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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Kéra  (Read 3775 times)


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« on: April 28, 2015, 10:21:00 PM »


NAME: Kéra 

NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Kee, used mainly by her twin Dúra 

DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): T.A. 2903 (38)

PLACE OF BIRTH: The Iron Hills 

RACE: Dwarf

GENDER: Female 

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: Kéra has a long brown hair that reaches just beneath her shoulders and because of that tends to go everywhere when not braided due to not having enough weight to keep itself down when she moves too much. It has some speckles of red under the right light here and there, but less than her twin's. Actually Kéra keeps her hair on the shorter side to differentiate herself from Dúra and cut all the "I don't know which one is you" crap from people outside their family.
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Kéra's physical characteristics are remarkably like Dúra's, one of the consequences of being twins. Kéra, though, is an inch taller than her sister, mainly because she was always more physical than Dúra. She is equally unbulky for a Dwarf and still hasn't developed much of a beard, not that she minds it much. 

OVERALL APPEARANCE: Kéra is usually found on male's clothes because they are practical, simple and don't get in the way as she is working with her sister on their projects. She will use a leather overall coat with similar characteristics if the weather calls for it. Besides several pockets are a must have always! Most times she looks like a beard challenged male more than a female, but when the occasion calls for it Kéra will done a dress and look absolutely fitting gorgeous in it!!! She just doesn't care about her looks when they don't seem to be important. She is capable of looking and acting like a lady when needed though.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS: None of true notice, but she is usually found with small cuts and bruises on her hands due to all that tinkering. They are unavoidable...

WEAPONS: Since Kéra's brain seems to be located on her fingertips instead of her head, she can turn pretty much anything around her into an usable weapon, if need be, as long as it is in touch range. 

FACE CLAIM: Raffey Cassidy 


- Intelligence: Kéra, just like her twin, was given a prodigious mind. She knows very well how to nurture it and apply it for the purposes she chooses to fulfill. This young Dwarf is always looking out for new knowledge or new ways of building and doing things.

- Pragmatism: Kéra, unlike her twin, is highly down to earth and her mind is that of a realist thinker. She doesn't dream things up. She constructs them bit by bit. Everything feels more real to her when she can begin to touch it. Then she just knows if something will do as expected or not.

- Dexterity: Kéra's dexterity is highly advanced due to her now long history of tinkering alongside Dúra. She handles objects, tools or weapons with the same strength and agility.

- Social Awareness: Unlike her sisters, Kéra has a reasonably good level of social awareness and can act like a lady if the situation or her parents demand it of her. She prefers to choose to enter social contact situations though rather than have them forced upon her.


- Her Family: Kéra may put up a strong and self-sufficient facade sometimes, but her family is everything to her and she'd feel utterly lost without their support. If you want to really take her ground from beneath her feet, just hide Dúra for a day.

- Arrogance: Though this has diminished much since Báren's death and her father's return, Kéra still tends to be a bit too reliant on her skills thinking she can handle things she may not be truly prepared to handle.

- Obstination: Once Kéra puts her mind on some train of thought or action, very few can get her out of it. She'll go to the last consequences to get what she feels is important to her or her family.

- Recklessness: Kéra can be reckless in the sense that sometimes she takes the full risks of her projects with her twin sister without fully thinking of all the possible consequences mainly due to being eager to see the fruits of their previous mental work take form. This is especially true when starting to build a prototype from a pile of raw materials. Injuries at that phase of their work are common as Kéra is the one who takes them not allowing Dúra to touch something that isn't safe before she makes it be so.


- Make Her Name: One of Kéra's greatest dreams is to be recognized as a skilled inventor by all in the Iron Hills, together with her sister sure, and that her work may some day become important to her people and get her family much gold!

- Help Her Parents: Kéra's second main dream is to be more active in helping her parents maintain their household as she doesn't think herself too young to be of true use.


- Loose Anyone Else: Though it may not seem to some that she even took a blow with her brother's death because she was trying to be strong for Dúra and her mother's sake, Kéra actually felt it deeply as she did the absence of her father while he was missing. She probably wouldn't deal well with another loss in the family. The loss of Dúra, though, would destabilize her completely.

- Marriage: In her point of view marriage would mean the ultimate failure in making her own name and being her own person. She fears loosing her identity or the perfect symbiosis she shares with her twin sister if either or both of them were to move on to build families instead of things.

PERSONALITY: Kéra is a very bright young Dwarf. She uses her intelligence as a shield sometimes to keep certain kinds of people away from her, by being demeaning to them in subtle ways, read into that those boys who try to flirt with her. She doesn't want to go out with anybody who isn't her sisters or her parents and prefers to stay around them even during social events. She enjoys the stability of what is known emotionally but still she is always eager to discover new things and new ways of getting things done rationally.

She is very strong willed and won't back down faced with what she wants. She's protective of her family and will take no crap to her pillow from anyone without a fight or a smart mouth comeback. Her tongue can be sharp and she can be honest to a fault when sharing her mind in certain situations, especially at home. Kéra doesn't think she's too young to help out her parents, after all at her age Lord Dáin was already leader at the Iron Hills and he did great by his people. Why does she have to accept to be treated like a child? Beware! She won't!

Kéra is very focused on what she is doing while she is doing it. Her hands are the vehicles by which her thoughts, and her sister's ones too, enter the physical world. She is a realist thinker and thus she is skeptical of magic and other ethereal things that aren't a part of her usual world. She can deal with the nitty gritty aspects of life really well, it's the fluffy stuff that flies right over her head most of the time. She can act like a lady, but the only thing she truly values in another is their brightness. Not only in the sense of conventional intelligence, but also street wisdom or experience.

HISTORY: Kéra was born to Féren and Séla of the Iron Hills in T.A. 2903, being followed into Arda just moments later by her twin sister Dúra. She already had two older siblings, Míla and Báren, both not that much older than herself, the first being just 4 years her senior and the second 6. She grew up in a loving home, being rather close to all her siblings and both parents. Her intelligence and cleverness only grew with the passage of the time, Dúra always having a special place in her life as her partner in crime in both mechanical creations and pranks. They grew up to rely on each other in every way, one developing the skills the other seemed to lack.

Kéra being rather stronger and more determined than Dúra, always seemed to have a closer relationship to Míla than Báren. Though she has always seen the advantage in acquiring more knowledge, actively seeking it and her brother was a constantly available source of it besides her teachers. Yet to her he was a bit too with his head in the clouds like her twin, who worshipped him as they grew up. She was always more down to earth, but love abounded either way and happiness was their family right until tragedy struck.

Two years ago both her father and older brother were out on a scouting trip when an Orc pack happened upon them. Báren was killed seemingly immediately, his body found by Dwarven scouts days later. Féren's body wasn't to be found and the uncertainty about him being alive or dead was just unbearable. He was considered killed in action by Dáin and Séla had to get a job and take care of getting income to the household herself. Kéra wanted to help her mother, but was considered too young for it. She rebelled against that idea and started to work on a project by herself since Dúra was a bit unavailable due to being still grief stricken.

Such project only started to give fruits when Féren returned home alive and Dúra recovered enough to start helping her out. This situation humbled Kéra considerably as she understood without a doubt that she was much better as a part of their twin duo than she was by herself. The return of her father also brought peace and happiness to Kéra's heart, but it didn't dissipate her will to try to be useful to her family with the gifts she had been granted. In time she convinced Dúra to work on something more seriously than they ever had before when tinkering, planning and just building projects or pranking for fun: prosthetic replacements for their father's lost fingers and foot!!! They're now ready to be tested...

AGE: 32
COUNTRY: Brazil 
EXPERIENCE: 17 years
OTHER CHARACTERS: The Necromancer, Estel, Arahin, Annúngilel, Dáin Ironfoot, Cefren and Brego
CONTACT: PM or e-mail
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: I've been here for quite a while...
I shall pass this as I have other projects to work on. See you later!

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Jo approved and ready for review!!!!!


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Beautiful, as always



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