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Author Topic: [Hobbit] Leander Boffin  (Read 4593 times)

Leander Boffin

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Leander Boffin
« on: July 09, 2013, 09:52:00 PM »


NAME: Leander Boffin
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Lee, by his little sister.
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): Age 35, born T.A 2906.
RACE:  Hobbit

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE:  Leander has chocolate brown curly hair grown in a wild mess, which is rarely neat or combed.
EYE COLOUR:  Light green.
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT:  Overall lanky but with some muscle, about 3' 9".
OVERALL APPEARANCE:  Being from a family of merchants one can seldom find Leander in something else than travel clothes: a distinctive brown hood and cloak fit on a royal blue worn waistcoat, with light brown breeches. He sometimes wears a jacket but often he's in plain waistcoat and sash. Obviously, barefoot; with his foot hair a little too overgrown even by Hobbit standards, out of laziness. He's most often drunk in any pub around the Shire, depending on where his family goes. All in all, a young, sprightly yet lazy fellow.
WEAPONS:  No weapons, although he's pretty good at defending himself at drunken brawls or at using a bottle against others.
FACE CLAIM:  George Blagden.

STRENGTHS:  His wiry strength, his ability to work hard when he is motivated, his wittiness, his kindness and spirit. He is also a brilliant musician - he can make up rhymes and songs on the spot, channeling his tunes either through his flute, or through his caramel voice (though the latter is starting to see bad days from alcohol abuse). Leander is also very adept at making up very good stories...comes in handy while lying, which he's had to do quite for a while. After all, he's a merchant's son.
WEAKNESSES:  When not motivated he can be extremely lazy, he has a weakness for smoking and drinking excessively. Not to mention unable to see beyond the next five years of his life at all. He also has a terrible business sense, which excludes him from his family's merchant business.
ASPIRATIONS:  Not a good many, I'm afraid. His sole aspiration as to now is to have a good time and, maybe in the future, travel beyond the borders of the Shire to a few landmarks like Minas Tirith or Rivendell or Lindon. But these dreams often come when he's either incredibly drunk or in a contemplative mood, and neither occasions come easily to Leander. Maybe, in time, he could hope for finding his niche in life, whatever it might be...but that's aspiration he's been sitting on for years.
FEARS:  He's afraid he will forever be a burden to his family and of the consequences his drinking and smoking could bring. He is also frightened by the possibility he might never find the discipline to stick to a single profession and die without finding his niche. And, strangely, afraid of scorpions.
PERSONALITY:  Leander is not a very puzzling fellow. He has just come of age and he is still very young at heart in every sense. Not as optimistic as his fellow Hobbits, a little more tinged with sarcasm and wit than others. But he seizes the day to enjoy himself the best he can and simply have fun. He is light-hearted and merry, with not a care in the world, it seems. He is also a little dirty-minded and compulsively flirts with whatever ladies he might find while drunk, which has not given him a good reputation around the Shire at all, having broken hearts in a single afternoon. He is also most adept at playing the flute and at singing and dancing, though he seldom does while sober.

His wholly bohemian soul, of course, has brought him the usual trouble it brings to the young rogue: unable to work hard in farming or managing a business, he is utterly useless to society at large and is considered rightly so a vagabond in the Shire.

HISTORY:  Leander Boffin is the son of Herbert Boffin and Jacquenetta "Jackie" Baggins, a daughter of the eminent Baggins family and therefore, utterly respectable and with an enviable dowry by all accounts. Herbert was a wine merchant with ties with farms all throughout the Shire at the time, and his business flourished accordingly then. At their wealthy hobbit-hole in the outskirts of Hobbiton lived the couple, Herbert's two cunning and business-like cousins Abelard and Cyril Boffin who helped him in the work, and Jacquenetta's little sister Phyllida Baggins. In this tumultuous home Leander was born the eldest in 2906 T.A.

Then came a time of famine that was infamous in the Shire that came around every thirty years or so, and the business came down when Leander was twenty. Rather at a bad time was his sister Griselda born, and a sneaky heart-breaker Rufus Brandybuck married then deserted Phyllida only to get her dowry. Ever since the business has been in terrible condition and even through the years they have taken to manage their work personally by traveling in person through the Shire in inspection of the few farmers that now sell to them. Even with plentiful years from here to there this Boffin family has not been in the best shape at all.

Of course, young Leander was asked to take responsibility of the work alongside his strict father and his cousins, yet he has no aims at all of life. He has already proven himself useless at economical and farming affairs, so he has been labeled as a burden throughout the community. The sudden loss of privilege recently may have contributed to his early souring and the early age for drinking. He has little faith in love and marriage because of his aunt Phyllida's experience, not that he ever believes any Hobbit girl would ever take him seriously and ever think of marrying him, as he could not support them.

AGE:  17
COUNTRY: Costa Rica
EXPERIENCE:  Self-explanatory, I think, how long have you been role-playing or writing creatively?
OTHER CHARACTERS:  If you have any, that is.
CONTACT:  Carrier pigeon to Central America. (Just kidding: I'm available by e-mail.)
Not since Castamir had been banished from his homeland he had pretended to be morally right in any sense. The only time when he had been dishonest to the people around him had led to his banishment, and that was in his silly youth. One of two lessons he had learnt from his hardships: trust could be subjective and, in these cases, trickery was a risky method. Which was why he had joined the band of outlaws at first when they had found his leadership and astuteness desirable for their ends: their only maxim was that trust was to be found even those who knew trust was subjective. Of course, after years of living with them he knew that to be false. It was only a matter of time before the right offer came to his "comrades" in exchange for his head from the South…

This had led him to resort once again to trickery. Rohan was an honorable land who despised the traitorous scum and the likes of him with rightful passion, and he had been surprised to see them ask him to turn over his comrades. It was merely a necessity, he knew. Castamir had only planned to leave this life behind without any bloodshed, but he knew deep down that if he left he was only leaving loose ends. Now he had an opportunity of both escape and a new life. He was grateful for the opportunity that had been offered to him and two of his companions, Hîren and Eódur, and he had taken it. The three men had discreetly left his former companions in the early morning, as they had been summoned at nightfall, but they could leave no trace of his betrayal. All the better that it had rained and stormed in the afternoon. Not a hint could be left behind.

"They hired the Dúnedain," was Eódur's first comment when they first arrived to the halls in the storm. Castamir did not recognize the horses that did not seem bred in Rohan; and they had an enormous variety. No, these were most likely northern horses tied outside of the crudely built building they had been asked to arrive to. Hîren dismounted first, and in the horizon a lightning bolt flashed behind him, which left the impression of his profile in Castamir's memory. He did not mind the cold, having lived through tempests far worse than these ones in the South while in the friendship of the Corsairs. Eódur followed him eagerly, and soon after Castamir followed them into the stone building.

Inside they could all recognize the men seated at the tables as men who had persecuted them in the past for being part of the scum of land, but no one felt anything towards each other right now: being bound only by business. Without invitation they all took a seat at the table in the dim light, and Castamir pushed back his hood to properly take in their new allies. Most were familiar as the soldiers who had met them in battle, but a few were unfamiliar. Amongst them, a woman of the North whose smirking expression Castamir did not trust. She was most likely a mercenary, as were her companions; and they were seated opposite to the soldiers.

He only caught the woman's last remark towards the officer, asked in a not-too discreet voice, "Point taken. I wouldn't trust me either."

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Leander Boffin
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2013, 10:01:00 PM »
(Do you hear the people sing? Singing a song of happy hobbits!)

Yay! He is hereby nicknamed Lee forever in the cbox. And... Don't tempt me to somehow use one of my characters to bring scorpions into the Shire. I hope you have lots of fun with this completely unindustrious, completely adorable Boffin! (That is a seriously fun word to say.)

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