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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Ivriniel Nessandil  (Read 46 times)

Ivriniel Nessandil

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Ivriniel Nessandil
« on: December 02, 2020, 03:08:56 AM »

Ivriniel Nessandil

NAME: Ivriniel
NICKNAMES: Rin, Ivy, Nessandil, Ivrinion (by her mother only)
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE: Born in the summer of T.A. 1414 (1605 years old, as of T.A. 3019)
PLACE OF BIRTH: Mirkwood (in a village called Thellant)
RACE: Silvan Elf
GENDER: Female

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: Umber brown, framed with sun-kissed caramel highlights. Straight and silky texture, she keeps it neatly trimmed at a modest mid-length, a few inches below her shoulder blades. Usually worn in a traditional half-up or ponytail, or loose when relaxed, though she enjoys experimenting with different bun styles on her leisure.

EYE COLOUR: Olive green with hazel centers

BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Slim, athletic build, 5'9". Light beige skin that appears paler in the shade, tanning golden in the sun -- hinting at her Avari ancestry through her father's side.

OVERALL APPEARANCE: Usually clad in the green, gray and earthen tones of tunics and leggings to blend and move swift in the forest. Will don dresses, bright colors and jewelry depending on the formality of the occasion, but has rather simple taste concerning finery. On duty, she conforms to whatever uniform, armor and helmet the Woodland guard puts her in.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS: None, all thanks to the wonders of modern medicine her father provided her with. Otherwise she'd undoubtedly have a few scars and a missing fingertip to show.

WEAPONS: Bow and arrow, is what she normally equips herself with, having been schooled in archery since childhood. Further training as a guard has broadened her skill in handling daggers, sword, spear and shield, on par with members of the Woodland army.

FACE CLAIM: Kristin Kreuk

STRENGTHS: Well-versed in combat and stealth, as a member of the Guard. Knowledgeable in medicine and tailoring. Multi-lingual, fluent in Sindarin and Westron. Deer whisperer.

WEAKNESSES: Family, her people, Greenwood, deer -- those whom she would go to any lengths to protect

ASPIRATIONS: To protect Greenwood's deer. Explore beyond Greenwood. To know what became of her missing sister, Aerlinniel.

FEARS: Losing another family member. The destruction of Greenwood's deer.
PERSONALITY: Tree-hugger. Driven by spiritual connection to her homeland, Ivriniel aims to protect Greenwood's forest and the harmony of nature within. Most importantly the deer, which are her favorite animals. Elves are of little higher importance to her in the grand scheme of things, yet ensuring their survival is crucial in order to cleanse the land of the Shadow, as Ivriniel realizes the Forest's restoration is a fight she cannot win by herself. Therefore, she is obligated to protect the Realm, to sacrifice herself if need be for the greater good of Greenwood. Her loyalty to king and country is not something she pledges lightly, and while she is warm and amiable to those she meets, Ivriniel focuses on maintaining a professional distance, prioritizing duty over family, mind over heart.

Patience and a keen eye for detail were instilled through her hobbies of painting and tending to animals, though she had less of that tempered patience towards people, in her youth, before her little sister went missing, and her mother's death.  Nowadays, Ivriniel is more often quiet and reserved, calm and soft-spoken, though she can easily carry conversation, enjoying a good party as much as she does solitude.  She has a sense of whimsy that is fed by her creative imagination in art and playing with children, doting on her nephews and nieces.  Her compassion and curiosity towards other races is only impeded by her extreme wariness towards them. After all, it was outsiders who had kidnapped (and presumably killed) her little sister Aerlinniel. All the more, she desires to protect her family and the Forest from outside threats.  Still, she harbors no bias or animosity against other races, having a rather open-minded view in learning from them and exploring the world around her.

HISTORY: Ivriniel had always been the protector of her family, closest to her father Ivoron. "Ivrinion", her mother Laerwen would teasingly call her. Her "son". Looking after her two flighty younger sisters -- one who prioritized social life over chores, while the other romped around recklessly in the Wood -- leaving Ivriniel to shoulder the weight of responsibility in managing her family's homestead. Her mother was a seamstress, her father a healer. Both worked hard to provide a comfortable, stress-free life for their daughters, spoiling them whenever possible. Still, Ivriniel maintained a humble and independent attitude in accomplishing things by herself. She partook in shadowing her parents' craft in medicine and tailoring, but had an innate talent and passion for painting, which she often did on her spare time, between tending to her mother's sheep farm and her father's greenhouses.

Among her favorite subjects to paint were the deer, the only thing that would dare coax Ivriniel to venture into the shadow of the wood for a closer look, for a chance to reach out her hand and touch them, befriend them. As a young child, she fell in love with their doe faces and majestic antlers. Symbols of the forest. She cried whenever a hunter brought back the body of a friend she recognized, and often startled the herd in order to foil hunters' plans.  You want meat? Go, find a fish or a pig.  But to catch a deer for sport, for thrill of the chase, oh, that was the worst cause of all, to make Ivriniel's blood boil!  "Nessandil", the hunters dubbed her, laughingly. "Friend of Nessa". Lover of deer.

It was around the time of the Great Plague (T.A. 1635-1637) when the Shadow fell over Greenwood. Word about monstrous spiders began circulating in Thellant, Ivriniel's hometown in the southern reaches of Greenwood. Ivriniel kept vigilant watch over her family's livestock, never suspecting her little sister Aerlinniel would be so foolish as to sneak out with friends -- in all their rebellious adolescence -- into the forest, that one fateful night.

Aerlinniel's disappearance triggered search parties that all came back fruitless, except for tracks revealing that the young Elf had not been taken by spiders, but kidnapped by outsiders.  The trail ended at a village called Ninoris, between the southern end of Greenwood and the Brown Lands.  No further trace of Aerlinniel and her captors could be found.  Ivriniel and her family were devastated by the loss, Laerwen succumbing to grief shortly after.  Ivriniel held her father and remaining sister Lathariel with newfound love and protectiveness since then.

Spiders soon descended their raids upon Thellant.  Ivriniel joined in reserve forces to defend the village, all in vain as it was eventually overrun and deserted.  Rather than flee north with the rest of their kin, and not wanting to lose another child to the Forest, Ivoron escaped south to Ninoris, along with his daughters who reluctantly went in protest -- Lathariel more loudly in being parted from her friends and old way of life, Ivriniel more quietly in steeped resentment against her father for abandoning their people and essentially leaving Greenwood to its doom.

In Ninoris, they adjusted to a pastoral life, raising crops and livestock on the plains. Free of spiders, at least.  And mostly free of Elves.  The Man-made settlement welcomed the Elven family nevertheless, and Ivriniel quickly found home among them, picking up Westron and a healthy tan.  She enjoyed the open skies and shepherding the flocks under the stars, without tree to obstruct the view, though her heart continually wandered to the Forest, longing to reunite with her people.  Part of her never gave up hope that Aerlinniel was still alive, continuing to hunt for clues, imagining her sister would one day appear at the doorstep or on the hills of the horizon.

Time would come, in T.A. 2414, when Ivriniel -- reaching a mid-life crisis at one thousand years old -- felt the call to rally to her people and return to Mirkwood.  Lathariel eagerly went with her, as did Ivoron, who resigned himself to whatever fate would be his daughters', for better or for worse. 

Perseverance and dedication (and perhaps a wee bit of luck) landed Ivriniel a position in the Woodland guard, though she was largely kept on hold as a replacement scout and soldier, rather than on the frontlines. Thus, she was usually assigned to menial tasks in looking after her unit, such as cleaning armor, keeping inventory, brewing tea, etc.  Ivriniel didn't complain. No matter how big or small the role, so long as she was still part of the activity involved in protecting what little was left of the Woodland Realm.  Her civilian life was seldom impacted, leaving Ivriniel plenty of time to spend with family and at her painting studio.

And of course, check on the herd of giant elk she had been keeping secret.

Though, times are changing, and Ivriniel finds herself joining more and more patrols and scouting missions. With the ever-growing tide of spiders picking off their numbers one by one, stretching the Guard thin, her presence is needed more than ever to keep the Enemy at bay.

  • Father: Ivoron
  • Mother: Laerwen (deceased)
  • Sisters: Lathariel (born T.A. 1539), Aerlinniel (born T.A. 1605; missing, presumed deceased)
  • Brother-in-law: Thanastor (deceased, slain in the Battle Under the Trees)
  • Nephews: Aurelion (born T.A. 2480; deceased, slain in the Battle of the Five Armies), Laeorn (born T.A. 2877)
  • Nieces: Nestariel (born T.A. 2613), Calaneth (born T.A. 2739)
  • Uncle: Dúnaer (older brother of Ivoron)
  • Aunt: Vestele
  • Cousins: Chandrelle, Meara, Pellavan
*relations to Pellavan and Ginger Dúnhere approved by Gard and Hades

AGE: 25
COUNTRY: Philippines
EXPERIENCE: 3 years, I think?
OTHER CHARACTERS: Alvelin, Shadowfax, Rulbasa  What? Who?
CONTACT: Discord preferably, but PM also works
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: Of course I remembered you guys!
ROLE PLAY/WRITING SAMPLE: *points to dead characters*

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Re: Ivriniel Nessandil
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