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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Annúngilel  (Read 3580 times)


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« on: August 16, 2013, 10:14:00 PM »


NAME: Annúngilel 
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Ann (used mostly by Men) 
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): F.A. 01 / 6.972
PLACE OF BIRTH: Somewhere in Beleriand 
RACE: Noldorin Elf
GENDER: Female 

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: Annúngilel has long, slightly wavy black hair  
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: She stands at 6 feet and is slander yet well built due to her travelings lately 
OVERALL APPEARANCE: She will most times wear dark dresses, either purple, black or dark green. She has a natural beauty which can be endearing, but make no mistake this is now a dangerous woman. 

- A dagger, which she carries in a small sheath strapped to her waist, enchanted to always hit her targets. So it doesn't really matter if she is a good knife thrower or not.

- Magic, she can use magic to create illusions that she is another person, yet always a female of the same size as herself. She cannot change her body shape. She can also make people sleep with magic, though not very far away from her location. She must be relatively close to her 'targets'. She can also enchant objects like her dagger to show some abilities beyond those they were crafted with. This is what she most often uses when she needs to defend herself. She had also been known as a good healer in the past, though now she just doesn't care enough to loose the energy with such branch of magic.

FACE CLAIM: Lucy Lawless 

STRENGTHS: Annúngilel is a very skilled sorcerer and does know much about magic. She is also highly loyal to her friends (which can be her old true friends such as Celeborn and Galadriel or her new acquaintances, read people she is nudging to plunge into the darkness, like Beriadan). She is smart and nowadays can be deceitful since the urge of the curse took over her.
WEAKNESSES: The curse Sauron placed her under, her lapses of clarity during which she regains her own mind, delving into dark magic has tainted her soul and an inability to care much about other's pain due to her curse.
ASPIRATIONS: That is odd for Annúngilel has two diametrically opposite dreams for herself. One, strongest now in her mind, is to corrupt her third soul, Beriadan, and become a means to allow his undeniable success in his ambitions. The other, weaker but still present in her mind, is to find someone she can save with her old magic and thus save herself from the dark fate that awaits her otherwise.   
FEARS: Beriadan's death, her own death before she succeeds in either achievements for good or evil, surrendering her soul to Sauron and loosing her ability to use magic.

NOTE: PMs have been exchanged all around between myself, Becca, Mina and Loki. So the beneath relationships were all accorded beforehand.

PERSONALITY: Describing this Elf woman's personality can be a tricky business. She has what one would consider a double personality disorder nowadays. Lets begin with the one she had for most of her life so far.

Annúngilel has always been a simple person, which is strange considering she is a Noldorin Elf. Make no mistake, she is proud of her achievements throughout her life, but she always knew her limits and never stepped across her boundaries. This Elf woman is enamored with knowledge, but not with power. She considers the later to be but a consequence of the former, which is what she sought her whole adult life. Always been one to see herself in a common light and not as undeniably needed for anything she found her place into many Elven courts as a trusted sorcerer and defender of Elven lands throughout the ages of Arda.

Annúngilel is brave in her own way, she will grant ways for others to fight more effectively against their people's foes and she always preferred to allow her people to win through subterfuge rather than have any participation in bloody battles, which she only did once for love. She is a woman of deep thoughts and feelings, though not one to be naturally wary or suspicious. Her friendship is true and caring and generally comes with much knowledge exchange as she is not one to hold hers to herself once another has proved him/herself worthy of it as well, which means she has also been a great teacher of the magical ways of the world throughout the ages of Arda.

If you ever saw Annúngilel doing something harsh and cruel and later she apologized ashamed and astonished at what she had done claiming that she only did it because the voice in her mind told her to, believe it for she is speaking the truth. Ever since the curse, she has begun to show a double personality disorder. This other person inside her head is cruel, deceitful, likes to see the suffering and the fall of others, but uses her intelligence and knowledge to achieve such evil. It's only intention is to guide Annúngilel to fall each day deeper into the darkness and delve each time more into black magic. This voice also gives her an urge to destroy and corrupt people wherever she goes.

The voice became each time stronger as Annúngilel succumbed to it and began to effectively send souls into the darkness, corrupting and then destroying them. She has a sort of loyalty towards her chosen for corruption, not because she truly cares, but because the urge within her is satisfied by their deeds and their successes. She will defend Beriadan and teach him what he needs to know to fulfill his ambitions, but she doesn't really care about him at all. Her true mind is buried too deep now for such kind of feeling to creep out.

The only times nowadays when any of her true self comes out are the dwindling moments in which she looks at the dagger she stole from Celeborn long ago when she set out to achieve what her curse dictated for her and remembers him and Galadriel and the true feelings of friendship they once shared, especially the two women. In a way stealing that dagger was for her a double edged sword, as even though it was an act of defiance and breaking away with leaders of LothLórien, it also gave her her only link with her true self and her past.

HISTORY: Annúngilel's parents crossed into Middle-Earth with the second wave of Noldorin Elves, the ones who came through the icy paths. Her mother was already in the first stages of pregnancy when they finally reached the new land. Her family settled in the lands of Beleriand as many other Noldorin. As she grew up, the small Elf's curiosity was great and she wanted to learn everything she could with the adults around her. She had the chance to meet many kinds of people throughout the First Age of the world, some good, some evil.

It was during this time that she met Beriadan's parents and wasn't very willing to stay around once they reached any kind of power. She was old enough to know that such wasn't the kind of people she wanted to be around. She went on to help her people in their many battles against Morgoth, in which her developed sorcery played an important role in allowing her people to get close enough to do real damage on The Dark Lord's forces. Annúngilel herself though was never involved in a true battle until the Second Age of Arda.

After the War of Wrath, very distraught with all those events, Annúngilel found her way into Eregion and there she lived peacefully eventually making her way into Celebrimbor's court as his sorcerer. She also fell in love with him, but never acted on it. After all he was a prince and she was just Annúngilel, the sorcerer, a nobody. This was also when she first met Galadriel and her husband Celeborn. The two women became goods friends over time and shared many secrets. Galadriel was the only person alive who knew of her feelings for Celebrimbor.

Then Annatar appeared. Annúngilel was never one to be wary or mistrust readily, but she heeded the warnings of her friend Galadriel to stay away from that Elf. A rebellion ensued once the true identity of Annatar was revealed. Out of love Annúngilel took on weapons to defend Eregion, but again it was her magic that played the most important role in its defense. She helped Celebrimbor in hiding the lesser rings of power and then erased her own memory about their location and the spells placed to guard them. It was all for nothing as Celebrimbor himself ended up revealing the location of the lesser rings under torture and Sauron eventually took them as his own to corrupt others.

During the last battle of the rebellion Annúngilel defended Celebrimbor effectively until Sauron himself arrived. She tried to resist, but since she couldn't use subterfuge to fool him she lost in a direct confrontation. Having recognized her magic from many other places and times The Dark Lord decided not to kill her, but instead curse her. She had always thought to be stronger willed than him, even in that last battle, so he wanted to humble her down and more than that he wanted her as one of his loyal slaves.

The curse went like this. If she were to save but one soul from the darkness with her magic before his sent three souls into it through her she would be saved, if not her soul would forever belong to Sauron. The fallen Maia then left Annúngilel for dead amongst the other corpses and finally took Celebrimbor.

Elves later came looking for survivors and found Annúngilel amongst the very few still breathing. She was taken to Lothlórien where she was healed. Upon recovering enough, she told Galadriel and Celeborn of what had happened in Eregion and that she had failed to save Celebrimbor. That was also the moment in which the voice started to speak weakly within her mind, trying to send her into a dark path. She was indeed strong willed and able to resist the urge it was trying to instill in her.

Though when the news of Celebrimbor's death were confirmed, Annúngilel was destroyed. She felt guilty for not being able to protect him and she felt his loss even though nothing had ever happened between them. Her mental vulnerability allowed the voice to grow stronger and later she fell out with Galadriel and Celeborn and left the golden woods to fulfill the urge within her mind. It was during this fight that she acquired the dagger she now carries as her main weapon.

Annúngilel then started to walk the world and delve each time deeper into black magic. That took a toll on her mind and made the voice each time stronger within it. It was already the Third Age of Arda when she, having already managed to corrupt two souls, crossed paths with Beriadan. She remembered his parents and the sword he carried from way back into the First Age. It would be easy to nudge him to plunge into darkness since he had a predisposition due to his progenitors.

She took that dark chance and told Beriadan everything about his past and his parents and started to effectively help him with Lassemaica and many other things. She isn't shy to give him any kind of knowledge or help for him to achieve his ambitions for once he does, says the voice within, her job will be complete. Though when it happens her soul and her magic will forever belong to Sauron.

Yet she isn't too far gone and the way out of her curse is still open for her. To save a soul from the darkness with her magic. If she'll be strong enough to take it or not is left to be seen.

AGE: 30
COUNTRY: Brazil 
EXPERIENCE: More than a decade
OTHER CHARACTERS: The Necromancer (Sauron), Estel (Aragorn) and Arahin.
CONTACT: PM or cbox
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: I'm here for a while now. See Sauron's bio as he was my first character here.
This is an IC post from Estel

Estel was a curious lad indeed. He just wanted to try out everything he possibly could, was taught directly or saw others doing as long as not obviously too dangerous, which not always he knew how to gauge appropriately yet. He was young and had a very incipient sense of what he should stay away from instilled in him by his mother Gilraen and Lord Elrond. On the other hand, there was the undying curiosity innate to kids his age.

So he had considered going or not going to the stables for quite some time before finally deciding for it. Soon he'd have to return to his room. The children's nighttime curfew was fast approaching and the boy wanted to try something he had seen the day before when Gilraen had taken him to see the horses in a much earlier time of the day. Estel loves horses with a passion. He wished he could ride one by himself, but no he had to wait. He just had to wait on so much sometimes he wished to just grow up and be much taller faster. No problem though, his Elven friends and foster family have taught him patience. In due time the world would be his to explore.

Arriving at the stables, he went to see Elrond's steed. It was a magnificent animal, yet another one in the stall just beside it caught Estel's attention. He had seen the horse there before, sure, but never at this time of the day. Asfaloth was just that much more beautiful under the moon light. It seemed to make him glow. The human boy got instantly enamored with the animal and just stared at him for quite some time before shaking his head and returning to his senses. He entered the stall and began to charm Asfaloth with kind Elvish words in the same way he had seen an Elf doing with another steed the other day he had visited the stables. Nothing seemed to have happened.

Estel was a bit disappointed. He usually understood something just by seeing or hearing it. Lord Elrond always commending him for his intelligence and easiness to learn new things. Yet this had dodged him. He saw and heard, but wasn't able to understand completely what was truly going on or maybe Asfaloth was just in a very calm mood already so the intruder didn't phase the horse at all. Anyway Estel wouldn't accept defeat and he wanted to interact with the beautiful steed as his mane shone beneath the light of the stars above. So he offered his new friend the apple he had collected from the dinner table. No effect. What was he doing wrong? That was pretty much the only thought occupying the young boy's mind.

Suddenly he felt a large but kind hand pulling back his green cape's hood and showed Glorfindel the most adorable and slightly mischievous smile. He had been caught red handed after all. "Sir, I wasn't trying to fatten up your horse, I swear, just bribe him into liking me. I know it was wrong. I did try the words I've heard spoken here a few days ago, but he didn't seem to care." Estel said innocently with that astonished face of I don't understand why that didn't work for me only kids his age are able to make.

"Maybe I'm just not interesting to him." He added with a resigned smile as the horse responded to the presence of his owner in a much more effusive way. "I'll remember he prefers carrots though!" He said happily and truly keeping that in mind if he was allowed a next time. That, though, was a question for later.

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« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2013, 12:54:00 PM »
Such a wonderful, atypical Elf! I love her internal conflict; can't wait to see the interesting interactions that are bound to result from it.

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