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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Bilbo Baggins  (Read 2167 times)

Bilbo Baggins

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Bilbo Baggins
« on: March 28, 2013, 04:15:00 AM »


NAME: Bilbo Baggins
NICKNAMES (IF ANY):The Barrel Rider, Burglar, Child of the kindly West, Clue-finder, Guest of Eagles, The Lucky Number, Luckwearer, Madd Baggins, The Ring Winner, The Spider Stinger, Stinging Fly, Thief, He that walks unseen, The Web Cutter, Mr. Baggins and Bilbo Took.
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): 22_September, 2890. Age 51
PLACE OF BIRTH:  Shire, Bag End.
RACE:  Hobbit

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE:  Light brown hair that while allowed some room to flow and bunch as hobbit curls are wont, is never allowed to look messy, not while in the Shire anyway.
EYE COLOUR: brown and while when he was younger they would have held a glint of mischief, now the Hobbit's one all facial looks and gestures only show a refined joy in comfort and routine.
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Not as 'husky' as some other hobbits, but not too lean either and of a respectable weight and girth and proud height of three feet or so.
OVERALL APPEARANCE:  A tastefully colored coat over a white dress shirt and brown trousers complete with a scarf when the season calls for it. Bilbo's attire
and...everything of the hobbit bespeaks refinement, respect and nothing queer or unusual in the least.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Nothing at all aside from a small callus and ink stain or two on his hands from letters to neighbors and such. It is Mr. Baggin's lack of any by factors of rash and adventurous living that does distinguish him.
WEAPONS:  later Sting but at the moment he may just faint before being able to wield a frying pan at an attacker. Or he believes he would.
FACE CLAIM:  Freeman, Martin.

STRENGTHS:  Reliable, Dependable, True Friend and as such Braver than he knows
WEAKNESSES: Due to not knowing of his true bravery, he can be a worry wart and over react to the very sound of dangerous things. Biased and currently as judgmental as his neighbors though maybe softer with it.
ASPIRATIONS:  At the moment, Bilbo's highest aim and goal is to keep the status he has earned through both his father and his own renown as one of the more respected families of Hobbiton.
FEARS: Adventures, Talk of adventures, Trolls, Orcs, Dragons, Goblins, Danger, Maime-ment, Death
PERSONALITY: Mr. Bilbo Baggins of Bag End is a picture of having grown up and grown stuffy. While owning to some flights of fancy, logic and just plain common sense when a young hobbit, and having it brushed way as his only being a young lad, all of that has now fallen away with him running Bag End and he has fallen into the picture of what his neighbors always advocated he should be. A quiet, respectable hobbit, Mr. Baggins is well suited to be the social leader he is. Common Sense and propriety merged with priority rules his life and every action. He is punctual to the extent of fashionably late in perfect amount and the time he will be on his porch for a morning or evening smoke is well known as if should be. While in his heart beats the fierce heart of a warrior able to take on Orc and Dragon, Mr. Baggins has convinced himself otherwise and willingly allowed his greatest battle to be a good natured haggle over pipe-weed, telling himself he'd die of fright if he ever set hairy foot outside the Shire, even if the Took part of him keeps trying to insist otherwise. He has learned to keep it silent these days, though.

HISTORY: Born the only son to Bungo and Belladonna Baggins, Bilbo grew up given all that his father's position and recently built (as of for his parents wedding that was) spacious home could provide. As he grew, the young hobbit was a joy to his parents, though many in Hobbiton noted the worrisome tendency the boy had to follow some of his mother's side of the family's less savory qualities such as taking off into the woods after elves and just generally being a nuisance and danger through this to himself and any young hobbits hanging out with him at the time. It didn't help that Bilbo became such a good aim with stones that he soon scattered birds and squirrels even before he would lift a hand and by his very presence. Of course his cousin Otho Sackville-Baggins claiming that he on occasion hit him was completely made up for trouble.

Still, many parents of at least the Hobbiton section promptly dwindling his acquaintance list by pulling their children from his influence until the young hobbit was left with only his cousins on the Took side who would have anything to do with him.

This didn't bother Bilbo all too much, and he continued his explorations, most times alone, and scouting out any evidence he could of elves in the woods and generally coming home muddy trailing fire flies and grand tales of what the was most certainly sure he saw despite relatives telling him of logic.

One sighting that even the stuffy adults around him couldn't deny was that of a wizard and known friend of his mother's family, Gandalf the Wizard. He was an expert fire works maker and presenter, and soon took a keen interest in young Bilbo and his youthful spirit. The wizard was even kind enough to listen attentively and seem to believe his tales of seeing the occasional elf or even just any kiddie drivel Bilbo came up with.

Of course such innocent times were destined to draw to a close and as Bilbo grew into adolescence and later even nearer adulthood, social pressures became harder to ignore and his father later passing followed by his mother, made Bilbo Master of Bag End and much was expected and now given. Years had already made Bilbo begin to put his youthful escapades behind him, but now the added pressure of wishing to do his father proud and uphold Bag End completed Bilbo's willingly submitting to all he should be. His childish adventures and risking his own and others necks was foolish and childish and one had to grow out of it eventually.

So Bilbo became predictable and dependable, until Gandalf showed up once more.

YOUR NAME:  Gard/Maggie
AGE:  20ish
EXPERIENCE:  10+ years
HOW DID YOU FIND US?:  Other site ad
This was insanity. Pure and simple insanity, Bilbo told himself. What did he think he was doing even picking up the sheet of paper that he had found laying on his table amidst an empty house? Had last night not been enough? Did he want to see what these dwarves could do to him when they got him outside of his home?

Oh, that's right he knew what they'd do to him, one of the lot last night had so kindly and neatly laid it out as it already stood in ink. Death. Funeral Arrangements. Incineration. Puff of Smoke. Blinding Pain...

Bilbo promptly dropped the paper once more before he began to feel faint again and turned. Yes, no thank you, best see if all the dishes had in fact been properly cleaned. One never knew with dwarves cleaning skills. Their eating skills had been horrid enough to watch.

Bilbo picked up a plate and began scanning it...hmm, they hadn't done to bad, surprisingly enough. The hobbit had just set it down and looked to the rest of them. Every dish from out of his cupboards seemed here, since of the 14 most had used more than one dish each!

Since when did your mother's dishes become so important..., Gandalf's words returned.

Was this really all he wished life to hold. Dishes and watching after dishes and a house?

Yes, he owed it to his father.

Memories came back, memories of his father yet this time as he stood at the door facing a young hobbit in dirty trousers who claimed he had been seeking out elves. Claimed he'd seen them even!

He still wasn't sure if he ever had but...they were in the wide world even more so than the forests of the Shire...maybe.

The dwarves' song of last night came back, and the Tookish part of Bilbo stirred at the images it brought.

He...he had always wanted to see the world...then

And he still did.

Quickly, while the Tookish part of him outweighed the Baggins and before he lost the dwarves, Bilbo snatched up the paper, grabbed a quill and in the most hasty penmanship he had ever scrawled since becoming respectable, scrawled his name and bolted out the door and down the garden path, hoping he wasn't too late!

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Bilbo Baggins
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2013, 10:01:00 AM »
You must be Mr. Boggins!  Well, you have certainly captured Bilbo perfectly and I, for one, cannot wait to see how he gets on in the roleplay.  We are delighted to have you as our burglar, Maggie!  There are a couple of threads that Bilbo can jump straight into, if you so fancy:

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Three Nanny Dwarves and a Herd of Dwarflings
In the AU Board, this is a fun and silly plot that see almost all of the Company turned into infants!  Reading through the posts you will see that Bilbo has been mentioned already - but that doesn't mean you can't jump in in character now.

Anyway, without further ado:

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