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Author Topic: Apples to Pears  (Read 2867 times)


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Apples to Pears
« on: April 22, 2015, 12:48:00 AM »
{As I've mentioned in stuff, Fritz does market escort trips to help sheltered, deaf Líknví communicate and haggle with the merchants of her sector and such and both pull their own sorts of trouble along, so, simple idea that probably won't be, let's see where this goes shall we! Kinda opened to group I'd guess, also wasn't sure about Muradel being about yet? Also yes, I'll add Lí in as and when needed ~}

It wasn't like he had anything "official" or was anything "official". Kvasir and dear Líknví's friend and...unofficial-guard-of-nobility-and-such-status-safeguards-on-trips-and-such.

Yeah, you could emblazon that...

Translator to Both really. For Kvasir's made up signs once and Lí's more official set but still encountering illiteracy of that sort. And her hesitant nature that sometimes shut down.

It would concern him, her needing to defer it seemed, and the trust issue this could bring and advantages taken if she wasn't actually very cautious with trust given.

All the more humbling that she seemed to genuinely enjoy these trips, as her small smiles said so much more than signed or low spoken words.

It meant something, hearing those tones. Lí talked to a total of three people. Himself. Kvas and Rian. Wouldn't even speak around little Muradel, for her sake and so the younger girl wouldn't have to hear it, she said. Fritz bit back pointing out that to also be under Kvasir's wing, as it were, the girl had to be use to much.

Líknví had had no choice with him, he supposed. The first tones he'd heard out of her had been frightened cries back in Bree.

Still thinking of that low-life excuse of a Dwarf who'd been the problem brought a serious frown to the young smith's face!

But the day seemed to dispel such heavy thoughts, being pretty bright and crisp as could still just be told by the winds some crevice would let in.

It was Autumn, and a few days before Fritz's own birthday come the Fifth, but that was inconsequential and he in fact strained to keep Líknví from discovering this fact. She'd do something with it, he knew she would, something that would only make the Noble's son feel bad as she humbly made an apple and pear pie (one gift for Rian and Lí now knew his favorite...) to go along with his more official tiered cake or such! Never-mind that after the milestone of Fifty cakes got a bit less impressive.

In fact he should have been suspicious, carting a small basket load of each, except it was completely random and not all her doing, and they didn't seem pie destined, more the opposite!

Today was a new experiment!

Some of the pears Fritz himself had secured on a hunting trip and later scouting with Einar. Dags had come back with some of the apples after a jaunt with Fíli (Fritz would rather not think on it other than to recognize it was how a few apples reached his home), a few from Lí's own, left over after she had to make an apple and blackberry pie for Kvas in early October and also just for munching so thankfully they probably weren't squishy and brown by now.

Matter of fact they were all a not bad section of fruit, that should maybe be kept about the house, Líknví's at least maybe, but coin seemed more substantial than squishy fruit, if not immediately.

Hard to say exactly how the idea had come, or from which truly, the young Dwarves just chatting with hands on a trip back and Lí admitting to a failed bid of adding a cleaning job (ended when she ruined a very nice rug!) to mending in ever trying to aid out the income of, well, a household that was Kvasir looking out for both her and Muradel.

Matter of fact she probably tried too hard, she was suppose to be the Dependent wasn't she? But what did sheltered, Noble's son Fritz know of it? Nothing he told himself, yet a try at cheering up had turned serious possibility.

Fritz had seemed to just be avoiding the serious issue when he jogged ahead and by way of a smile shot back got Lí to follow in an impromptu race across the market like Dwarflings, ah they sort of still were!

All just good fun...if Fritz hadn't rammed straight into an apple cart run by a very dour woman, spilling her wares. Líknví was better than he (often was just in general!) and stopped to help pick them up, maybe that was why the cross woman only pelted and insulted him, dropping Cephas' name doing little to no good with this section of merchants!

Grumbling as he continued to walked Lí home, wiping apple juice and pulp from his face, he said something that might have been insinuating they could do her job better, he didn't mean it, but once the words left his mouth's formation they seemed to sit in the air whether Líknví actually heard them or no.

They were not fruit sellers and were not about to turn into ones, for one Fritz knew one cohort he would never be able to like in the business...but if in the course of an afternoon they sold two pieces of fruit and Líknví could take that money home more cheered than with frustrating needle work, it would all be more than worth it.

Ok...and maybe on Fritz's end the thought of spiting said spiteful lady, even if just a small bit, wasn't a down side exactly...

Ah, all in jesting, he was mostly and majority just helping out a friend. The young smith was more than halfway tempted to try said stall outside on actual travelers beyond the mountain, but Líknví was more than nervous on that prospect whether he be well armed or not even before he said it he knew, so they settled for away from the major sector of merchants (and no he wasn't avoiding the apple lady not taking kindly to competition...) and somewhere in the flow in and out and with the outside sounds audible and breeze able to be felt more, a bit anyway.

Stall running had it's perks, it was like loitering for profit, and the two young Dwarves mostly just passed the time signing or in Líknví watching as Fritz attempted juggling two pears then one pear and one apple.

Fritz wasn't sure if Lí had told Kvasir where she was, with him was maybe enough, but he had snuck off without a word to his family on day's plans--his mother would have had fits at knowing what sector he went to, again!--So he could only hope if any he knew did happen by none would mock or be annoying or embarrassing (his own family especially held this power even when they "got on well" as he'd been told he and his were anomalies for doing and Mahal help him if Dags found him and was Encouraging!)

Mid-day sustenance also wasn't an issue if your co-stall runner was alright with you eating the wares, and while Líknví glanced to him she didn't stop him from demolishing a pear and even just smiled as they waited to see how the day would look.



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Re: Apples to Pears
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2019, 02:53:44 PM »
Anlaf muttered to himself as he walked. "Couldn't tell me last week when I was setting all of this up that he wouldn't be at his stall but Outside...". He, of course, wasn't complaining about his youngest son, he had no idea about any stalls there, but rather complaining for his sake. Sort of. Anlaf thought he'd come about to the perfect gift idea for Fritz's birthday in a few days, and a leather tool keeper, but the tanner com leather-merchant he was trying to track down was proving more slippery than his process no doubt!

He had hoped to run the Dwarf to ground near his stall, but was instead told he was no doubt out checking his traps. Most Dwarves hunted, but, working in leather, he apparently kept a steady stream going for fur accents. Made sense...even if it was currently an annoyance to Anlaf.

Mainly he was just upset at himself. He had told Liv that he had all of this worked out...because he had felt that he had...and now he was going to have to face the possibility of telling her he did not in fact have any of it worked out, and...might not have a gift for their son come his birthday. At least it wasn't the lad's Fiftieth, but one of the few years after.

Anlaf knew that didn't make it any better...

As he walked on, mulling over all of this, the councilor and warrior was struck by that odd sense one got when the person they had just been thinking about was suddenly right in front of them.

Fritz was between him and the exit he aimed for in his quest, at a stall, with a girl Anlaf hadn't ever seen before. His mind did not immediately jump to where Liv's would have, though he was perhaps just as intrigued, and watched his youngest toss and catch a pear before biting into it. Anlaf chuckled to himself before walking up. "Well Fritz!", he half rested, half leaned a hand against the top of the stall as he paused, surveying it, before glancing up, "What's all this?, he grinned intrigued to his son, before his eyes swept over to his friend.



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Re: Apples to Pears
« Reply #2 on: November 10, 2019, 08:20:16 PM »
Líknví was not fooled, though she knew Fritz thought she was. Oh it was so very clever of her friend to schedule up this outing, and give a place for apples and pears to disappear to, and thus not be around when they might be called for in a few days, and if she wanted to make a birthday pie. The poor noble didn't know who he went up against, though! Líknví was very skilled at hiding fruit for other uses.

It had been sort of shameful before...back in the brothel, where hiding food was probably the worst thing you could do (acceptable sins aside), but Lí had only ever done it once or twice, and to hide every apple Amadith gave her for a whole week so as to present them to Kvasir one year on his birthday, in a basket with a ribbon she had also been lucky enough to find and keep, shortly before his exile. Then he had the apples their mother put into his apple and blackberry pie and those!

Of course he'd been all intent about "sharing back".

Thankfully this year she could make a whole pie herself and not have them worry over it since they could afford the fruit (and when some of it was free from jaunts).

So, while they had a good selection of fruit for their "experiment", Líknví still had plenty of apples and pears for Fritz later! And she owed it to him, when he had come up with this idea all to cheer her up! Fritz even made up all sorts of reasons for why the cart worked best at the entrance to the caverns, when Líknví knew the placement was all because of her hesitancy, still, with Outside, and even when with trusted individuals like her brother, Rian or Fritz. Even with all her time spent on the road in transit and then in Bree, it had just been the best she could find for the moment. The walls of Bree helped, and door locks, but still, underground just naturally had a secure feeling for Dwarves.

Even if they didn't sell one bit of fruit, Líknví would not count the lazy afternoon wasted, and easily enough passed time signing with Fritz (and just in case any came by to hear her tones) or watching him try to juggle their wares. She was sure her still subdued giggles were far too encouraging, but she couldn't help it.

Whether intentional or not, Fritz was sat between Líknví and Outside, a bit, with their placement on their stools, and so both saw and heard their visitor first. Lí's first indication was when her friend stiffened suddenly and his brown eyes widened. He didn't look truly scared, but more...

Líknví still hadn't identified the correct description, even to herself, before she more sensed the presence than saw it herself, and glanced over. In that way that had become second nature, she assessed for general feel of this new presence and if it warranted any guarded reactions, though she hated that she still did such, even if with Fritz there it was toned down a bit in trust of her companion.

His whole manner was easy and relaxed though, in a way Líknví seldom saw. Confident, but because he perhaps knew he didn't have to prove anything. Most hard-handed, or otherwise aggressive Dwarves (unfortunately a kind Líknví had seen a lot back home) were also very on edge and nervous themselves in a way. With something to prove, even if they would no doubt deny such.

The older Dwarf, their first customer perhaps, knew Fritz, if his smile that gave hint to tone even as he said the other's name, and in gestures Líknví had become very good at reading, were any indication. Not surprising, perhaps; given his family, many in Ered Luin no doubt knew Fritz and his assorted family, and for their good natures along with any prestige, as far as Líknví had seen and could attest also.

As her friend shifted on his stool, Líknví realized he had been attempting to dodge beneath the stall perhaps! Or in some other way make an escape!

But why? Líknví wondered, glancing between the two, and as Fritz, almost resigned, settled himself again. Embarrassed almost, perhaps, Lí realized (Of...her...); before this worry could fully take hold, and even as Líknví told herself Fritz had done nothing but prove it false, as she glanced between the two again, she sort of saw it, that hint of resemblance. Oh...this was perhaps...

Fritz's grin was still unsure, or just childishly caught out in a way that confirmed more suspicions on Líknví's end. She hadn't had a father, but she had had a mother and older brother, and authority figures just had this power, especially when one was explaining a before held grand idea...

"We're, um...selling apples...and pears. Uh, this is Líknví", Fritz nodded to her and Líknví nodded to the Dwarf, albeit still a bit shyly. "Uh, Lí, this father, Anlaf", Fritz then explained to her in clear enunciation, with some signing back up, further confirming those suspicions.

How do you do?

Líknví found herself having to just trust to his knowing signs, at-least enough, and even if Fritz went on to try to help. "".

Lí helped out by indicating to one ear and shaking her head, smiling again, sorry for the trouble if for anything and almost excusing and appeasing if it made it awkward. She was used to such, but still, if this was Fritz's father, and more of his wonderful family, she was almost sorry for making anything awkward on him.

She then caught herself. Oh, but this was the one half of the reason for Fritz's family's good standing!

Standing up, Líknví added a curtsy to her greeting, not because she felt she had to so much as wanted to. She'd before seen so much hypocrisy, she would go the extra mile with any and all worthy Nobility, and genuinely give any respect they genuinely earned, and given all she'd heard, this was one of those sort.

She then tried to not seem like she was further taking in every small detail of this Father of Fritz's, and just in curiosity, even as she did exactly that.

Sig made by wonderful Cass ~



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Re: Apples to Pears
« Reply #3 on: December 04, 2019, 04:35:11 PM »
His boy was tense, there was no denying that; but what on earth for? Had Liv been there, she would have spotted out the root of such reactions and been on the right track the two young Dwarves before him didn't even recognize yet, no doubt (not to mention have quite a few thoughts on what she realized, and opinions on Fritz's chosen vocation of the moment), but Anlaf thankfully didn't and spared his son any unnecessary embarrassment.

"We're, um...selling apples...and pears. Uh, this is Líknví"

Anlaf glanced to the girl to give his own nod of greeting and...alright maybe a thought along the right track raced past in his mind, but he just as quickly dismissed it. Fritz dodged his mother at every courting angle there was, he didn't think his boy would be surreptitiously using this to meet a girl, and despite his nervousness at being found out, there was an ease to the air that also dispelled that.

"How do you do?", he unknowingly threw out the same question as her, as she threw out signs. It took him a while, but Anlaf was familiar with hunting signs same as his other son, Kophas, and so he soon got the gist. With a chuckle that was at his own self and meant well, he nodded again, "Just fine, thankyou Miss Líknví, and you'll excuse my not trying signs back, but I'd do them insult".

Anlaf would have let the reasoning of having to converse such go, but it was explained nonetheless, by both Fritz and the girl, and in a guess he had tried to enunciate clearly. He nodded.

The girl, Líknví, then stood to curtsy. Anlaf had already caught the cues of how she no doubt came from humble just in her dress and such. Some of Liv's uppity acquaintances would tell him that alone meant he should curb the association his son had with her, but Anlaf didn't feel that in the slightest. Liv herself might be upset at his decision to only mention this if it came up (and that would be his answer and excuse if it ever did come back to him). She seemed a nice girl, and conscious herself of social barriers, and so he quickly waved a hand, "Oh, please, just because I aid King Thorin, I hunt my own meat same as everyone, no need for airs, though I thank-you young lady". He both undid his own point, and just made it further by giving her a bow of greeting.

"Well, so, what's the tally for the day?", he then asked, picking up an apple and both tossing it and taking a bite before he caught himself. He'd just rightly assumed, as Fritz's father, anything his was his own of course. "Oops sorry, well if it was just you, boy, I wouldn't worry, but here I won't cheat Miss Líknví". Anlaf dug in his pocket and handed the young Dwarf girl a coin with another nod, pleased to see her grin and hear her giggle for it. He didn't want to make Fritz's friend uncomfortable; now if he was also embarrassing his son, well that was his prerogative!
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Re: Apples to Pears
« Reply #4 on: January 25, 2020, 11:47:27 PM »
Was there a hole that could just open up and swallow him?

Of course Fritz wasn't embarrassed of Líknví, and it was actually, sort of all selfish embarrassment. His father meant well, but, he was...well his father...and apt to...statements such as...

"Just fine, thankyou Miss Líknví, and you'll excuse my not trying signs back, but I'd do them insult".

Yeah that one...

Especially when he tried for funny or charming. Fritz didn't sound like that when he tried did he? Oh Mahal please let there be no similarities!

Of course Fritz knew his father didn't mean to be embarrassing, and in fact he couldn't have even said why it was embarrassing; sure he was trying for a slight joke, but not as bad as he at times could be with it. It just was! Still Fritz did his best to explain all that needed explained, all while wracking his brain for a way to get his father to leave without insulting him. Or any way out of this!

"Oh, please, just because I aid King Thorin, I hunt my own meat same as everyone, no need for airs, though I thank-you young lady".

Fritz wiped his hands across his face a bit, but it still wasn't enough to make him miss his father's bow. Fact that he was trying, or not trying as it were, and meant it genuine somehow made it that much worse! Of course there was only one real reason Fritz would be this self-conscious around Líknví, if he felt like delving into the self-exploration he (and both) were still putting off.

It was far too late to dive under the stall, as he'd contemplated and attempted even, so Fritz faced his father and the situation normally, but for the small reaction of earlier, much as it kept getting worse.

"Well, so, what's the tally for the day?"

Fritz blinked slightly, and tried to figure out if his father was serious in wanting to know, while he watched his further antics with an inward groan. He was a bit loath to admit to the number, but then Líknví held up a zero sign and formation with her hands with a smile. For her part, she could tell Fritz was not best pleased with their current predicament, but she would say any similarities she was spotting between father and son were good ones, and encouraging for their further friendship.

"Oops sorry, well if it was just you, boy, I wouldn't worry, but here I won't cheat Miss Líknví"

Líknví felt she had just never, never been handed a coin with such grace, manners and charm. Kvasir passing some of his spare coins for her to feel she bought a pie was different, and honestly she'd made such a habit of not taking coins at all...

After her giggle, she threw a thank-you sign with a bright smile and next grinned over to Fritz once more, almost seeming to want to try to help him feel better. Well, she could do that with little effort. Fritz soon smiled back, before facing his father once more, a bit buoyed now to give back for all the teasing he was receiving. "Yes, well, if eating our wares is all you're going to do...", he boldly took back the bit apple, grimaced at the bit and with a sigh tossed it back, not missing how Líknví watched and her smile grew, "...I suggest you...".

"Now who says that's all the help I can provide?", his father's question cut him off as, with an infuriatingly teasing and secretive smirk, Anlaf crossed his arms and considered the two.

Fritz let his breath out slowly. they weren't going to get rid of him today. "Alright...what are you talking about?", he asked, still with a sigh and note of reluctance in his voice.



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Re: Apples to Pears
« Reply #5 on: April 04, 2020, 11:14:32 PM »
Anlaf was arguably enjoying this far too much! Stringing Fritz along with his teasing, and teasing even further as to the help he could provide. He didn't mean true ill, or to unduly embarrass his youngest, even if that was exactly what he was accomplishing! They were all growing, and had grown, so fast, his brood, as Fritz's upcoming birthday had further impressed upon the councilor. It was only a handful of years since Fritz had passed the Fifty milestone that marked him grown, and yet every year after caused another marked gap.

How many did he have before Fritz, or any of his other boys, followed Andi in moving out upon their own lives? That thought alone should have made him more suspicious of the young lady sitting beside his son, but still Anlaf didn't assume.

Andar's twins having just been born that August and...everything the family had gone through in the past year, perhaps bumping Anlaf's wistful wanting of clinging to what he could; not that he wasn't ecstatic to be a grandfather! It was just a shame some of the words he'd had to trade with his second oldest before seeing him off, though for the most part Anlaf's disappointment in the manner of how it all went down had been shown in somber looks more than words. That last he left to Liv.

But the family was doing well now, and Andar was sure to drop by in a few days for Fritz's Fifty-Fourth birthday.

Still, Anlaf held the same smile upon his face as he stood, arms leisurely crossed, awaiting Fritz's reaction to his cryptic words, as he had when playing peek-a-boo with the lad as a young toddler; it changing to a grin as his boy bit and asked.

"Glad you asked!", he acted like he hadn't been pulling for that very question. Leaning forward again, he rested his hands on the stall and gave both Fritz and his friend a secretive sort of look. "I have it on good authority that Hjor has taken a set of young lads out to show them some survival skills, and I'm sure after such an excursion the boys will be hungry. I could point them towards this entrance and your cart, no problem".

And the fact that Hjor was also the brother of the leather merchant Anlaf was hunting down meant he could get a better idea of where the Dwarf was for his own mission while doing said favor for his son.



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Re: Apples to Pears
« Reply #6 on: June 13, 2020, 03:19:40 PM »
At first, Fritz wondered if his father was going to answer him. Though his teasing smile remained, Anlaf was silent, and looked a bit thoughtful, for quite a few moments, but then he grinned and leaned forward. Like this was all a game to him! It probably was!

Fritz bit his lip and glanced off with an inward sigh. Why was he doing all of this in front of Lí? And why did it hold such a power of embarrassment...

Once again, Fritz just chalked it up to that power all parents held. He could not see Andar ever being embarrassing, but maybe years down the road his new twin niece and nephew would tell him differently. Though that far into the future was hard to see. What would he be doing then? Well, hopefully he'd have a good business. And...hopefully Líknví would still live in Ered Luin, along with Kvasir and Rian of course. Fritz stole a glance over sideways at her, and to measure how embarrassed he should be.

Plenty by that wide smile she held! Líknví was finding Anlaf amusing. Not in a condescending way (as if she could ever!) and while her being happy was a good thing, it being at his father acting up was not!

"I have it on good authority that Hjor has taken a set of young lads out to show them some survival skills, and I'm sure after such an excursion the boys will be hungry. I could point them towards this entrance and your cart, no problem". Fritz was on the point of refusing his father's offer, without even really pondering it in any kind of fair way, and only because it sounded further embarrassing, when Líknví chimed up!

Not verbally, though Fritz could tell those walls were perhaps crumbling fast, again, a good thing really, just not for his sake right now!

You could? That be great! Thank-you!, even such simple gestures carried a wealth of gratitude, and with Líknví's smile added. Fritz smiled softly to himself, watching his friend admiringly for a bit, and before he caught himself and recalled the precarious situation, with Anlaf right there! He quickly directed his focus back to his father.

"", he couldn't find an answer for a moment, and only because he was weighing the situation a bit, still on edge for some reason. They were here to sell fruit, weren't they? Yes, but somehow the offer coming from Anlaf made it dubious...though Fritz acknowledged it could all be in his head.

He glanced again to Líknví's encouraging smile, and decided they could go for it, maybe. "Fine...but if there are a lot of them, maybe you should help us out?". He couldn't believe he was giving his father a reason to linger, when all he really wanted was for him to go on about his business.



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Re: Apples to Pears
« Reply #7 on: November 09, 2020, 03:17:30 PM »
Anlaf took in his son's smile as the girl, Líknví, eagerly enough answered back that his plan met with approval by her as well, yet not to the danger his son imagined. It wasn't that he had no suspicions on the two; he recognized at least that his son had finally found a girl he could talk to, but his mind still didn't jump to where his wife's no doubt would have and he still wasn't thinking the sorts of things his son suspicioned him of, even if Fritz still wasn't identifying it that closely.

" if there are a lot of them, maybe you should help us out?".

Líknví turned, nodding again and with a smile to reassure that this plan met with her approval as well. The girl would take the opportunity of getting to meet any and all of Fritz's family that she could (and...for good or bad...figuring out where she sat with them...since she still wished to be around Fritz as a friend...).

At both of the youth's varying responses, Anlaf chuckled. "Deal! Well, but let me go fulfill the first part of my promise!". Then, before either of them could change their minds (especially his son perhaps), Anlaf made his way over towards the exit and back out into the sunshine.


He was back momentarily, of course, and not alone, as promised. Nor had the fatherly pride toned down...

"You see, Hjor!", he gestured, "What did I tell you? My youngest is not only going to start up his own forge some day, but he could start a side business at that! Come, I'm sure there's plenty for those hungry youths of yours!", he gestured to the Dwarf and the lads with him, before fulfilling his promise and walking behind the stall to help Fritz and his friend.

He shot his youngest a wink, "Bet you're glad I swung by now, aren't you, lad?". He wasn't jesting. He was actually paternally oblivious.



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