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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Fritz  (Read 3781 times)


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« on: June 14, 2013, 06:54:00 PM »


NAME: Fritz, Son of Anlaf
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Whatever his brothers or Dags randomly came up with.
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): Spring 2881. 60 years old
RACE:  Dwarf

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE:  Dark locks like alot of his brothers, from his father. Little to no beard to speak of and he is very subconcious about it, he's got about Dagmar's level and hers is light even by maiden standards!
EYE COLOUR:  Dark Brown and often steeled with determination or glinting mischief, though not as much these days
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT:  of medium build, as far as dwarves go, built enough to hold a hammer or sword, but still not up to his brother's standards he feels.
OVERALL APPEARANCE:  Often wearing the typical leather breeches and tunic same as his brothers. He carts a sword as well as atleast one long knife on him most times, finding the slight distance in sword fighting fits him best, but wanting to prove himself with even closer proximity in long knife fighting as Einar and his other brothers do. When younger and even now, he is always up for a training excericise with either his father and brothers or even the Princes when they are nice and accommodate, always wanting to improve and be a better warrior.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: A faded scar along his left arm from one of the many scrapes he recieved as a dwarfling and when he fell down a ledge of rock within Ered Luin.
WEAPONS: Sword and at times long knives. Better with the sword. 
FACE CLAIM:  Ricky Ullman

STRENGTHS:  Brave to a tee, and always up to defend either family (kin included) or home. Loyal and Kind. Fritz is very much the type to proves his words with action, though more words are at times called for.
WEAKNESSES:  Can be headstrong and over eager, impetious and rash if thinking he is in a situaiton of proving worth. Also, while he is kind to those who have earned trust, he can also be suspicous and prone to believing rumors spread by those already trusted within Ered Luin. Won't actively be mean, but may shut down around you if you have a bad track record that dwarves have talked about.
ASPIRATIONS: To never fall from other dwarves speaking of when a mention of Anlaf's sons is given. To never fall from grace and uphold his father and brother's reputations. To continue in service to King Thorin as his father before him. Even though he's younger, Fritz feels it is also his duty to watch out for Dagmar and always make sure she's safe even if she's the least patient with him doing it!
FEARS: Any harm to family, losing any of his older siblings he counts on and loves so dearly. Falling from grace. Being useless in service.
PERSONALITY:  Fritz is a dwarf through and through, still trying to prove that to the world due to what he knows of himself that others don't. He hates Orcs. Hates Elves with all the passion of only basing it off stories he was never there for. Is judgemental to any not a dwarf and loyal and kind to his select kin; yet feels soft in comparison with other dwarves.

The judgement he puts to others without even being aware of it, is put double to himself. Status is everything, his family has taught him that either intentionally or not. To other dwarves, he is the good upstanding sort of lad (if you look past the spilled tables and things as a Dwarfling) you would have no fears of handing your daughter over to. Respectful, Polite, if a bit also prone to show too much of what he thinks in his face, but can hold his own in any fight.

To Elves and Men, while he may not be the most battle scared dwarf you will encounter, you may walk away with a different impression. In his raising, slurs to your very kind are not a rude thing, they are a truthful thing, and he is inclined to think first of what he's heard of you, then of how you are. He may not be the first dwarf of the group to throw a punch, but he can cut with a word or two and this is his most effective weapon of all in certain situations.

Yet, given his self conciousness, if Fritz could see himself how you do when he's acting less than kind, he would be mortified and ashamed, he just can't see all that beyond dwarfish pride. How he is seen matters and if he wants Elves intimidated when he leaves, he wants them also to think all they should think of any dwarf of him. If he were wise, he'd brush off how even Elves think of him, because what does that actually matter, but he can't. Will stubbornly argue with you until you think of him what he wants you to think of him!

HISTORY:  Born the last and youngest son of Anlaf and Liv, Fritz is succeeded by four older brothers, and one sister, Dagmar. Thusly the lad grew up well protected and guarded, despite the wandering tendencies of dwarflings. He was also surrounded and hedged in by status and expectations none meant to put onto him, but which he put on himself by his observations.

That his father was a trusted aid and always a sword to call upon by King Thorin was early on apparent as he clung with chubby dwarfling hand to his father's and watched the two interact. He grew up with the same awe and respect his sister fostered for their royals, Dagmar growing all but alongside the princes helping with that, yet where his sister eased into everything and was only a tad nervous due to manners and proper respect even to friends, Fritz was overwhelmed by a weight on his shoulders.

He didn't notice it early on, having the carefree life of a dwarfling, who's biggest concern was treats, yet by Thirty-Five and especially by Fourty, Fritz started to take in the whispers to go about the halls, all in praise of his family of course, and notice how many now looked to him with a wondering glance. Wondering if he would continue it, no doubt.

He then started to take careful stock of how his brothers and father acted, paying even closer attention to fighting lessons (even if his attention hadn't been waining before) and pushing himself even beyond what those training him, either brothers father or others, felt he should do for the day. Often after the days lessons, the lad could be found hacking away at a tree with practice strokes or against one of the straw training bags.

Worried that her son was pushing himself too far, Liv had many a talk with Fritz and even her older sons to make sure no pressure was being put on him, but it all seemed to be on the lad's end and while he nodded in agreeing to what his mother said, he would still always strive for improving himself.

Anlaf tried to shrug it off as normal of any young dwarf warrior, but even he noticed the level of dedication.

Dagmar would at times try to help, forcing her brother to accompany her out into flower fields on her gathering expeditions, but understanding how annoying undue pressure was when Einar tried to force her to interact with others, she would often let Fritz go when he all out asked it. He did try, though, to take in what she was attempting to tell him of how he needed to find something he enjoyed just for enjoying it, not to be anything.

Smithing and fashioning swords and weapons with the fire and hammer seemed this niche, but Fritz still always insisted he took more joy from using the weapons than making them. Weapon makers were a needed thing and all, but there was hardly any glory in it, and he had to keep glory up to uphold and continue in his father and brothers footsteps.

Both endeavors did seem to pay off, though, and Frtiz soon heard admiring whispers over a dwarf both good with a sword and who could fashion a grand one for himself. A One Dwarf Army, they joked he could be, but Fritz took it to heart and was pleased to be of such renown.

Pressure to maintain a status was little different than pressure to get one, though, and so even with one now, Fritz didn't let up any on making sure he kept it.

He continue on, proving himself in King Thorin's service alongside his brothers and father, and was very taken aback to hear of a mission to reclaim Erebor that would not include a one of his family in it!

Truth be told his own pride suffered for his families sake, but because a slight to his family was just as much a slight to him. He challenged Thorin as far as he dared on the subject and was only told that his family and his service was appreciated, that was why they were staying back, to guard the home front as it were.

It was an explanation Fritz only took so far, and he still stormed off insulted. He had the presence of mind to hold in what he wanted to say, though, and yet was on his way to the fume about it when Dagmar halted him, trying to console her brother and eventually distracting him from stewing over it, and most certainly with any of the rowdy tavern crowd, though that was not her full intent. He would always be grateful for the sidetrack though, knowing that had he indulged in the too encouraging atmopshere of dwarves who just agreed with whatever your complaint was, he would have said things best left unsaid about Thorin and which he wouldn't have meant and would have been shamed at later.
AGE:  late 20s
EXPERIENCE:  Quite a bit
OTHER CHARACTERS:  Bilbo, Dagmar, Gard, Nyx
CONTACT:  PM or E-mail (I can't clean up after carrier pigeons)
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: I don't recall at this point, feel like I've always been here
In her pursuit to both avoid the sewing lessons her mother was scheduling up with the very renowned elder dwarf woman to have taught many a fine maiden, as well as any other plans her mother had, Dagmar came upon another of the side corridors perfect for hiding out for a bit.

She smiled and found a very nicely indented ledge to sir upon, thinking maybe she'd try out this theory of books holding safe adventures. She wasn't opposed to reading in general, just reading boring stuff.

From where she sat, Dagmar had a very good view of another of the corridors running along in the maze that was Ered Luin. This corridor was not all that interesting, until a group of young lads came darting by, yet not in their usual manner.

That it was some of the lads her younger brother, Fritz, had been known to play with at first caught Dagmar's attention, also her brother's absecence and the boys seeming to be unneerved, or not their usual boisterous selves.

Rising, Dags jogged after and soon enough, she caught up, through a cross path she knew, with the lads and interceded them at another juncture as they ran past.

"Woah..." she grabbed the sleeve of one, halting the group, "What's with the rush?".

A flurry of excited voices answered her, and soon Dagmar was holding her hands out to still them with a slight grimace. Ok, that wouldn't work.

"Um, Ker, what happened?". She picked the first lad, and rightly guessed his name.

Swallowing, the boy tried to answer. He was a bit ahead of Fritz in age, at Eighteen where her brother was still Fifteen, yet still a little kid all in all and it took a few swallows.

"We were Outside, tryin' ta' make a stand ta' watch fer deer like our dads do sometimes. We found some boards but...well...then there was noise. We dun' know we ran back here".

It didn't even really prove they had heard anything all too dangerous, still one major fact was missing.

"Where's Fritz?" she asked.

All the lads glanced between them, as if just as shocked as Fritz' sister to find him not there. They could only shrug hoplessly. Sighing, Dagmar weighed the options. She would hate to cause a panic if her brother just tripped outside and was behind.

Maybe...maybe she should just peek and check up first, save Fritz getting into trouble, then if further help was needed, she could come back for it. Dagmar felt she could handle herself, being pretty good with a throwing knife even this early on.

To sneak all the way back to her room for one of the one's she had in practicing would run the risk of being found out, instead, she guided the lads towards home and then snuck to the kitchen which was busier and less prone to notice a lone maiden sneaking in and out.

Dagmar grabbed a knife to borrow and return later, and then darted for the Outside. The sun was already beginning it's downward motion from the afternoon to night, but there were still plenty of afternoon hours left to find Fritz and return him home before anyone would perhaps have to know.

Tucking her knife safe in her cloth belt of the simple bright dress she wore, Dags jogged out into the sunlight and for once didn't pause to take it in, but continued on, seeking any sort of clues as to where Fritz might have gone.

She followed the way the lads had said they had been attempting their hunt stand from, and soon enough came upon Fritz's own small hammer he'd had their father make for him to pretend he helped with jobs with. Picking it up, she tried not to worry and continued on.

"Fritz" she called yet again for her brother, but got no answer. She went even further and then did think she caught something, a small cry that might have been a dwarfling inquisitively calling if that was her.

Rushing over towards where the sound came from, she was both relieved and further worried to see Fritz at the bottom of what appeared an abandoned mining location, of some other dwarf clan's no doubt. As they typically did, now not used it was just a slight hazard of rotting boards and rotting boards over openings in the ground into the shaft. This was what Fritz had apparently stepped on in his rushing home and fallen through.

Dagmar laid along the outer rim and peered down in, trying to see if she could reach and haul Fritz out with her hand, "Are you alright? Did you hurt anything?" she asked.

To her relief she found Fritz could stand as he reached for her hand as well, "Nah, my ankles a bit tight and hurts a little but i's ok", Fritz answered. He proved this as he winced a bit when stretching too far and had to lower his hand. Probably just a sprain, Dagmar thought, and not too serious so long as it didn't mean she couldn't reach her brother to get him out.

"Fritz, reach", she tried again to grab her brother's hand, but the distance was just frustratingly close yet not close enough and they both sighed exhausted after a bit.

"I'll jump!" Fritz declared in a grand idea.

"Fritz! No, you'll hurt something worse, I'll come to you". Dagmar sat up and began to see if she couldn't slide down some way to further grab Fritz' hand. She'd already strained the already broken boards though and soon the whole thing gave way, tumbling her down into the shaft as well.

"Are you ok?". It was Fritz' turn to ask as he now could reach his sister's hand and helped her up.

"Yeah" Dagmar sighed, standing and dusting herself off. She glanced about at their surroundings. "Well, we can't get out up their" she looked to the very far up hole and sighed again. The only option was seeing if there was another exit through the shaft.

And hopefully they were the only things in it.

Both if these she didn't say for fear of frightening Fritz. She just took his hand and led him on the search for the exit. Her knife and Fritz' hammer had fallen free up top though as a slight clue to where they were.

A sinking feeling came to Dagmar that they may be a bit late getting home...and the longer they searched, the worse this feeling got.

"I think it's night, Dags" Fritz told his sister as she tried yet another sealed shut door.

"I know" Dagmar told him, now letting Fritz ride on her back again to not stress his ankle,  and moving on down the mines.

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« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2013, 07:15:00 PM »
Wonderful work, Gard!  It's so lovely to see this Dwarvish family filling out.  Fritz seems quite the dedicated, able and fiery soul - I am sure you will have a lot of fun with him! :)

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