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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Lindir  (Read 3899 times)


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« on: August 14, 2014, 09:01:00 PM »


NAME:  Lindir
NICKNAMES (IF ANY):  None yet.
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941/3019): Born: S.A. 3420 - 2962, as of T.A. 2941 - 3040, as of T.A. 3019.
RACE:  Elf

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE:  Dark brown, seemingly black.  Worn long and straight in the Elvish style.
EYE COLOUR:  Rich brown-gold, dark enough to belie the paler flecks within unless one is close.
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT:  Strong yet slender, but not overly thin, and standing around 6'3" in the reckoning of Men.
OVERALL APPEARANCE:  Robes and tunics of fine elven make, most often in darker shades.  Indigo, plum, dusky reds, rich browns, or shadowy greens, depending on the season and occasion.  He moves fluidly, silently, able to come and go unobtrusively, which serves him very well as the right hand to Lord Elrond.  He wears a single ring of tangled silver strands, and a circlet of the same in intricate, symmetrical filigree. 
WEAPONS:  Meduithlos - "Last Whisper" - Elvish longknife
FACE CLAIM:  Bret McKenzie
  • Focused - When it comes to his duties to Lord Elrond and the inhabitants of Rivendell, Lindir is exceedingly dedicated, executing his tasks with the utmost attention and energy.
  • Stealthy - Despite appearances, he is trained in the arts of combat.  Never a warrior possessed of overwhelming strength, Lindir is, however, capable of moving unseen, silent and swift.  This serves him well as Elrond's right hand, allowing him to perform his duties unobtrusively.  It also tends to afford him numerous opportunities for eavesdropping, and other things requiring he go undetected.
  • Musical - Lindir is aptly named, possessing a strong, clear singing voice.  He is skilled on the lute, moderately so on the harp.  He plays mostly for his own amusement, that of friends, or if some special private occasion may call for it.

  • Prejudiced - Lindir bears a centuries-old distrust of outsiders in general, non-elven ones in particular.  Like most of his people, he has a particular dislike of dwarves, considering them uncouth, smelly, and hardly civilized.
  • Proud - Lindir is proud on several levels - proud of his kind in the way of most elves, and also proud of the Lord and home that he serves.  Sometimes, however, pride may prevent one from seeing fault, or paying proper consideration to others.
  • Self-neglect - On occasion, he will forget to look after himself properly, whether it is skipping meals or rest.  His more basic needs often go by the wayside in favor of completing his duties.

ASPIRATIONS:  Presently, his goal is simply to see his home kept safe and at peace.   
FEARS:  Quite simply, Lindir fears being left behind.  The loss of his father and his mother's abandonment at such a young age is a wound long left unhealed.  He also fears failure, whether it be so complete as to see the fall of Imladris, or something minor enough to be a simple inconvenience to Lord Elrond.

PERSONALITY:   Lindir carries the weight of his duties and responsibilities with him constantly.  Some of these are assigned by Lord Elrond himself; others are of his own making.  He is dedicated, to his bones, to Imladris and her ruler.  When kin deserted him, kith did not.

He has made a silent and private promise never to allow anyone to be left behind, as he was.  While a small and childish part of him yearns for the West, so simply go and leave the heavier cares behind, Lindir decided long ago that he would wait.  While his people remain in Imladris, so would he - until the very last departs.  When there is none left for him to attend, only then will he leave, however many ages that may be. 

This all helps to explain his devotion to his home, to those who have sheltered and loved him.  It fuels his willingness to do whatever is required of him, complete any task - no matter how difficult or dark - to keep his home safe. 

He has his moments of levity, though.  He still enjoys music, collecting what he can of song and lore from those who find their way to the Last Homely House.  Occasionally, he will murmur some sharp-edge observation for the benefit - and hopefully, amusement - of his Lord's ear.

There is little room for fear in him.  When it does arise, he counters it with sheer force of mental will, denying it room to breathe and eventually stifling it altogether.  Had he the physical prowess for it, he would have made a formidable warrior.  Yet, there are no stunning exploits and bright blades for Lindir; his is a slower burn, subtle and oft-unseen.

He's not simply the stiff, formal attendant always seen at Elrond's side.

Still waters run deep, as they say.

HISTORY:  Born just before the end of the Second Age, Lindir has little memory of the father who named him.  What he does remember is hardly more than impressions, the ghost of feelings.  A tall shade, in shining armor with a cloak of blue in memory of the sea.  His father marched from Imladris under Elrond's banner, and fell at the final battle of the Age, before the One Ring was taken and Sauron's power undone.

When his father failed to return, his mother darkened and diminished until she was hardly present at all.  In her moments of lucidity, she was gentle and loving, but increasingly her mind faltered, slipping back into happier memories of the past, until it all became too much to bear, and she disappeared entirely, perhaps to go into the West.  Lindir had not yet reached the age of maturity, and now found himself without either parent.  One, a thin memory, the other little more than that, and both of them gone.

All of Imladris, then, became his family, and in the relative quiet of the Third Age, Lindir worked hard to serve them, dedicating his life to the preservation and protection of those who sheltered and cared for him.  Now, he faithfully serves as Lord Elrond's right hand, overseeing much of the minutiae of administration.  Some might think him little more than a glorified secretary, and while Lindir does pay meticulous attention to such details, he also knows there is more to his duties than seeing that the napkins are properly folded at the dinner table.  He has served as envoy, as bodyguard, and spy, but always he has served with unshakable - some might say fierce - dedication.

AGE:  Old enough that I'm flattered when I'm ID'd to buy booze
COUNTRY:  'Murica.
EXPERIENCE:  I've been writing stories my entire life.  As for rp'ing, I've been at it in one form or another for the past 15 or so years.  (Good lord, now I feel even older.)
CONTACT:  PM is handy-dandy.  Post cards always appreciated.  I'm often on Skype, too.  PM for the deets.
HOW DID YOU FIND US?:  Originally Google - then I was eventually pulled back here by Whitney.
Gurrrrrl, please..

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« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2014, 09:26:00 PM »
Well if no one else finds anything wrong with this app, then I delcare it:



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