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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Aurhîn  (Read 4006 times)


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« on: February 13, 2013, 05:06:00 PM »


Far over the Misty Mountains rise

NAME: Aurhîn
AGE: 21
DATE OF BIRTH: Spring/T.A. 2919
BIRTHPLACE: Misty Mountains
RACE: Great Eagle
WEAPONS: Talons, a beak and a large pair of wings.

Leave us standing upon the heights

EYES: Bright yellow, very sharp.
HAIR: Dark feathers.
HEIGHT: Roughly seven feet at the shoulder when he's standing normally.
WEIGHT: A little on the light side for his age.
MARKS: Missing the outer toe on his left foot.
OVERALL: Darker feathers than most, with patches of white on the wings and tail. He’s smaller than is usual. Yellow feet, eyes and grey/yellow beak stand out among the dark brown.
FACE CLAIM: (Voice) Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

What was before, we see once more

PERSONALITY: It’s a wonder that Aurhîn ever fledged. He is irresponsible, not all that observant and would honestly rather chase the sunset than watch the doings of those below. He will chance flying in winds that wiser eagles would avoid, but while he often deals with minor injuries due to this he has yet to learn his lesson. His skill in hunting is evidenced by the fact that he’s still alive, despite being driven off many kills. As a drifter without territory, he has been in his fair share of conflicts, but this is to be expected and has merely made him a more capable fighter.

 Although he drifts, his navigation skills aren’t the best as he rarely cares what he passes over. This gets worse when he’s tired or the weather is bad.

 Like all of his kind, he is extremely proud, slightly vain, and some would call him arrogant. He will rarely accept help, has a healthy level of hate for Orcs, Goblins and Wargs and doesn’t understand the concept of livestock farming. Particularly the part where you leave your nice tasty animals lying about with no cover and then get upset when a passing eagle does what eagles do. He expects a certain level of respect (and perhaps flattery) from any earthbound folk he happens to encounter.

 Unfortunately, he isn’t very good at keeping himself aloof and seeing the big picture, the way he’s supposed to. He will happily ignore an invading army in favour of following a single traveller if he’s bored, and as a result has spent a lot of time freaking out lone travellers. This could be because he is quite reluctant to speak Westron, being one of those people who won’t try something in public until they’re absolutely sure they’ve got it right. Forming all those weird sounds with a beak is harder than it looks, and there are times when he would rather stay silent than be embarrassed by his lack of skill. That said, if he has time to work out what to say then he will communicate with those he considers interesting enough. Speech is one of the few areas where he underestimates himself – once he gets over trying to be perfect he’s competent enough. There are many aspects of earthbound cultures that he simply doesn’t understand – property ownership, for example, seems complicated.

 He doesn’t like being around other eagles as he is rather low on their social ladder due to his age and heritage. He feels that they look down on him and prefers to be the biggest thing in the sky. Large groups of any species make him nervous, although he would never admit to it.

 Aurhîn is brave to the point of foolishness due to his confidence in his own abilities, reckless, doesn’t react well to authority and is rarely calm and content except after or during a very good flight. He will act as though anything that he doesn’t like doesn’t exist, if he can, and is prone to sulking. Somewhere deep, deep inside he is probably kind, but manifestations of this are somewhat rare and he does his best to ignore them. He has much to learn and only some willingness to learn it.

GREATEST WEAKNESS: Overconfidence.
FEARS: Bows – not the only thing that can reach him in the air, but definitely the most hated one. Having to answer to eagle authorities. Being trapped somewhere where he couldn’t fly, or losing the ability to fly. Large bodies of water.

HISTORY: Aurhîn was the second chick to hatch in a brood of two, which meant that throughout his rearing he had to contest with his slightly older sister for food. Most of the chicks who hatch second starve to death, but food was plentiful that year and so he lived. This is one of the reasons for his smaller size; another is that his bloodline isn’t the best. There are least a few drops of Southern blood running through his veins, and eagles from that end of the Misty Mountains are generally smaller, crueller and a good bit less noble than the true Great Eagles of the North.

 Despite the disadvantage fate had dealt him in hatching second, he fledged first. Flight has always been freedom to him, and as soon as he was able he was skimming over the breezes of the foothills. His habit of racing above the growing shadows as the sun slipped down gave him his name. Aur Rhîn, Morning Chaser.

 Eagles do not coddle their young once they can look after themselves, and at this point he left the Mountains to wander. It’s a normal stage of life, but few stray as far as Aurhîn does. He has flown over much of Middle Earth and angered many farmers. Due to his habit of staying away from many who could teach him, he knows little about what he has seen; he knows the names of Minas Tirith and Imladris but not that they belong to the city stacked up in layers or the valley filled with waterfalls and delicate Elven buildings. He rarely lands long enough to find out.

 Leaving his birthplace also meant leaving what prestige he had behind, as fledglings borrow the importance of their parents. Until he takes up his own territory, he has no standing in the eyes of his people, and thus no need for a name. In these days, when they must call him something they simply call him Asgar: rushing, impetuous. Although it’s not much shorter than his real name, it carries no individuality and no weight. However, he doesn’t feel the need to argue with this custom and so this is what he calls himself.

 Only five years out of the nest he lost a talon on his left foot and gained a dislike of large groups. Orcs tried to take the deer he had only just killed, and he didn’t particularly feel like sharing. A battle ensued and during it a blade managed to catch his foot as he attempted to rip a snarling face to pieces. Since then, when he has to walk his gait is uneven and his grip is slightly dodgy.

 Shortly after receiving the wound he saw his first human up close. She was a fledgling who neither gave nor asked for a name. She invaded a cave he was sleeping in, almost left again when she noticed his existence and ended up cleaning up his foot. When he attempted to leave she refused to let him. Eventually, through an awful lot of gestures and words, they came to an agreement. The human was light enough to carry on his back and so he brought her east. He never figured out exactly what he received in return, although the journey basically forced him to practice Westron. He left her where she asked, near a town to which he hasn’t returned. He came close enough to the arrows of the inhabitants the first time.

 By this stage in life most young eagles have learned to speak the Common tongue and use it as their primary form of communication. Many will also have learned some Sindarin, the language they name themselves in. Aurhîn is unusual in that he still uses language of birds more than the tongue of Men. It is expressed as much in movement as in noise and is understood by a fair amount of elves, some dwarves and precious few men. He understands a few earthbound tongues but will only vocalise in Westron, and that reluctantly. He can communicate with other birds, when he manages to get over his pride long enough to address them.

 It is hard to say where he can be found at any one time. He can travel far and fast when he wants to and tends to simply go where there is food to be found and uncontested sky. His time of drifting will come to an end within a few years, so perhaps he is searching for a place to claim. He doesn’t really know, himself. But if that is so, he has yet to find one.

 Our kingdom a distant light

ROLEPLAY SAMPLE: Aurhîn shifted his wings and let out a irritated click as a damp leaf refused to come unstuck. He didn’t mind trees, most of the time, but this one was proving the exception to the rule. It was still clinging desperately to the last of its soft and rotting summer cloak. Bits and pieces had torn off as he made his arrival and there wasn’t enough room to clean himself properly without breaking a branch or two and letting more of the wind in.

 He huffed slightly and buried his head in his chest. Autumn was his least favourite season. Winter at least was honest about its intentions; everyone expected it to be cold and hard to find food. Autumn pretended it was still summer and tricked you into believing it. And then it dumped out a two-day rainstorm that had every living thing with sense under cover, and when it eventually added some wind into the mix it forced you to spend the night in a less than ideal tree. Not that he couldn’t handle the wind. He was just a little tired. And hungry.

 A strange barking noise from below made the eagle raise his head out of his dark feathers and look down. A bundle of rags seemed to be bunched up against the bottom of his tree. It wriggled and made the noise again – coughing, he now realised. So he wasn’t the only thing caught out in this weather. At least the earthbound hadn’t made a fire. While he wouldn’t have objected to the warmth, the smoke would stick in his feathers and irritate him for days.

 He watched the little bundle intently as it pulled its raggedy blanket close and coughed again. Wait a moment, why wasn’t it making a fire? They loved fires. They made fires at every available opportunity. In winter you couldn’t go within five miles of any village without the smoke stinging your eyes.

 He absently shifted his wings again. The leaf finally slid off and fluttered away and he gave a sort of happy chirp. The bundle looked up, its eyes wide. Could it see him? Probably not, most of them had terrible night vision and there wasn’t much light tonight.

 He blinked his huge yellow eyes and the man below started at the glowing discs’ sudden flash. Ah, so he could see him. Well, some of him anyway.

Greetings. Nice weather we’re having.  He didn’t expect a response to the clicking chirps, especially since the accompanying movements were lost in the darkness. The man stared. And stared some more. Then the eyes rotated back down to the ground.

 “I really hope I have a fever.” The soft mutter wasn’t meant for Aurhîn, but he heard it anyway and was rather insulted. The man seemed to be hoping he was some sort of hallucination. Clearly, he didn’t recognise how rare it was for a Great Eagle to be this close to one of his kind. Fine then.

 He tucked his head under a wing and sulked until the pattering of pain lulled him to sleep.

We’ll ride in the gathering storm

NAME/ALIAS: BlueInked, but call me Blue.
AGE: Nope.
EXPERIENCE: (Define roleplaying…) Okay, this is my first time. Any and all help appreciated.
COUNTRY: Ireland!
CONTACT: Try a PM, either here or on Fanfiction where I’m still BlueInked. If worst comes to worst, Av8rIrish on deviantART, though chances are if I don’t respond to the others my internet’s down or something.
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: People I don’t even know on Tumblr.

Until we get our long-forgotten gold 

<div align=right>This app was made by Whispers...x at CAUTION 2.0?.
Leave the credit on and please don't steal! She spent a lot of bonding time with Google to make this.</div>
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« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2013, 02:27:00 PM »

This is extremely well-done! You got us right into the character's mindset, even despite his not being human, and the touches of humor were spot-on! Pleasure to read! (So don't worry one bit about this being your start-out point for a roleplay--you will do wonderfully, and I know the other members will be happy to help! ^^)

It might be a tad difficult to write with others if Aurhîn does not know their language or use it, but if you think you can keep a good thread going despite that, by all means keep him as is! ^^ We certainly don't mind if you want to have him also speak the language of any other races in order to have that ability to better communicate. That is entirely up to you!

Anyway, welcome to the site officially, and thank you very much for having been so patient! Since we do not yet have a category for animals/creatures on the site, we are musing over where to put you. We might leave your name as "Wanderer" for now, but we're likely going to add a new category for your character! You are certainly by all means approved, though, so please feel free to start roleplaying whenever you like, and welcome again! ^^

P.S. Our member, Hades, has a giant owl named Denor that she plays. As a thought, perhaps the two would get alone well! ^^ And I recommend checking out other members' plot pages here, as well as making your own,  to get integrated and get writing! :D

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