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Author Topic: Defense and Inquiries [SPOILERS]  (Read 2612 times)

Gard of Lake-town

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Defense and Inquiries [SPOILERS]
« on: December 29, 2013, 12:04:00 AM »
The morning and subsequent day had started normal enough, Uncle Bard had set out early again but Sigrid and Bain had the house well taken into order and Gard had run small errands here or there to neighbors or the market to fetch things. Maybe while doing this, a few of the guards or others of authority, even those of his neighbors the Master managed to pay off into doing odd jobs, turned his way a bit more than usual, or else the boy just imagined things.

It seemed the former, though, and something was drawing their attention yet again because then it went to the house being most definitely watched as Gard and Bain clearly could detect as they leaned out the window and investigated much as Sig would let them. It was an intrusion, to be sure, but going on about their business as if they were up to nothing was the best way to discourage and dispel it, plus they were up to nothing excepting normal business.

Gard was still hazy on the politics and exact reasoning that equaled their "Benevolent" Master of Lake Town keeping his eye upon a simple bargeman as his uncle was. Was it merely the small things he would do to look out for the neighbors and others about town? Was that really enough to draw this sort of attention?

Of course if the boy was honest about the bad feelings in the pit of his stomach for what further trouble would come, he knew, even at this age, any sort of stirring the waters as it were was bad. Still, but for the unwanted presence, the day went on semi-normally until Bain went to scout for his father's return about the time he usually did so.

The both of them hadn't come back alone though, much as it seemed they did. Gard supposed it was good Bain was able to give the heads up on the house being watched, in any event it made for an interesting situation! Or...that was one way one could put Thirteen Dwarves and one Hobbit showing up unexpected from out of about the only place anything could come in unseen!

Gard had stood amazed and stunned and helped Bain with getting them all out and upstairs, much as they let them anyway, and through it all just tried not to look as amused, elated and intrigued as he was. He was sure his hidden laughter a few times let on, though. The boy could hardly help it though, he didn't know what the girls or Bain thought on it all, or even how his uncle was feeling, but this was by far one of the best days Gard had had in a town where nothing happened ever!

Sigrid was a worker of miracles, his whole family was really, to have pulled it all off and the boy just scurried here or there wherever he found himself needed or was told to go as they were all seen to. Once dry enough though they were handed replacement weapons for the one's the Elves of Mirkwood stole of them, or something...well were offered weapons. Gard was under the impression a dwarf could pick up a fallen limb and make it deadly just by skill alone, so didn't know what in all the wide world was supposedly wrong with the scrapped together stuff his uncle offered.

Ok, sure, as someone stated, it wasn't iron from out of the armory, but if any of of them swung that smithy's hammer anywhere near Alfrid, Gard knew the man would take a step or two, possibly more backwards! And this was not even counting what the most reserved and stoic of the Dwarves, probably their leader if judging of clues of the other's behavior, launched Lord Girion's way! It was bad enough when people in town laid blame, these guests sprung upon them didn't need to start!

Still, Gard knew it was just a sore spot with him, and his uncle and Bain really, and struggled to put it behind him as Sig was always advising. Throwing in more comments didn't seem like it would help. So, in the slight calm that seemed to settle over the household and as the Dwarves recouped, Gard walked over to glance over the proffered and refused weapons once more and decided to try and further help.

Maybe the point just hadn't be explained properly. The boy picked up the hammer, the one thing he figured maybe he could get away with demonstrating and no one would worry over his own safety during such, and then glanced around for a demonstrating item. It had to be spare-able, and that was sometimes tricky around here, any pottery would just have to then be fixed and he would be making more trouble, not curbing it.

Off an idea, the boy skipped down to the lower part of the house once more and rummaged a bit until he came up with a plank of wood that would probably be cut or separated anyway for something at some point, and skipped back up the steps and into the main room with it, shooting Sigrid a disarming smile that spoke of nothing but pure intentions as he passed and picked the hammer back up. He then continued on over to where the head Dwarf sat.

"Goodness, am I relieved you all didn't want these", the boy began, leaning against the wall and regarding the Dwarf with a smile yet tone of voice he had heard older folks around town use, especially when they were trying to convince someone of something. Reversing it, or such, it was called. Pretending something was useless to point out it's good points.

"I don't know if we could have spared it. I mean, of course we would if you needed it, more than us even but...well...this hammer right here, off a Smithy's hammer, like my uncle said...", Gard held it out and considered the weapon, "it's just about the most useful weapon ever, probably", the boy went on. Demonstration time! Swinging it to the wood he'd also brought, Gard at first smiled as the board cracked and then frowned a bit and bent to inspect and make sure the wall was still ok. He didn't need to break the actual house they were all living in, that wouldn't be good. It seemed fine though, he might have made a small dent but...

Standing once more, and shrugging off any other attention he might have drawn, Gard flashed another smile to the head Dwarf, "See? If that was an orc's knee, he would not be standing up again!", the boy pointed to the board, "So...on second thought, Sir, maybe you should take it with you, especially since you paid for it and all, and we wouldn't want to cheat you, since it's so valuable and all".

So much for being a merchant's son, Gard had a feeling he wasn't doing the pitch exactly right, that he was too obvious with it or such, but all he could do was try.

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Thorin Oakenshield

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Defense and Inquiries [SPOILERS]
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2014, 04:51:00 AM »
    ooc:Hey, Gard! I haven't forgotten about this thread! Sorry it took me so long to reply, I wasn't sure how Thorin wold react. Poor Gard! XD he is so amusing and Thorin isn't in the amused mood.[/li][/list]Balin was a miracle worker, he really was! Sometimes the Dwarf didn’t know what he would do without him and at other times he knew exactly what he would do. Thorin hadn’t exactly been too keen to chat with the high-and-mighty-what-are-you-doing-in-my-forest-oh-and-by-the-way-I-want-the-Arkenstone King Thranduil. There had been nothing that enraged him more than the sheer audacity of the Elf! The entire time he had said what felt and as it turned out it only enraged Thranduil more. Well fine, Thorin could keep a cool head, he could maintain his pace. If Thranduil wanted to get his antlers in a twist let him! It was none of Thorin’s business, but there was no way he w as going to give up the Arkenstone to someone who hadn’t helped him all those years ago. The Arkenstone was his and his alone, not to mention all the gold that lay under the mountain was his. (Now please understand that the company would indeed get their cut when they reclaimed it from the Dragon, which Thorin was really being doubt that it was dead as all of them still hoped.)

    And so it felt like a hop, skip and a jump before they met the stranger with the boat they had tried to commandeer, and this is where the comment about Balin comes in, when they caught. Dealing with men was always tricky, and Balin always seemed to know what he was doing even if he really didn’t. And then there was the fish, which by all accounts Thorin was positive that their ferryman thought he hadn’t been paid enough, but he did it anyway. If this is what the population of Dale had turned into… Thorin didn’t want any part of it. Yet, they were so close to their destination, so close he could taste it close! He would have done anything to get to Erebor, anything to get his hands on the Arkenstone, the gold and to win back his true home.

    These thoughts consumed Thorin Oakenshield as they came closer to Erebor. Something inside him longed to touch the walls and walk through the stone halls. But he would never be prepared for what he would find; he wouldn’t be prepared to handle everything that still lay unknown under stone. A grave for those who could not get out, Erebor was nothing but a giant grave for those who hadn’t made it, and although these thoughts were far from his mind he would know that there was nothing that could have been done for them. Everyone would have died by the Dragon breath, and then they would not be on this quest. Bilbo would be at home, living his comfortable life and everything would have been different.

    Fish. Fish were meant to be eaten, not be hidden among like one of them! Fish wasn’t a Dwarvish delicacy, it really wasn’t. And being among them in such close quarters was enough to cause him to turn his nose up at it in the future. What everyone else was thinking was beyond him, but that was what this Dwarf thought.

    Being smuggled into Lake Town was better than nothing. They had escaped the Elves by Bilbo’s sudden burst of cleverness that it made Thorin once again grateful for the Hobbit’s presence. But it would have gone better if Gandalf had been there. In fact none of it would have happened, this wouldn’t be happening if Gandalf had been there.[/i] But the Wizard he refused to go into the forest with them. What sort of advice- Well, there was no time to go on a tangent. Bard was leading them through Lake Town to his own home. It didn’t amuse Thorin one bit to be thrown into such a tiny home that was obviously not meant for more than a small family. However, their hospitality had been insurmountable and Thorin was grateful for it, he really was!

    What transpired next got all the company (except Bilbo) in a roar of discontent, and Thorin wasn’t one to set an example when it came down to the weapons. He had lost his back in Mirkwood and it was obvious that Thranduil had no intention of giving them back. It was a pity; Thorin was just growing attached to the Elven blade that they had found in the Troll Caves. The combination of his Axe and the sword worked well for him! But these! What their host had presented was simply appalling and disrespectful to the whole of the Dwarven Race. Sure it was true they were great craftsmen, of gold, silver, copper, iron and other precious metals and the like… but that didn’t mean anything! The Dwarves were used to quality, real weapons not… this stuff.

    After everything had calmed down, Thorin went and sat by one of the windows in the house and gazed over the rooftops to the surrounding Mountain View and his thoughts wandered once again to Erebor and everything that he hoped awaited them there. So consumed was he in his thoughts that he hadn’t realized there was less buzz and he had been joined by one of the occupants of the house holding a board and one of the hammers from the table. Thorin couldn’t fake disinterest, the boy was merely a boy, but he smiled at the Dwarf King and proceeded to greet him thusly, “Goodness, am I relieved you all didn't want these,” A small sigh, that could have been mistaken as a huff, escaped Thorin but the boy went on, “I don't know if we could have spared it. I mean, of course we would if you needed it, more than us even but...well...this hammer right here, off a Smithy's hammer, like my uncle said...” He held the hammer out as if expecting Thorin to run a quick eye over the item and agree wholeheartedly, “it's just about the most useful weapon ever, probably.

    Right… the demonstration. It was as though Thorin were reading a script and following along with the actor as he swung the hammer down upon the wood he had brought. When it cracked, the boy bent to inspect it and the wall. When he seemed a little satisfied he returned to his standing position. It was a shame, though, any Dwarfling could have split the wood with the hammer, and this boy seemed to only crack it, while the wall remained in tacked. “See If that was an Orcs knee he would not be standing up again” Maybe not, but it wouldn’t stop the Orc. And now it was time for the finale, “So...on second thought, Sir, maybe you should take it with you, especially since you paid for it and all, and we wouldn't want to cheat you, since it's so valuable and all.” Bold young lad, wasn’t it? His whole presentation could use a lot of work, and his script could use a lot of work, and everything could just use work!

    All of this left Thorin strangely fatigued, and he didn’t have time to think about correcting the lad’s sales pitch. “Well,” Thorin began, speaking for the first time in what felt like years, “You are not without talent.” Here he gave a the boy a small smile, “But, I do not think you understand the situation quite as well as you think. I am not concerned about being cheated, my young lad, if I were concerned about that I would not have paid for it.” He was right of course, about Gard not not understanding. The weapons on the table would not do for the task at hand. So no matter how well the Smithy’s hammer would have worked, it would not get the job done, it simply would not. Thorin was a proud Dwarf, there was no mistaking that! He had worked with Smithy Hammers all his life and the products which came from the hammer always sold very well on the markets in Ered Luin, Bree and surrounding villages. But they were going to get quality weapons. They had two professional burglars among them! Nori and Bilbo. Nori was proving to be a handful, though. They would have to check his pockets before they left the household…
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    Gard of Lake-town

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    Defense and Inquiries [SPOILERS]
    « Reply #2 on: March 03, 2014, 03:01:00 AM »
    "Well, You are not without talent."

    Gard's looks seemed to follow with light unsurity the Dwarf's statement and own gestures. His hands fidgetted a bit on the handle of the hammer he held down towards the ground now just in normal fidgetting unsurely as he frowned a slight bit at the but that seemed apparent in that statment. The Dwarf leader smiled though! That was something, and Gard's own smile met it as he felt perhaps he hadn't botched this quite as much as he at first thought. "Oh, well thankyou, Sir!", the boy gave a naive statement and nod to the praise, taking it farther and more sincerely than the Dwarf had meant it no doubt.

    Then the but came...

    "But, I do not think you understand the situation quite as well as you think. I am not concerned about being cheated, my young lad, if I were concerned about that I would not have paid for it."

    Gard gave another "Oh", one that may or may not have understood fully what the Dwarf said. He thought he did, though. The boy was just still perplexed, then, about what the Dwarf leader could have meant by thinking the weapons no good if he agreed it wasn't an unfair trade. And if children had one quality, it was bluntness, though usually when a bit younger than Gard's age; more around Tilda's age, but even at Eleven Gard hadn't been called shy with questions.

    "Well then, what's the problem, Sir? Oh sorry, that sounded...not like I wanted to ask. I mean, if you agree the weapons aren't a cheat then...", a shrug finished the rest of the question.

    There was a pause, in which the boy let the Dwarf leader gather his thoughts and/or answer if he wished. Then question two came. "Are they nice?". The Dwarf seemed perplexed by the question*, so with a frown of confusion as well, Gard went on, "Your kin, in the Iron Hills like Master Balin told my uncle and then I heard you're visiting", and if there was any inkling even of doubt or wondering on this reason for their visit, Gard's tone of voice didn't give it away and he looked for all intents and purposes like he took it at most of it's face value, small not add-ups aside.

    "What's the occasion, just a visit or important stuff?". He went on to add, and maybe from others it would be a testing sort of question on the truth of the story, but Gard was just genuinely curious. "Oh, and sorry, my name's Gard my good Master Dwarf" the boy stated politely and then gave a small bow of politeness. Sure he was a simple kid from a simple town, but it made him feel a bit proud he could at least try to make such a good impression and mimic what he heard and saw important people did and such as their guests no doubt deserved with their At Your Services and such.

    {*or I would assume Thorin might be thrown by the question, hope it doesn't assume too much ^^ and no worries on the time, Hades, I can see where the kid would throw Thorin}

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    Thorin Oakenshield

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    Defense and Inquiries [SPOILERS]
    « Reply #3 on: August 06, 2014, 04:44:00 AM »
    [ooc:: again!! D: such a long time since I even thought of this thread!!!]

    Thorin had definitely not been expecting the young lad to come up to him and try to pitch them a sale. Of course Thorin had been disappointed by the weapons that Bard had provided. It is insulting. He thought. They needed proper weapons for what they were doing, and the lack of consideration – despite everything Bard had already done for them – was grating on the Dwarf King’s nerves. But he didn’t need the boy knowing that. Already Thorin was planning a raid of Lake Town’s weaponry.

    Oh.” Was all the boy replied. Thorin raised an eyebrow. Weren’t young people, Dwarves and Men alike, simply more curious than that? “Well then,” Ah there it was, “What’s the problem sir? Oh sorry, that sounded... not like I wanted to ask. I mean, if you agree the weapons aren’t a cheat then…” Well, maybe Thorin should have been straight forward with the boy. He was beginning to think that, that might not have been such a bad idea. The boy shrugged after his statement and Thorin sat quietly, gathering his thoughts. “It…” He started, “Isn’t quite what I was expecting…
    Are they nice?” Thorin stopped in his tracks. He had hesitated too long getting his answer out. To get what I got.

    He didn’t know quite what to say to that. He stood there perplexed as he figured the boy knew he would.

    Things really seemed to be going sour for Thorin. Ever since they had left The Last Homely Home, or whatever, everything had just gone downhill. The encounter with the goblins, the encounter with the wretched Orc Azog, the encounter with the Bear Man that Gandalf insisted they do. Everything because of a daft. Old. Wizard! And a desire that was stronger than he thought. The desire to see his people, and all the wrongs done to them put right. Now they were so, so close! It was killing Thorin that were so close and still so far! The Dragon might still be in the mountain. Although he has not been seen for many, many years.

    - Balin told my Uncle and then I heard you’re visiting.” The boy was not shy with questions, and Thorin wished he had been paying more attention to what he was saying. “What’s the occasion, just visiting or important stuff?” The boy was very perceptive. Thorin didn’t have a chance to respond before the lad hurried on, “Oh, and sorry, my name’s Gard my good Master Dwarf.” Thorin acknowledged his bow and nodded kingly-like in return. “Won’t you sit, young Gard?” He motioned to a stool that was next to him. He hated standing for too long in a place filled with chairs. It made him feel awkward.

    As to your inquires, Master Gard,” He wasn’t sure if that was the proper way of addressing the boy, he didn’t look like the son of Bard, though perhaps a distant relative perhaps? “The weapons are fine for simpler things. But we are not simple people and we are not accustomed to your… weapons. As you say, our cousins in the Iron Hills would oblige us with more graceful tools.” Thorin seated himself, unaware that he had stood from his sitting position as the boy had talked. “And you are very perceptive. We are here on important business.” Though he didn’t think he would be shocked if the boy hit their purpose on the head. Everyone around here, Bain, Sigrid, and even the little girl Tilda, had mentioned their reason for coming with a little too much hope than Thorin had anticipated.

    If they knew, what sort of stories had passed around Lake Town by now? Thorin did not ask what Gard might have known, so he waited for the lad to go ahead and say it anyway
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    Gard of Lake-town

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    Defense and Inquiries [SPOILERS]
    « Reply #4 on: September 04, 2014, 06:12:00 PM »
    [Hey, it's as keeps getting stated, a King tells you to post when he feels like it ^^]

    Not what they'd expected

    That seemed the be all end all of the whole thing. The Dwarves were use to expertly forged steel and not haphazard tools made of fishing hooks and what was once a smithing hammer. A soft "Oh" was all the boy came up with as he gathered his own thoughts.

    At least the Dwarf leader was answering his questions, to the best he could, Gard recognized. He did tend to just spout them out at times unpitying of how on earth adults were suppose to come up with half the answers he seemed to expect. The Dwarf, Thorin hadn't it been, motioned him to sit with the air of one use to controlling situations and possibly even having to deal with diplomatic matters all the time. Or, that was how Gard thought they acted anyway, the two important people around Lake Town weren't gracious with anything and quite blunt.

    Gard found it amusing more than any sort of insulting, even his insult on the behalf of his uncle was quickly put at bay as he took in this visitor and new situation. Plopping himself down on the stool next to Thorin, Gard listened intently as he went on. It was odd being titled fancily as Master anything even if Gard extended the same back just for the sake of the Dwarves being guests and no doubt expecting such as the few who came through market often did.

    “The weapons are fine for simpler things. But we are not simple people and we are not accustomed to your… weapons. As you say, our cousins in the Iron Hills would oblige us with more graceful tools.”

    Gard could hardly argue the simpler things comment, they were a simple fishing town and even his family a simple folk, as it was termed. Yes, no doubt the Iron Hill Dwarves would have grander weapons as most Dwarves no doubt did. It spurred a sudden want in Gard to see it for himself! Though he hardly knew how to ask.

    “And you are very perceptive. We are here on important business.”

    A shy smile came to the boy's face, half hoping his prying and trying to figure it out wasn't rude. "Well...that and the way you knew about the wood-lance...", though Gard hadn't figured out Thorin's exact identity yet per the genealogy and prophesy and all.

    "I thought it wasn't just a trip through...", he commented with a small, intrigued, smile. Then, daring to hope to an answer, "What sort of business?". Thorin could of course answer however he would and Gard wouldn't know whether or not to doubt the tale he was given and would respect if the dwarf leader wanted to keep his cards close still.

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    Thorin Oakenshield

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    Re: Defense and Inquiries [SPOILERS]
    « Reply #5 on: August 27, 2017, 03:44:54 AM »
    This question Thorin was not obliged to answer in any direct way. Their business was their own, and there was no need to share. Of course, throughout the whole course of the quest he hadn’t been very forthcoming with telling people what he and the company were up to. Mostly because many of them would simply advise them not to pursue it, and then there were the people who wanted to get in on the action, and it was a complicated mess! Thorin gazed at Gard for a moment. He was so young, so innocent. Thorin had been that way once, and he recalled some of the fondest memories for a split second before pushing them away.

    There was also annoyance behind his eyes as the boy mentioned the wood-lance. Was there anything that this boy didn’t know? And of course, Thorin wasn’t tempted to lie to the boy, not like to his… Uncle? But then, if Thorin told the truth, he could easily just tell Bard. Thorin sighed a little, mostly to himself. “Our business to the Iron Hills is diplomatic. We are planning on discussing trade routes with my cousin Dain. There is a great need for their iron in the Blue Mountains further west, and many dangerous roads to travel.” Thorin said, feeling horrible for lying to the boy. Of course, all of it would be shattered to pieces as soon as they killed the Dragon and Erebor was reopened for trade.

    Ah, but if you thought about it. The need for iron could suggest that they were preparing for something big to go down. So, in a sense, he was indirectly lying to him. A little white lie never really hurt anyone, and the whole truth would come out sooner than one expected. Even Thorin.
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    Gard of Lake-town

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    Re: Defense and Inquiries [SPOILERS]
    « Reply #6 on: September 07, 2017, 02:28:58 PM »
    While more perceptive children perhaps existed, Gard had enough of it himself to get by, and could tell the answer to his question seemed to brew behind and in the Dwarf leader's eyes and as he debated what to tell, no doubt.

    In the end, he gave what seemed a...measured (that was how the adult would say it!) reply. Not all of it, but he answered the question, and Gard was aware he wasn't really perhaps owed more than that. His uncle perhaps was, but not him at any rate.

    "Oh, wow, that sounds interesting enough, or probably for you", Gard smiled, "Sorry if I'm asking too many questions, but you all are the first Dwarves I've seen. So it's true then? That you fit whole cities into one mountain?", as asked eagerly but not too insistently, it was just again all so interesting. He also unknowingly gave him an out to having to develop more white lies.

    {Hehe, Gard Thorin doesn't want to chat, stop it :D}

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      June 16, 2020, 05:06:42 AM
    • Dory: Plotter tag for Pip
      June 16, 2020, 03:48:54 AM
    • Dory: Plotter tag for Shadowfax
      June 16, 2020, 03:27:53 AM
    • Dory: Plotter reply from Morwen to Theoden. <3
      June 16, 2020, 03:13:39 AM
    • Arahin: Reply for Nauroval [link]
      June 14, 2020, 05:12:45 AM
    • Ari: Tag for Gandalf  [link]
      June 13, 2020, 08:01:39 AM
    • Galadriel: Tag for Celeborn. [link]
      June 07, 2020, 01:42:22 PM
    • Gandalf: Starter for Shadowfax [link]
      June 07, 2020, 05:31:17 AM
    • Galadriel: Tag for Elrohir. <3 [link]
      June 07, 2020, 02:05:39 AM
    • Bard: Reply for Bain [link]
      June 05, 2020, 07:02:43 AM
    • Hild: Reply for Fengel [link]
      June 04, 2020, 10:19:13 PM
    • Hild: Reply for Haleth et all [link]
      June 03, 2020, 11:41:18 PM
    • Éowyn: Plotter tag for Marbys! [link]
      June 02, 2020, 10:32:55 AM
    • Éowyn: Starter for Theoden. <3 [link]
      June 02, 2020, 10:03:48 AM
    • Thengel: Reply for Morwen Steelsheen [link]
      June 02, 2020, 05:52:44 AM
    • Dáin Ironfoot: Starter for Kéra and family [link]
      May 31, 2020, 10:21:13 AM
    • Fengel: Starter for Hild et all [link]
      May 31, 2020, 12:20:29 AM