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Author Topic: [Hobbit] Gorbulas Brandybuck  (Read 3279 times)

Gorbulas Brandybuck
« on: February 11, 2013, 06:31:00 AM »


Far over the Misty Mountains rise

NAME: Gorbulas Odo Brandybuck
AGE: 33
DATE OF BIRTH: 22 November 2908
RACE: Hobbit
WEAPONS: His pen is his sword! Though really he’s never wielded anything greater than a kitchen knife or an axe for chopping wood.

Leave us standing upon the heights

EYES: Blue
HAIR: Decidedly brown
HEIGHT: 3’5”
WEIGHT: A tad heavy but perfectly comfortable for a Hobbit, thank you very much
MARKS: Ink stains on his fingers perhaps
OVERALL: Gor dresses neatly and well, like any respectable Hobbit, though he perhaps takes more time with his wardrobe than is strictly necessary. He keeps the hair on his head and feet quite short, as early on in his life it was discovered his curls hung limply and quite unbecomingly for a Hobbit. So he keeps it short and clean, and no matter what he wears always looks quite dapper.
FACE CLAIM: Russell Tovey

What was before, we see once more

PERSONALITY: Gorbulas is a friendly and compassionate Hobbit, with a quick smile and a kind word for anyone who crosses his path. He has friends among Hobbits young and old and is not known to hold grudges. His laughter is light and his disposition sunny, though those near to him will also find he is thoughtful and quiet. He is a bit soft around the middle (the result of eating too many of Araminta Took’s sweets) but he is a comfortable size. He cannot cook himself, though he has tried, and has managed to successfully master only one dish: a vegetable pasty he makes and eats with relish.

He loves his work at the Hobbiton Hall of Records, where he can sit and peruse the musty tomes of Shire history to his heart’s content. He is an intelligent and inquisitive Hobbit, though his curiosity (unlike his sister Tanta’s) can often be satisfied by the burying of his nose into a book. It was at his work he discovered an interest in cartography, a passion that is only beginning to bloom. He also loves to write, and fancies himself a bit of a poet, and he loves to sketch, though it is Tanta who is the true artist of the family.

Despite his love of the dusty Record Halls, Gorbulas is truly happiest outside, enjoying the warm sun, cool breeze, and the feeling of fresh grass between his Hobbit toes. With a good book and a pipeful of Southfarthing on a Spring day, to Gor Buckland might as well be heaven.

Gor has a fairly traditional Hobbitish view of marriage, but although he is at an entirely appropriate age to settle down, he finds his thoughts far from the prospect. He is, at heart, a true romantic, and has yet to meet the lass who would forever steal his heart.

Gorbulas is, above all else, a devoted brother. He loves Tanta with a strong and protective affection, and would never see her come to harm. They were inseparable as children, playing pranks and causing a general ruckus in their home at Brandy Hall. As they grew older, they also grew apart, finding their passions in different places, but they are still close, and Tanta somehow still manages to drag Gorbulas away from his work and into an adventure at least once a week. Although he wished he didn’t have to spend quite so much time getting Tanta out of trouble, Gor loves her for her spirit and independence, and is proud of the fine Hobbit lass she is growing into.

GREATEST STRENGTH: His compassion for all creatures

GREATEST WEAKNESS: A too trusting nature

FEARS: Anything truly horrible ever happening to Tanta, and strangely, freezing to death

HISTORY: Gorbulas Odo Brandybuck is the first and only son of Orgulas Brandybuck and Malva Proudfoot, born in Buckland in 2908. At his request, the story of his parent’s meeting was told him time and time again by his mother. She was a proud and admirable Hobbit, though her family’s low status caused her to be overlooked in the hierarchy of the Shire’s social structure. As a Proudfoot, she did not hope for much in life, but it was all given her when she met Orgulas Brandybuck at a birthday party, where they danced together all night, despite the disdain his family gave to hers. Orgulas was a humble Hobbit, the youngest child and second son of the great Marmadoc “Masterful” Brandybuck, and he fell in love with Malva at the first dance. Although the Brandybucks were against it, he courted and married her, and they were never happier.

Their first child was a son they called Gorbulas, who was born shortly after their marriage. A bright and happy baby, he was a bit spoiled in Brandy Hall, but the attention never went to his head. He loved his mother dearly and spent hours by her side, listening to tales of the Shire and Middle-earth and learning the gentle ways of living things. Six years passed as an only child, where he was fed amply and encouraged to play freely in the green woods of Buckland. Then Malva gave birth to another child, a little girl, whom they named Tanta. Gorbulas loved her from the moment she was born with all his little Hobbit heart. He took her with him everywhere, teaching her to play in the woods and river, where to find the best berries and fruit, and how to hide Uncle Gorbadoc’s pipe until he was red in the face with trying to find it. When she was very small she could not properly say his name, so she called him “Gor,” her little mouth unable to form the great word “Gorbulas.” The nickname stuck, and many of his friends and family called him by it, though he still preferred his full name in professional company.

Gor and Tanta had a merry childhood, learning together about the ways of Middle-earth and practicing to read and write. They both excelled in academics, though Gorbulas’ temperament was better suited to the classroom. He enjoyed his studies, and particularly loved learning about the history of Middle-earth. He still traversed the woods with Tanta, but she was more apt to leave her work undone to frolic in the grass than he. He worked hard at his studies, although as a Brandybuck and fairly well-off, he did not need to work for his keep. But when he became old enough to choose a profession, he applied and was given a position as a clerk in the Hobbiton Hall of Records, where he could learn and read and write to his heart’s content, with the occasional interruption of someone stopping in to borrow a map or to argue about which Hobbit did what when.

He was not particularly boisterous, though he and Tanta did sneak off to the taverns every now and again and at times he could drink too much. But he was a fairly quiet and respectable Hobbit, and well-liked within the community. He liked the feeling of normalcy and peace he felt within the Shire. He never had a great desire to travel, finding what he needed in his books, though at times he would gaze out the window and wonder what really lay beyond the borders of the Shire, and he had dreams of one day meeting a Dwarf, or a Man, or even an Elf. At times his meager poetry took on a vastness he did not quite understand himself, but he was content to live his life comfortably and fully in Buckland to the end of his days.

Our kingdom a distant light

Gorbulas leafed through the stack of papers lazily, noting the dates and signatures with a half-hearted glance. Usually he enjoyed his work, but today the season was turning and Gor longed to be outside. The back store room were devoid of windows, keeping the air and light dry and dim to help preserve the documents filed there. Throughout the winter he had enjoyed the close quarters, finding a cozy comfort in the midst of the history of the Shire. But now that Spring was approaching, Gor could feel the world awakening, and he wanted to be outside and be a part of it.

In his listless shuffling of papers, he almost missed it. The corner was smudged with a strange spot of ink, and Gor curiously flipped through the pages to find it again. He gently pulled the page from the pile and laid it on the table, apart from the rest. He stared at it a moment, unsure of whether or not to believe his eyes. He reached over and brought a candle closer, careful not to drip the wax as he leaned closer to examine the sheet more carefully.

It was a map. The oldest map he had ever seen, perhaps the oldest map of the Shire that existed. It was drawn in an ancient spidery hand, with writings in a language he didn’t recognize. He thought he could identify the basic geography of the Shire, but it surely must have altered greatly since the time this was made. Gor searched for a signature or a date, though he wasn’t sure he could read it. He found nothing he could readily identify as such, though his eye was once more drawn to the smudge of ink in the corner of the page. He touched it lightly with his finger. Where had this come from? Who had made it? How had it come to be lost here amidst pages of crop records and town hall meeting minutes?

Gor’s head suddenly snapped up. Although he wasn’t sure he would know anything about it, he was sure he would want to see it. Blowing out the candle with a quick breath, he seized the map and rushed with it to the front of the Hall. He scribbled a record of his borrowing, wrapped the sheet carefully in a leather sheath, and ran out the front door. He rushed up the hill towards Bag End, the map held tightly against his chest. He was breathing heavily when he arrived at the home under the great tree, but he held himself up proudly and knocked loudly at the door. Only a few moments passed before the door swung open. “Mister Baggins,” Gor said eagerly, holding up the leather tube with both hands. “You’ll never believe what I’ve just found!”

We’ll ride in the gathering storm

AGE: 24
EXPERIENCE: A few months
COUNTRY: The United States of Amurica
CONTACT: PM is best
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: Recruited by Puck

Until we get our long-forgotten gold  

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Gorbulas Brandybuck
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2013, 02:15:00 PM »

Gor sounds indeed like a Hobbit through and through! His love for his sister is also quite adorable! Well done on this application! We'll take care of the rest, so feel free to begin posting with Gor when you like!

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