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Author Topic: Love's Not So Lost Memories  (Read 1162 times)


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Love's Not So Lost Memories
« on: February 15, 2015, 01:21:00 AM »
OOC: A rather long oneshot that is a Valentine's Day present for Pip/Galadriel. I hope you enjoy it :)

IC: Celeborn had a slight frown on his face as he stared out into the horizon, eyes unfocused as he looked where the ship that took his wife and the other Ringbearers to Aman. Although he in someways wished that he had sailed with her, he could couldn't fully bring himself to regret not sailing with her. He would miss her but he also knew that he was still needed in Middle Earth for sometime. He would be joining her at some point, which made the parting far easier. She understood his reasons for staying and he understood her reasons for sailing. The two of them understood the other far better than anyone else.

He shifted slightly as he remembered first meeting her: It was early in the First Age and his great-uncle Elu Thingol had heard that his brother's grandchildren would be coming to meet them, or two more of them. They had already met Angrod but Celeborn had been out on patrol during that time. So he had been curious to meet his distant kin and stood next to Thingol and his queen, eyes intense as two figures approached the throne. He glanced briefly at the brother but it was the sister of the pair that caught his attention. Her hair was unlike anything he had ever beheld, a wondrous mix of gold and silver. And her eyes, her eyes seemed to drill into him and lay his soul bare, much like Melian's gaze could do. Yet he was not offended by her gaze. And it was in that moment he knew that she was the one for him.

It was a few years later that the two of them were wed after a year of betrothal. There are some moments from that day that were a blur but many he could still recall some nearly 7,000 years later with crystal clarity. He could still see her enter the room in all her finery. Her hair was done up in a simple but elegant way and her dress was white with silver threading. But the clearest thing he remembered was the love shining in her eyes when she looked at him, something he was sure that was reflected in his eyes. And of course, he could recall with even more clarity their wedding night, when they first made love. In that moment, the two of them fully became one in both body and spirit.

Yet even with their increased bond, there was the fact that she had hid the Kinslaying from him and Thingol. He had been angry with her, not for what she had done, which was nothing, but rather that she had kept this from him. Of course, he wasn't sure, even to this day, whether he would have told Thingol or not. His lips thinned as he remembered that particular time in his marriage with Galadriel. It was not the most pleasant and he had said some things he would later regret. He had accused her of being a liar and that he seemed to not know her at all. His words had been hurtful and they had spent the night apart, the first time since they had married.

His memories jumped a few centuries, past her deciding to stay in Middle Earth after the Valar offered her the chance to return to her home, to the moment when she had told him that she was with child. He had been ecstatic and eagerly awaited the birth of his child. He had admittedly hovered over her in worry over her and the unborn child. He chuckled slightly as he remembered her glaring at him and basically telling him to leave her alone, that she was not a piece of glass that would easily be broken. He seemed to recall that she had thrown something at his head at some point during that talk. And then was the day when Celebrian was born and Celeborn was sure that his love for her could never grow any more. The babe was a perfect blend of her parents and looking at Galadriel, he knew that everything was worth it.

The next thing on his mind made his smile morph into a scowl. If there had ever been a time were he was close to doubting his wife's love for him, or rather the depth of her love for him, it over Celebrimbor and Nenya. Nenya in particular soured his memories. The sight of another man looking at his beloved with the level of adoration that he did was burned into his mind, and his eyes screwed tight to try and banish the sight. The cold mithril and diamond band also burned bright against his eyes, a thing impossibly beautiful and yet reminding him of the Simaril that he had seen first around Thingol's neck and then Dior's. His knuckles turned white as he tried to calm himself from the bubbling anger that always came from thinking about Nenya and Celebrimbor.

But he forced his mind from those memories to far more pleasant ones. He smiled briefly at the thought of Gimli being won over by his wife, despite the hard feelings towards Dwarves that he honestly still had over the death of Thingol. And then to knowing that the One's influence over her was finally over when it was destroyed for good. His smile was bigger yet somehow sadder as he remembered Arwen's wedding and the feeling of loss of his granddaughter to a mortal life with Aragorn. And then even more recently to his last few days, and nights, with her.

He could still see her as she kept her eyes on his as she sailed towards Aman, towards her home. And he knew without a doubt that he would sail at some point to be with her again. His gaze flickered towards Haldir when he heard the Marchwarden approach, nodding when he was told that the horses were prepared to take them back to Lothlorien. And as he mounted his horse, he could still feel the briefest mental caress from her, could still taste her on his lips and feel her on his fingers. His hands twitched slightly as he thought of it and tightened his fingers around the reins of his horse.


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Love's Not So Lost Memories
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2015, 05:30:00 AM »
Also, a playlist to go with much of that oneshot (and generally about Cel and Galady).

First Meeting Galadriel: Can't Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley, Every Woman in the World by Air Supply

Wedding: Maybe I'm Amazed by Paul McCartney

Learning of the Kinslaying: Love Bites by Def Leppard, Hard to Say I'm Sorry by Chicago

Celebrimbor & Nenya: Suspicious Minds by Elvis Presley

The Third Age: All For Love by Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, and Sting, (Everything I Do) I Do It For You by Bryan Adams

Her Sailing: All Out of Love by Air Supply, The One That You Love by Air Supply

Their Reunion After He Sails and Joins Her in Aman: Open Arms by Journey

Random Love Songs: Faithfully by Journey, Just You and Me by Chicago, Lost in Love by Air Supply, Making Love Out of Nothing At All by Air Supply


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