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Author Topic: Drabble Challenges  (Read 8330 times)


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Re: Drabble Challenges
« Reply #60 on: October 06, 2015, 11:27:47 PM »
(So...I have hinted at Fritz and Li enough that people know they're gonna be together, hence a Drabble to introduce you to their little kiddie makes sense right? Well it's going up anyway :D Still a whole bunch of details and plans and dates I haven't spilled (except for in my tracker) but snap shot scene of cuteness here you go <3 Also I refuse to tag this AU because TAFA is totally cannon...
Also, also edited for having a better grasp of the kid ^^}

Fritz's kitchen (well, it was Líknví's kitchen, wasn't it?) wasn't all that hard to figure out the layout of and Dags soon found her way about baking up a section of jam filled tea biscuits but not for any gathering. Nope. Just for her and the sweet little Fifteen year old she'd gained sole privilege of minding for her youngest brother and sweet Lí.

Dags felt a bit like she'd gone and stolen him, it had been Andar's turn...

Oh when everyone else found out there were sure to be grumbles! Perhaps most especially from her set who enjoyed minding their youngest cousin just for the privilage or favors. Dags had told her sweet sister-in-law that she didn't have to cater so to the little Erebor princes and princesses but for being overwhelmed with family, Líknví seemed to enjoy it.

Fíli and Andar currently had some of the boys occupied in a hunting trip that should be swap enough for everyone though. 

Setting the biscuits upon a plate to cool, Dags was suddenly aware of the passage of time she'd allowed. She'd been in the kitchen a good while was quiet!

That Mother's Instinct she'd thought her own had been making up had been thus proven right and Dagmar knew she had a strong sense of it as well. Through the likes of her own Flynn and minding Ashar it had been honed to where even logic and knowing how certain little boys took after their mother in important ways and were not as bad as Fritz had been at all couldn't impeded in against.

"Friór!", Dags wheeled back around to round into the main room. Next moment breathing a sigh. Little Friór, with his mother's watchful blue eyes and dark locks seeming to try to decide which of his parent's tint they would take to more, glanced up at his aunt's approach. He could hear and speak just fine (some had wondered if such things didn't transfer) though he only spoke when it was needed it seemed and even then was brief. So the tiny Dwarfling's expression held the light askance.

Dags laughed; at herself. Of course Friór was fine. Still, dealing with Dwarflings was ever a learning and figuring game. "What are you doing?", she next asked, but truly curious and puzzled and not worried.

Friór lowered his left foot from where he'd held it up so he could stand on just the right. "Balancing", and again the curt answer was not rude and the child smiled.

Dags giggled, what more answer had she expected? Still she persisted to learn, if just for more insight into her youngest nephew.


A tiny face crinkled as Friór thought. "I dunno", the child admitted with a shrug, "I did and I didn't fall so...".

So, why not linger and keep exploring it.

Dags smiled, catching the small-child-reasoning even if Friór didn't. "And how long was that so far before I rudely interrupted you?", she continued brightly.

"Oh! I forgot to count!". Next moment Friór's smile grew and he giggled as his aunt swooped him up for a hug and tickle.

"Well, would some jam-filled biscuits and milk make up for your broken concentration?".

Friór probably couldn't have matched his father's own eagerness so well even if he had added words to it. His smile and nod did the trick well enough!

He also had his father's ideas at times, "Aunt Dags, can I pour the milk on top of some of the biscuits if I promise not to make a mess?", the boy shyly asked and Dagmar had to laugh, "I think that is an experiment I would love to watch our Little Bird attempt!" she said brightly crinkling her nose and squishing it against tiny Friór's, to another giggle from out of him.
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Re: Drabble Challenges
« Reply #61 on: October 09, 2015, 04:27:21 PM »
Weather (Extreme): (and amazingly there is little angst and mostly humor this time!)

Celeborn scowled at the pounding rain that enveloped him. It was entirely his fault that he was out on the borders of Lothlorien, crouched underneath a mallorn tree to try and stay dry. It was his fault that he had a rather large argument with his wife. He had said something stupid, which made her lash out at him. And like a sulky little boy, he had stormed off first to grab his bow, arrows, and a pair of hunting knives and then off to one of the most remote area of Lothlorien that he could find.

He knew the patrols well enough to know that it would be sometime before he would be disturbed. And he had been here a week, closed off against his wife completely. Oh, she would know he was alive and well but nothing more than that, which suited him just fine for the moment. It allowed him to think, or rather stew on their latest argument. It wasn't all that rare for them to argue but usually it took little time for them to make up. A fight this bad was so rare that he was entirely sure that it was the talk of the Galadhrim by now. And of course, he had no idea what she had said that set him off this time.

He brushed a wet strand of silver hair out of his face and shivered as a brisk wind picked up. He glanced up at the skies and frowned at the ominous color. A bad storm was approaching and fast. His gaze scanned the area for signs of a better shelter, eyes lighting up at the sight of a waterfall in the distance. He had forgotten about that, even though he liked to take Galadriel there for a romantic evening. Though usually in better weather than this.

His steps were swift but sure as he sprinted to the waterfall, knowing there was a cave behind it where he could keep from getting too wet. As he neared the waterfall, he slowed and proceeded carefully. The rain had made the stones slippery and one misstep could...

Celeborn would look back at that moment later with humor but he had slipped as he thought that thought and went plunging into the currently ice cold water, sputtering as he resurfaced. Luckily, he was a strong swimmer and could easily get to the rocks, though closer to the cave entrance. He hauled himself up, though he nearly lost his grip against the slippery rocks a few times, his stiff fingers not helping with his dexterity.

He soon made his way into the cave, pleased to find that there was a skin of wine and a few blankets. There was nothing to make a fire with but he could at least get his wet clothes off and get dry. He then settled against a wall to wait out the storm, sipping the wine as he did. He would apologize to his wife once the storm was over and he headed back to Caras Galadhon. A warm bath and a fire sounding better and better as he drifted off to sleep.


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Re: Drabble Challenges
« Reply #62 on: December 31, 2015, 05:18:09 PM »

{Alright obviously there's a lot with this set-up that wouldn't have worked but assuming they all got to this AU set up for an early meeting I just had to explore after mentioning! AU Blood and Rain! ^^ I don't know how it got so long, appologize}

"Einar...", Fritz paused, basket of rabbits and snares lowering at the sight before him. With one tiny other presence about his age the hostility was more hesitant but still Einar faced off against a strange dwarf and...Fritz's hand danced along his sword hilt unsurely as he scanned and came to terms.

All this before being bumped into. Swiftly glancing down, the young adolescent dwarfling of Fourty-One found a smaller girl, another dwarfling, just pushing back brown hair from fear blown blue eyes, a rock in her hand from where she'd apparently plucked it up to aid of herself or the stranger unsure. Both? W-was she associated?

Fritz's hand dropped away from his hilt and he scrambled for both his own understanding and words. The girl was already skittering away across the ground.

"H-here...", off instinct and perhaps his mother's insistent manners teaching, Fritz bent to offer a hand up to the girl, who paused and scanned his face. She almost seemed to relax before some hidden thought had her tensing again and Fritz recieved a stone wildly and with no surety of aim or speed to it chunked at him for his trouble! He dodged easily, looking more bewildered than offended. Those blue eyes continued to watch him like a startled doe.

"Little brother!", Einar's call snapped Fritz's attention back that way and he realized something had been asked of him that he'd missed. Einar repeated.

Disarming the...stranger. Fritz glanced back that way. The girl was now off the ground and rushed over to cling to the strange Dwarf. So they were associated. Made sense. Fritz wordlessly checked back with Einar but the directive was the same if his brother's look also seemed to understand.

The Dwarf at least would still have to meet with the king. Fritz slowly walked up, some of the weapons from about the landscape and recent fear scuffle already gathered up, telling clear enough his mission and even if both had heard it (he assumed). The girl turned to him and then hid more behind of some sort clearly. Fritz frowned and met the elder Dwarf's gaze next, his own childish uncertainty written there and yet as he dutifully held out a hand the Dwarf relinquished his other sword.

Fritz was more than a bit glad and surprised, then, just as he also began pondering the pony off to the side and how he should probably lead that in too, he noted something else in the haggard company before him and Einar. Fritz had issues with girls in that they sort of scared him, but as he glanced to this one before him, or behind her guardian more, there was little hesitancy of his own fear as he noted a small trickle.

"Oh! You're hurt!". He forgot the adults, both of their older brothers as it would come to be identified, were there, and also didn't take stock of the slight cordial boundaries push as he set the gathered weapons aside and gently reached over to take and inspect where the small bit of blood came from. A scrap, on the elbow it was soon shown and frowning Fritz met the girl's gaze once more. She wasn't tugging aside, but continued watching him with all rapt, fixed attention so like a trapped animal still, yet there was puzzled confusion to it now too.

"I-I hope that's not from when you scooted away", again, Fritz was taking no stock of any of his actions or their possible audience and what Einar would be thinking in that he had just abandoned the directive and order he'd been given and left the dwarf's even prior gathered weapons aside for re-grabbing.

The hem of Fritz's tunic, peeking from beyond his coat and such, was hand-me-down anyway and had been through worse by the time it got to the lad, his mother would forgive him for ripping off a section...or two. He used the first to make sure the stray was gathered and then gently and, all honesty, very temporarily, bound up the slight scrap to where dirt wouldn't infect perhaps as they figured what to do with these strangers. "There, that better...maybe...", the lad shrugged and met that silent gaze once more. The girl glanced to her arm then back, and about the time it got awkward...

The girl raised a hand to indicate her ear and shook her head. She...she was...deaf! Oh! Then had she caught any...probably read a lot of what he said. Fritz was no signing expert yet, but resolved to learn.

That coupled with what the other dwarf was being forced to admit to Einar. One mute and the other deaf? Sort of impressive they'd made it this far. As Fritz's gaze went between Einar and the stranger, Kvasir, as his notebook showed (His notebook! An idea hit Fritz and was then discarded), Fritz noticed the girl moving off towards the pony the pair had with them. A more pathetic and beat up specimen! She bent to it's bandaged knees to inspect. Knowledge that these two carried bandages with them didn't make Fritz sorry for his tunic or anything, the gesture had perhaps helped. Giving the pony's nose a pat, Fritz waited until the girl looked back at him to speak, and watched for if that was ok and she could follow. "My other brother, Andar, I have a few, he watches ponies and knows all about them, I'm sure he could help him and my sister, well, she'd just the kindest person ever, you should meet her too though that's a bit harder accomplished".

Speak of all this, it brought out the back-ground sort of questions of what now. One's Fritz knew he could guess off knowing Einar and just protocol. Kvasir at least would have to meet with the king, but what of...his ward. Maybe that was why Fritz mentioned Dags. The lad pulled his travel sort of log of a book, with just others jotted notes on birds and such, something he only had with him to never be behind in knowledge and keeping up with his brothers on hunting trips.

"I...I don't have any other paper and don't want to ask...hopefully it'll work...can...can you write too? What...what's your name? I'm Fritz as you may or may not have caught when my brother...", but with the admitting to May Not, the lad paused, wondering if he'd already messed up with insensitive mentions. It didn't seem so and the girl smiled like she understood, even throwing signed letters that looked like his name to check or just repeat. He hesitantly nodded.

It vaguely hit Fritz to wonder on his brother's patience as he took his sweet time gathering a pony and sort of paused still, but he didn't check...yet. The girl took to his request though and gently took his book, a light coming to her eyes as she noticed what it was and she smiled, like a child wondering over something, they both perhaps were...well not children still. Fritz hazarded a glance to Einar and Kvasir, his brother was just looking at him. He flashed his incorrigible sort smile and turned back to the girl.

He might have seen Einar roll his eyes and say something, if still curtly, to Kvasir. Was he telling the newcomer his little brother was trouble?! Fritz didn't care if it did alleviate tensions it wasn't true! But why was the girl flipping through his book? She smiled (and it was the sort of smile that had Fritz grinning as well as he saw it) as she found something. Below a descriptor on Mourning Doves, rarely seen birds, the girl scribbled.

My name's Líknví
Pleased to meet you, Fritz
Thankyou for being kind, sorry I--
Not everyone has. Been kind.
My brother and I are from the Grey Mountains, we can't go back.
Can...we please stay here?

A sadness was set in Líknví's face as she handed these words over, and her fingers lightly brushed at the sketch some other dwarf had done for selling his own travel guides of a dove.

Fritz frowned as he read and then met her gaze, glancing briefly to their brothers and pondering what to tell her. He then smiled and, folding his field guide, stood and offered a hand for helping Líknví up, one she took as he answered, clear as he could. "Well the king has to meet your brother, I know mine's not gonna let that not happen, but...I'm sure it'll be fine and...I promise you Líknví I'll do all I can for you". Her smile seemed to say thanks and believe him. Fritz helped lead the pony over.

"I know, they have to meet with Thorin", he said as he relinquished the pony over for Kvasir to lead as Einar instructed and Líknví took her brother's other hand but in a way that allowed and understood for his taking it back if he needed to communicate or say something else. Her gaze continued to read what Fritz was telling his brother though, "...but Líknví there's asked to stay, they can't go home apparently, and I think we should let them". His own words went very little in the decision of course, but still Fritz stated them for all their worth and fully intended to put all he had to keeping his promise and doing what he could to make it happen.


What did it say about them and further first impressions, Fritz had to wonder, after having dropped the pony off with Andar, and making to the grand hall again, finding Líknví pacing before the ornate door she'd been left on the other side of, no doubt thinking nothing but what were they saying or doing to her brother. Maybe best for her she wasn't also standing there before Thorin's serious looks (no ill or offense to the king) but a way the not knowing was probably also worse.

The lad walked up and held out what he'd come to offer, a muffin and some cheese, from the main kitchens and he'd go back for more if this meeting stretched too far and for Kvasir too. Líknví and her brother both looked like they could use it. The lad's heart was further stung as he watched her portion off and set aside some even of what he'd handed. " don't have to...", Fritz brought a hand out to draw Líknví's attention to his words and then smiled, albeit sadly.

Disappearing again he came back to prove his point and with another whole plate this time of stuff, though he had been obliged to admit to some of the staff that "yes he was feeding the exiles", though he rankled at the description and insinuation for some reason. They were gonna stay here weren't they...well that was being determined. Still, with the evidence before her, Fritz at least got Líknví to slowly and yet with growing speed start in on what he'd first offered at least, all while she continued watching him, but with a smile of thanks. Was he truly that much of an anomaly?

The talk, one sided albeit, started with something of the kitchens as it's subject as Fritz went on to dispell the silence and Líknví's worry with all that he could think to say, halfway through offering her the other of the muffins and continuing on, on how he was going to make Smith, currently, if the forge continued to be so good about letting him come by and try things, though he hadn't meant to talk about himself so much, but after explanations more on his brothers and sister and Ered Luin, he was left with that. And asking Líknví to talk took up her hands from their current task. Still he'd remembered parchment this time, and his manners.

What about you? What's it like in Ered Mithrin is it?
Do you have other fa--

He sort of caught himself.

Just my brother; and our mother.
It's different.
I know you proably want to know why we left, but...

Fritz's smile said it was ok, and she didn't have to, but there was apparently more that was important and Líknví wrote on.

I can't...tell
And might tell too much but...
Please, I don't care who you tell where I'm from except if it means they know on my brother.
Don't tell any soldiers where he's from, please, other than those like your brother that know and have to now...if they find him...
Your king wouldn't...

"We don't know anyone from there", Fritz assured, "and I'm sure the king will keep to his own buisness". What had the self named Kvas done that she looked so scared? She nodded, smiled again, looking somewhat reassured, but only somewhat. She flew over to hug her brother again when they let him free and Fritz just watched as Einar informed him they were given leave to stay and seemed to wonder himself still on Kvasir whatever had been answered or not in the council room. Fritz continued to watch Líknví though, pondering it. He knew sibling affection couldn't be too bad and have a child love you like that, could you? No, he decided. Kvasir was probably ok, and the lad already just had a feeling himself.



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Re: Drabble Challenges
« Reply #63 on: February 17, 2016, 04:13:33 PM »
{I finally made myself name Líknví's birth mother (Etta) and sister, though then I don't even get to her mother's name in the Drabble ^^ but since even those about the brothel probably needed to know too, Hee, and also for this. Anyway backstory for whomever to know (and as to Svafa's theory, believe) however much of it you think. I guess there being a paper turns into a bit of a lose end but, somehow some way it probably got destroyed as stated, ok, reminding myself this ends happily for Lí...*also ignores wondering over low class writing ability and just goes with Drabble* ^^}

Lost Tales: (Svafa's POV)

I think Ástir's on to me...

Ha, there I go putting that in writing so I can't deny, ah but I'm gonna burn this anyway...and maybe it would have just proved I was and am right. In all of it.

No one's paying attention to me anyway. Root of the trouble, they never did.

I'm sitting here working through the biggest headache, literal and physical! Maker! If the thing would just be quiet! True she's not really all that loud but still...ah Finch to the rescue.

Though why's he smile at me as he takes charge of my sister?

Is that boy judging me? He better not!

It's odd, the interest he takes. He's by the basket night and day, you would think the little worm was his sister not mine. But then she isn't that either. Ma tried to get rid of her anyway, little thing just didn't have the sense to die in the womb.

Hasn't there been enough trouble?

She'll be like her father too, I just know she will. Nothing but trouble to us!

None of us know our fathers...

I know hers!

The trouble was nine months ago, and she has his eyes. I should have left him be, they wouldn't have traced it...Nevermind that was my exact worry at the time...

A wounded Magpie straight on our doorstep all but?! Except out back. I spotted him when I took the old linens out to toss and...well soldiers are usually striding by in the streets or calling at the front door, not hunched and pale at our back door with gaping wounds in their legs that are bleeding out. Then even as I watched he lost consciousness.

I got Ma and Amadith's attention, and I regret that even! Oh there was an argument about bringing him in or not to be sure! I sort of thought it unsafe myself. He could die on our premise and bring trouble or accuse us of any number of things later!

But, for being a full grey clad Magpie, he was so young, older than me but still I think the other women took pity or something. We brought him in, gave him a whole bed himself and free broth even! Once Ma bandaged his leg and he came about enough to eat that was. He'd flushed quite the color at discovering both where he was and that we'd been obliged to relieve him his trousers to bandage his leg. Again, he could have just made a thing of it and brought trouble straight on our heads.

He did at any rate!

The wound bled awful puss, not surprising with what he later told me. Call it morbid curiosity, both the wound and his being alone without his comrades to aid him was very extraordinary in a way, so I made the mistake of gathering facts.

His name was Váli, he'd just made Archer for the army a month prior at sixty, telling me he must have gone in in adolescence. Anyway, it had been one of his first real skirmishes, with a rogue Orc pack. One had gifted him a dagger to the leg the same moment he hit it with an arrow after discovering it as he, lowest rank Archer that he was, scouted for trouble.

The regiment came up behind to aid but he didn't stay the fight and ran, proving he could but running the wrong way and now, well we both knew his superior was just going to kill him when they found him. Deserting was a serious offense, and harboring one probably worse.

I told Ma and the others all this, but even then nobody listened to me, though I suppose I see their point that we couldn't just have dumped him in the street to figure it out as we should have without that too being a threat to us. He couldn't walk out currently anyway, not in his state, but again, why was that our problem?!

No, instead, and to mine and many of the others women's grumblings, we fed him and got him back to his feet. Little sneak even being friendly and getting in good with some the children by telling them stories, before I shuffled them off and reminded them soldiers are untrustworthy that is; and they are.

For all my firm belief in this last bit...I still know where to level blame. The other women were tongue wagging on and on about how much he was costing us by taking up one whole bed and being fed free of charge as it were, not to mention the danger again...I'm not surprised Ma chose to collect before letting him leave. Probably off that sense of gratitude we'd probably instilled by all the aid, or to tell the truth I think Ma flattered herself by pulling from the naive younger male (he was so naive, I saw it from the get go!) and this sense of debt what she could. Already some of the clients she had before had started to shirk off to me or some of the younger ones.

It's all the same old story around here. Yet now onto my burden from it though!

Again, that was about nine months ago, and yes Ma saw others between that time and even his showing back up's those eyes, and the brown baby tufts of hair too maybe. A big part of me wanted to just say I Told You So when the client situation got worse when Ma started to show. Especially since I knew even then it was from that lapse of judgement of hers.

Then, after enough weeks for Ma to show and have another, more surprising, person saying such, the same problematic soldier, Váli, showed back up! I'll give him that I may have misjudged his naivety if he survived the number of weeks he did on the run from his regiment and near enough to Ered Mithrin to make it back at all, and he looked like he'd spent them on the run! Showed up even more haggard than he'd left and...asked aid of us again! Oh it was the last straw for me!

Ma and I both told him to beat it when he asked if he could but dodge his company a few hours. No! And didn't he know how many of his came by anyway? Then he noticed Ma was showing and...ok, maybe it's not as throw away a gesture as I would make it, if he was on the run, in need of it himself, and yet still offered Ma coin on the off chance it was his though she kept telling him it wasn't. Laughed in his face at the idea in fact.

His stalling was his downfall anyway, one of his I mentioned came about from the back and...well for as pale as he went, and being a coward in the first place, he walked out calmly enough to no doubt inevitable doom. No trouble came our way at least and I don't think we have to worry about it anymore. Except, again, for this kid in a basket by my feet with stunning blue eyes.

I just know she's his, and this is the last straw of the trouble he could have brought actually! Ma was just being callous and bitter over all the attention the pregnancy lost her when she told me to kill her, especially since there's a suspicion going through the house the child's deaf, I write out all this to try to decide where none will watch me pace and suspect, I keep thinking I should!

Ma's gone now too, delivering the useless babe was too much, and...the thing will cling to me, my curse, from the both of them!

"But aren't you gonna name the thing, Svafa?", they ask me, probably to force my hand.


Líknví, I finally spit, she's not mine and she wasn't Ma's, her useless father's legacy can have her. There are smiles and the little now named thing is all but congratulated her name in the way fussing women and lingering children even do. Just my luck, no one gets it I was cursing her. Whatever.

I watch the little thing as Ástir's Finch picks her up again and almost seems to dote. "Mark my words she'll bring trouble...", but the boy's like all the others and not listening, I know he's not.

Líknví she baby gurgles and clenches one of Kvasir's fingers as babies do and I've enough grace to me to know I need to decide quick before this gets more painful. We've all lost siblings or relatives, a few days as she'll be just another rhetorical name.

First order of business, burn this, proof of a plan as it is.

Second, look and smile normally as you thank little Finch for watching your sister, Svafa, and take her back, maybe I'll even pull up a little...talking to the thing myself, give them no reason to suspect.

I'll...leave later when the house settles. She...she's sickly looking, I've warned them all I think so...I...I just didn't want to bother the house when...I discovered. So I buried her myself.

Should be alibi enough.
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Re: Drabble Challenges
« Reply #64 on: February 19, 2016, 01:27:28 AM »
(hope I did this right. Knowing me... )

Lost Broken King :: By Nellas

Your eyes gaze to an downward spiral. Lost and alone in your heighten thrown. Distance brings spaces within your heart. As your mind lingers in a sleepless slumber to never awake from the darkness that surrounds you. Hidden away from the world to only bring despair with in your heart. Hardening it from those around you. You stand proud and strong as your world shatters before you. Lone. With out anyone there to catch you. You will forever be lost with in your stone walls of contempt. Breathing in nothing more than a toxic fumes from what was once nothing but a dream. To never wake you slowly die more inside. Slowly... hiding behind a fortress made of you. With the sorrow that you keep. You o Mighty King pull away with your cold bitter soul. To walk this world alone forever and always. Alone.


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Re: Drabble Challenges
« Reply #65 on: March 20, 2016, 09:09:21 PM »
Movie Night


Fritz swallowed forcibly on his swig of soda in order to get it down in time to criticize, since Lindsay wouldn't mind and all.

"I thought you said there weren't a lot of songs in this, opening scene, look song!".

"It opened with a normal scene, explaining the creepy witch powers remember"

"Excuse you, that was a prologue".

Fritz dodged the small handful of crisps he was going to have to find in his couch later.

Snow White


His words were casual but adamant, and Lindsay lowered the DVD box with playful pleading and curiosity both in her look at the firm stance.

"Sorry Lindsay, I...I will survive Sleeping Beauty, whatever that other one was, but not...I can't fully explain it, but I have a deep...dislike, in the very fiber of my being for the very...".

His slight overdoing worked and she giggled and gave up the fight, picking again. To a sigh.

"Sleeping Beauty was just an exa--fine. I did it to myself"


Jurassic Park

She had to grin at him. Either that or Indiana Jones, just for suggestions. Of course he went in for those almost kiddie sort of adventure tales, it made perfect sense somehow! So why was he so against Disney, see, it was just a front!

He'd even bought the most recent fourth one. Yet as Fritz held the titles splayed and asking, he gave a glance and then plucked aside and tossed aside the third one, saying they could skip if they wanted, it was hardly worth it.

All to get her to giggle again, Lindsay was sure. No, no, after she made him watch Disney sequels even she would commit to the whole of the genre.

Others (including his boss no doubt) would have thought it all contrived and so she could hide her face in his shoulder at popping up raptors (which she still did a few times) but no, Lindsay could tell that hadn't been the motivator and Fritz was open to mocking of his own choices too.

"Ooh, abandoning children, yeah you're dying...", then as Lindsay laughed and glanced to him, "There's unbreakable precedents to this stuff, you know, even the not B movie types"

As one, it seemed, both of their heads tipped to the side wondering if they'd seen that kid from the 4th one...nah!



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Re: Drabble Challenges
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Both Ways

She had hoped he knew better; in a way that still didn't blame him truly. Still, it took Líknví a while to suss out the root. She didn't hear after all, though that hardly really hindered news gathering.

Not of this magnitude especially. Not of the fall of an entire royal line...

It was on everyone's lips it seemed.

Or mostly.

"...and it was terribly good of Kvas to let me borrow it, I'll have to pay-back somehow...", Fritz turned these words and a smile back over Lí's way, as if to ensure she caught them perhaps. They still signed quite frequently, but since she'd allowed her tones to be heard Fritz's way, and...hand to be gently "captured" in a way that fit, also just as often spoke and read.

It was for this latter fact that Lí was so a non-selfish or insulted way but still concerned.

She didn't have his sister's level of intuition, but then she also didn't need it, and read faces well enough herself from necessity. Her gaze was probably too seeking, Fritz faced forward again and then gently released her hand along their walk, and his walking her home, so they could fidget and find readable words to go on her way. To cover no doubt.


Lí lightly touched his elbow to pause him after only this far. Fritz glanced to her, smiled again a bit tightly, and then took her hand again as if guessing she only took light offense there.

She knew he knew she knew better.

Líknví lacked firmness herself but standing where she was and the light tug caused by that was enough. Fritz glanced to her more fully. And looked a bit worried.


"Don't", he cut in so quickly, he seemed to fear it was too harsh and smiled once more. "Lí...of course you'd ask but...I'm fine...really"


"Better than Dags is doing and...", he glanced down, as if gaining some sort of control. With the lack of hesitancy their level of relationship now gave her, Líknví stepped nearer and hugged him; finding herself stung slightly as he stepped aside, with another sorry smile yet...

"Come on, Dove, I'm not gonna get you home at this rate", Fritz held out a hand and seemed to give a chuckle, but even just watching showed it probably lacked. She took it, though, and allowed him to lead her home, heavy unspoken still weighing.


Clouds always broke, though, it seemed. Kvas let him borrow more and use the shop out back for touch-up closer to a drop off with a client or such, and Lí watched from her swing.

Fritz was just sharpening down a finished sword with a whet stone and then...Lí saw him glance towards the lit pit distractedly and then dawning horror come to his face. She hopped off the swing and approached as Fritz dashed quickly over to the pit where he'd appently carelessly left a hammer too close after a touch-up. The thing was already half ruined and melted even from residual heat...and so when Fritz's face scrunched and he sent it against the far wall of the shop, it only finished the job and the metal shattered.

Fritz next dropped heavily to the ground and Líknví knew more had broken as the smith buried his face and she caught the movement of his shoulders. Like many shattering things, it all came as one once let out, but Lí felt it was probably good for that. Not Fritz going through such pain of course, but...the lack of being able to still hold in and hide.

She knew about hiding.

She was by his side in a heartbeat and thankfully Fritz didn't fight her as she sat and pulled him nearer. She felt him say a few words, but was unsure what they were. She just hugged him ever tighter. To prove and keep to what she had also promised him not so long back, and that she would ever be there as well.

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Re: Drabble Challenges
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{This is what happens when you hear that red is the first color we can see shortly after birth...still not sure if that's true, but allow me to use it ^^ It was suppose to be all baby Lí but she progressed it as we went ~
Also I didn't exactly run Purple by you if you think not but...we liked the idea ^^}

Red- was said to be the first color a baby could make out shortly after being born, and while that may have been unable to be proven one way or another, Líknví was given plenty of chance of testing it. About all there was to do in the basket was watch the curtains flutter...and suck your thumb. And both.

Blue- she of course caught the fact that both the only mother she could recall and her brother's eyes were blue before she caught the fact that her own were as well. But the first brought a bigger joy to the latter. She was learning to crawl and passed a mirror...and paused, transfixed by the first image of herself she caught and her budding baby self-awareness. Along with gripping her toes, to prove to herself that the image followed her exactly and so was her, Lí tapped awestruck at the tiny face in the glass and then her own, a tiny grin following before she even fully understood why.

Yellow- or was it more white...bright brilliant light at any rate, even if just from a candle and for one hidden so deep within a mountain she'd yet to learn there was a sun. Her tiny hands were gently retracted when they tried to explore too close and yet she didn't wiggle, just staring all but transfixed she glanced from the explination of the phenomena to the flickering flame yet again.

Green- was the one color she was intensely focused on at the moment. 'Cause that was the game, whether Rian wanted to play it or even knew this. Her hands gently held the chin in place, before Rian went to move. Babbling all but pleading again, Lí readjusted, not realizing the actual rules and that if Rian looked away that meant the tinier girl won at Staring. She tried again.

Orange- was the whole carrot from out of the bag of stuff Rian always tried to bring them now that Kvasir was busy being a soldier, or learning, a rare market find and, with the other children about, even rarer to be handed exclusively over to Lí's tiny grasp and for the older girl's presence to aid with her starting in on. She chewed off a small bite then smiled at Rian in compliment and thanks both the gift while she chewed, then worked at it some more.

*Purple- was hardly the full color and reserved for the royalty or those who could afford it, but...the dirt grubbed girl from the Scarlett Streets still caught small traces of the thread within the garment and it only furthered her awe. It was the most perfect dress to pretend and imagine, if just for a moment, that she truly was a princess or...could in any way hope for anything similar. She twirled but then didn't neglect to fly over and hug Her Guard fiercely in thanks for the gift.

Black- Was such a fitting color for when the whole of light went out. Líknví stared at it now gracing their windows because...because he wasn't ever coming back...and the hue matched the feeling of despair welling again inside her.

Brown- Pages. Many many pages now. And his notebook that he needed because whatever hadn't killed him had still robbed. Lí knew the answer was closer than even she pretended, if she would but think over it, but again she shied from doing so and glanced again to the pages gifted her holding to show a sketch this time, next moment smiling up at him in praise and also as her heart soared with the one single fact that she had him back.
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Re: Drabble Challenges
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[Now I've finished all my half written Drabbles that have been sitting forever ^^ This one is an AU inspired off of Seasons Change, People Don't...all I said was Cass and Pip need to stop making me want to write a sad Blind Kvas Drabble...then Cass gave me more fuel by explaining Kvas' reactions which I put in and...well here you go. Never stop enabling Dear Cass <3]

A Fate Escaped: AU

For a girl who struggled to understand sound concepts due to being deaf, Líknví was still able to...grasp the idea. For those who could hear. Like knocking. Or to keep the vibrations she knew of low to avoid others hearing.

That was what she did now. Hopefully to success, and hopefully Fritz would give indication if it was too loud as he'd walked beside her and now paused with her at the door. Lí shifted the basket of items picked up and made to lift her meagre apron to dab at her eyes, but a quick move from Fritz and a cleaning rag turned hankie was held out. With a smile of thanks, Lí took it and meant to only dab and hand back but allowed herself to let out a few more tears. Not in frustration, not truly, or any sadness for herself and her position now. For Kvasir. For his having lost his own bright blue eyes.

Not physically, but his sight and so some of the light they had held before. All due to that horrid awful...! No. No Lí, hatred doesn't help anyone. Plus Rian cursed him enough for both of them it seemed.

Líknví was no better than anyone, but her timid nature shied from firmness even of letting the emotions out.

She'd known when they left that it was a bad idea! Or...that was hindsight now...

Lowering the rag, Lí sought to compose herself and go check up once more. Fritz having promised he'd follow and help, as he often did. He would hardly abandon either of them in this time. As she handed the rag back, the young Smith gave Líknví what smile could be given during this time. Where they stood was still an up in the air thing, or a thing not admitted to by either of them by this point, but...that they were dear friends was not needed to be said by either. And maybe...maybe Fritz deserved a bird moniker of his own, the thought had begun nudging at Lí.

Fritz went to speak, but then dropped off suddenly and Lí was given clue as he glanced to the door they stood in front of at some sound only he caught. "What was...", he opened it and yet by his confused look, somehow Líknví already knew. She gently rushed past him into the main room.

At least she didn't have to worry about her tear stains. Just as long as her voice was level. Now if only she knew more firmly if it was...

Being deaf herself, sometimes Kvas' rants at himself were given more leeway and without Fritz noticing the sound he'd have probably gone for the vase or such after his knocking the mug over again as he relearned his surroundings...Líknví wasn't oblivious to her brother's pension for tantrums all but in heightened tempers.

"'Va'! Va'...", she darted over. She'd learned the habit of speaking more, as a sort of pre-telling of her presence. It should have been an easier recalling, for one who also lacked a sense, but then it was almost flipped and sight helped her where sound did not so to reverse it her own self took conscious thought.

Liknvi gripped his hands lightly as she reached him, in comfort and to stall his causing more silly trouble maybe. She gave them a kiss and then to his cheek, soothing where he'd once soothed her. Not that he'd lost that by merely loosing his sight, but...he did seem so adrift at times. "A' A'k...", she didn't understand the shushing sound, but brushed his hair back and hugged him about his neck, letting some of her tears come. He'd been through so much...why...

Fritz bent and lent his aid in picking up shattered pottery, wondering if he should announce his own presence by speaking. For the moment he just let Lí have her moment, glancing at the two with a compassionate hurt his own self for all both of them struggled with now, and he felt adrift himself as to how to truly help. For the moment he settled on taking shattered pottery to the waste bin.

Líknví continued trying to comfort her brother. "Ya'...ya ga' at'...", Lí felt the hitch and knew her voice was faltering. Though it made no difference on his end, she moved back again to study his face as she went on, to a gaze that didn't focus on her anymore though, and continued on through the increase of her own tears and Kvasir seeming to try to memorize through touch what he had to already have ingrained in his memory though. "Ya'...ya' sta'' da' ana'...ana' tha' a' tha's...". Some comforter she turned out, with a sob--for his sake and all he'd lost, all the guilt it made him feel-- Líknví broke, collapsing upon his chest, arms wrapping around him. Then she pulled in. No. She was one part of the support system mostly made of her, Rian and Fritz, she couldn't...

She sat there a bit, seeking normal conversation bits and soon finding a smallish one. "Fizz her ta'...", she began, and Fritz gave a further cheering try from the kitchen space by calling out "Yeah sorry, I was gonna say something..." and the girl smiled (almost looking off these words when it of course could not be) as she went on, "Wa' ga' blakbara's...A wa' thanka' a cabla', wha' ya' tha'?". She sat up and gave her brother a trying smile...before recalling it was a wasted effort.

"'Kvas! Kvas..."
"It's ok..."
" got it..."
"You('re)'re strong...capable...can do any...anything and this..."
"Fritz is here to..."
"We got blackberries...I was thinking a cobbler, what (do) you think?"
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Re: Drabble Challenges
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"Impossibly Sticky Handprints"

{It was all but asked for. We can put this in threads too :D Cass, as ever correct anything needing corrected <3}

They weren't on the cabinets, not yet, and Friór would be careful, near as a small child was able. Which meant, yes, at some point, sticky jam was going to go to the cabinets despite the small Dwarfling's very best of efforts! And when "hand games" were started...

Of course it hadn't started as a game, except that to the Dwarfling of only a decade old everything was a game of some sort! Being affable and free-giving with his smiles helped this too. Mama and he had come over to visit with Uncle Kvas and Aunt Rian, and while both of the former seemed to trust their tones around Friór, in Líknví's bid that she never misunderstand or miss anything with her son (though she held she could understand his mouthed baby talk just as well as his baby signs) she had still aided him with coming to grip both means of communications and Friór was use to signing to his mother.

And there had been the worry of a child learning to speak learning her enunciation she knew was broken...

Friór didn't even fully catch the exclusive and his father would often indulge him too and throw back signs and Friór would either laugh or sign again or both, further enforcing the game in his mind, while catching the fact that it was speaking too. Not that anyone was apt to give thought to all this leading up.

With a kiss to his still baby locks of soft brown hair, Líknví dropped off a small mug her son could probably handle of milk to him in his little chair (she'd forgotten which of the Forgers of the family had made it exclusively for the wee lad it seemed) which seemed to live, this one anyway, over with Kvas and Rian at their house, they were over so much.

The small lad instantly brought a hand to his mouth to tell her thankyou and then, in that way the signals often would mix, did the tap that while if Líknví couldn't recall if was officially official (even she'd improvised) meant More. Please going without saying from the sweet lad's temperament even now.

He apparently "misspoke" himself, his mother kissed him again and told him in her soft tones to finish that up first.

Friór frowned, not in upset, in working through himself, though some of that frustration at small kids not being understood was there. No...he wanted something with


He pointed to the cabinet, then made the sign, smiling with recalling what he meant for the sweet anyway and pointing as if to the middle of his hand to further say. Líknví smiled. Oh one of the little jam filled...she obliged and dropped two on a small dish, watching Friór alternately bite the treat and investigate at the jam in the center with his finger as all children seemed to have to do, though he was eating more than mess making, so that was progress. was hard to follow exactly how it had happened. Mama was watching him of course along with aiding Aunt Rian with things here or there and...somehow the girls got distracted on into other thing and the next thing Friór knew it was just him and Uncle Kvasir in the kitchen, and he seemed to have the gift of said relative's full attention.

Friór giggled, then looked down at his empty plate now and back up. Not begging, but a quiet, soft wondering coming...slowly...he tried the sign again, only for biscuits this time, even helping by handing the plate. He wasn't being incorrigable at all, Fritz's offspring or no, and it was just an honest inquiry.

Joy lit his face as he was obliged though! He clapped his tiny hands and gave Uncle Finch a Thank-you sign with his now slightly sticky hands before next bringing said hand and then a sticky kiss to his uncle's cheek. Then those biscuits and milk disappeared....then a more hesitant wondering look...and all Uncle Finch had to do was say no. He was just asking.

By the time he finally relinquished his little plate and cup, Friór had his own beard of blackberry preserve that seemed to try to copy his uncle's but thankfully had not escaped past his chin...well there was his hands...and parts of his little chair...Friór looked at all of where the dark stains were had, then back to Uncle Finch, and, like he knew, he grinned, almost conspiringly and gave a little sound of a word, low voiced, "Ah-oh..."

This knowledge was further backed up when the tiny Dwarfling stilled and his blue eyes went wide at the sound of Mama coming back. She was obviously somewhat surprised, she was holding a dish rag, apparently helping out at the house a hard dropped habit, and she dropped this as she saw him and her own blue shades widened.

Her gaze next traveling over to meet Uncle Kvasir's. Friór glanced between the two yet Mama next just smiled along with her sigh. Faulting either of her boys seemingly a hard task, not when she knew the mishap had been so innocuous. Friór giggled as his face and hands were next cleaned up with the rag.

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Re: Drabble Challenges
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After Tintaldé told Isaac about the wraiths, the images burned themselves in the back of his head. Exhausting days at his work would come where he’d have to face death itself - and the following night he’d dream of being chased across the Brandywine Bridge by tall figures in night black hoods and stallions panting furiously to catch him. Those dreams would leave him gasping for breath in the middle of the night, bolting upright and crying out from the terrifying chase all the way back to consciousness. Lucky for him, no one would wake - and he’d make himself a cup of tea to ease his heart back into beating normally. Looking through the window to the hills of Hobbiton did the trick, too. Nothing like the moon and the stars to remind you how small you are in a world so big, he’d think to himself. And how far you are from beasts such as the ones told in fairy tales. His head and chest would settle after half an hour of this, and then he’d drift off to sleep in peace.

Many nights of terror would come and go before the hooded villains appeared to the Shire themselves. The race began slow, with Isaac frequently visiting to a Miss Gisela Bolger over a month before. Confident, Isaac foretold the lady nothing but the best for her - a speedy recovery, perhaps a rough winter for her lungs before the spring would heal her far more than he could. That way he lost the race, for tempting winter brought on the opposite of the turn Isaac predicted for Miss Gisela. Isaac rushed to seek lodging at Woodhall to aid his patient at any moment’s notice by the end of Afteryule. The summons, when it came, was nothing like Isaac expected. But how could it have been - when he thought the wraiths’ greatest weapons were wicked swords and vicious steeds. He was out of his depth the moment he saw Gisela curled in a ball at the foot of her bed in her nightdress, clutching her hands with her eyes shut tight. A victim of despair.

“Miss Bolger, there’s nothing to fear. Please sit on the bed,” began Isaac. He went on his knees and tried grasping one of her pale hands to lead her up again. “Miss Bolger. It’s Mr. Brandywood - please - ” but it was of no use. “Miss...” A tear slid down Gisela’s cheek, finally leading her to break the vice-like clamp on her other hand to wipe away the tear. A grating, heavy sob escaped her - and yet Isaac still sprang upon the wrong details. “Your breathing’s labored - a night out of bed on a frosty night like this has only done you wrong.” He carried her onto the mattress, but could not spring apart quickly enough to get his things until Gisela’s hand wrapped itself around Isaac’s wrist. He could have wrestled away from her - but his eyes were caught in the shadows of her eyes. Everything about her seemed hollow - and no illness could have taken that strength from her.

“Mr. Brandywood,” whispered Miss Bolger, “I’m - I’m terrified.” Her voice was the only thing that made sense. It was ragged, broken, no doubt she’d gotten worse in the few days they hadn’t seen each other in. “My sister refused to see me - and she knows - ” The patient broke into a violent fit of coughing, releasing Isaac from her hold and allowing him to lean back and let her double over to cough. Isaac, mute, stupid, grasped a handkerchief on a night-desk by her bed. “She knows how bad it is. How I won’t outrun death this winter. But she won’t come.” The last word was spoken in a little gasp, and tears filled her eyes again. Then she began to shiver, and Isaac drew closer to press a gentle hand against her forehead. Why, this was bad, bad - “Neither will my cousins, nor my aunt. No one will come - I’ve driven them all away. No one will come when I die.” And finally it struck Isaac like a slap - the realization her soul had shriveled away long before her lungs had with the bad weather. His small hand grew almost as pale as his patient’s forehead - they could almost match, under the flickering light of the lamp by her bed.

Miss Bolger’s chest rose and fell pitifully against the little white nightdress, and Isaac was moved to words. “You needn’t die tonight - Miss Bolger, they…” But nothing else would leave his purplish lips. The winter gale rattled the house’s windows with violence, and Isaac’s free hand grasped one of his patient’s to hold it close to her chest, almost as if trying to defend it from the winter winds trying to get inside. He hung his head when the defeated Miss Bolger cried before him, when initially she did not even slip a grimace no matter the verdict. “It doesn’t matter when I die - I’ll be - alone - if I make it this winter - if I don’t - but I will.” Isaac looked up into her eyes. “I know I will, doctor. But that doesn’t matter.” All that mattered was that no one would ever come to her aid again, that she’d driven them all away.

Isaac wrenched himself away from her for a few minutes, get himself and Miss Bolger something to soothe her. “You won’t be alone, Miss Bolger, not tonight,” he promised from her bedroom door. He ran to the kitchen, thinking the chase was still not over, until he froze on the spot at the sight of the floor. A bowl of ground bitter-smelling leaves on the ground over the bloodied mess. And Miss Bolger’s prophecy came true, while Isaac broke down sobbing on his knees not one room away.

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Re: Drabble Challenges
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{Most definitely not 100 words, but I may challenge myself and make one of those next!}

An Expert Tour [TAFA]

"And down there is where the warriors would gather after a day...", Anlaf paused in his giving a tour along memory lane and the parts of Erebor he knew backwards and forwards, even after all these years. Many of those whom Anlaf could see in his mind's eye at that unknown last time they were within the meeting/drinking hall had not made it after Smaug came. Somehow he and a smiling Folkin had.

Anlaf glanced down at the late warrior's namesake, a tiny dwarfling of Twelve, Fíli and Dags' second son and with a growing set of younger siblings behind. It was a miracle to many that both of the warriors had made it out, at least that day.

Having raised a large brood, Anlaf had learned how important one on one time was for both his children and now his grandchildren.

Especially when the all important question of if he and Liv would move here wasn't answered. Andi, Arndis, and their twins were pretty settled in Ered Luin and even Fritz seemed he would follow suit.

"Your grandfather, the one you were named for, was there", Anlaf went on to relate, though he knew Folkin II wouldn't misunderstand him, and he saw the small lad's instant further interest. "I didn't know him too well then, except in passing, you could say it was your Mama and Papa coming to be friends that...brought our families together too". The old warrior smiled at this thought he felt 100% true.

Sure Anlaf had already been on Thorin's council and in good with the heir com King, but that wouldn't have afforded him the fatherly like sharing with Lady Dis and her husband had when delivering children from one house to another for play dates.

Just as visions of the Battle of Azanulbizar took over, Anlaf's tiny charge and grandson took his hand, "What ya' do in there?". It was a pretty skillful melding, for the lad's age, of his interest in further stories on his namesake and not leaving out his living grandfather or hurting his feelings by always asking for stories on the other.

Laughing, Anlaf scooped up the tiny child, "Oh what all warriors do in a drinking hall, be silly little boys", and of course he meant in only so much escapades as Fíli himself ever later got into. Anlaf gave Folkin a tiny tickle that had the lad giggling, before pride next taking over his smile and, without meaning to, giving further credence to this latter statement, "When you're of age, I'll guide you through your first proper tankard in that very room, if your father doesn't take the privilege from me", and Fíli could do so and be forgiven. Of course the Proper Age Anlaf envisioned was far younger than his daughter would no doubt state she felt it was.

Folkin played with some of the fur along the edges of his grandfather's coat, and Anlaf saw the thoughtful look of a bubbling question as the lad's own mind followed similar tracks no doubt with all this tour with someone who had been there and knew about the dragon and all. And Anlaf was probably thought stronger than the lad's grandmother in some respects. "How'd a whole dragon get in here?, the lad asked in the height of innocent inquiry and pure curiosity over logistics.

Still Anlaf had to swallow but found an answer while beating aside many memories of having learned every small horrible solving of that logistic at the time. "He smashed through the front gate...walls are nothing to demons of fire such as that...", Anlaf thought he went on with further explanation as a count of the Warriors to have fallen that day ticked by in his mind, but apparently he had not as he was brought from drifting off by tiny Folkin kissing his cheek, "Sorry".

Anlaf smiled, "Nothing to be sorry about, my lad", he settled his grandson once more with a small bounce, "Thankfully there are no more dragons in the world and no more threat of that kind". Very very thankfully. It was entirely possible his daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren could live happily and undisturbed here yet again. As if to move on as they moved along down the corridor, Anlaf continued, "So tell me, have you discovered Dale's famous toy market, which is also no doubt back up and running, yet?"

"Oh yes I have!", Folkin informed him with a little accompanying kick of his feet, "They had am'inals, like a bunny, I got that for Ils all with my own money Mama had to loan me, only now I don't know what to get Ingmar and Ingdis...having three sisters is hard sometimes, but I still like them, I mean...", the lad had found himself a small child's rabbit trail, as they could.

Anlaf just laughed, Dale had somehow never sounded quite so interesting as when his grandson expounded on its toys. "And surely in all that you got something for yourself also?".

"Oh yes! Flynn and I got kites, only Mama's afraid we'll blow away if we use them right now so Papa has to come with us when we use them, to catch us just in case".

This has not been quite what Dagmar's concern was in having Fíli go with their sons when outside with the kites, but Anlaf felt the small child's version was still probably not too far off the mark truly.

"Well here's hoping he's quick", Anlaf smiled and made the mistake of commenting to a statement a child felt serious, it would only ever bring more adorably sincere statements.

"Oh he is! I saw'd him smack a whole fly one time", Folkin lightly squished his grandfather's cheeks to show, "I bet he could do the same to a dragon if one did show up".

"No doubt", Anlaf smiled sincerely, able to take the reference of dragon attack, without a twinge, from his grandson's adorably sincere faith in his father.
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Re: Drabble Challenges
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{Alright I think I did it! The last Drabble and Anlaf walking through Erebor gave the idea and I made an actual, 100 word, Drabble out of it! Hopefully it's not all choppy. Since it was forever ago and abandoned, the post reference of this is from Liv's post in Taking Erebor}

A Desperate Bid

He was stupid and desperate! The young warrior pulled a hand through his hair, fidgeting where he stood. He'd heard a comment between other warriors, and how Harekr--who was courting one of Liv's close friends--was now apparently with someone else and trying to keep it all from Oxana.

Foolish of course, and yet Anlaf was perhaps worse to use the incident to stop by and try to "warn" Liv for her friend's sake. Blatantly just trying to talk to the maiden of course. Yet maybe...Anlaf went to knock...then gave it up and walked off yet again.
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Re: Drabble Challenges
« Reply #73 on: April 19, 2017, 06:48:40 PM »
{Not 100 words this time either ^^}

Proving...Something or Other

The more Friór stood there and studied the different curves and angles of the wooden box on the stall, the more he was convinced, it was perfect! He could carve on that real good just like Master Kargach had been helping him with, but his natural talent at sketching aided in and helped come almost effortless even on wood. Fun at least.

This impression was further proven after Friór bought the item and looked at it and turned it about closer up. Yep! Even the little leaf hints would do well and aid if he could figure out how to do a simple Dove shape...someone bumped into Friór and even as he came to realize this and watch for if the box were dropping it...was...grabbed...

Hitting the ground front ways, catching  himself on his hands, Friór watched a figure about his own small stature dart off. With...the box!

He'd been robbed!

Standing, dusting at himself absently, Friór came to understand. And he just stood there for a moment or so. W-why would another kid steal from him? Sure Friór got want and maybe the box was useful in some way even to resell but...why him? Friór was sort of personally offended and hurt by it. He'd have given money if asked, what he had, he didn't have to take the box.

The box! The one perfect for his purposes, the others wouldn't do as well even if Friór did just re-buy another. No it had to be that one, it was for Ma...

That thought had his feet moving before he knew what he exactly planned next, just knowing he couldn't lose the other kid. The urchin leapt a fence and Friór grimaced in despair before...wait! If he went that way...

Friór knew where he'd come out! Knew where that lead! The other must not know the upscale markets so well, must have just been trying his luck. With hope blooming again, Friór darted off to the side and around through a few other streets before skidding to a halt at the other end of an alley way. Yep, there the kid was, looking behind and then forward, triumphant grin fading at seeing Friór again in his way and now blocking!

"Give...", the other couldn't stop in time and barreled into Friór, knocking both down. Friór' hands closed around wood by accident and yet latched soon as they had. The two twisted and tumbled, an elbow or a knee jabbed at his face and yet Friór clung onto the wood and focused on only that.

"Le' go!", the other, no doubt shocked and thusly annoyed by the resistance he got from this rich kid tugged harder and said, finally getting it from Friór.

The two boys then stared at each other, both wary.

"That..that's my Ma's...", Friór said finally, panting still from the scuffle.

The other frowned hard, "Sucks for her! Tell her ta' put her pearls in somethin' else!".

It was probably the verbal spit in both of those, Friór's eyes widened naively hurt and insulted again and then hardened to try to match the other. He wasn't aware he'd lunged until he had, not really going for delivering any punches but knocking the other down again and with a firmer grip yanking at the box again and yanking it back to his custody, "Don't you insult my family! Any of them!", but especially for this boy to level at his sweet mother who he didn't know!

Friór didn't raise his voice, but the words were firm. The other scoffed and tried to push himself up again but Friór still sat where he was and glanced to him again with a hard frown, "My uncle and grandfather both work on the Guard, run it almost". This was all he said, but the rest sat heavy in the air between them. Give it up. Don't even try

As Friór got up, the other considered him again, debating. Friór hadn't spoke a word of lie but the other seemed to consider if he had...and if he could risk it.

The two continued to watch each other, both wary and anticipating the next move of the other, when a proof was given Friór' last statement, by one of the forces of the local guards noting the two as he passed the alley way and rushing up with a speaking of Einar's nephew's name. "Friór?! Are you alright lad?", the other boy had started back with this arrival of law enforcing and gave only a glance between the two that seemed stunned Friór had been right before darting down the alley way. Even sheltered Friór knew it just spoke guilt before any was asked for.

The guard seemed suspicious by the move also. He glanced back to Friór, "Was that one giving you trouble? It'll be short work to question him if so".

Friór considered another moment, ", no harm done", he tried to still give the truth while deciding to dismiss and let the kid be. Insulted as he still was for his mother's sake, it wasn't exactly a criminal offense and making something of it when he had his box would be petty. Plus, with his backing proven, Friór had seen something akin to fear (of him!) in the other's eyes before he darted.

Only for who he might squeal to, Friór himself was still anything but intimidating, but that was fine. Though, he'd got the box back physically all by himself, whatever would have happened next without the interruption. Friór hugged it to him as he let the guard, his grandfather and oldest uncle's colleague, see him in his way home and still to-the-point chatted on his purposes for the box and his mother's upcoming birthday.

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Re: Drabble Challenges
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{As she's pointed out, Saga never gets to do Drabbles so one from her. No don't tune out yet! :D}

A Mere Breeze of the Familiar [OUaT]

Sarah Graceworth was known for...well grace everywhere she went, and even when entering her own private apartments, yet she all but slung her purse and briefcase of important stuff down to a corner by the door where they could be retrieved later or even just when she left in the morning if it was particularly hard to chase away her annoyance.

That upstart little...!

Oh, Durrant must just think he had the last laugh in all this! The very bane of Sarah's existence had, with childish like accuracy and smirk, pointed out the most trivial of things when he'd been called before the Board (whole meeting to Sarah's mistake!). Of course he was still negligent! front of all of the Board, Sarah had had her mistake on a form pointed out and then had to deal with everyone thinking she was less than perfect. And that smug smug grin on Durrant's face!

Someone who was not a Lady and Classy would have decked him! Oh how Sarah had wished to!

She was contemplating stiring something strong into something stronger...but that would hand him the victory point.

Instead, Sarah left it at plain seltzer and walked over to one of the broader windows of her well designed house. Even Durrant doesn't have a house, has to make due in that stuffy apartment..., of course it was a nice apartment, but Sarah tried to take comfort from whatever small fact she could!

She sipped her water then caught the ring of her phone on the table not far from where she stood. She pushed the speaker button.

"Sarah, uh Miss Graceworth, sorry...I...the form...". Durrant was not the only one with an assistant, though Fritz arguably got off better then Tammy, who was sort of both secretary for the whole board and Sarah personally.

"Tammy you and I both know I typed out that mistake. Don't take falls it's wasted chivalry and you won't get anywhere", Sarah was about to go on with how if the assistant failed anywhere it was to fail to point out the blunder she'd read over also, but something in everything of the set up brought about Deja-Vue...

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to invite her in his hearing, but...well showing well to the prince, that's...that's good right?"

"So long as he...acts it. They both should have known better but it shall have to be dealt with, and do stop apologizing so often, what have I told you"

The other voice was obviously Tammy's and...Sarah felt she should know who they spoke of and the situation but it just slipped by, adding to that odd feel of the moment. It must just be the stress of it all! Sarah rubbed at her forehead, and thankfully the feeling passed.

{Hehe I should recall to make use of Tammy in Sarah's posts, poor girl, and yeah she's that temp backup friend of hers, Tyda ^^}