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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Arahin  (Read 3268 times)


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« on: July 25, 2013, 02:42:00 PM »


NAME: Arahin 
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): Spring of 2841 (100)
PLACE OF BIRTH: West of the Misty Mountains 
RACE: Great Eagle
GENDER: Female 

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: Her feathers are red-brownish in color with some white ones on her tail and close to her feet. 
EYE COLOUR: Mix of light golden and hazel like her father. 
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: She is strong and well shaped for her race. She stands about 17 feet tall once landed. 
OVERALL APPEARANCE: Arahin has red-brownish feathers with patches of white near her feet and tail end. She's a large creature as is usual for the Northern Great Eagles. She has gray feet and sharp black claws, golden-hazel eyes and gray/yellow beak.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Her size and constitution. 
WEAPONS: Her beak, her big wings, her sharp claws and her powerful screech. 
FACE CLAIM: (voice of Arahin) Amanda Tapping 

STRENGTHS: Arahin is loyal to her father and friends, a bit too fearless for her own good and very smart for a creature.
WEAKNESSES: Arahin is still young and a bit inconsequential due to that, she can be over-proud on occasion and she has a bit of a temper when taken out of her center.
ASPIRATIONS: Arahin wants to prove herself as worthy of being the child of Gwaihir, the lord of eagles, and find her place in this world.   
FEARS: Didn't I mention before that she is fearless? Well, she won't tell a soul and will attack anyway if needed, but the sight of bows and arrows make the skin beneath her feathers crawl.
PERSONALITY: Arahin's personality revolves around her pride. She is very proud of everything about herself, her lineage, her father, her own skills, all of it. Surprisingly she is not at all egotistical, but rather willing to listen to the other Eagles, unless they are scolding her. Then she has a tendency of talking back to all but her father. Arahin also wishes to be known as a separate individual from Gwaihir and be recognized as her own bird! She is young still and sometimes her lack of life experience reaches far in consequences. She can misjudge certain threats and miscalculate the truly needed effort to achieve a mission.

Yet, Arahin is a very smart bird. She can plan her path and approach in advance and has a good knowledge of the lay of the land, specially close and over the Misty Mountains. She loves to fly. She feels free of all the responsibilities when just bating her wings in the air by herself. She wishes deeply to be self-sufficient, but always ends up returning home to the nest to be close to her father. It is due to loyalty and love, but also because a part of her likes his guidance too. She has never denied any mission given to her and has always conducted them all bravely. It doesn't matter if called to talk or to fight. Arahin likes to believe she is fearless and will declare that if asked, but she has the same unconscious fear all birds do of being hit by arrows. Especially since her mother and brother died by Orc ones and her father nearly did as well before her birth.

Needless to say she hates Orcs due to that and due to them being evil, which she is capable of understanding. Her name means noble child and she is noble in the sense of chivalry. She will be the first to sweep down once her sharp, long seeing eyes catch sight of Orcs doing evil things. Yeah, she can be a little vindictive against those who hurt either herself or her father or anyone she really cares about. That's one of the reasons she is also called Úruva, which means fiery. Arahin has been taught to speak in the languages of Elves, Men and Wizards. She, just like her father, is friendly towards the Istari and will heed their calls for help. That is until Saruman begins his treachery against Middle-Earth. Then she will place him on mute, which means she will pretend not to listen if he calls for her aid.

HISTORY: Arahin was no different from other birds on how she was brought into the world. It's light reached her once she broke out of her egg. There was some company there in the form of her brother, Loryim, but she didn't mind. Her mother Ilrinolae was a great hunter and always brought plenty of food to both her hatchlings. She grew in size at the natural pace, yet she fledged a bit earlier than her sibling. She had always been eager to fly to follow her mother on and when it became possible, she didn't loose any time to try and fall a big fall.

Thankfully Ilrinolae was there and didn't let her reach the ground full force or she wouldn't be here now to share the world with everything else. She was lucky or maybe a bit overprotected from birth. She ended up growing to resent such overprotection until her mother and sibling both lacked her. Now she misses them. Every sentient being always wants what they can no longer have.

In the year T.A. 2867 while both Ilrinolae and Loryim were hunting over the landscape together they were themselves hunted and never returned. Days passed and Gwaihir and a few other keen Eagles decided to go looking for them. Arahin wanted to go with them, but her father thought better not to let her this time. Weeks passed, but Gwaihir had not given up hope on finding them when their corpses were found dead, amongst many other fallen beasts, arrows, swords and other such weaponry littering their bodies. It was a great tragedy and it left a mark in the young bird. Her hatred for Orcs.

Arahin grew older to respect her father even more so, but still she wants her own place in the world and she will fight for it if needed. She grew not just in size, but in skill too. She learned of the land, of languages, of flight and fight as was expected from an Eagle of her lineage. She became a prouder and smarter bird as the years passed, friend to many, enemy to Orcs. Always flying over the Misty Mountains and sometimes abroad from there, ready to help or just make a new friend or enemy. She flew as far as Minas Tirith to the south, Ered Luin to the West and Laketown to the East in missions for her father so far.

Certainly her first big mission, with certain danger involved, given to her by her father was the rescue of their friend Gandalf and his friends, a company of little people, mostly Dwarfs. She was amongst the Eagles that attacked Azog and his Orcs. She flew low and screeched menacingly, announcing their presence and giving a moment of distraction enough for Bilbo to save Thorin's life. She was also brave enough to fly amongst the Orcs afterwards, opening the path for her father to rescue Thorin and another to pick up the small Hobbit. She managed to kill an Orc by ripping his throat with her left talon. All in all a great mission.

Now nearing her hundredth birthday, Arahin has become aware that greater and nastier things are looming upon the world. She feels ready to help her father defend their people and others if and when need be.

AGE: 30
EXPERIENCE: Long time.... More than a decade.
OTHER CHARACTERS: The Necromancer (Sauron) and Estel (Aragorn)
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: An add elsewhere long ago
It's an IC post from Sauron

It was becoming increasingly easier for Sauron to sense his surroundings with the passage of the centuries. That fact made him sure that his ring was somewhere near his current location, infusing him with the power he had lost when separated from it by Isildur, but whatever or whoever was now in possession of it didn't use it often. If that was not the case, the Dark Lord possibly would've found his prize already and would no longer be forever searching for it. Sauron had not yet regained enough of his old strength and power to simply call the One Ring to himself so it could find its way to its master alone. It was still acting on its own instinct to find its rightful place in the world: the hand of the Dark Lord. Though even the resolution of such problem was now just a matter of time. A short time compared to that already passed since the Battle of Dagorlad.

There was no denying that Sauron deserved the title of Dark Lord. Darkness followed him everywhere he went. Greenwood had suffered the consequences of his extended presence already. A shadow was spreading throughout those woods and as it did so, unbeknownst to all, his foul creatures were taking over larger portions of the forest and the current weaker form of the eye of Sauron was seeing further and more of his vicinities. It had already detected beings of interest to the owner of Dol Guldur, not that this particular Maia cared about anyone or anything alive by now. Such weaknesses had been shed by him millennia ago when he took over the title of Dark Lord from his old master, Morgoth. Sauron saw all creatures only for their purposes in his grand scheme of things for Arda. Beyond that they mattered not to him.

Sauron also wasn't ever known for being a forgiving entity. There was no chance for mistakes and weaknesses with him. If you faltered, he'd take you out without a second thought or any remorse whatsoever. The Dúnedain knew well the strength of his wrath and what it meant to attract it towards oneself. He had had his minions, especially the Witch-King of Angmar, destroy the northern realm of Arnor centuries ago and also extinguish the line of Gondorian kings. Yet, one thing he had commanded that had yet not been done by any of his minions. The ring of Barahir had not been brought to his presence. The line of Isildur had not yet been completely destroyed.

So even though Beriadan was one of those interesting specimens to ensnare and manipulate in the Dark Lord's point of view, he wasn't one to be taken lightly even in his currently still weakened state. Sauron had sensed the Avari's arrival in the moment his horse Melda started to get uneasy. The chill sense of his spreading will was the cause of such behavior from the animal. He sent order so one of his giant spiders mounted guard near the horse's location. Elves were always so attached to their animals, Sauron thought to himself sarcastically. It would serve to see how far this particular Elf would go to fulfill his ambitions and thus how worthy of a puppet he could become. If he failed the test, swift death awaited him in Dol Guldur. Should he pass it though, slow death awaited him by the hands of his own kin no doubt.

Sauron was not fast to show himself to his guest. He let him wait and get uneasy by doubt before he made his entrance. No form entered the hall to confront the Avari, just a fire began to creep in the middle of it. From the flames came a deep voice, which was indeed threatening in tone and wording. "So, Elf, give me just one reason why I should not extinguish your existence for invading my dwellings uninvited!" That phrase began what would be Beriadan's only chance to prove his worth or meet his fate.

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Thanks go to Alagon for the lovely graphics!!!!!


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« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2013, 02:00:00 PM »
I cannot tell you how happy I am to welcome Arahin. Cannot. Eaglessss, and such an awesome one at that! It will certainly be interesting to see her make a name for herself by herself, and I wish you many plots!

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