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Author Topic: Canon List  (Read 30668 times)


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Canon List
« on: January 21, 2013, 09:32:00 AM »

Characters in bold are available.
Characters in italics are reserved.
Characters that are struck have been taken.

If you reserve a canon character you must post their character application (WIPs are acceptable) within ten days, otherwise the reservation will be voided.  If there is a canon you would like to play that doesn't appear on the list, please don't hesitate to post below.

Azog [Hobbit]
Bert [Hobbit]
Bolg [Hobbit]
Fimbul [Hobbit]
Gollum [Hobbit/LotR]
Gorbag [LotR]
Gothmog [LotR]
Gríma Wormtongue [LotR]
Grishnákh [LotR]
Khamûl [Hobbit/LotR]
Lurtz [LotR]
Mauhúr [LotR]
Sauron [Hobbit/LotR]
Shagrat [LotR]
Sharku [LotR]
Shelob [LotR]
Smaug [Hobbit]
Snaga [LotR]
The Goblin King [Hobbit]
The Nazgûl (7 available) [Hobbit/LotR]
The Mouth of Sauron [LotR]
The Witch-King of Angmar [Hobbit/LotR]
Tom [Hobbit]
Uglúk [LotR]
William [Hobbit]
Yazneg [Hobbit]

Röac [Hobbit]
Sebastian [Hobbit]
Shadowfax [LotR]

Balin [Hobbit]
Bifur [Hobbit/LotR]
Bofur [Hobbit/LotR]
Bombur [Hobbit/LotR]
Dáin II Ironfoot [Hobbit/LotR]
Dís [Hobbit]
Dori [Hobbit/LotR]
Dwalin [Hobbit/LotR]
Fíli [Hobbit]
Gimli [Hobbit/LotR]
Glóin [Hobbit/LotR]
Kíli [Hobbit]
Nori [Hobbit/LotR]
Óin [Hobbit]
Ori [Hobbit]
Thorin Oakenshield [Hobbit]
Thorin III Stonehelm [Hobbit/LotR]
Thráin [Hobbit]

Gwaihir [Hobbit/LotR]
Landroval [Hobbit/LotR]
Meneldor [Hobbit/LotR]

Celeborn [Hobbit/LotR]
Celebrían [pre-Hobbit]
Cirdan [Hobbit/LotR]
Elros (elf, Mirkwood army) [Hobbit/LotR?]
Erestor [Hobbit/LotR]
Galadriel [Hobbit/LotR]
Galdor [Hobbit/LotR]
Galion [Hobbit/LotR]
Gildor [Hobbit/LotR]
Glorfindel [Hobbit/LotR]
Haldir [Hobbit/LotR]
Legolas [Hobbit/LotR]
Lindir [Hobbit/LotR]
Mithrellas [Hobbit/LotR]
Orophin [Hobbit/LotR]
Rumil [Hobbit/LotR]
Tauriel [Hobbit/LotR]
Thranduil [Hobbit/LotR]

Beechbone [Hobbit/LotR]
Leaflock [Hobbit/LotR]
Quickbeam [Hobbit/LotR]
Skinbark [Hobbit/LotR]
Treebeard [Hobbit/LotR]

Arwen [Hobbit/LotR]
Elladan [Hobbit/LotR]
Elrohir [Hobbit/LotR]
Elrond [Hobbit/LotR]
Elros (half-elf, past) [pre-Hobbit]

Bell Goodchild [Hobbit/LotR]
Bilbo Baggins [Hobbit/LotR]
Diamond of Long Cleeve [LotR]
Drogo Baggins [Hobbit]
Estella Bolger [LotR]
Everard Proudfoot [LotR]
Fortinbras Took II [Hobbit/LotR]
Farmer Maggot [LotR]
Fredegar Bolger [LotR]
Frodo Baggins [LotR]
Folco Boffin [LotR]
Hamfast Gamgee [Hobbit/LotR]
Lalia Took [Hobbit]
Lobelia Bracegirdle [Hobbit/LotR]
Lotho Sackville-Baggins [LotR]
Meriadoc Brandybuck [LotR]
Old Noakes [Hobbit/LotR]
Otho Sackville-Baggins [Hobbit/LotR]
Peregrin Took [LotR]
Primula Brandybuck [Hobbit]
Rosie Cotton [LotR]
Samwise Gamgee [LotR]
Ted Sandyman [LotR]
Tosser Grubb [Hobbit]
Widow Rumble [LotR]
Will Whitfoot [LotR]

Albert Dreary [LotR]
Aldor [LotR]
Alfrid [Hobbit]
Anborn [LotR]
Aragorn/Estel [Hobbit/LotR]
Bain [Hobbit]
Bard [Hobbit]
Bard II [LotR]
Baranor [LotR]
Barliman Butterbur [LotR]
Bereg [LotR]
Beregond [LotR]
Bergil [LotR]
Beorn (shapeshifter) [Hobbit/LotR]
Boromir [LotR]
Brand [LotR]
Damrod [LotR]
Denethor II [Hobbit/LotR]
Ecthelion II [Hobbit]
Éomer [LotR]
Éothain [LotR]
Éowyn [LotR]
Faramir [LotR]
Fengel [Hobbit]
Forlong [LotR]
Freda [LotR]
Gamling [LotR]
Gilraen [Hobbit]
Háma [LotR]
Irolas [LotR]
Goldberry [Hobbit/LotR]
Grimbold [LotR]
Harry Goatleaf [LotR]
Hilda Bianca [Hobbit]
Lothíriel [LotR]
Madril [LotR]
The Master of Lake-town [Hobbit]
Mablung [LotR]
Morwen [LotR]
Morwen Steelsheen [Hobbit]
Sigrid [Hobbit]
Thengel [Hobbit]
Théoden [LotR]
Théodred [LotR]
Tilda [Hobbit]
Tom Bombadil [Hobbit/ LotR]
Turgon [Hobbit]

Alatar the Blue [Hobbit/LotR]
Gandalf the Grey [Hobbit/LotR]
Pallando the Blue [Hobbit/LotR]
Radagast the Brown [Hobbit/LotR]
Saruman the White [Hobbit/LotR]

Celebrian reserved by Dory  23/10/18

Note: Maglor has been deemed unsuitable for play.
« Last Edit: October 28, 2018, 03:16:08 PM by Manwë »

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Re: Canon List
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2017, 05:04:59 AM »
Could I reserve Elladan, please?


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Re: Canon List
« Reply #2 on: October 01, 2017, 08:56:36 AM »
Elladan has been reserved for you, Ali.  Looking forward to seeing him in play again.


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Re: Canon List
« Reply #3 on: October 01, 2017, 11:13:09 AM »
Thank you very much!


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Re: Canon List
« Reply #4 on: January 21, 2018, 03:44:16 PM »
The following reservations have expired.

Alatar the Blue - reserved by Charlemagne
The Witch-King of Angmar - reserved by Rudy
Erestor - reserved by Loki

Avatar by Phobs-heh, signature by Cass~


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Re: Canon List
« Reply #5 on: April 09, 2018, 01:36:31 PM »
I'm not really sure how this works but can i have Radagast the Brown?


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Re: Canon List
« Reply #6 on: April 09, 2018, 03:13:57 PM »
Please check your inbox for a PM :)


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Re: Canon List
« Reply #7 on: September 07, 2018, 01:50:56 AM »
Dis - Re Claiming please relevant people owe Cass a thousand hugs for bolstering my sad heart back to this badass yass queen

Reserving Celebrian until 18/09/18.

'even those who are gone are with us as we go on'


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Re: Canon List
« Reply #8 on: September 07, 2018, 04:18:08 AM »
Dis has been unarchived and Celebrian is reserved for you.


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Re: Canon List
« Reply #9 on: October 23, 2018, 10:03:34 PM »
Re-reserving Celebrian. It's a long story.
« Last Edit: October 23, 2018, 10:03:59 PM by Dory »

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