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Author Topic: The Rules  (Read 14068 times)


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The Rules
« on: March 07, 2013, 11:29:00 PM »

Common Courtesy

•  Be considerate and inclusive of others, both of established members and new members alike.  If you see a new member has joined, don't be afraid to send them a welcoming message, and be sure to keep an eye on newly accepted characters - plotting opportunities abound!

•  Along the same lines, harassing or bullying behaviour is not acceptable.  If there is any issue at any time please message a staff member (via the private messaging system here on the forum, not through any off-site platforms or channels) so that it can be addressed quickly.  Communication is key to resolving problems before they get out of hand, especially on the internet where it is so easy for things to be misconstrued or misunderstood.

•  Respectful behaviour should extend from the forum itself into the cboxs (no spamming or advertising in there, by the way).  Keep out of character chat to our general cbox on the homepage and heavy-duty in character stuff to our in character cbox.  Remember that the IC cbox does not count towards the canon forum roleplay (so consider it AU or just for fun) and that posts should not exceed PG-13.  Only accepted characters or characters with applications in progress may appear in the IC cbox.

Characters and Accounts

•  You will need an OOC account, registered under your alias.  This should be the first account you register (due to issues with spam, this will be approved by staff) after which you need to post in our OOC sign-up thread to have the category changed.  Once your OOC account is in place, you can make your first character's subaccount (check our subaccount guide if you need assistance with this) and post an application (a WIP counts) within one week, otherwise your OOC account will be returned to the Wanderer category and eventually deleted.

• The only inter-species parentage we recognise is between Elves and Men (subject to character type caps - see the bottom of this page).

• There is no limit on how many characters you can have (it is up to you to judge how many you can manage effectively) but there is a limit on the number of canon characters.  Each member is entitled to play up to three canons from The Hobbit and three canons from The Lord of the Rings, making for a total of six canon characters.  Where a canon character is playable during both periods, the player may choose which count to deduct the canon from.  In the interests of fairness, we naturally ask that members please refrain from choosing three main or pivotal canons.

• Each character must be registered under their own separate subaccounts (please see the subaccount guide).  Register the subaccount in your character's name, using Title Case and including any necessary accents.  Where a character has a first name and a surname, please be sure that the first name precedes the surname.

•  At present, the waiting time between the creation of each character is one week and you must wait until your character has been approved before you commence roleplaying.

•  If you reserve a canon character you must post their character application (WIPs are acceptable) within ten days, otherwise the reservation will be voided and the character will be made available to others once more.

•  You have two weeks from the day you initially post a work in progress (WIP) character application to complete it, otherwise it will be sent to the Archives.  Similarly, if you are asked to make edits to an application, you will have one week to do so.  This is to keep the Character Applications board tidy and up-to-date.  If you require longer, you need only notify a member of staff (by PM or even in the cbox) or add a note on your application.  To unarchive an application, either send a PM to a staff member letting them know which application(s) you wish to have reactivated/moved or post in the archived application itself. 

•  If you post your character application as a WIP, please post a reply in the thread to make it clear to staff that it is complete and ready for review.

•  It is possible to reserve play-bys/face claims by posting in the Face Claim thread (you should do this before posting a WIP application as only reservations made in this thread can be honoured).  Each player may reserve up to a maximum of three faces at a time and each reservation will last for one month.  During this time an application must be posted for the proposed character (even a WIP application will suffice).  Should the application be archived the face reservation will expire but if an extension is applied the face reservation will last as long as the application is in progress.

•  Currently there is no target/required number of posts to be made per week for original characters.  Canons are required to make one in character post per calendar month and then be saved in the activity check (unless exemption from the check is sought, or if a recent absence note is linked to in place of a recent in character post).

•  Please do not make perfect, all-powerful or Mary Sue characters.  Everyone has flaws or weaknesses, it's what makes us interesting - and the same goes for your characters!  Similarly, please make sure that they fit in with the canon Tolkien world.

•  On the subject of face claims and play-bys: If you are playing a character that appears in the films by Peter Jackson (either The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit) it is expected that you will use the same actor for their representation.  For other characters play-bys can be of your own choosing.  Art may also be used for characters.  However, humanoid characters (such as Dwarves, Elves, Hobbits, Men, etc.) will still require you to name a real-life face claim as part of their application, even if you choose to use art in their avatar/signature.  The face claim must have some similarity to the artwork you have chosen.  For the likes of Wargs, Orcs, Ents, Trolls, Eagles, etc. either art or stills from the films can be used and no face claim need be named.  In the instance of Eagles, photographs of real-life eagles are also acceptable.  If you have any doubts or concerns, please contact a staff member.

•  Once a play-by is reserved or in use, it may not be claimed for another character.  The only instances where two characters may have the same face claim is if they are twins, or if the celebrity in question was cast into multiple roles within The Hobbit films.

•  Please contact a staff member if you wish to shelve or drop a character.  Shelving is for characters that you wish to take a break from (whether due to low muse, time constraints, etc.) but sincerely intend to pick up again in future.  Dropping is for a character you have no longer have any desire to play.  Canon characters can only be dropped, not shelved, as there may be others wishing to play them.  Shelved characters will still appear in character directories, marked with their shelved status, but not on the face claims list.  This is because shelved character play-bys are available to be claimed by others.  Also be aware that if you are inactive for a period of many weeks, and fail to respond to the activity-related PM(s) sent, your characters will be counted as dropped and removed from the lists - though they can still be easily retrieved if you decide to return. If someone else takes your character's face claim while they are shelved/dropped, you must find a new one.

•  Untaken canon characters may be referred to in posts and/or used as non-player characters (NPCs).  For more information, take a look at our NPC Request Form.

Regarding Roleplaying

•  Please make an effort to use grammar and punctuation properly and avoid chat speak entirely!

•  Let's not fuss too much over word count.  Aim for at least 200 words and try to match your roleplaying partner where you can.

•  No god-modding.  That means you cannot play or kill another person's character without their permission.

• The Hobbit Roleplay is PG-13 and members are required to use the tagging system to ensure others can safely and happily navigate the threads.

• Any posts 18+ in nature must be posted in the mature board. The mature board is visible only to members aged 18 and over whose access has been approved by a member of the staff team. In order to view and post in the mature board you must first add your date of birth to your OOC account profile, so that we can verify your age, and then request mature group membership (this needs to be done with each character you wish to have access to the board).  For more details on how to go about this, see our mature board guide.

• Honesty is paramount in relation to the mature board and deceit will be taken as a direct violation of the rules. Remember that all threads, wherever they are posted, must be tagged appropriately.

Current Character Type Caps

•  Characters whose families have been murdered and are seeking vengeance.
•  Half-Elven characters.
•  Red-haired Elves.
•  Elves standing shorter than 6'0" in height.  Note:  Female Elves must not exceed 6'3" as Lady Galadriel is recorded as the tallest at 6'4".

The following will be considered on a case by case basis:
•  Characters that don't conform to the normal behaviour/expectations of their kin.
•  Telepathic characters.
•  Characters with foresight.
•  Non-Hobbit characters with surnames/second names.

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