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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Kargach  (Read 3304 times)


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« on: November 23, 2014, 03:57:00 PM »


NAME: Kargach
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Karg (by family and his most "serious" of nicknames) In boys being such and adventuring sorts of code names, a few of them called him "Gets" and it seems to fit his capable air. Some of the youngest of boys have also used it in not being able to manage his name. He once gave Gill as his name in an endeavor gone wrong (don't bring it up please!)
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): Autumn 2860 (81)
PLACE OF BIRTH: the Grey Mountains
RACE: Dwarf

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: Blonde hair. Despite having position enough, Karg most often lets his hair keep a sort of scraggly appearance to it as seems unavoidable when he often volunteers to scout for his own part and such and climbs high cliffs etc. On occasion, when he has to make an appearance or it does buisiness good, what have ya, he'll simply braid it and try to keep it neat. He keeps his beard short to facilitate no-fuss travel but he feels it lays thick enough along his jaw for respectability.

EYE COLOUR: Blue and often holding a glint of humor

BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Fairly well built, Karg likes to feel he could hold his own if suddenly surprised or called into a fight, though Dwaves do exist who could perhaps best him and so best not try those waters too far.  Respectable height, only slightly tall, a tad broad shouldered. Karg makes for a confident figure and one who can take to the trials of travel, but isn't so built you'd think he fought professionally or anything, and again he'd most likely avoid those unless there were some noble intent or call to it! He's past foolish scuffles though...mostly.

OVERALL APPEARANCE: Karg often wears plain brown breeches and solid boots that can weather, well any weather! If he has an extravagance, he must trade up for ever the best of boots every stop in a town or civilization, and once traded a merchant of his caravan's spare pony (he didn't need three to a cart!) for a barter of better leather. With what he often does, traveling for the sake of it all but and taking trips of the beaten path, it can be justified perhaps, though. Solid gloves are also needed in winter but they are a less "defining" piece. Plain but thick clothed tunic and often a hooded traveling cloak in warmer months and thick fured coat in winter.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS:  Small scars line Karg's arms from the many tumbles as a youth and even more recently. Amidst travelers and for his known habits, his straight, white teeth are a bit of an anomaly at times.

WEAPONS: Sword, small dagger for trouble along the trails as much as defense, but it cuts rope and limbs most often. Karg doesn't carry traditional throwing knives, instead having learned to throw his dagger from his hand with considerable skill and more than one often able to found on him tucked into his boots or such just incase.


STRENGTHS:  Confident, Calm under pressure, a good sense of humor enough about him to take light trials lightly and not make mountains out of mole hills. A bit Charismatic, he tends to put his wagon trains at ease fairly well just by natural ease. Good Swordsman. Fair Negotiator

WEAKNESSES: Can be Rash and Impulsive. Wanderlust, he has to always be doing something "worthwhile". Restless at times. Dwarvish problem of Judgemental, mostly towards situations, he tries to be fair to folks, but it and assumptions can easily creep in. Stubborn to a fault and while not arrogant, he is use to getting his way and being in charge and criticisms and new ideas or "other ways of doing it" come past a thick barrier even if he'll kindly and courteously laugh/shoot you down until you make your point.

ASPIRATIONS: His current aim and occupation, overseeing the expanded caravanning of merchants from his father's used carts and now on into expanded, succeeding and being both prosperous and of note is a main one. To have fun along the way and not have to be tied into a boring or stifling career. He supposes he'd one day like to have a family, but knows the road is little place for one and you can't ask someone to raise children from the back of a wagon so at the moment it's not on the radar even if he has firm enough roots in the Blue Mountains.

FEARS: Harm to his family, namely his aging father back in Ered Luin as well as his mother and aunt. Shes been through so much already, he often tries to keep good ties and communication between even on the road and will find endevour near Ered Luin due to. Dying on the road and no way of word being able to be sent back, though theoretically the caravan should have that solved, grieving his mother and family due to his current choices (ie the rampant traveling). He hears the concerns, he does, he just can't sit still too long. He claims no fear of natural things and concern of family aside, but that's not true, he sticks as close to camp fires as the next Dwarf and freezes at sounds from beyond, hand quickly going for his sword or such. Healthy fear, perhaps, but fear all the same.

PERSONALITY:  "So Master Kargach's caravan came through the other day" is most often followed in response with "Ah, a right Nice Amicable fellow!". While Karg himself supposes that's not untrue, it's little distinguishing from half the merchants with him too! He'll laugh it off, though, and move on, not truly unduly prideful or insulted if you say the wrong thing of him. Image matters and it'll still stick, though. He is Amicable, though, and Kind and Courteous with an easy enough smile and nod. He often enough claims "at your service" upon meeting and though he manages and runs a caravan, essentially. No Airs sit premature on this one, his father, while well off, earned every cent and Karg will do the same and can aid fixing a broken wheel along the way as easily as directing others if he's needed elsewhere.

This implies maturity he only half has. Still very much a child at heart, it works for him and against him in equal measure. Tiny thieves pick-pocketing off him or his perhaps don't get what they deserve and what some cart drivers would have done for the young Dwarf seeing a bit of himself and his rag-tag band in them if more innocent play went to theirs. Child psychology, now, that's a different game and Karg has many a time perhaps all but lied with the tale he lets be spun over an item and until he sent the would-be-young-thief scampering off fearing a curse or such. Perhaps just letting them take a hiding would be more lenient.

Adult thieves he has less success with, but if tying you to a wagon to be hauled in behind it to the nearest town and justice is what's called for this one will attempt it and quite possibly succeed! Humiliation will just keep you off the trying of it again, he reckons!

While fair and just in as much as he can be, he can also be naive and as before stubbornly bull headed for all that easy going. Has a sort of Rancher's "Right is Law" mentality.

His laugh, which he does often enough, is not the hearty boom of some Dwarves, but it carries it's own sort of strength in it's unashamedly coming. Not optimistic in that refutes the very real worries of a caravan travel, but if he laughs and gives you something more positive to think on while aiding with the trouble it helps moral and all.

He has his quiet moods though and thinks a blanket of stars the most perfect thinking ground the Maker ever did give.

HISTORY: In 2860, Krae, a respected enough wheel-wright amongst the Grey Mountains community, welcomed his first and only son and child into the world. Kargach. The baby giggled soon enough for his parents and as he was given all the attention of loving parents. This wasn't to say he was coddled, Krae was busy with a successful business of mending, and making wheels for folks and even expanding into selling off a few full wagons.

When Karg wasn't toddling around his family home, showing his mother an early perhaps worrying tendency of ever being on the move, he explored about his father's shop. Wherever he was, when in doubt, Karg's parents knew to check under the table or counter or behind a wheel or cart for their young son. Yet a bit of eager curiosity was a good thing for learning. Karg didn't stop as he grew, though. From the first moment the young boy was able to leave the house, he was off chatting with the merchants and running errands for his mother eagerly enough...he just arrived home late many days because something happened or drew his focus or had to be explored.

One day a boy, a bit under his own age of Thirty-One asked Karg what he was staring at so intently. He didn't know, he admitted, but why not see! It was a merchant caravan, in need of a wheel, and Kargach instantly sent them his father's way, he and his companion earning two bits of sweet for it. It was a bigger treat to the other boy with him than the businessman's son, but eagerly accepted all the same.

It was hard to say when one and two more friends taking an interest turned into a band and following, but the young boy soon had one, none of them older than him but even the ones pushing equality with him quickly taking to his suggestions and ideas of what to do and his unofficial leadership. A girl trying to sneak into the rowdy boy's midst was a surprising thing, but Karg argued that if she wanted to come, let her, only telling Cara amicably enough that "she had to keep up, though".

Keep up she did, beyond that even proving invaluable on a few cave explorations and in just knowing things that little boys hardly ever thought of.

As they all grew older and bolder, thieving would be suggested a few times by those of Karg's rag-tag crew who most needed to, but the boy from a well-enough to do family wouldn't hear of it!

"Least ways not unless your talking about Highway man treasure!" he said. Any coin they took would be from the dead who didn't no longer need it, Adventure and Exploration were the name of their games, not crime.

This didn't mean they never got into trouble, far from it! Innocuous as he strove to be, Karg soon realized that if his parents knew the extent of the dusty old cabins and caves of the mountains he and his friends explored and how far from town they strayed, they would be sorely displeased. Caralir's too, since she was from an upstanding family too. He took pains, then, for both his own sake and his friend's, to try and keep their escapades secret and readily let the boys call him such as Gots; even giving his name as Gill when an angry miner sort showed up to reclaim his cabin that was apparently not abandoned so much as a seasonal lodging for when he came to the rolling hills just outside the mountain range to seek useful rock minerals.

A bit suspicious of the claim, though he didn't know why, and just for something to do really, "Gill" snuck back over the next day to peek in the Dwarf's windows and ensure he was just gathering rocks and not set up to steal off traveling merchants or such! Playing detective really just in the fun of youth and not any kind of vigilante.

His mother complained over mud trekked across the floor countless times, but otherwise seemed to know little of her son's true affairs and nuisance being perhaps.

Then in 2901, at the age of 41, and about the time Karg's attentions were slowly taking more to what his father did and helping with mending wheels himself around also seeking adventures where he could find them and to fit his age, news came from the Blue Mountains. His father's sister, who had married a noble of Ered Luin and traveled to live there with him, was now left in a precarious state with his death.

Murdered on the road without proper escort and for the measly coin in his purse! Though he was still a young lad and hadn't taken over his father's buisiness, it put a resolution in the youth by it's shocking unfairness that he would never allow anyone under his care to suffer ill if he could help it!

They were moving there to help her out and since it was Krae's duty now that the husband all but picked for his sister but whom she'd come to love couldn't care for her.

Karg couldn't find most of the boys he ran with, didn't know how to explain, but he found Cara and attempted explaining it. "You can be in charge of them now", he'd handed over the reins, as it were, with a smile, even if he sort of knew they were both reaching an age where childish escapades were being hindered in by considerations of adolescence. They still had a few years to try at it though and Karg was determined to not become so serious yet, and he never truly did.

He helped his aunt though, where he could and as they settled. 41 was a tough age to ask a boy to accommodate to not only a new colony but the ever admired Ered Luin! The Thorin Oakenshield lived here!

Kargach was a bit more hesitant with his amicable smiles, but they were soon enough rewarded and his father found good work and customers and better wood to work with in making his carts and wheels.

What was said of the Blue Mountains seemed true and chance abounded, though there was no silk paper, but then Karg knew that was just a grudged rumor.

For all the prosperity, his same old wanderings weren't looked down on or hindered any more than they had been back in the Grey Mountains, and while he never had himself a team quite like before, that was probably as due to age as location as anything. Self made adventures seemed the name of the adolescent quest.

Around wandering, Karg learned his father's trade enough and even found the boldness to request, at the still somewhat tender age of Fourty-Eight, two years shy of being "adult", to deliver a wagon to a customer out of town.

Much back and forth was had and in the end it seemed his mother and aunt's women's worry simply wouldn't allow it, so Karg took an even bolder step and left without permission, trusting to his father's good nature. He was for all intents and purposes apprenticed to him to learn the wheel-wright trade and stealing goods without permission. Not even those in Ered Luin would argue a disownment and imprisonment or worse punishment for the theft.

The sale went off without a hitch, and he sent word back by messenger ahead of him with the news and humble apology and requesting as to mercy. His father could hardly be too disappointed, given the success, and while admitting it was unfair to Karg's poor mother, readily forgave his son and he earned what he went for and more freedom in helping guide the business and sales.

Krae slowly had to allow for the torch to be passed more and more as his age progressed with his son's, and at Sixty, all the youth asked for his special birthday was to lead out a caravan of those that were using his father's carts. He was allowed it and given more besides, many things he'd need for such a trek.

It made sense as a contingency of purchase of the carts and the drivers and merchants submitted readily enough to Krae's son who added this new job to it. The man himself wasn't one for leaving the workshop but his son seemed to have itchy feet in those well made boots! Soon enough, young though he was, Kargach won their genuine respect by his fair nature and good humor and not once putting the drivers down as beneath him.

He found his sought adventure in the leading too and the miles of open path and rugged trails and camping out under the stars along the way, not that a good meal and inn within civilization weren't welcome by the young caravan manager as any.

With years he'd expanded and learned his way around allowing carts not made by his father in to his caravans for a fair fee in exchange for the safety of more numbers lone merchants often look for and their own aid along the way.

There's little getting around that even in his Seventies and Eighties, he was and is fairly young and has just grown accustomed to managing cart drivers many years his senior and just puts on a smile and hand shake big enough to not leave them doubting being under a pup's guidance. He's still "advised" quite a bit by that one merchant or two who always know the right trail even if this is their first time!

Kargach will take any trail and journey up, but when one traveling back towards the Grey Mountains came around in the late 2930s, he jumped at the chance to visit and see how Cara and the others have been getting on, though he sorta knew of them all Cara would be the friend easiest to track down, no telling where the boys all scattered to.

AGE: Nuh uh
EXPERIENCE: Lotsa posts
OTHER CHARACTERS: I now have an even 10!
CONTACT: Is the carrier pigeon broken?! PM
HOW DID YOU FIND US?:  Again, I don't recall not knowing you ^^

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« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2014, 12:43:00 PM »
Oh Gard, Kargach is simply marvellous!  I'm so glad that your 'Character Door' has proved defective, especially when it means characters like this wonderful Dwarf get made.  You know already I'm going to want to plot with him! <3

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