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Author Topic: Golden Opportunities  (Read 1642 times)


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Golden Opportunities
« on: December 28, 2014, 04:24:00 AM »
The evening was young, and full of opportunity. Laughter danced across the room, from one witty conversation to another, and good food and glances stolen across the room were bountiful. Once upon a time, the halls of this party would have been golden, and Issa would have been invited, arm in arm with her dearest Klaen. But time had passed and while ruin had fallen on her youth, Issa had fought and scraped so that her daughter could flourish in ballrooms such as this and marry her own fellow to begin her own golden age in life. So for now, Issa was content for the gold and luxury to be kept to a minimum while her daughter roamed the halls to join the debutante society.

Meanwhile, Issa herself only took a goblet of wine and never drunk any. Ale was traditional for men, and wine for women, but she mourned even in parties, therefore she took the cup only to look civil. After all, she needed to be alert and keep an eye on Aesa to make sure she was joining in the merriment of the party and meeting potential suitors. It may have only some young lad’s coming-of-age birthday, but it was the son of one of the influential soldiers to the king ...Issa’s mouth curled bitterly at the thought of seeing Lady Liv once again in the celebration, who was used to poking fun at Issa’s and Aesa’s misfortunes mercilessly. Well! She would see how Aesa would grow to marry a suitor outside her family, and pass Liv’s own daughter.

But when Issa turned to greet an old family friend when she bumped into him, she lost track of Aesa! Where had the girl gotten to, when she had only been at that corner speaking to another friend when Issa had looked. Not a sign of the mint green dress Issa had prepared for her daughter for the occasion, no matter how much she tried to look through the crowd for her. And while Issa was tempted to let her temper loose, she knew it would be detrimental to her daughter’s reputation if she pitched a fit, especially here, where she was supposed to be in society.

But Lady Issa, as some Erebor veterans like herself still referred to the red headed dwarf woman, was not one to lose her temper. She merely excused herself kindly from the conversation from her kin and walked over to the tables more filled with food--she knew of Aesa’s love for certain foods. Perhaps they would tell the whereabouts of her girl. But no! No matter where she searched, Issa could not find Aesa in any corner of this ballroom! However, there were only two. Ruby looked up to the rather modest chandelier, gathering patience for the eventual encounter with Aesa.

As she turned to the entrance decisively, a dwarf’s goblet slipped out of his hand absently and fell forward on the feast table, and bounced off. Gasps began here and there in the hall, as red wine coated Lady Issa’s beautiful brown frock’s left side. Anger at the humiliation before the lady had her blush, but no one was to make a fool out of her while she lived. “I am sorry, Mistress Issa,” was the dwarf’s apology, and Issa’s black eyes fell on the poor guard mercilessly. “I must have kept a better eye on my drink.”

“Do not worry, good sir,” was her response. It was still coated with ice, but it was gracious and at least polite. “I should be more attentive to the events around me, that is all. Good evening.” With this, she swept her skirts proudly and marched off into the second ballroom to search for her daughter, without a single glance backward. and the high head of a queen.

Played by Jo

Thorin Oakenshield

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Re: Golden Opportunities
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2016, 05:44:41 AM »
     How Thorin had managed to get an invitation was a mystery. At least to him it was. It was clearly addressed to him. And he knew no one who would invite him to such things unless they were desperate to impress. Or he actually knew the family.

For this party, he dressed down. At least, as down as one could get without looking like it was haphazardly thrown together last minute. Royal blues, and varied furs lined the edges of everything. It was a little chilly, and it was always important to maintain warmth until wine or a heavy gin could be poured down your throat. Thorin added bits of gold and silver, and his a ring he was calling ‘lucky’. After tonight there might not be a reason to call it that. Anyways.

He arrived at the party, teaming with life in every corner. One does not simply miss a party without inviting Lady Issa. Thorin thought, taking a glass of wine from one of the servers trays. There was a sort of buffet at the other end of the room, and dancing took place in it’s rightful spot. Directly in the center under a large light so people wouldn’t step on their toes. Issa was easy to pick out of the crowd. She was always hovering somewhere nearby or off looking after something that was out of place. (Unbeknownst to Thorin this item that was out of place was actually a person). He was growing bored of his company, anyhow, and his eyes drifted across the room seeking his friend out.

Do not worry, good sir,” The room had become instantly quiet, and Issa’s voice rang out distinctly above all. She was standing before a blushing, and flustered Dwarf who looked a little more terrified that she had responded in … such a good manner. “I should be more attentive to the events around me...” Thorin made his way through the silent crowd to where Issa was standing, her frock now covered in spilled wine. Though, Thorin couldn’t really tell. The dress Lady Issa was wearing made it difficult to tell if there was a stain. But before Thorin could reach her, the Dwarf Lady shuffled her skirts, head held high she walked into the next room, and he followed closely behind her.

My dear Lady Issa,” Thorin said gently, catching up with her high rate of speed. For someone as old as she was, she still move gracefully and quickly, “I am unsure of how to follow up my greeting, but when I do find it, you will be the first to know.” His thought slipped between his lips before he could stop it, and he smiled kindly at the Lady, a slight reddish tint beginning to glow on his cheeks. “How have you been, Lady Issa? I have never seen you look more stunning.” He continued politely. He meant no jest to the barely noticeable stain on her dress. She really did look lovely, she had always looked lovely. And had a personality to match… on a good day.
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Re: Golden Opportunities
« Reply #2 on: July 20, 2016, 11:32:10 PM »
 Issa remained in a corner of the ballroom for a few minutes, withdrawing into her own mind to let the momentary anger dissipate. Yet all it took was four words from a familiar voice to draw Issa out of her irritable state; and she turned her head to greet her old friend “My dear Lady Issa.” Thorin’s attire, all muted browns with only an edge or two of silver and gold, barely matched with the bright colors of the rest of the assembly - not unlike Issa’s own faded gown. Allowed Issa to concentrate, feel real in this little light-filled game of a party. “I am unsure of how to follow up my greeting, but when I do find it, you will be the first to know.” There he was. The Dwarf she had walked alongside with. Despite being a king and a leader, Thorin struggled to settle on a single sentence to speak his mind. Even when every word that left his tongue did nothing but touch the hearts of his people.

“How have you been, Lady Issa? I have never seen you look more stunning,” continued Thorin. Issa flushed, adding even more red into her ensemble. In spite of her efforts, whatever part of her that wanted to believed his words meant...something...poured into the corners of her smile. “One does what one can do under pressure, as gracefully as one can. my lord,” murmured Issa. One she had stifled that girly smile off her lips, she could look into Thorin’s eyes with genuine friendly intentions. “We should know. With disgrace, there is opportunity. At tries.” She then motioned to her little ‘accident’. “It was only luck that I wore brown tonight - hides the stains better than mint green.” And this is when her mouth puckered sourly. “I only keep the best and brightest for my daughter. Yet I haven’t seen that girl’s mint green dress in an hour!”

Issa then looked away from Thorin, lowering her eyes. “I - I mean. Well. I came here for her. I always do.” Issa would lock herself away from the eyes of all Dwarves if she could, if she had the gold to assure a decent life for herself and her daughter. There was little in the world that interested her after Klaen had died, and even more so after Klynn had left her. But a little maiden could not work, could not waste herself away labours that would hurt her - so Issa had to strain her throat and stick out her neck for herself and her daughter for as long as Aesa remained unmarried. “One must do what one must when someone depends on you.”
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Thorin Oakenshield

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Re: Golden Opportunities
« Reply #3 on: August 17, 2019, 04:18:27 AM »
My lord. My lord! All day ‘My lord’. He expected more from his long-time friend. Surely she knew better. Plus, it wasn’t as though no one knew that they were close friends. Some rumors were snuffed out long ago, and though Thorin had never paid them any mind; they still brought a little flutter to his heart whenever he remembered them. Having never married, and having no heirs, it was always likely that someone, somewhere was bound to think something at sometime.

But that had been long ago, as previously stated. Thorin knew better, and looked upon Issa as a colleague, and a good person to come to when he needed advice on something. Usually a personal matter.

Heh, let us not even begin to say that Lady Liv knew anything about that. Thorin’s own personal dealings with the Liv family were also close. And, for his sake, and perhaps even his sanity, they managed to get along in his presence. Thankfully he didn’t see Lady Liv around. At least not yet. The less trouble he could cause between the two women, the better.

Nothing escaped his ears, and nothing escaped the gossip that was heard in the halls. There was very little that Thorin didn’t know, but perhaps that was overstated; even if true. And didn’t escape the King that Issa was worried about her daughter: Aesa.

He recalled seeing Aesa in the mint green dress she wore. Issa’s daughter wore it well. It showed off her stunning red hair, and matched well with her skin. Ah, if only Thorin was younger - but doesn’t every elderly Dwarf wish that when a young woman comes into their presence. Thorin let a small smile grace his lips, and his eyes showed genuine care for his friend and her worries.

I-I mean. Well. I came here for her. I always do.” Lady Issa stammered, “One must do what one must when someone depends on you.

He knew the feeling well. So much was dependant on him, and so many. If the dice fell the wrong way, he had to bear the consequences. And when the dice fell in his favor he had to take it also. Winning was not nearly as easy as losing, never had been and never would be. It hurt Thorin that so graceful, and kind - unless vexed - a woman should have to bear all this alone. When her husband died, and her son (?) left, all she had was Aesa. And Aesa meant the world to her. Like Fili and Kili meant the world to Thorin, and how his brothers, and sister meant. It all fell into place.

The ballroom erupted [it seemed] with applause as the musicians finished their number. The young Dwarves all moved aside, and those that wanted to continue stayed on the floor. For a thoughtful moment, Thorin forgot that he was a king. Turning to Issa, he smiled broadly, and asked, “Would you do me the honor of a dance?

He stepped aside slightly to give her room to respond, and held out his hand to her. The dress she was wearing was indeed lucky. “A dance may lighten your perspective, it certainly would bring me joy!

Thorin? Jovial? Happy? Any time he could return a favor it brought him joy. And who knows! It might give Issa what she needed to collect her thoughts, focus on something else, and her daughter may appear almost as though magic had been cast! At least, he hopped so.

[ooc: >.> Right let's try that again, still doesn't change my feelings for how good it felt to write this.]
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