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Author Topic: [Hobbit] Ruby Goodbody  (Read 3202 times)

Ruby Goodbody

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Ruby Goodbody
« on: January 06, 2014, 05:51:00 PM »


NAME: Ruby Goodbody
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): T.A. 2906, 35 years of age.
RACE: Hobbit
GENDER: Female

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: Ruby Goodbody has bouncy, mucky blonde locks that sit upon her head. It is only occasionally that she tucks her locks behind her ears, to reveal her slightly pointed hobbit features, but her hair is certainly something she prides herself on. It is quite thick, so does not sit down straight on her face, and with the added bounciness, it poofs out quite a lot, even more so than one would think it might. She occasionally wears a small daisy in her hair, just to, in her words 'pretty it up a little', especially when it comes to meeting other hobbits.

EYE COLOUR: Her eyes are light blue, soft, affectionate eyes.

BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Ruby is a little bit plump around the middle, but no more so than the average Hobbit. She is an average height for a Hobbit at 3'6". She like to think she's a relatively attractive Hobbit, and does not find shame in her appearance at all. She is an average, comfortable in her own skin kind of Hobbit that loves her figure.

OVERALL APPEARANCE: Ruby loves to wear dresses with flowery stitching on their fronts, and her favourite flowery stitched dress is in a mirky green colour, with a deep rich green bodice and top skirt. The rose is stitched into the front of this dress, and is in turn why it is Ruby's favourite dress. It has big poofed out sleeves, that only stretch to her elbows and the dress barely reaches her ankles, where her hairy feet lay down below them. Ruby loves frills and fluffy things on her dresses, so there's no shock to the frills that sit on the ends of her sleeves and around her collar.

She has a plump face with rosey red cheeks to match her bright and wide smile that always sits upon it. Her eyes are a ovely blue colour, and its very rare to see anything less than happiness on this young hobbits face. Her hair sometimes covers her face because on occasion it can be untameable for her and hard to control. Her eyes say everything about her personality, light blue and always crystal looking, all dewy eyed and childlike sometimes. However, it has been noted that they can go a deeper blue if she should find herself in a bad mood, which, whilst rare, is not a sight one would wish to see at all.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS: She doesn't have any sort of distinguishing marks, unless its plainly the smile that is constantly plastered across her face (even when she's angry and annoyed) and the rosey red cheeks that her lips always seem to meet in the corners. Other than that there is no real distinguishing feature to her, which makes her just like every other Hobbit in town.

WEAPONS: Ruby doesn't go on adventures really, so having a weapon is not something she would have, however, if she feels the need to arm herself (because someone is scaring her mothers chickens) she does often pick up a frying pan to scare of the persuers, and when she's in the mood, that is certainly one scary sight.

FACE CLAIM: Sinead Keenan

STRENGTHS: Feisty, fiery hidden personality is one of the things that could be considered a strength for this young Hobbits, as she stands up for what she believes in and makes sure to defend those who seem to be struggling to defend themselves. This is certainly useful, when people need it, and certainly when Ruby needs it when people are getting loud in the bar.

Good cooking; she certainly knows how to make good food, and good food leads to a mans heart. Everything she knows about cooking, she learnt from her mother, and she has her recipe book locked away in her whole in the ground, in her mothers previous home. She loves to cook, and whenever someone comes around, she has the urge to cook for them.

WEAKNESSES: Running her mouth, and whilst this was mentioned as a strength, in reality it's both on the simple basis that one speaking when one ought to be silent can get even the purest of hearts into trouble they didn't want. She knows this and yet struggles to keep her mouth shut, and when she does eventually mess it all up and run her mouth off to the wrong people (even if it is in fear), she will certainly know about it.

ASPIRATIONS: A very cheesy aspiration, but a very true one, is that Ruby would like to find love and someone to share her now, very lonely home with since her parents are no longer living in the home that they built and are over the hill somewhere. Ruby just wants to be loved, to love, and doesn't he at least deserve that?

Ruby wants a great big family, with lots of children and people to look after and love. This links in with her first aspiration, but she certainly wants children of her own, to love and cherish like her parents did for her her entire life.

FEARS: She fears anything beyond the boarders of Hobbiton, she doesn't believe in going on adventures or anything, and she is certainly not comfortable with the idea of strangers coming into Hobbiton. She does not care for finding Elves or Dwarves and is very rare that one will not see her sharp and harsh side if either of these creatures come into the borders. One day, her response to fear will get her into trouble, her response being to run her mouth (see weakenesses) in the hopes that she will scare them just like they are scaring her.

Gandalf, and while this is a strange fear, she fears him nonetheless, simply because he is a wizard with power unknown to her. Whilst he made the most excellent fireworks which entertained her for hours, this did not calm her nerves around him and certainly did not help knowing he was a wizard that took Hobbits on uncomfortable adventures! She knows deep in her heart somewhere that she should not fear Gandalf, for when in Hobbiton he is a kind and gentle old man, but this doesnt help her at all.

PERSONALITY: Ruby is a very feisty and fiery young individual, having only just really passed into her adulthood and inheriting the family home. She gained her feisty behaviour from her mother, who was of the same behaviours as Ruby is now. She knows how to make small talk, and knows her way to making friends, but she is quick to judge, which can make her lose friends just as quickly. Whilst this is one side to her, she is also known for her bubbly and friendly side that is seen by all of her friends whenever they are near her, and once she has a few ales, she is certainly a more pleasant individual to be around. Her bubbly side is the one people prefer and she often finds them trying to stay on her good side. She is, despite all of this, kind hearted and loving, just looking for the right person to enter her life so she can show them love like her parents did each other. Having grown up in a loving family, it is no shock that she too finds herself wanting the same thing for herself now that her family is gone. On this basis, one could say that she is two very different sides of a coin with her behaviour, but depending on who you are, depends on who you'll meet.

She is an excellent cook, again, a trait that she gained from her mother, and this is something that she likes sharing with her friends, who are often grateful for her cooking skills and ability to fill them up without even really trying or breaking a sweat. This is also why she is always in a good mood, because he friends are majorly complimentary about her food and hospitality when one steps into her home, although the same can't be said if say a wizard or a dwarf stepped into her home. The simple matter of the fact is, she doesn't trust anyone who is from the shire, nor does she like those Hobbits that go on adventures. She doesn't see why one would leave a comfortable and happy life to go gallivanting off into dangerous territory. She is very protective of her friends and is often seen running her mouth should anyone insult them or upset them in her presence and she is certainly not afraid to speak her mind as and when she feels the need to. She is completely open and honest with everyone she meets and this can be a bad thing at times, for should her opinion be against the person she is speaking to, it can upset them dearly. This, is also known as a complete lack of tact. Its something she has yet to learn about and to use appropriately in her every day life to make her life a whole lot easier than it was at present.

HISTORY: In the bubbly spring of T.A. 2906, Ruby Camellia Goodbody was born to Poppy Goodbody (nee Cotton) and Olo Goodbody of Hobbiton. She was a bit of a podgy baby, but grew out of it, just like her mother knew she would, with small bouncy mucky blonde locks. These were gained from her fathers side of the family, as her mother had brown locks atop her head. This, however, only complimented her lovely rosey cheeks and the cheeky little smile that always sat on her face. She was a happy and loving child, only ever reciprocating her love to her parents, and seldom arguing back until she was a little older to understand exactly what was going on in her life. When she was old enough to argue back, she did, and whilst this was not the best scenario for her seeing as she bore her mothers mannerisms and behaviour, in the same house as her mother, her father, who was a calm and quiet mannered man, would always manage to calm the two down and bring back peace to the Goodbody household. Ruby always admired this about her father, but she could never master the skill herself. She was her mothers daughter through and through no matter how hard she tried not to be, but thi was just one of those thing she would never be able to escape in her life. She made friends with many young hobbits in the town, and was often coming home with flowers and other finds from the village, just to try and bring peace to the family home and ensure a peacful mealtime and night-time for the Goodbody family. However, there was seldom never an argument in this household, and these would continue until Ruby came of age.

In T.A. 2939, Ruby had come of age and finally taken her first step into adulthood, and this, whilst not comforting to her mother, was something she was just going to have to accept. Her father had already gotten another home for the two of them to live the rest of their lives in, not so far from Ruby's home, just so that she could experience adulthood to the fullest and not have to rely on them, but being abandoned in their family home was not something Ruby was happy about either, yet, she accepted it kindly, just like her parents had taught her to. She made the home her own, filling it with flowers and crockery with flowers on them, flowers and the likes were things that made Ruby feel happier and more at home in her, now, new home. She treated it with respect and looked after some of the furniture that her parents left behind. Her mother had left her her cookbook also to help Ruby get by, and she certainly used it to it's fullest potential, making sure that many of her friends were available to try her recipes and, when she felt daring, she would change some of the ingredients to create new and delicious flavours, even if this behaviour would be something her mother never approved of. This was something she was going to have to live with, seeing as Ruby was now living alone and everything was going to be her way or no way at all. She made a promise to her father that this would be her family home, when she chose to have a family, and would ensure that it stayed in the family from there on out, until the end of the Goodbody line.

AGE: 21
EXPERIENCE: I've been roleplaying for two years now - but I haven't played a LoTR or The Hobbit character before until now, especially since I got Elrania  and Ruairmli on here. I have experience playing several characters from other fandoms.
OTHER CHARACTERS: Elrania, Ruairmli
CONTACT: PM methinks.
HOW DID YOU FIND US?:Google, I was looking for a Hobbit RPG site and this was the first that came up.
Apple pie, blueberry pie, and some kind of meat pie. These were what were sat in the Goodbody family home windowsill. The window was open and the pies were fresh, allowing the smells to float upon the wind that found its way winding in and out of all the hobbit hills in and around the town. Ruby Goodbody, was an excellent cook, and this is why pies were sat on her window for all to smell, and certainly for anyone to eat, should they at least ask her in the process. If they politely knocked on her door, she would let them in and allow them to try her cooking. She was an avid baker and loved critisism from everyone and anyone, as long as it was constructive... and hopefully in her favour. Her apron had next to no flour on it, because she'd learnt over the years how to stop that from happening.

There was a light tap at the door, and the famous bubbly grin spread across her face, skipping (almost) towards the door. She answered it in her regular cheery manner, ushering in the guest with her arm and into the kitchen where the pies had been sat in the window. "Please! Come! Sit! Can I get you anything? Some pie perhaps or a drink?" Her hospitality was also well known amongst her friends, and this particular hobbit she'd ushered in was one she had known for a while. He was a young hobbit, not quite an adult and he lived only just down the road from her, but her certainly did always enjoy her cooking, hence why he was always round, although his mother was very disapproving. Ruby loved the company, and who could blame her? It got ever so lonely in that hobbit hole... alone.

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Played by Pip!


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Ruby Goodbody
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2014, 12:30:00 PM »
Oh Pip, I adore her, Ruby has such fire in her personality - and Sinead Keenan makes for a perfect Hobbit!  Now, I would normally wish you many happy adventures but, as Miss Goodbody has a healthy dislike for such escapades, I will wish you instead lots of Shire-based fun.  And good food. ;)

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Ruby Goodbody
« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2014, 02:39:00 PM »
Wonderful, Pip! I'm so glad that my voodoo magic worked you did decide to make Ruby! She seems so fantastically awesome and I just CANNOT wait to roleplay together and what not! Hope you have plenty of fun with her! <3


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