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Author Topic: Call it Coincidence  (Read 2549 times)


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Call it Coincidence
« on: November 26, 2014, 12:55:00 PM »
The screech of a hawk was loud in the bustling street - Bree was dry, for once, and the populace was taking advantage of that. They shied away slightly from the large raptor settled on Kophas's shoulder, giving him a wider berth than they would have had he been alone. Which was nice, to be honest. Usually dwarves were somewhat subject to the flow of the crowd, unless they barreled on through. And Kophas wasn't much of a barreler.

 The falconer had hitched a ride with a single wagon, going more for the adventure (if trodding such a familiar road could be called an adventure) than for the pay his unneeded sword garnered. Sometimes there were other falconers about in the busy town of Men, and Fritz was in Bree for a few days, too. The smith had set off before him; his arrival would be a surprise.

 The problem with surprising him was that first he needed to find him. Which should have been easy. But wasn't. He had checked at least three inns and the forge Fritz used when he was here - the latter had confirmed that he was in town and had been in earlier, but all were unhelpful in providing his current location. Men didn't tend to notice dwarves past hair colour, for the most part, and Fritz's wasn't exactly distinctive. Koph needed another dwarf.

 He saw one sweep past the edge of Eir's handy little bubble of space and latched on to her. Slight little thing, moving surprisingly quickly. But she wasn't the only quick one - it took a few moments, but he tapped her shoulder gently and as he caught a glimpse of bright blue eyes, he recognised her. Leevee? Líknví. That was it.

 A wave was added to his greeting and he made sure to speak clearly, for the sake of moving his mouth right rather than the actual sound and vaguely hoping his smile wouldn't obscure anything. “Líknví, right? Didn't know you'd settled here.  Would you have a moment to help me find someone?”

((OOC: Hope this works - written on my phone, so I'll add a better title and fix typos when I get home. <3!)



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Call it Coincidence
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2014, 05:02:00 PM »
Walking the streets of Bree felt a bit safer now and ever since Young Master Fritz had gifted her a small, non-descriptive blade. Really between that and those caravan merchants, both of which just seeming to exude high-born in even travel wear, it was both a welcome surprise and puzzlement and worry to her. She wasn't use to kind male Dwarves and...of high status even. If it was found out they talked to her, it could reflect badly on them. Plus...Líknví didn't want to doubt any of the three kind faces she'd glanced at, but...was predisposed to doubt such forms of kindness.

She didn't know yet, but that Anlaf's sons had a tendency of against the grain.

At least now she didn't feel she had to rush too quickly, though she did have a habit of getting from safe place to safe place as quick as possible and could move quicker than she knew. Still, she tried to take it semi-leisurely on her way back from picking up meagre odds and ends her board at the Prancing Pony didn't provide. Though she picked this life, she'd already bought all the door locks she could for her loaned room.

Líknví had become adapt herself at knowing when she was unwantedly followed or given too much attention, but then this one was good at speed himself. Her wandering thoughts, that had traveled a path even she couldn't call back, were halted by the benign tap. She was still rather skittish from years of being all but taught to be, and clutched her basket nearer herself, thinking vaguely she could swing it if she needed...when she noticed the familiar face.

That caravan merchant who hadn't turned her in. She didn't know yet he didn't have the same job as his twin, though oddly she did instantly recognize him as that one to have found her first, to have been standing in the wagon. Líknví searched faces and formed words as a way of her life, and his and his twin had small differences perhaps even they didn't notice. And then there was the bird...
Her stunned, questioning expression made way as she followed the formation of his words. She nodded to the name, near enough. It was how she'd stated her own name, not knowing if the N was of much consequence herself and especially as she'd never "heard" her own name. The K was silent though, somehow Dwarves liked silent Ks and letters.

Líknví was thinking up how to answer to the settling question as well as taking in the latter request; she hated the doubt that surged. The instant thought that he may plan ill and just want to get her where none not this one!

Though she half surprised herself, Líknví nodded, hesitant but the gesture was there all the same. Then with more force, she tried for a smile but it came off hesitant still as they mostly did.

Yes. Líknví, she did as quick a spell as she could, names not really having signs. She'd already muttered a broken pronunciation for him when discovered, but her broken voice was not something she enjoyed sharing and not with acquaintances, kind as they'd been.

Something told her to trust and at the exact same time that she was signing a death warrant for herself, Maybe. New here, she did as all but mimic gesture as she could for the most understanding and searched his face for if she was loosing him. She'd...try her voice if she was.

Not know all. Who?, a head tilt after a sort of shrug gesture helped put in the inquiry as her blue eyes searched his face.

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Call it Coincidence
« Reply #2 on: January 07, 2015, 12:15:00 PM »
There was panic in how she moved, basket clutched close and eyes wide. Líknví seemed a little better fed now than when then had first met, a lot less worse for wear. Not so exhausted. Settling was good to her, even if it didn’t pamper her and even if she still spooked a bit easily. Kophas automatically took a half-step back, nearly raised his hands to show them empty. He hadn’t meant to scare her…

 She seemed to calm a little then, or at least get a better hold on her fear. Her hands moved, forming Iglishmêk – he knew a fair bit, from Fritz and other sources. It occasionally came in useful when he was hunting. Easier to sneak up on something silently when any communication could be done without talking. Yes.[/color] And then she spelled, almost too fast for him to catch – there was a K in there, apparently, which must have been silent. Strange how he found it easier to read letters in the air than on a page.

 She’d help him! Well, maybe. She’d try. That was good enough; Kophas smiled. Her signs were a little different to Blue Mountains ones but he managed to get the gist, and that was enough. Then she asked who, head and shoulders joining her hands to convey the enquiry.

 “He’s my brother – a little shorter… Actually, he’s about my height. Dark brown hair, a smith. He’s… Enthusiastic.” He tried to match signs where he knew them or gesture appropriately, palm horizontal at Fritz’s height before he realised that his brother had grown some more since then (he and Cey were going to end up the shortest but for Dags, apparently; he didn’t particularly feel like checking in case they already were) but came up blank on the last description, tilting his head instead. The short curls against warm feathers made Eir chirp, which made him mock-glare at the bird for a moment before continuing. “His name is Fritz.” He hesitated and then spelled the name out, narrowly avoiding mixing up the T and the Z.

((OOC: Sorry it’s short, tell me if you need more – and I found a slightly better name!))



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Call it Coincidence
« Reply #3 on: January 10, 2015, 06:59:00 AM »
He seemed to follow well enough, and that was saying something, even if her answers were rather general and just an affirmative to helping him.

“He’s my brother –", she imagined up the one that looked like him (even that much had been clear upon such a short meeting) until he went on. "a little shorter… Actually, he’s about my height. Dark brown hair, a smith. He’s… Enthusiastic.”

Even then she didn't fully recognize, not even with "Enthusiastic" and the déjà-vue of watching his signs form un-surely. He tipped his head after a bit of trying to explain and gesturing at probably about his brother's height, causing his bird to move and probably chirp, but she couldn't hear it.

Her curious gaze flicked from it back to him. She still didn't know what to make if it but it hadn't attacked then and didn't seem apt to now.

“His name is Fritz.”

She doubted what she'd read off this lips until he spelled just to be sure! Brother. Fritz! she should have known she told herself even as her blue eyes widened. It took a while to realize she hadn't responded. Her hands raised slowly but she counted most on gesture.

Fritz, she respelled. Then nodded with a smile and indicated to herself and out.

Yes. I met

Probably not clear...frustration lightly tinted her features. She should carry paper, but she wasn't use to people caring what she had to say and betting on literacy around Bree seemed superfluous.

Oh well, try to explain all that later. Now, did she know where he was here? Not off hand, but she would know him when she saw him. A pretty good thing for the kind merchant. Ko had it been...

Lí nodded again. Yes I help. So he didn't think she was just leaving, Líknví did an even more surprising move and leaned forward, taking his hand without even fearing the bird (well ok she still took the other hand) and pulled him along yet leisurely since she still didn't know where. She scanned the crowds and dropped his hand once more.

That one wasn't Fritz. No...not him either...

After a bit she glanced back to Kophas. Her lips parted, and she actually debated her botched voice! Then she shied and clamped her teeth to again, turning forward and continuing to scan.

{Nope all good! ^^ And it's a fine name! I wasn't sure since we haven't got there but figured maybe Koph at least sorta gave his name? Or he did and Lí just doesn't recall it all XD I'll bring Fritz along when we need but for now awkward try at communicating and seeking could work right? Why do I want this to turn into it's own adventure all but! Hehe *ceases ramble*}

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Call it Coincidence
« Reply #4 on: January 28, 2015, 03:16:00 PM »
Líknví’s eyes widened – that was promising – and she respelled the name, bringing a nod and an open smile.

 The next sentence eluded Kophas a little, especially as he didn’t have the end of it to aid with context. The yes had been simple enough, but the fists coming together, first fingers pointing upwards… that was more difficult. Come together, encounter, meet? Something like that. She looked frustrated, unsure of his understanding, but she nodded again. She would help.

 “Thank you. Were you… Trying to say you know him?”

 Suddenly a warm hand grabbed his scarred one, pulling him along gently. She almost reminded him of Dags, though her brand of gentle was flutterier than his sister’s quiet assurance. Like a bird, quick and darting. Contact didn’t faze Ko and he let himself be led, steadying Eir with his free hand when the bird chirped in alarm.

 Two sets of blue eyes searched the passers-by as they went, looking for one particular head of curly brown hair. The glance back caught him and he raised his eyebrows in enquiry. Li seemed about to speak for a moment, but then it passed and she turned away again. He tugged at her hand to bring her attention back, searching for a better way to go about this. People were harder to track in towns than outside them, when he could follow prints.

 “You don’t know which inn he’s staying at or anything?” Then suddenly the falconer wondered if perhaps she was in a hurry, if he had taken her away from anything important. He could search on his own quite easily if she needed to be somewhere else, though he’d miss the company. His head tilted, concern tinting his voice. “Wait, are you busy? I’m not distracting you, am I?”



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Call it Coincidence
« Reply #5 on: January 29, 2015, 04:05:00 AM »
Líknví had already (as surprisingly to her own self) grabbed her companion's hand to aid communicating when she caught herself up on all she'd seen him mouth.

“Thank you. Were you… Trying to say you know him?”

He followed her try's quite well! Probably another family trait!

That she'd help seemed about the only part that needed to be conveyed in Kophas' mission (it wasn't really Lí's mission, she was just aiding) yet the young maiden found it imperative she explain all the details of the meeting somehow. Or at least some!

It was important that Kophas knew his brother had aided her as much as he had himself, in her gratitude to both and all. She nodded again; but how to explain?

About only one wasn't like he hadn't heard her broken voice mutter her name...but...

Líknví glanced the street again. It was too crowded anyway with others, mostly Men, even for her snail-pace trust that wanted to speak in a way and yet she lost her courage.

He tugged her hand as they moved on, though. Gently. Not a thing like when others had, and still she had to bite down bad associations with it!

She just turned, though, light perplexity in her gaze and reading the next few questions.

“You don’t know which inn he’s staying at or anything?”

A head shake easily enough communicated this. She hadn't known Fritz was in town again until his brother said.

“Wait, are you busy? I’m not distracting you, am I?”

A very thoughtful question. Little wonder, maybe, from the type of Noble she'd seen he and his kin were; still it was new to be asked such. Her gaze ducked a bit, and she brushed a strand of unbraided-this-day hair back behind her ear before glancing back up and giving another head shake, but with a light smile.

No. I time

That was hopefully clear. Lí pondered the prior and, glancing about, found a patch of unpaved dirt off the beaten path. She gently pulled Kophas that way, hoping he wasn't in a rush and it wasn't urgent he find his brother or anything. He didn't seem frantic...

Bending lightly and with her skirt splayed evenly all about (it wasn't suppose to be conscious habit even to ever be so guarded. Wasn't for normal maidens, even Lí saw!) she leant forward and brought one finger out to trace as quick as she legibly could.

Sorry! Are you in a hurry to? I just didn't know how to answr. No I don't know the inn or that he was here but yes I did met him beforE.

In the Prancing Pony. I work there. Half settled maybe. He came in and was very nice. Gave me this when a Dwarf so I don't have to be afraid. Not surprised your related.

I just had to expln. Don't ask why. Both of your brothers are good. Your good. As I couldn't say right before, thank you for not turning me in when I stowed aboard. I ran from a few angry ones.

Sorry I'll help you find him now

Líknví rose, after having showed the blade and smiled up at him at the parts where it mattered and now let him catch up with an apologetic smile before it grew a bit and she continued on, pausing to scuff out her words not needed anymore in more odd self-guardedness.

Waking back to the path proper, she scanned between people and started off unknowingly too far from Ko and his wide berth when she was bumped by one of the passing Men who in his defense missed the smaller folk. Líknví was the last to defensively protest it and just stood, dusting herself off and thankfully with no harm done.

She kept nearer the falconer as she made her way along more carefully and until they could scan better again.

He not in bar when I leave[/color], she signed. The Prancing Pony she meant. Try Forges? He say he Smith[/color].

She'd have never thought to go near a forge of both Men and Dwarves without Kophas there and yet would follow near enough for his and his brother's sake.

{Hehe, yeah spelling and grammar swtithes on words in Li's written are on purpose and the E's big because she realized she mispelled "before" and fixed it. She's writing quick and doesn't write as much as Kvas does tutored the same or no. Still quite well I'd say ~}

Sig made by wonderful Cass ~



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Call it Coincidence
« Reply #6 on: May 12, 2015, 12:06:00 PM »
Líknví didn’t know Fritz’s inn. A pity; that would have been handy. Although she did have… Time? Time. He smiled openly in response to that. Conscious stubborn independence had little hold on Kophas, most of the time. He was happy to accept help on the rare occasion that he thought to ask for it, particularly when the other party wasn’t inconvenienced.

 Li seemed to have an idea, pulling him gently off the road – he couldn’t see anything important looking, no mop of dark brown hair – Líknví seemed to be leading him to… A patch of dirt?

 The maiden knelt suddenly, and Kophas realised with growing alarm that she was going to write. Oh, great. The falconer hunkered down beside Li, staring hard as she began, trying to keep up and not fall too far behind. Eir rocked at the movement but didn’t protest too much.

 The falconer still stumbled on some of the scrawled and misspelled words, mouthing silently as he figured them out, glared the letters out of the jumbled order they seemed to take especially for him. “No… Not in a hurry.” He followed on for a few moments more. “What about a pony? Oh! The Prancing Pony? You work there?”

 I work there. Half settled maybe. He came in and was very nice. Gave me this when a Dwarf What had that been? Blue-grey eyes narrowed further, perplexed on top of the concentration, nodding at the blade displayed. So I don't have to be afraid. Not surprised your related.

 A smile tugged at the firm, focused line of Ko’s mouth when he caught up, and he glanced at her. “Sounds like him.”

 The next block brought a vague smile to his face as he slowly deciphered it, getting left farther behind as she finished while he was just beginning it. Muttered responses broke free in fractions, distraction layered clearly. “Thanks… No, don’t, thank me. S’alright… Thank you.” He returned the slightly awkward smile, and then with a moment taken to scrub away the marks they were back amidst people. Li didn’t lead him this time – in fact she drew away, out of Eir’s bubble of space. He started as she fell, rushing but not quick enough to prevent the fall. Eir launched off at the sudden movement and Kophas scowled after him for a fraction of a second before returning concerned eyes to  Líknví and helping her up. Automatically, he signed instead of spoke, fingers shaping are you alright?

 When they moved off again, he made sure to stay closer. After a while, they stopped and the maiden started to sign again. He not in bar when I leave. Try Forges? He say he Smith.[/color]

 “He does. Does it well. I tried earlier but I suppose I was early… It’d be as likely as anywhere else. You want to come?” The falconer tilted his head in enquiry, aware that two pairs of eyes were better than one. But perhaps she was tired of helping…



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Call it Coincidence
« Reply #7 on: June 06, 2015, 12:38:00 AM »
It was...odd, but Líknví wasn't all that surprised when Kophas agreeably just knelt down and went along with having to await out and watch her write out her response. It just reinforced what she even told the falconer of how he and his brother(s) were just seemingly cut from a cloth she'd never seen in the Grey Mountains but for a few of the threads being found in Kvas as well.

She liked him, Lí decided, in that casual way that almost just found him amusing but not in an insulting way. She'd met his twin along with him, but somehow kept bumping into him, the one she'd met first, more often (as in this one time suddenly making it more often, than Fritz even, thus far). Finding he and they were related to the young Smith, again, was not surprising and just bumped them in her estimation.

Hopefully it wouldn't be one too many meetings though, on the part of their youngest brother. When and if Líknví was successful in helping Kophas find him. He'd been kind enough, they all had!, that one time and as she said, lines were not a thing forgotten, on Lí's end at least. Kophas may have boldly pushed past them a bit in asking her help in finding his brother (and yes so had Fritz as she all but stated) but...would having a bar-maid track you down to your place of work be the ultimate straw of humiliation and degredation?

This not even taking into account they have no idea where you hail should really tell at some point in case they want to think better and avoid

It didn't exactly slip into conversation though...

Kophas followed her scribbling quite well, Líknví would say, and she made sure to glance so as to catch his responses just in trying to not try his patience that seemed to have a long stream to it anyway. Cordiality was probably just bred into the Nobility, or this set in a way that, somehow, other sets missed but for only ever holding in fakery she knew first well second hand. Amadith and the others knew first hand.

“Thanks… No, don’t, thank me. S’alright… Thank you.”

He so easily proved the point again. They were more than just pleasantries,  Líknví could tell. And not just off the defense and rushing up to her aid after she stumbled into the bubble of one of the larger Men about...Lí thought she'd learned to watch that and especially about Bree...

More surprising than that was his own throwing out of sign!

Of course, even despite whenever his level of skill was, how else had he followed her so well thus far? And made sense the brothers would share that too.

She nodded, brushing aside some of the dirt from the tumble after his hand up before replying again with her own. Yes, I fine thanks[/color].

Kophas even and still stuck close as they moved off. It was humbling in a way and still just so strange. Trusted enough though, as became apparent on pondering his next inquiry...

“...You want to come?”

Líknví studied the falconer for a bit, blinked twice, and then still considered.

In...Into...the Forge?

Filled with Dwarves and Men at work? Either of which were scary enough on their own (Well Lí knew one now that wasn't...).

Yet...they had both been helpful and what if she could be some help? Though really Líknví didn't see how she could make all that much difference where Kophas wouldn't already be capable himself.

Still, after a bit of thought, the maiden nodded. Deciding to take another slight step that again wasn't quite the first*

"", her hands scrunched her frock nervously even if she didn't speak all that loudly anyway.

Then, without making any further comment, either verbal or signed, on her having spoken, Líknví scanned for the direction they should head, not quite sure herself where the local Forge (or the one Kophas had mentioned) was. It wasn't like before she had ever cared but perhaps for avoiding trouble.

(*To be edited if need be when I get there in TR :))
{Also, I tried to decide on where Fritz was and interject him in but decided not to decide for right now, so just the Li post, but if you need coordinates just say :D}
Translation: (you're just gonna most times get them too ~)

Sig made by wonderful Cass ~



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