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Author Topic: Caught in the Act  (Read 1212 times)

Abaan Samara

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Caught in the Act
« on: December 11, 2014, 05:32:00 AM »
Brown eyes narrowed at the maps that were laid out on the table in the small tent, intent on the distances of where he was and where he was planning on going. Abaan Samara was planning the first phase of taking over the rest of Harad and that involved collecting those tribes that were loyal to him, or could be convinced to join him in his plans. They didn't need to be loyal, just be able to be used by him. Yet with what he was doing, there was always the risk of gaining the Dark Lord's attention. He knew that many people thought he was gone, but Abaan was not stupid. He had spent his entire life next to Mordor and could see something was going on, and not just mindless orc raids. No, something was gathering armies there.

A scuffle was heard and Abaan was about to ignore it, thinking it was simply some of the younger men getting into a fight with each other, when a shout for him to come was heard and he gave an annoyed growl, grabbing his scimitars. Perhaps the foolish boys could be scared into behaving. ”What have I said about-” His words were cut off when he saw the man being drug towards him, a man he had never seen before in his life. ”What is the meaning of this?” He just hoped that he could deal with it quickly so he could get back to planning taking over Harad, and perhaps if things were favorable, the rest of Middle Earth.

Sahib Haşim

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Caught in the Act
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2014, 06:47:00 AM »
ooc:: ... you know... every time I sit down to write a post for Sparrow, the posts always come out longer than I had intended!!! D8 I'm sorry if the length is too long, I needed to give him some excuse for being out in the desert. :> As we talked, though, he's found the herb, and maybe will find more as he stays longer in the custody of Abaan.

Sparrow looked through his supplies as a stranger stood over his shoulder watching. The stranger had just popped right in and without a single word handed him a list of herbs he needed, without giving him a name. Several times the quiet medicine man tried to strike up a conversation, but to no avail. The man was either mute, or he was on a mission. “You don’t have to peer over my shoulder.” He growled irritably. Sparrow’s personal space was being invaded now, and he could hear the foreigner’s breathing. It was unsteady and ragged, which to his sensitive ears was something less than pleasing.

Around the shop, the sparrows he kept for company twittered in their cages, hopping about and sometimes giving an exclamation as one of the cage partners got in his or her way. Some of them had made nests, which meant that chicks were on the way and Sparrow would have to buy larger cages to keep them contained. “I shall stand as close as I like.” The stranger replied, it was very delayed. “Do you have it? Do you have the poison?” He inquired, and not for the first time. Sahib rolled his eyes and continued looking through his pile of dried tea leaves for the herb he had only seen sketched in books. When he did not find it, he straightened to his full height and looked at the man.

He was short, and well-tanned for someone who claimed he hailed from Rúhn. One of his eyes was grayed over, and the clothes he wore were very much not from Rúhn. His face was dirty, and Sparrow couldn’t tell if that was dirt, stubble or some strange desease around the man’s chin. For sure, though, he had a horrid five-o-clock shadow! “I’m afraid,” he said slowly, “I’m all out.” The man’s eyes grew wide as Sparrow felt the man was about to panic, and he was right. “Not good… this is very bad! I will be cut for sure! They will not accept this…” The small man paced nervously, biting his nails. Finally the man stopped. “You will have to retrieve it for me, then.” He said in a definite tone, “I cannot go back, you see, but you! They do not know you, you would be perfect and your clothes would blend in perfectly, they would never suspect you.” Thoroughly confused, Sparrow listened, “You must get the herb! It is very important, my master will kill me if I do not return with it.” His guest hurried towards the door and opened it saying, “You shall meet me by the south gate as soon as it gets dark enough. I will be waiting.” He slammed the door behind him and Sparrow was left just standing in amazement. He shall pay double for all this trouble. It was an unintentional rhyme, really.

Later that evening, Sahib poured himself a cup of tea and climbed on to the roof of his home to watch the sunset behind Mordor. Whoever the man was, and whatever his purpose, he would not go unarmed and certainly not without something to poison the man if he felt he was being betrayed. The next question was, what was dark enough? He sipped his steaming tea and took the time to relax and meditate until he thought it was ‘dark enough’.


He packed his writing book, and pencils into the outer pockets of his backpack where he could reach them. Sahib wasn’t much of an artist, but when he put his mind to it he could draw the landscape just as he saw it. Little did he know that where he was headed would be someplace of … very littler scenery. He finished packing his things and made his way to the South gate. This would be the first time he had been out of the city since arriving – technically. In the deep shadows of the night he could see a deeper shadow against the light gray stone of the city. Another thing he noticed was a smaller shadow.  

Good, you’ve come.” Said the familiar voice of the man who had been in his home earlier. Sparrow nodded. The little shadow peered from behind the man. “You are difficult to see, my friend, black suits you well for this mission.” The man went on, motioning for Sparrow to follow, which he did. It wasn’t like he had any other choice. “I am Bahadur,” the man whispered as they came to an area of the city that he never thought he would come to. Never the less, he followed the pair down a sewage tunnel. “And the child?” He inquired. “She’s a thief, and has no name.” Bahadur said rather harshly as the approached the metal bars that lead to the outside. Bahadur carefully removed the bars and they stole away into the night.


Harad!! Sahib knew nothing about Harad, and wasn’t ready for the barren sandy desert, and the hot days and cold nights! It felt like weeks that they had been on the road searching for that herb that the man needed to do whatever it was he wanted to do. The only thing Sparrow found charming about the place were the Sunrise and Sunset hours. The temperatures were tolerable at least. How on earth people can sleep in such a place is beyond me! He was missing his warm, comfortable bed!

A couple of days passed and they acquired some camels to make things better, well worse actually. By now he had named their tag along Ash’abah. The girl had taken a liking to him, despite his trying to push her away gently, and everything he did she mimicked. It got to the point where she would sleep on his side of the camp, aid him with whatever he needed. Perfect little errand girl. He thought as they rode along in a short line. Bahadur rode ahead of them. It wasn’t until he pointed frantically down the dune that Sahib looked to see a change of scenery. Bahadur raced down the slope and towards the small island. “There it is! There is the herb!” He shouted overly excited at finding the herb he had come to find.

The events to follow were sort of a blur. They were collecting the herb when he heard the sound of hooves on the sand coming from somewhere in the distance. He turned to see who could be out this deep in the desert, and suddenly they were set upon by men dressed in somewhat familiar garb. Bahadur was nowhere to be found, and neither was Ash’abah – who had actually hidden behind a tree to keep from getting caught.

Captured, Sahib was blindfolded and tossed over a horse. They traveled some distance before he was hustled rather violently into a cool place. “What have I said about-” A new voice started, but there was sort of a pause, and then, “What is the meaning of this?” The blind fold was removed from Sahib’s face and he squinted in the dim light of the tent. He stared up the man who towered over him. His regal posture told him he was someone of importance. “We found him foraging for this!” One of the guards handed the man the herb he had been collecting, and the sketch book which he had a half finished drawing.

In silence, Sparrow watched the man’s reaction.    
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played by Hades


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