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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Gwaehadron  (Read 2771 times)


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« on: February 22, 2015, 03:30:00 AM »


NAME:  Gwaehadron
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): 468 F.A. 6504 years old
PLACE OF BIRTH:  born in Eglarest, but forced to flee at a very young age to the Havens of Sirion
RACE:  Elf

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE:  His hair is black and long.  In his youth he was most often seen with it tied back, but in more recent years, he wears it loose.
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Though tall and lithe as are many of his kin, his body betrays his past as a soldier.
OVERALL APPEARANCE:  While not one to put much thought into his attire, he still manages somehow to keep himself neat and tidy.   Clothing is often in dark or neutral shades, and in the rare event he chooses to wear color, the shades are dark.  After all, bright and striking clothing would be more likely to draw the attention of others, and we can’t have that.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS:  scattered battle scars, but nothing that would make him stand out from any other former soldier
WEAPONS: Like many of the Falathrim, Gwaehadron is skilled in the use of shield and spear, though in later years he often travels without them, leaving them either in the care of his father or brother as necessary. 
FACE CLAIM:  Joaquin Phoenix

STRENGTHS: Gwaehadron’s martial skills remain intact, though he has not put them to more use than a rare spar in the training yard.  Still, he is capable of the skilled combat of his kin when pressed.  He also possesses some skill in cartography, an old habit developed in his youthful travels.  He has a love of maps and as a result, is likely a very good person to ask for travel advice...
WEAKNESSES:  … though he is loathe to give it.  Gwaehadron’s patience was limited in his youth, and though he has grown far more so in his advanced years, he does not suffer fools lightly.  Some elves thrive upon giving advice and instruction, but it is rare that Gwaehadron would offer such a kindness.  Additionally, he has grown quite a bit more thoughtful in his old age.  That is, thoughtful in the sense that his thoughts are likely far more important than what you might have to say to him.  This has not particularly endeared him to many, but to his credit, he’s not unjustly rude in his refusals.
ASPIRATIONS:  As an old soldier, he has no such aspirations to retire from his profession, though he does not exactly aspire to put his skills to any further use either. 
FEARS:  At the risk of sounding somewhat dramatic, Gwaehadron fears most the coming of The Enemy.  Having lived through more than his share of devastation, he dreads the inevitable coming of yet another war.
PERSONALITY:  In his youth, Gwaehadron was in possession of a temper, but age has softened it into a rough form of kindness.  At least in the sense that he won’t often tell others that he dislikes them, a failing of his youth that his family had been happy to see him outgrow.  His youthful anger has dimmed to little more than the occasional dull roar, and of late, he finds himself growing weary of finding the same failings in others that he’s been seeing there for over 6000 years. 

Gwaehadron has seen his share of war, and as an old soldier, he knows much of the true horrors of the world.  This has given him an acute lack of patience for trivial complaints.  As one who, as a child, witnessed such complete destruction, he can find little sympathy in his heart for the mundane problems of the current age. 

Yet hidden beneath the ‘grumpy old man’ is a unique brand of wisdom that is rarely offered.  He is more comfortable in offering training in the use of a spear, but has been known from time to time to counsel those whom he feels would not waste his advice.

He has something of a fondness for Men, at least for those Men of the appropriate lineage.

HISTORY:  Gwaehadron was born in the last years of Eglarest, one of the last to be born before the Havens of the Falas were taken by Morgoth.  He only half remembers his family’s flight to the Havens of Sirion.  He grew up there among the other refugees of the age while his father, Mithlir, and brother, Thalangol, were often away with the other soldiers. 

Ever burdened by the weight of his mother’s grief, Gwaehadron sought always to lessen it, dedicating himself to her care and protection in his father’s absence.  However, he was still only a boy and as often as some would admire his dedication, others would mock it, asking him just what use he would be should his mother have true need of him.  As soon as he was able, he dedicated himself to the study of the spear, determined to not only to march to war against The Enemy at the earliest opportunity, but to be a son his mother could take pride in.  Yet when he asked to join the ranks, his father refused, telling him he was yet too young. 

In those days, Gwaehadron began to resent his older brother, not only because he was of an age to fight, but also because he saw how proud his parents were at Thalangol’s skill.  For many years that resentment festered, and it was not until many hundreds of years later that the brothers forged any true bond.

So it was that Gwaehadron still resided in the Havens when the third kinslaying occurred.  It is rare that he speaks of those events, even now.  Most of those he calls friends know nothing of it and the few that do know only that he took wound in a futile defense of the Havens, a wound that he blames for his inability to protect his mother.  Even worse, his father was devastated by her loss, and fell deep into despair for a time after, only compounding the guilt Gwaehadron felt at his failure.

Like many of the refugees of Beleriand, Gwaehadron and his family settled in Lindon.  Having spent the last years of the First Age as little more than a spectator, Gwaehadron was determined that he would not be forced to the side again.  He was a man grown now, and while others of his kindred nursed their wounds, he dedicated himself yet again to the mastery of shield and spear, disregarding all else including his father and brother.   After a time, he departed in search of something he could not quite define.

His early years of wandering were largely uneventful.  He explored the world, seeking out the company of few, but taking the time to come to terms with his thoughts.  This quasi solitude helped to curb his anger, though it did not entirely dull his temper.  In later years, he spent some brief time among the Men of Numenor as they first settled the shores of Middle Earth, finding them to be a refreshing change from his own kin. And yet Men, even the early Men, were sadly short lived, and he eventually departed from their lands in search of his own folk again.

He found his brother Thalangol once more in Eregion, where he settled at last from his wandering.  Thalangol welcomed him, though there still hung a heavy weight above the brothers, for they had not parted on friendly terms.  Thalangol had taken a wife and was eager to have a family of his own, and in this Gwaehadron found a new reason to feel envious of his brother.  However, Thalangol’s plans for family were put on hold as war came to Eregion, and for the first time, the brothers fought side by side on equal ground.  Later, in the years they were besieged in Imladris, they found a common ground on which to reconcile their long dispute.  When the siege was broken, Gwaehadron was pleased to find his father among the armies of the high king, and in that time they, too, were reconciled. 

After the Last Alliance, Gwaehadron settled again in Imladris, though now and again he took to spells of wandering.  In more recent years he has found himself more content to remain at home than to wander off.  Though, in part, he finds wandering to be more melancholy of late, as he finds more and more places he once loved reduced to ruin or buried over by the passage of time.  In Imladris, at least, he can pretend that is not so much the case.

YOUR NAME:  Whitney
AGE:  34
EXPERIENCE:  Going on 15 years…  feeling old now, thanks.
CONTACT:  PM is probably easiest
HOW DID YOU FIND US?:  Referred by Alura 
((just a drabble I wrote recently for a different character))

Ink stained fingers turned another page, fingertips ever so careful with the aging parchment.  He would have preferred to do his reading out on the balcony in the open air, but he would not risk the faint breeze.  Not for the first time he silently observed, faint amusement lighting the corners of his eyes, that it was an injustice that elves aged so much more gracefully than their writings.  This book was itself a reproduction, perhaps twice over, and in terrible need of another copy, but Tinuvagor was no scribe.  The long years had never taught him to wield a quill as gracefully as he could wield a sword.  But Lord Elrond had scribes for such tasks. 

It was a wonder at all that in his old age he’d taken a liking to the scholarly arts, but then there was little else that needed his focus.  When one had heard all the tales told in the Hall of Fire time and time again, and told a good many of them as well, there was little to be had of feasting and song that had not become a bore.

Truthfully, he felt old.  His years weighed heavily upon him in a way they had not until recent times.  He’d seen it happen in others not nearly so old as he and he knew well the eventual course to which it led.  But it was a course he dared not follow.  He had long avoided the coast, keeping to mountains and hills, seeking out no shoreline larger than that of a fishing pond.  Were he to awake the sea longing in himself now, he would be lost to it… and he did not care to think of where that may lead.

The ancient volume was carefully closed as he rose.  He would see this himself to one of the scribes lest it be lost.  And then, he supposed, he would see about supper, for what small interest he still had in things like supper.

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« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2015, 03:13:00 PM »
Welcome to The Hobbit Roleplay, Whitney!  Wonderful work with Gwaehadron's application - I hope you have a lot of fun with him. :)

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