful, an aerodynamic layer of dark brown glinting with a thousand shades of sun and night and everything between. The effect would have been more impressive if clumps of down hadn't still been clinging on between them like scraggly clouds, covering the patches where they weren't quite fully grown, making him look a little bedraggled and disordered. The fact remained that he was so very nearly ready to fly. Shoulder muscles that had never supported his weight had strengthened under the parent-produced training gusts that buffeted that nest when Rysstre and Thraegas put their minds to it (minds and massive wings), the primaries and secondaries and tertiaries and coverts had lined up in sweeping rows that could feel the air moving and slice through it, and earthy eyes had brightened to sunlit gold that swept the landscape with instinctive calculation. Second was still only about half the size of Rysstre, and had accepted (grudgingly) that he would never be huge. Or even average-sized, probably. Or pretty, like First, whose feathers had come in tinged with the red streaks of fiery sunset – their parents had started to call her Nauroval. Flame wing. Before she had even tested if the wind would extinguish those ember-coloured pinions.

 He cared, though he hid it, but it wasn’t all that significant when he considered the prospect of fledging. Every day he clung to the edge of the nest and looked out (not down), imagining the moment when he could finally shift his weight off the familiar nest and steer into the rivers of air, when the mountains would move beneath him and the horizon would roll closer and he could chase the sunlight after the peaks shadowed his perch. Flight would make everything worth it.

 At this moment the barely-eaglet was doing exactly that, and thus noticed Rysstre approaching from below. His mother moved with far more assurance than Thraegas, her darker wings angling perfectly as she shot straight for the cliff below before pulling up and coming almost vertically. She ran out of momentum just as she reached the level of the nest, flinging the goat from her talons with a momentary brightening of her pale eyes. Rysstre loved flying like Second suspected he would – that happy toss of her head before she rolled in the air and dived straight down again with wings locked stirred something of a reverse echo in him. A shadow of something yet to come.

 He wasn’t quite as easily distracted as he had been, though, and caught the goat before it could spill past him into the nest. It was probably First’s – Nauroval’s, whatever – turn but lately they had been taking it on a catchers eaters basis. His sharp beak efficiently tore the carcass open and started to feast, a few drops of blood sailing over the edge to plummet down and splash far, far below. Food gave him energy, and allowed him to grow, and would therefore let him fly. He would gladly fight his sister for that privilege.



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Full-Fledged Conflict
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2015, 02:47:00 AM »
{As ever poke if anything needs changed! ~}

Nauroval supposed she could have been a bit more gracious about it...

But then, at the same time, she wasn't trying to be a problem; whatever her brother thought. Their normal brand of rivalry, sure, but nothing new or overt. It was just...oh when she at last learned to take off, she might just attempt a spin! To try and communicate her happiness beyond the chirps they worked in and even words she day by day grew more use to forming. Words other beings used too! The ones that would aid her in whatever interactions she was destined for in the future.

Though, maybe also she would never go too far out from the nest, who knew?--Well never leave the Mountains she supposed, she'd leave this nest someday, after fledging, that was given and how life went, moving along. Progressing.

But at any rate, Nauroval was doing a fine job of such! She'd been named for one!--for her brilliant feather color she couldn't be more pleased with!!--Of course before Second. The oldest Eaglet growing out of such statuses didn't mean to flaunt--or only meant to flaunt a little!--the joy just exuded out! Partly at not having failed. Partly at succeeding really well!

She'd have told you it was impossible, her failing, or acted like it was, but in truth the transitioning-Eaglet was just as aware as all others of society pressures and what they were. Survive. Fledge. Don't Die being simple or no was beside the point.

Still, she stood a better chance of succeeding at them than her hatch-mate!

Coddling runts was for beings not focused on surviving. And the banter was sort of just their own system and Nauroval never pushed the invisible boundary much as maybe only she saw said boundary.

At the moment Second was staring out at the horizon they would both have to learn to conquer one day. If there was an area Nauroval was...less than her usual brand of sure on...flight...might just be it.

Of course she was eager as any Eaglet should be to leave the nest, but more for the pragmatic leaving and not being cooped and just moving of it. It was a means, she didn't care to fly simply for the joy of flying as she saw her mother did and suspected Second wanted as well.

To just loiter about on currents more like!

Still...her brother could outdo on that end and what if he was better at it and what if she disappointed by...

From where she watched, Nauroval shook her head. The worry was futile, she would do fine. The female reminded herself of what the competition was as she glanced back over towards Second! Yeah. She had this.

Just another typical day.

Scanning horizons gave Second one thing. He noticed their mother approach with food first. He also of course wasted no time in utilizing this advantage. Nauroval had progressed, along with all her other progressing, from the days of shoving-only in order to gain her objectives. Not that it wasn't still sometimes useful and called for, but they could talk along with the shoving now that they were all but adults.

Communicate at any rate, even if in clicks and not all out Westron, though the young female was very proud of the words she could get her beak to manage. She even returned back a calling of her true name by her mother with a try at Emel...yet the M sound was still a bit elusive. Still, she tried.

Second didn't seem to care if he ever mastered his words...not by the way in which they still came out.

Different interests, but Nauroval saw it as laziness and less on her brother's part.

Of course she could have let the Catchers Eaters Basis dictate this one, or fight for her fair turn. She chose middle ground and making further over, gave her brother a hard stare that called him out, dodging some of the debris.

"It's already dead. I don't know why yoo you hav ta to go at it like that". The troublesome words which wouldn't form right were noticed by Naur but still she was determined to at least start out this conversation in what words she could. It would be for fault of and on Second if they had to move this debate to clicks.

Plus maybe if she could get him arguing she could sneak in. Why hasn't she thought of that as a child? Well, in her defense she had been a child. Now and with a name and real feathers (she ignored her own clinging down) she wasn't of course, not having flown or not aside.

Thankies to Alagon for the set



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Re: Full-Fledged Conflict
« Reply #2 on: October 01, 2015, 12:01:30 AM »
((OOC: Sorry again for the shortness! Hope this works for you~ … Also I apologise for Aurhîn. He’s even less mature than usual…))

 Second was a little slow off the mark to notice First – Nauroval, whatever – approaching. A bloodied chunk of skin was flicked her way, a smug glint showing in his murky gold eyes. (He had been pleased to realise that they were lightening, that they would burn bright and scorching against his dark feathers in a way that brown eyes, like Ada’s, never could have. Vanity had started young.)

 He wouldn’t be apologising for slung scrap of flesh.
“It's already dead. I don't know why yoo you hav ta to go at it like that.” She made talking sound so easy, as though the words hadn’t been designed for lips and teeth they didn’t have. Even pulled and stretched uncomfortably, they were intelligible and smoothed in a way that Second couldn’t hope to match.

 “Hhhooou’-” He hissed, switching to clicks. How else am I supposed t’get t’the meat? Another bite was torn off and gulped down, and Second turned an insolent glare on his sister. You’ll  be stuck up here for years, picking at it like you do. How’re you gonna hunt if you move so slow all the time? He took his next mouthful with a taunting sluggishness, eyes half lidded as he pretended to mimic her. Gotta be careful, don’t want to get blood on my feathers, even though they’re already red. Oh no, someone bring me more, this rotted while I was taking my time.



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Re: Full-Fledged Conflict
« Reply #3 on: October 31, 2015, 03:14:53 AM »
((You never appologize for that wonderful Eaglet, Blue! You hear me? XD He's perfectly immature ha! and please don't let the amount of time it took Naur to break through fool you, she wanted to peck at him so bad reply straight away XD Also help! I think I've forgotten bird terms! correct if I'm wrong and short blurts are fine with these two I think ~ Though...can I apologize for Naur...?))

It was the way of siblings, or such competitive ones as eaglets anyway, to notice what the other had or lacked in One Upping and especially as they grew and came into their own. Of course...Nauroval had all of the advantages on her side! Her wings were going to be a stunning work of beauty on Manwe's part! Or did Ada and Ell take some of that credit? Eitherway, she was as properly vain over them as she should be! Providing her name and all...

So what if she had a feeling Second would would make a good flyer, a sharp clarity to his brightening eyes which she alone probably noted fully...not gonna help him without a name, was it?!

Oh...and he still couldn't talk, as he so helpfully reminded her. Naurvoal smiled to herself, smugly as her brother resorted back to clicks. Nevermind it fell a bit at the actual words...and short Eagle Gist was at times more cutting, for being crude and easy

You’ll be stuck up here for years, picking at it like you do. How’re you gonna hunt if you move so slow all the time?

Naur's own eyes narrowed and she didn't need to use words to tell him to watch it, he should catch all the other cues of how she stood and such! But of course he didn't, or just took pleasure in goading her! Yes, that latter, because he couldn't handle her being so much better...oh but he was infuriating and somehow knew how to push her buttons the most!

Gotta be careful, don’t want to get blood on my feathers, even though they’re already red. Oh no, someone bring me more, this rotted while I was taking my time.

"It is not red, it is a lovely tint of---oh you are just so---so---!", at least for not finding a proper insult she slung this at him in further words before letting a pure screech answer and hobbling over to shove and kick at him, meal forgotten for a moment and the blood she further splattered. "you're just jealous because they're proud of me and I got a name!", come later--much later--a part of Nauroval would actually regret the words and their sharp bite to go along with her attempted pecks (though pulling any such apology from her would take some doing) but it was typical childishness and hitting back for a hit delivered as somehow his mocking of her feathers did.
« Last Edit: October 31, 2015, 03:15:32 AM by Nauroval »

Thankies to Alagon for the set



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Re: Full-Fledged Conflict
« Reply #4 on: December 19, 2015, 11:56:40 PM »
((OOC: IT HAS BEEN TOO LONG SINCE I'VE WRITTEN. Hey, if I'm not allowed to apologise for Aurhin over here, you shouldn't apologise for Nauroval! XD Bird terms seem good to me~

... I was going to say something about the immaturity along the lines of 'well at least they'll grow out of it' but uh. I'm not sure they ever do. XD))

 Second had no concept of smiling in a facial sense. He was vaguely aware that sometimes fleshed, unfurred visages pulled odd snarls to display the furthest things from snarling – Thraegas had gone off on a tangent about it once during a story – but he couldn’t even imagine it, particularly as he had only the barest idea of what a face that could shape expressions actually looked like.

 (Flat, he knew. Like someone had pushed their snouts inwards. And smooth, bare of protection, with the eyes facing forward like a fox and of varied hues, with too much pale sclera showing at the edges. Framed by scant, lank, too-long fur, with wide mouths often edged in discoloured skin and full of blunted teeth. They sounded ugly.)

 But he still knew grins when he saw them, in the slant of eyes and the cock of a head, the shift of wings and fluff of feathers, the slight part of an immobile beak. Nauroval was smiling, smug and self-satisfied at his failure to shape words, and she certainly didn’t need a mouth for it.

 And as she faltered, as her projection of being pleased was tainted and faded by his meaning, he began to smile back. Just a smirk, curling at the edges of his demeanour, small and cruel in the way that hurt children can be.

 “It is not red, it is a lovely tint of – oh you are just so – so – !” So what, he went to say, right? But the mouthful of meat held it back. He didn’t manage coherent speech before she screeched in pure frustration and his smirking stance blossomed into an open beam of triumph. He almost choked, then managed to clear his throat, but by then Nauroval – First First First – was talking again as she shoved and pecked at him, flecking her pretty feathers with blood in her determination to reach him. She must have been angry. Even smaller and weaker than her by far, he did a pretty good job of warding her off with spread wings and one flailing foot, and then his beak once it was free. He liked fighting now – he lost more than he won, but the ratio was shifting and each of his victories felt more significant to him than any of hers, in part because he knew he was at a disadvantage. He was going to be better than her at fighting. He was good – no, great at it.

 “You're just jealous because they're proud of me and I got a name!” And there went all of the warm, happy achievement. Her sharp beak clamped around a primary feather and tugged hard, the pull pinching deep and painful inside his wing.

 I’m– He went for her throat to make her release the wing, raked three talons down her side (it succeeded in little more than combing a few fluffy down feathers from her pretty coat, making her look sleeker still).

 Not– Wings free, he manoeuvred them up and back, putting more weight further backwards as he prepared to pounce on her.  The air tugged at his feathers, weighty and greedy. The meal was forgotten, ripped to less edible shreds under their claws.

 Jealous! Some combination of the less than gentle high-altitude wind, the shoves of his sister and Second’s own overzealous shifts of his weight pushed him back just a little too much, and he didn’t even have time to realise that he was effectively standing on what amounted to one solid branch and a thatch of ineffective twigs before the said branch became less solid, with a snap that went unheard in the angry screeching that didn’t stop even when the nest became a huge shadow above him.

 The eerie extended well past the ledge that supported it, so once that was gone there was only air for a long, long way beneath him. Uncounted times he had watched that almost invisible sea, tested its tactile nudges against his growing wings. He had probably spent more time imagining flight than not imagining flight, if the idle calculations were all added together with actively pursued daydreams and nightdreams and all the thoughts between.

 But this wasn’t flight the way he had imagined it, controlled but challenging enough to be invigorating, a state in which he would surely know everything that mattered and could move any way he wanted, or near enough. This… This graceless, unstoppable tumble, too far, too fast, the wind pulling and pushing in all directions at once – this felt like falling.



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Re: Full-Fledged Conflict
« Reply #5 on: February 22, 2016, 03:37:24 PM »
{Nope, no they don't ^^}

Oh yes, they could read eachother's smug emotions well enough and Naur thought she had won, until it was shown that she hadn't in fact. Or her brother couldn't see it at any rate. Second was just so...stubborn and unable to see when he'd lost!

He had of course, she could speak better, argue terms of survival and being on top, this was why stronger hatchlings lived.

So why did childish smiles of gesture and posture, such as Second employed now, irk her to her very core? It was insulting to her own self in a way and she shouldn't let him get to her like that. Also should maybe have avoided taking the fight to the where her brother excelled so well; mainly actual combat.

Oh sure, he was weaker and she saw and relished in this fact, but it was also apparent, somehow, that his skills would eventually exceed her own. Or this was the sinking suspicion. Once he gained some strength to him...well but she would always be bigger so really there was little reason to worry. Wasn't there?

Well but brute strength wasn't everything...

Except when you were an eaglet on the cusp of survival...

Then she would just have to survive by being smart, and that was easy enough to do. Nauroval certainly had a better chance at this than Second! Not that the little eaglet focused too far on these thoughts, she was too busy trying to beat her hatch-mate into the dust, or the twigs of the nest at least.


She almost smiled smugly again, if her posture wasn't busy fending him off. Yes he was. It was clear in his manner. Naur was effectively pushing each and every one of his buttons and it was oh so satisfying! Nauroval was so caught up in their...childish little...combat that she didn't even notice her brother's position perched precariously at the edge of the nest. Then, just like that, she...won even more so...sort of...

At any rate, the twig snapped and Second went tumbling. It surprised even her. The eaglet quickly hopped to the edge of the nest to follow her brother's progress, visually anyway...just 'cause. It wasn't that she cared if he tumbled and tumbled down to his death; at any rate she didn't try to get either of their parents' attention, even if they weren't currently visible from anywhere she could see from within the nest.

She'd have still tried. If she felt so inclined.

Besides he would right himself...Second always found a way out of stuff, it was one of his most annoying qualities. True said stuff had been in the nest stuff so far...

Naur's own little wings took a test flap of air as she continued to watch, not taking off herself, she couldn't yet; and if he didn't fly she wasn't going to save him! Yet...she monitored...because for some reason it was important.

He'd better fly!

He'd better not, she'd just be so annoyed at him!

More annoyed if he died and they went and blamed her for it though!

"Come on...come on...", she found herself muttering, "Don't be that pathetic!".

Then a louder, kind of still smug call that he may or may not catch, "Do you need help...again?!"
« Last Edit: February 22, 2016, 04:12:31 PM by Nauroval »

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Re: Full-Fledged Conflict
« Reply #6 on: September 26, 2019, 04:53:49 PM »
 Second fell.

 (Logically, some people would have said, it could only have been for a few seconds. Falling happens very, very quickly, much more so than many realise. It takes only a little over five seconds to fall five hundred feet, if nothing is slowing you down, and with every moment that passes you fall faster still. However, Second had never been introduced to the notion of a clock and measured time according to what happened in it. Just then, quite a lot was happening.)

 It all felt like chaos, like something unnatural and horrible and doomed. He wasn’t steering, he was being tossed about like – like a stick in white water, with no agency. Somewhere First’s voice said something, but he didn’t come close to catching it. The wind threw him out from the cliff and he could barely process that that was probably good, that it granted him a bit more time to figure things out. It couldn’t be enough time. This was wrong, his wings shouldn’t be so useless, and he struggled frantically and thoughtlessly to try and get them to do something, to scoop and pull against the air like they did when Thraegas made little gales to let them practice. There was no strategy, just blind instinct and panic.

 And then the whole world shifted on its axis.

 Parts of his mind that he had never known existed flared brightly, sharp and clear and purposeful. His wings lined up. His tail lined up. His head slipped into a smoother angle. His feet curled up and tucked away, unneeded. His eyes had never closed but now they focused again, seeing the world… Move. There was a glittering stream coming into view that had been hidden by a cliff, a grove of trees far below, a path for walking things that changed shape as he changed place.

 Perspective was a glorious thing.

 His wings moved without a conscious thought, beating, keeping him up, paying a toll to balance him here skimming between conflicting rivers of air. He wasn’t quite steady and he could feel where down feathers dragged and snagged, where imperfect movements made him wobble or dip slightly. His wing muscles already felt slight strain from the new work of supporting him. Flight still managed to be perfect.

 Another fledgling might have screamed in triumph. Second stayed silent, awed. The nest shrank in importance in his mind as it shrank with distance behind him. He looked down and saw nothing for thousands of feet – he was alone, unsupported, wonderfully free.

 A few blissful minutes of cutting a wobbly arc around the valley later, a shadow passed over him and he looked up, startled.

 “Well done, little one.” Thraegas’s golden eyes looked out of the massive silhouette, bright and proud.

 Now Second clicked and chirped – meaningless, delighted, adorably brash sounds. Thraegas let him fly for another minute or so and then scooped him cautiously out of the air with massive talons. Second had to cling on to the tough limbs to help, folding himself up small so he wouldn’t be tugged away. He wanted very badly to fly again, but he was tired, and with the reminder of his father’s existence had come the realisation that he could absolutely brag to Nauroval now.

 Thraegas made a level, careful approach to the nest and alighted gently, balancing on one foot to set the eaglet down. Second sprawled out, still vaguely stunned, and felt a massive beak nudge him in reassurance.

 “Take a rest before you try that again, yes?” He hissed a vague assent back, and then finally raised his head up to find Nauroval. The plan had been to be very smug and make a devastatingly clever comment, but Second was just too elated to pull it off.

 Instead of sharp words, a soft chirping laugh spilled out of him.



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Re: Full-Fledged Conflict
« Reply #7 on: October 09, 2019, 02:40:26 PM »
Her mocking call was lost to the wind and distance that continued to stretch between them, regrettably in the wrong direction. Despite the bravado she put into the words, managing to squeeze another, covering, jest into them, so she didn't seem actually worried, it was a pretty grave situation and First, or Nauroval as their parents had been testing, glanced about for either of them to alert to the situation. ("Never-mind how, he just fell out...").

Almost as soon as she thought this, the situation changed. Whether by him turning, or what, the wind suddenly bore Second off in another, vertical direction!

It was a fluke of course and didn't count as flying, but she was reassured (though she would only admit it to herself) that it saved his being splatted against the cliff face. They had a healthy rivalry of competition for food and everything else, but still...Nauroval didn't want to win because she had shoved him to his death. Of course momentum, even of the wind, would only last so long, even with neither of them knowing how to fly, Nauroval, or Lach as she would also be called until she earned the first, knew that and...Wait where was he going?!

Her brother's form continued to get smaller and smaller within the vastness of the sky. Nauroval wracked her brain for more wind-current theories to explain it away, because the only other explanation, it wasn't possible! It was literally not allowed! She had before been called First for a reason! Even got her name first! So...he couldn't fly first! He just couldn't!

Hopping further out to the branch, her feet and wings twitched anxiously, both in just a nervous twitch but also. Well if he could do it, then it really must be the easiest thing in the world! She'd already felt the test winds. Nauroval prepared to follow suit, only giving a quick glance down, but...even with what she could see, that was pretty high up...

Oh well, here went nothing...and now here went now!

Despite her anxious need to do it (because Second had!), she could not make herself take that plunge. She didn't long for the freedom the way Second did, it was just a mechanic of survival and step to be taken. Oh it was probably pretty fun, maybe, but with nothing but pragmatism behind it, for the most part, it was easy for Nauroval to get inside her own head and freeze herself up.

She glanced up at the shadow overhead as well and as their father went to aid Second. He called something meant to be reassuring about when she was ready but...she was ready now! No she wasn't she reminded herself as she glanced down again.

This was stupid! What was she doing? She could not let...

It seemed her brother was returned to the nest all too soon, carried but not because he had fallen, more because flying for the first time was tiring (apparently, she still didn't know!). Nauroval wanted to...not beg, but nudge that line to try again herself, but hesitated at first in case she would be in trouble for how Second had come to his impromptu flying lesson in the first place...

Thraegas didn't mention it though, and if it was a secret between them, Nauroval was eager to have it be such as well. Upset as she currently was with him, and becoming more and more now that his smug grin was back in the nest with her. "Oh is my break from you over, Second?". There! Make it look like she hadn't wanted to fly in the first place! Even if...that very phrase proved why she should have been the one to do such! And remind that she still had a name and he didn't!

She then promptly turned aside to ignore him.

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  • Nauroval: Open thread for assistance from any in Rohan/Near Fangorn! Removing an arrow from the wing of a Great Eagle and getting to possibly speak to her and meet Shadowfax due to it! :smile: [link]
    May 22, 2020, 12:08:54 AM
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  • Bard: Don't feel disheartened. The thread is open to anyone, including Bain. I've also made a slight change to the last paragraph. I hope it helps you in joining the thread.
    May 06, 2020, 08:34:45 AM
  • Nienna: Oh! Was about to toss Bain at Pappa, but after reading the last paragraph... hmmm...
    May 06, 2020, 03:32:31 AM
  • Bard: Open thread at Laketown for anyone with a reason to be there during a cold winter night
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