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Author Topic: Meet The Staff  (Read 7403 times)


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Meet The Staff
« on: July 12, 2013, 01:39:00 PM »

Hey, I’m Cass!  I’m 27 years old, I live in Northern Ireland and I’m a failed PhD student.  Haha… ha.  My subject was witchcraft history, for the curious.  I’m also mother to one gorgeous little rescue dog and happily married to boot.  I work a couple of part-time jobs at the moment and run an Etsy shop on the side.  I love to make things!  I also like to ride horses, take photographs, play video games, stay up late, sleep in, read, write, fish, travel, bake, host tea parties and swim in the sea (I’m really a mermaid).  As is the case with many roleplayers, I hope to one day become a published author.
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Re: Meet The Staff
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2015, 10:33:20 AM »

 Hey! I go by Blue around here for reasons and I play far too many dwarves. That said, the Great Eagles also have a special place in my heart (hence the account name) – Aurhîn’s a wandering young eejit and the first of my characters, but alone in his feathery golden-eyed glory. Besides him there’s Bofur, a miner and toymaker with whom the craic is generally mighty; Rian, who’s bad at telling the truth and good at picking locks and pockets; Kophas, incredibly lucky falconer with more siblings than social wit; and Eskr, a ridiculously emotionally stable middle-aged skinscribe who’s married to his job. He has the best beard. I also play a single human – Momoka is an impatient corsair who thinks she might be a skin-changer. She has very little evidence of that. She’s doing her best.

 I’m studying Aerospace Engineering at uni in Northern Ireland (so GMT timezone) though I come from what is affectionately deemed bandit country over the border, in a county which is actually geographically more northerly? … Anyway. Grew up on a rainy dairy farm, can sort of drive a tractor and speak Irish to a very limited degree, can competently milk. I’d like to finish flying lessons and get a license (there’s something of a flight theme going on, you may notice) but I’m currently a bit busy for that. I love reading and writing, naturally, and Tolkien (surprise! Other fandoms are mostly of the more animated variety, though), along with bantering, staying up too late on phone skype (PM me for it~), a lot of D&D (I think I’m part of like… Two inconsistent campaigns which only meet up occasionally, and one weekly one in which I currently play an air genasi rogue. TALK TO ME ABOUT D&D PLEASE), binge-reading webcomics and then forgetting their names and worldbuilding for stories I may never write. I’m a fantastic procrastinator and also really enjoy drawing – I sometimes do requests for THRP folks! There should be a thread in the fanworks section which is mine. And I don’t bite :) Feel free to poke me anytime!
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Re: Meet The Staff
« Reply #2 on: September 07, 2015, 04:24:12 PM »

Ah, Bonjour! Name’s Hades, Lord of the Dead. Hi how ya doin’? Just so we don’t get a little confused here I am, in fact, a girl. I play numerous characters, but I shall name just a few for you (okay all of them) I play the amnesic Elf Ginger and her flying, loyal, egocentric owl Dénor, a Dunedain by blood but a Gondorian at heart Anárion, Barnabas the Vampire, Sparrow the fugitive of Rûhn and evil in his own way (Also known as Sahib, aka: Morgan Freeman), and the best for the very last (haha) Thorin Oakenshield the II, King Under the Mountain and rightful ruler of Erebor!! Making characters is such an addiction so the list may grow but I am trying to take my time with one that I have in the works until I can manage the ones I have. Ha, I really like kidding myself.

My characters and I hail from the East Coast (South Carolina). I’ve been this site since the day it was created, and before. It is like we have our own little history and are better off with it. Though there were no dark lords trying to take over the world. I, Hades, am a Whovian at heart! I adore/love/wish to live on the T.A.R.D.I.S one day! I also LOVE Marvel, but don’t try and quiz me I’m not that deep into it like some I know. (*cough*). I really didn’t start roleplaying until I was in the 7th grade, but, I had found a love for writing fiction long before the roleplay scene showed up. In fact, it was the roleplaying that turned it into an obsession, that I look upon as an Art that can only become more of an obsession the better you get at it. (I’m not going to lie either, my parents are less than fond that I roleplay). But, other than this I like to go camping. Reading, aaahh… I am currently attending college, just not this semester. I’ve been looking into scrip writing (screen writing) and possibly directing (but I need teh monies, which is something I don’t have). I love Star Wars, I love Legos – which are all my brother’s fault, btw. Let me see, what else… Tom Hiddleston is my favori- (Word does not accept his last name… BLASPHEMY)-te actor, I love a good Villain...


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Re: Meet The Staff
« Reply #3 on: December 04, 2016, 04:42:57 PM »

Hey all Gard here! Named after my very first character taken when joining, Gard of Lake Town (eleven year old ward of Bard) a few months after the site's creation I think it was. It hasn't caused too much confusion and obviously by now I've set up my own pillow fort in the corner and you can't get ride of me if you try ^^

Semi-going off that trend I have a few young characters under ten (Gard, Sofia, Wes) and even my most recent Dwarf is young (Friór). Dwarves though! I have all the Dwarves! (Dagmar, Fritz, Líknví, Saga, Kargach) This doesn't make me a complete expert in their lore, but that and half the Simarillion gives me a good basis :)

Also I have a Great Eagle (Nauroval, Aurhin's sister), a rogue Warg (Nyx) and good ol' Bilbo Baggins ^^

I studied Communications and am aspring to be a writer!
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Re: Meet The Staff
« Reply #4 on: December 04, 2016, 05:46:44 PM »

Greetings and well met!  I am Whitney, but a lot of people call me Whit.  I joined this lovely site back in February of 2015, and I’ve been roleplaying in various fandoms and formats for the better part of 20 years, starting all the way back in the days when you walked into an AOL chat room and asked “a/s/l?”  Since those days, I’ve participated in a variety of RP from Star Wars to anime, but the works of Tolkien have always been my first love ever since I picked up the books back when I was 18 years old!  I regularly tell people the Silmarillion is my favorite book and I’ve read it, and the other collective works of Tolkien many times over!  If you have questions about lore, particularly of the elvish variety, I’m your woman!  My character roster includes four elves (Gwaehadron, Tinuvagor, Elladan, and the Elvenking himself, Thranduil), three men (charming pirate Bowen, roving merchant Eadlyn, and Easterling warrior Togh), and even one dwarf (Dwalin).

I hail from the east cost of the US, North Carolina specifically, where I live happily with my herd of five cats.  I hold a degree in history with an east Asian focus, and I have worked in educational measurement for the past twelve years. In my spare time (ha!), I help to run the largest Japanese culture and animation convention in North Carolina.  I’m usually lurking about in the cbox and I’m always glad to lend a hand in any way! 


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