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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Nauroval  (Read 3830 times)


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« on: August 22, 2013, 03:28:00 AM »


NAME:  Nauroval
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Lach (provisional name while still "proving herself" and before "earning")
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): Spring 2919, 21
PLACE OF BIRTH: Misty Mountains
RACE:  Great Eagle
GENDER: female

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE:  Light russet tinted feathers taking after her father's more Northern bloodline, though it's mixed on both sides.
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT:  Larger than Aurhin, at 7'5, though that's not saying much as she is both older and female.
OVERALL APPEARANCE:  Well, her feathers make her appearance, at 21 and by making Ambassador as she sought, Nauroval has done "alright" growing up. Her figure is still lean of off her hunting small none to hard prey, but she is more or less healthy looking and doesn't sport too many injuries at any given time due to being a calm individual more smart and diplomatic than to cause trouble. Over all, she gives the impression she goes for, of a wise and important, if still young, Great Eagle.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: For all her caution, Great Eagles still learn by trial and error, and a few times when proving herself and earning her name back she attacked prey to tenacious for her, yet she learned and only harbors small scars and few of them for it.
WEAPONS:  Claws and beak, plus wit (she would say)
FACE CLAIM:  Juvenile Golden Eagle

STRENGTHS: Diplomatic and very good with words, both of literal skill in speaking Westron, and in her dealings with others. Yet, even in her deferring to wiser or stronger Eagles or beings, Nauroval retains Dignity ( as much as her age allows her to practically have). Knows lands and others territories.
WEAKNESSES: Of mediocre hunting skills and flying. Stubborn and once pushed can snap die to her pride as a Great Eagle. Arguably her brother Aurhin can push her buttons the most and get her most off balance and apt to make a mistake.
ASPIRATIONS: To make a dependable and swift Messenger and Ambassador, which by 2941 she has, and retain this position, doing her family proud by it even if she never settles her own Territory.
FEARS: As a Great Eagle, not much, even Wargs and Orcs are easily enough dealt with it just avoided. With her passable grip on flight she mostly fears what can hinder this and/or delay progress; stormy nights hard to see and fly through, arrows, any weapon of Man or such able to feasibly reach her.
PERSONALITY:  Nauroval is all she's been told and believes a Great Eagle should be, well near enough. From an early age she's seen her path pretty clearly, and while some may doubt the "no territory" plan, an Eagle could do worse, and Aurhin (or Asgar) is!

Dutiful and obedient to her parents as a eaglet, and now still deferring to all of position to deserve it, Nauroval can't see how anyone could be so blind as to fight both order and tradition. Again, like Asgar!

Her respect for her brother is little to none, as shown by the fact that his provisional one is about all she'll throw at him, but then he hasn't deserved any of either respect or name! She would say she isn't harsh, and in fact gives more grace to both Eagle and creature as befits her mixed Northern nature. The same and a level of intelligence is just required of those around her a well.

For all this, she is not unkind, just properly hardened as any good Eagle should be, and in fact Nauroval has a firm view of her place in life and doesn't seek to push past it. Granted said position, of Messenger and Ambassador, isn't so bad and she holds quite a bit of dignity and honor as she chose the position or goal herself and has completed her work towards it in an ample and expected amount of time.

Her success makes her, again, expect such from the world and her brother, but she is less harsh on judging others failures outright, she mostly just thinks it, and yet even if you be a failure not tied to her family, she will deal with you accordingly and diplomatically and then most likely move on once business is sorted. If you be Aurhin, though, she will nag and peck at you ceaselessly! Literally and with her well formed Westron words!

HISTORY: Born the first and oldest of her brood of two, and said second being a male just naturally smaller than her, Nauroval seemed all set for success, but she would always contend that that didn't mean she didn't earn it. Ok, maybe had others tried to earn it too, her prestige would have gone down a bit, but, still, from the first, she tried and got what she wanted out of life.

The first thing she "earned", earlier than her brother, was the right of going from just being called First for her position to Nauroval (for a time), Flame Wing, for the red tips of her wings and her personality of standing up for herself that seemed to fit it.

Her brother, meanwhile was still just called Second and no doubt still would have been but for Nauroval, but that came later.

Second, later called Aurhin (Morning Chaser, and it fit his lack of attention), was annoying even in eaglet form! Younger siblings were suppose to be, of course, but even he pushed it. Luckily he was easy to put in his place and Nauroval early on laid down the ground rules by the simple way of enforcement of shoving that was how such things worked. Still, only outsiders not understanding how Great Eagles worked would have called it harsh, to full blooded Southerners she was too merciful...even if by her own opinions.

When any ask, Nauroval even to this day defends that, yes, Aurhin (or Asgar) was given all fair chance of success and promotion, he just never rose to it or tried!

Had their lives not been as good as as they were and he not given all grace available by food being plentiful and all, Asgar probably wouldn't have lived to make his temporary name. From early on, Nauroval watched her brother just either stare off or not take things seriously. She alternately ignored and shoved him as he deserved, and yet couldn't help trying, just a bit, to try and impart what it was the eaglet should do to her brother.

It just never worked. If she explained the wisdom of staying in in bad weather even when the two were minus their names and too young to fly, Aurhin would rush out to "see it" and almost fall of cliffs or out of the nest! He was just lucky for that Northern blood that made mom save him in the first place, and her not kick him back off said ledge! Though that day would come.

Meanwhile, as her brother cloud gazed and piddled about, Nauroval watched and learned the dealings and culture of her people and what was expected of her. She didn't shy from the idea of building her own Territory, as her mother told her and spacy Aurhin they must one day do, still, the young eaglet had a feeling there was, and would be a better option.

Said better option came in the form of a new Eagle coming into her parent's territory one day and yet not being drive off. It was because he was suppose to be there and carried a message from some higher up and respected Eagles, even from outside their Territory! Bad Weather forced him to push his welcome, but whatever big grown up affair it was was important enough for Nauroval's parents to suffer this and the Messenger stayed a few days, to the inquisitive gazes of his hosts' eaglets.

Aurhin's attention seemed drawn elsewhere soon enough, but Nauroval stayed, politely and accommodatingly enough, and through proper channels of manners, was still semi-insistent/eager for all the Eagle had to tell of his important job. The traveling wasn't even all that interesting, not as much as the prestige and important job he did, and he never had to worry about holding down a Territory and yet was no slacker by how Eagles gauged things. Oh it sounded like the perfect position, complete with proving of dealing with all kinds, not just Eagles, and come fledging time, Nauroval knew what she wanted.

First, was to get rid of her annoying brother who had been pushing it so long she finally lost patience when, clearly knowing how to fly, he still refused, and she booted him out. She half didn't know if he would meet the ground or not, but he didn't, and the thusly provisionally named Asgar headed off to whatever fate would deal him. Personally Nauroval, or Lach as she now went by, couldn't care less what that was.

Even her own provisional name of Lach or Leaping Flame, to her spoke a promise of all she wished to do and be. Sticking around her parents Territory she started by delivering small news to neighboring Eagles for them, this steadily growing among and beyond the Misty Mountains and soon farther neighbors would trust the responsible and dutiful seeming young Eagle to deliver bits of news or such for them.

Eventually her promise and swift and efficient manner caught the eye of even Gwaihir. He tested the full metal of the young Eagle himself, with a most telling message to one Beorn.

Fearlessness and skill in speech both were shown by her coming back with a simple answer, also her holding her tongue on what she truly thought on the whole of the odd experience.

Finding she did live up to her parent's prestige and some of her own, he put Nauroval to position as a frequent runner for him and she soon warmed to speaking to all kinds diplomatically as she'd always had talent at, earning back her name with the position even without Territory. In fact, being thusly unhindered seemed to work all the better.

She still sticks mostly to the Misty Mountains, near her parents territory but more among Gwaihir's own, unless on specific runnings.

AGE:  We went over this, about to be old.
OTHER CHARACTERS:  Gard, Bilbo, Dagmar, Nyx, Fritz
CONTACT:  PM, though we will hire honest working carrier pigeons too!
From her temporary cover, little better than overhanging boughs from amidst the forest she was currently in, Nauroval stared out at the hard, pounding rain that was falling. Stared and shook herself every now and again, feeling the frustration seep in almost along with the water, though she'd found do-able shelter.

This was going to complicate matters significantly. Oh sure, rain and message running were adversaries that often had to meet, and even with her still young age, Naruoval had been learning patience through it, it was just, she was stuck on the wrong end of her mission. She'd just flown over to this crop of trees in a forest not to horribly far from her home of the Misty Mountains, yet far enough for the rain to trap her, and now was stuck.

No Great Eagle with any sense would attempt flying in this without very just cause, and if she were honest with herself (she always hated doing that!) Nauroval's flying skills were not quite up to dodgy risky behaviors such as flying in this would be.

Best make it back to the Misty Mountains in one piece and put up with the minor annoyance. She just, again, would rather be on her own known grounds for doing such. Oh well, little to be done about it now.

At least she'd completed her mission and delivered what Gwaihir had sent her here to deliver. Maybe one of these days that would be to another of her own kind, a Great Eagle, with some exceptions even of that known category. These two legged grounders still just reacted so vastly different to her presence and it took time to simply get them to calm enough to say what she had to say. Time she could blame in her head on her getting caught in this weather, if she didn't also realize mayb the delay saved her being in the actual middle of it when it started.

Well, she would just have to put on double speed, as much as she could and not push herself past her known limits in flying, and reach Gwaihir soon as she could come the morrow. Nauroval shook her head once more in dispeasure at the rain, and yet waited it out.

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« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2013, 12:20:00 AM »
Wonderful character you have here, Gard! ^^ I am very much so excited to see posts between Aurhin and Nauroval, along with what other adventures this wonderful Eagle may have!


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