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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Gard of Lake Town  (Read 3327 times)

Gard of Lake-town

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Gard of Lake Town
« on: March 20, 2013, 12:10:00 AM »


NAME: Gard (of Lake Town but a bit young to be important by title)
NICKNAMES (IF ANY):  none officially, except what annoyed adults of the town may come up with for him
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): T.A. 2930; Age 11
RACE:  Man

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE:  Brown hair, and a face of medium roundness and length. Especially now, nearing adolescence, Gard is more of a thin kid, though not scrawny, than a chubby cheeked youth.
EYE COLOUR:  Brown eyes most often holding a glint of good humor or fun ideas.
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT:  medium height and build for a kid his age, Gard feels himself of the perfect make for quick get away when needed.
OVERALL APPEARANCE: Mostly clad in a loose white shirt and vest, with brown breeches, Gard'a clothing gives off that he is from a modest family, but one that does the best they can, and he would argue both his cousin, Sigrid's, fine patching skills and uncle's skill with a bow are evident in that he's not scrawny or scraggly looking, though, he says that.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: No lasting scars (yet), though the boy is more often than not seen either dirty or with a cut or two from some recent escapade.
WEAPONS:  A smaller bow and quiver of arrows he tries to remember before leaving home. He's a moderate shot but when unarmed will resort to rocks or anything that works, really.
FACE CLAIM:  Best, Owen

STRENGTHS: Good intuition and sense of forest survival. Cheerful and tries to spread it to others where he can.
WEAKNESSES: Naive and lacking the proper full realization of what dangers lay in the world as proved in his exploring it. Though respectful, he is stubborn on this front and apt to shrug off reprimands of safety as those who tell him so are just worrying too much. Also too trusting, really, and doesn't always know when to keep his mouth shut.
ASPIRATIONS: His only real goal is to be as respected an archer and man as his Uncle Bard, but Gard allows for wild fantasies very much so and often wishes he could have seen what some will still talk of and how Dale and even their Lake Town was before. He is often sneaking all peeks he can of elves and longs to meet any and all dwarves connected to Dale as well. Has fallen into believing they will set all right.
FEARS: Dragons, though he hasn't yet seen one. Also he sort of deep down fears Mirkwood though he also contradictory will sneak too close to its boarders in adventuring and to spot out elves when able to travel that far from sight. Anything happening to his small family.
PERSONALITY: A good hearted and well meaning lad, there are still many in Lake Town convinced otherwise and that he is a trouble maker. Some of those that say so are just looking to make trouble themselves, though, and/or wide-brushing on his uncle's semi-bad report. He loves tales of adventures and adventuring himself and seems a contradiction in that he loves his town but has wander-lust to see more so very bad. He's thought at times of going and seeing if Smaug truly lives...but then common sense stops him from such a suicidal mission. That and distance; he's lucky the times he gets to Mirkwood un-missed!

HISTORY: Born the fist and only son of Drake and Charlotte of Lake Town, Gard grew up son of a merchant, but fed off of his mother's more glamorous tales of what was. While Charlotte and her brother, Bard, were of medium closeness for siblings, she held great respect for what her brother became and always spoke well of him. Gard could later see for himself, as well, what a great man he was and always counted that what he liked best, not all he owed him.

His Uncle Bard's two older kids, Bain and Sigrid, were fixtures that had been there since the boy could recall and he enjoyed the visits over to his uncle's house where if he was lucky he could coerce Bain into little kid games. Then when Gard was four, the first hint of how a world could change was given. Firstly he gained a cousin (something he wasn't use to) in little Tilda. Babies were what other family's got, but now Gard's aunt and uncle had one too and the young boy found himself sort of pleased at the idea.

Of course bad dropped with it and they lost his Aunt Rania. At his young age, Gard couldn't fully grasp the news or all the sadness mixed with joy about him. They stopped by more to help in that year along with his grandmother and often Gard would skip over to Tilda's cradle to make her laugh and just check up on how she was doing or give Sigrid a hug when even his older and more capable cousin showed her mood so much even little Gard noticed.

It seemed they would pull through though, until after that summer the boy turned Five, Drake set out to try his merchant wares where he could outside Lake Town since any and all trade seemed to ignore the town. Everyone knew to give Mirkwood a wide berth, but struggles pushed logic aside a bit and Drake tried a short cut. Little was discovered of what actually happened, but a satchel looking like his was found and, as he didn't return home, the worst was presumed. Many chose to blame the spiders and other vile things to be found. A few thought to suspect the elves, but few to none said anything as that would call trouble and interfere with business. Plus spiders were more likely a culprit.

Gard resolved to be the man of the house and help his mother as best he could at his young age, yet her passing in illness that winter was something he couldn't stop. He only knew one place to run in his grief and tearfully tried explaining as best he could as his grandmother scooped him up, pretty much reading all in the child's demeanor being the same as Bain and Sig's had been when going through similar.

Now mortality was a semi-more real concept to the young boy, but in the years that followed small bits of joy were able to be found around the losses as Gard helped Bain and Sigrid where he could and, easier felt a job, watched out for Tilda. As the little baby grew into a toddler, the young boy was almost paranoid with it, more than a few times standing there to try and catch her before she hit the floor as she learned to walk, until with Sigrid's gentle persuasions he saw that a few tumbles would not hurt her. She was just the only member of the household younger than him and Gard was still so paranoid of anything happening to anyone else.

Yet for how this early experience and the hazy memory of his parents instilled the boy with an early understanding of mortality and made him cautious or afraid in terms of others, it had the opposite affect where it pertained to the boy himself and Gard set out to boldly have adventures and "conquer the world" at a young age.

He still clung to the tales he'd grown on, as well, and always had an ear out for interesting sounding stories and would pause and even question any who seemed to truly believe dwarves had once dribbled prosperity to the neighboring towns due to their wealth. These were few, though.

Yet, most recently, when Gard wanders near even the safer patches of trees away from Mirkwood, he has a time or two thought he could almost understand the birds' chatter; and they seem to speak of something grand and something coming. Gard only hopes it isn't a dragon and is both excited and anxious...if birds are trustworthy sources and can actually be understood.

YOUR NAME: Gard or Maggie for other
AGE:  Late 20's
COUNTRY:  Optional. 
EXPERIENCE: I'd say of any GOOD quality, ten years from e-mail RPG to forums
OTHER CHARACTERS:  If you have any, that is.
CONTACT: PM or E-mail
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: Ultimate Pirate Rp ad
A warning bell was the first warning given for most. Yet had any glanced to the sky they would have seen before hand even as well.

Still, all Gard had heard of dragons was true, and they came upon with swift speed none but a bird's foreknowledge and chirp could predict. Smoke and fire shot down in a first attack blocked most of the view of the dragon; Smaug; as he came.

Just as it had been at Dale some had said.

Wide eyed, Gard could only stare for a bit, even as screams and panic spread. The Master was calling something at the crowds, trying to...well Gard wasn't even sure. The boy was also not even able to hear it at the moment.

He should run, he knew this, how else had he always returned home alive from his exploring; yet at the moment the boy was paused in awful horrendous captivation. As the smoke cleared, better view of gleaming scales and an oh so enormous body and tail came into view!

It was horrendous and beautiful at the exact same time and Gard just stood staring. One of the shouts came newer and soon, whether he were on the cusp of adolescence or no, he was grabbed up bodily and hauled back towards the house by Sig.

"D-Did you see..." Gard began, but he could tell the feeling wasn't truly understood on everyone else's ends. A glance over at Tilda hugging her doll showed it most, and Gard dropped trying to explain for hugging her. "D-Don't worry, your Da' will do it...", seemed a really futile statement, and...where was he if the dragon was this close in the first place. Gard tried to ignore this question.

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Gard of Lake-town

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Gard of Lake Town
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2013, 12:14:00 AM »
I'm aware Gard's name needs to be capitalized as well. If I could just ask nicely for an admin to fox for me :)

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Gard of Lake Town
« Reply #2 on: March 20, 2013, 01:05:00 AM »
Welcome to the forum, Maggie!  You have done a wonderful job outlining Gard's adventurous personality and I look forward to seeing him in action.  I have fixed your username so that it is capitalised, you should receive an e-mail to confirm this has been done.  That's you set and ready to jump into the roleplay. :)

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