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First Time / Shadow Walkers - Urban Fantasy RP
« Last post by Levee on November 11, 2018, 04:15:13 PM »
Rules | World Setting | Races | Character Creation Guide[/align]

[align=center]Welcome to Imbrum, home of crime.

Two families own Imbrum, the Faye's and the Drexel's. There's unrest in the air; as if it is what created Imbrum--and perhaps it did, who knows how a city so large, so polluted with crime, was created?

Then, you have the Shadow Walkers, a brewing rebellion underground... The Coliseum, where Conchen are pitted against one another; gladiators fight to the death with or without their abilities, for the amusement of those who are richest. After all, only the twisted are rich off of blood money.

Where do you fall in all of this?

The options are endless.[/align]
Announcements / Re: Roll Call
« Last post by Missy-Arwen on November 07, 2018, 03:13:40 AM »
missy reporting for duty
Chat & Games / Re: Waking up next to you...
« Last post by Missy-Arwen on November 07, 2018, 03:09:03 AM »

What are you doing here.. leave at once!
First Time / The World of Io - Medieval / Fantasy 3 / 3 / 3
« Last post by Rukh on November 04, 2018, 02:14:31 PM »

The World of Io is a freeform original medieval fantasy RPG with a 3/3/3 rating. We encourage collaboration, creativity, and most importantly - fun! It’s a world that ranges from decadent empires to undead cities and tense monarchies to corrupt republics. Explore a sprawling world of beautiful shores, mountains, canyons, vast plains, thick jungles, icy wastes and more.

Plots are both staff and member driven - we encourage players to shake things up as they see fit! Whether you like epic journeys and adventures, commanding and fighting alongside vast armies in huge battles, or working within the frameworks of political intrigue and scandal, there is a place for it here.

The lore of Io is detailed, but our world is ultimately member driven. As a sandbox RPG, you are welcome to create your own lore, magical systems, towns, and races. Our Abilities system encourages you to be as creative as you like when drafting your characters, and we reward creativity with a yearly awards system!

The world is yours - what you do with it is up to you!
First Time / Pledge -- a pokemon roleplay
« Last post by Lea on November 02, 2018, 07:59:23 PM »
PLEDGE is a laid-back Pokémon trainer roleplay forum set in the Ho'ohiki Region: Where the environment is as extreme and diverse as its people. Running for over a year strong, our community is dependable and sure to keep you coming back!

Including mechanics like the Link system from Pokémon Conquest and Delta Pokémon from the TCG, we offer a variety of experiences with character driven plotlines, world-changing events, and more!

Our rating is 3-2-3 and we provide a safe environment for all genders, sexualities, and disabilities. Anything over a 2-1-2 rating is marked by a content warning, and all members are encouraged to let us know their boundaries! Come check us out today!

The Iron Hills / Re: You Can't Outfox a Fox
« Last post by Séla on November 01, 2018, 08:28:37 PM »
Séla wasn’t used to men trying to place their hands on her, let alone lead her away from the centre of the ballroom with such… abrasive and emboldened propriety, and still, she allowed herself to be led away, a wry smile curling at the corner of her lips. Now he was walking straight into her game, the one she’d been waiting and now the mental checkers match could begin. As he spoke, she moved her arm away and folded her hands gently behind her back as she listened on. The wry smile turned into one of genuine amusement as he spoke of her motives and how she felt, and for once in her life, she had never met someone more right about her in her life, and that was exhilarating. ”A battlefield of my choice, you say? And here I thought you wiser than that. I have taken on many a man on my battlefield and seldom do they grace the world again with the dignity in which they began.” A smirk – a twinkle in her eye that had barely left since the beginning of the night.

”I believe that the only way to determine our intellectual capacities would be to fight in a game of three. A battlefield of your choice, a battlefield of my choice and a battlefield in which neither of us know of.” She had never been one for fighting unfair fights – she would never attack an enemy that was unarmed, she could never verbally slaughter anyone that could not hold their own in tongue unless warranted, and so, a battlefield of her choice would place him at an unfair advantage. No, Séla played hard, but she never played dirty. She looked around the room as a few eyes fell on them, and the growing attention was somewhat unnerving, but Séla steeled herself, moving hair from her face and taking Féren’s hand in her own. ”We draw too much attention. Come.” Through the centre of the ballroom she lead him and out into the cold night air, the freshness hitting Séla in the face, but that did not still her pace until they were both safely outside. She let go of his hand and turned to face him, the gentle winds blowing the strands of hair that had fallen from their once perfect place.

The moon was out in its fullest, and the stars hung in their place across the night sky, unhindered by clouds or birds that would normally shade their light. Instead, the moonlight made the roads and pavements clearer, and Séla’s eyes were cast in a cooler shade than they were previously. Her eyes were keenly focused on Féren, this time, in a softer and less mocking way than they had been before. ”Do you dance?”” She asked, folding her hands in front of her in a delicate grace that she had shown when their conversation had begun. Her words were firm, and yet, the hardness that had once lingered on her tone was softening. Perhaps the moon had shone the man before her in a new light, or that the night air had lightened her head, but she no longer wanted to aggressively partake in a word war with Féren. That did not mean to say she would not fight him on their chosen battlefields and not that she would take it easy on him, but that she would, for now, hold back and give him an in before she blocked him off completely. If she’d been taught anything about playing chess, it was that if you kept aggressively playing, you’d mess up at some point, and the defensive player would claim victory.
Minas Tirith / Re: Teachers Open the Door
« Last post by Qi-Li Bai on October 29, 2018, 02:39:30 AM »
No. It would not do to have her chasing him around. But, that approach never appealed to Bai even in open combat, unless it was necessary. Which, come to think of it, was often. This new realization distracted him for a moment. Everything the woman did was a blur, she was hanging on to him to keep from tumbling to the ground. Her reflexes are quick! This was good. Her balance - which always seemed to remain in question - was brought to the forefront once again. She needed to work on her foot work. She was going to be a challenge! He welcomed it, nearly, with open arms. He put his list together with care.

A few seconds later he wished he had been slightly more mindful of the cup. He moved quickly to block her elbow, and at the same time let go of the cup, and listened as it smashed to the ground. Shards went flying, and what was left of the tea stained the floor. His hand grasped her elbow, pushing it towards her with measured force. This was no longer about the tea, or the smashed cup. This was about …

Bai adjusted his grip, grabbing a hold of the arm that was clinging to him, he forced her arm down, twisting so that her back was facing him, and her arm was held tightly against her back. “Very good…” He commented, smiling, “Needs work, and practice.” He let her go, stepping back, careful to not step on any of the shards of the broken tea cup. Bai walked over to one of the taller cabinets, opened the door and retrieved a broom and dust pan. It wouldn’t look good if the landlords walked in, looked down, and saw the broken cup!

He swept it up carefully, disposing of it somewhere he could collect on it later. “I’m sure your sword is better than your fist; but I can help you with that, as I have helped many others before.” He did not intend to sound so prideful, the regret showing instantly on his face. “That is… if you wish to.” He wasn’t sure if he should continue talking, and was kicking himself mentally as he poured two cups tea, offering one to the young woman.

If you wish to think on it, please accept this tea before you go. You did take it from me, after all.

Had he lost his chance for a new student? Hell, he would teach her for free if he could. She had potential, and his knowledge would not go to waste on her.

ooc:: I hope this works... I wasn't sure what to do .... !!!!!!!
Once Upon a Time AU / Re: Who Needs History Programing
« Last post by Dénor on October 29, 2018, 02:22:50 AM »
Ginger had to stop and think about what was going on. Her boss and Mr. Bob had gone off somewhere without her, and trying to find anything in this museum was nearly impossible! Ah, but she did love coming here. The smell of old things, combined with the old house just made sense. But, there was also something comforting about the way Mr. Balinger presented himself. Mr. Archimedes may not have had the same ideas about books, or about anything really, there was nothing in common between them. Her reasons for bringing him here was to try to convince him to invest some money so Bob’s business could take off - er - despite it being a non-profit. The notoriety would be what she was aiming for. If people knew that he was backed by someone as important as Mr. Archimedes, maybe they would take just as much interest. Come on out and see all the amazing things Bob Balinger had to show!

Oh, but damn! She had lost them! All she did was take the book off the shelf, flip through it, and boom! They were gone. She glanced about. A bell rang in the distance, and Ginger made her way to the front to see who had come in the door. An elder couple had just walked in. Ginger smiled at them, and greeted them warmly…

Meanwhile, on the other side of the museum Mr. Archimedes was starting to get a bit bored with exploring the museum. When Bob explained that the plane had been donated, and funds had exchanged hands, it was only then that Archimedes dropped the subject. “Go inside?” He asked, after a moment, “That would be mighty interesting. After you, Mr. Balinger.

He followed the curator out to his planes. There may be something of interest after all in this mess the his secretary, and the man who lived here, called a ‘museum’ after all…

ooc:: Don't really know where you want to take this, perhaps make something up... also, I've had an idea that I think would be interesting...
The Iron Hills / Re: Thanks a Lot, But No Thanks
« Last post by Éir on October 29, 2018, 02:21:00 AM »
While she sat observing the drunken crowd that ambled by, she lost all sense of direction - not unlike before - as she gazed about the small town. Had she come in from that way? It looked familiar, but that might be because she had looked at it several times already. Her hands clutched her knees tighter until her knuckles were barely turning white. She rose from her position behind the water barrel - for that was indeed what it was - and moved to stand, and clutch a post that propped up a patio roof; probably to some inn, or something far worse. Eir didn’t know exactly. And what she didn’t know exactly frightened her. And, since she had no originally intended to be gone quite so long, she knew that her charges would be looking for her about now, probably panicked, and worried about what they were going to tell her mother.

She could just see the expression on her mother’s face. One of pure anger, and amusement. The thought that she couldn’t have found more incompetent people to look after her daughter was no surprise; especially since she really couldn’t have.

Eir peered from behind the post and froze when she noticed a man at the bottom step. Facing her! Hands behind his back, and not a smile on his face.  As she looked at him, she could see that he had no issue with talking to strangers, something she admired immediately about the man. His beard was braided nicely - she thought - and his eyes were the most captivating. They were blue, and he had a strong face. A strong  face, ha! No, it was a strong  face. Almost handsome, it was … captivating. That didn’t mean that she found it inviting, though in a strange way she did. The more she stared - which she didn’t really care if it was rude, or not - she more she grew to like the face. His hair was streaked with silver in the soft yellow light. But he wasn’t … old. Like some she knew.

Then he spoke to her. “Excuse me, little miss, are you alright?” She stared at him, still taking him in, everything about him, “I may be able to provide you with some directions if you wish.

Well, at least that was all he was offering. He didn’t give her a smile, he didn’t seem to be pretending about anything. And besides, his face invited her to trust him - all on it’s own. In fact, she quite liked it. Oh I hope he doesn’t think me too rude for just staring. I should probably answer him.... I-” she started, and for the first time in her life she was lost for words. She didn’t know where to begin.

Eir took too long to think about how she wanted to answer the question. She just stared at the stranger with large, round eyes, her mind blank. All she could feel was frustration, fear, and a sense of loneliness she had never felt; all building within her at their own rates, and no matter how hard she tried to push them down, or reason them away, they never left. “I- Yes. Yes, I think- I don’t know where I am, or how I got here…” She blurted at last, feeling no sense of relief. But of course he knows that! Why would he have asked if he didn’t think I was lost? Silly. She told herself.

Uh,” She continued to say, moving from behind the post to beside the post, “Where am I? I started off in the market, but something happened, and I ran! I just don’t know how I ended up here. If I could just find the market place again… but… It’s dark, the stalls are probably all turned down now.” She explained, feeling her usual boldness return the more she explained to this stranger her situation. She stopped talking, and watched his face to see if she would have to explain further her situation. Would she end up telling this man more than he wanted to know?

A loud shout came from behind her, and she spun around just in time to see someone come tumbling out of the door of the Inn. The person stumbled over their feet, and tumbled down the stairs. Eir’s eyes were wide with wonder as she watched the spectacle. But, turned to the man who had addressed her, giving him her full, undivided attention.

ooc:: Haha, Blue, I found one!!
Sea & Port Towns / Re: No Finer Thing Than Cooking
« Last post by Wei-Tao Ning on October 29, 2018, 02:17:27 AM »
The two captains seemed to be hashing out the waters. He had seen this many times before, where a captain would try to hussle another, and vice-versa. It was always interesting to see who would eventually cave to who, but the woman… she didn’t look like she was going to be having any of it. Her body language spelled out every word that came from her lips, and the captain across from her (a ruddy looking man, and a bully, he was gathering) was behaving as though she had no other choice. He took a bite of the stew place before him, and then gestured for the woman to eat, to which she responded with nothing but a fierce disposition towards the situation at hand.

This told Ning that she hadn’t come here to eat, and that the other captain had ordered the food for the two of them. That was the most likely scenario, anyways. When you were telling other captains what they could, and could not have the dominating captain would often pick what they wanted. And, often in these overpriced pubs, it was something that the chefs downstairs wouldn’t be prepared for. (Thankfully this had not been the case).

Ning watched the exchange, standing by the wall (as was customary of the upper rooms, which had one to two servers per room. One to refill the wine, or ale, or rum; and the other to fetch the food). The woman growled, and shot a dark look at him, her goblet out. Ning was quick to respond, picking up the pitcher of liquid, and pouring it carefully into her goblet. As he did so, the man at the other end of the table also demanded a refill, continuing to speak; and the more he spoke, the more he teased the woman, the more Ning began to hate him. Yes. Hate him. Like how he hated his job.

He let his eyes wander to the map before the table. To his surprise he recognized that one of the areas (aside from Belfalas) was not marked. He stopped pouring when the hateful man motioned for him to stop. He turned to the woman, “Begging your pardon,” he began, testing the waters to make sure that he wasn’t going to be yelled at, “You said… Harlot? You don’t mean the Staunch Harlot, of the red sails? Captain Bram has spoken so highly of you, it is a pleasure to meet you!” He bowed low. Captain Bram the infamous man with the plainest ship in the world, and no one of particular bearing, but a powerful man in battle, did indeed speak highly of the captain of the Staunch Harlot. “Do you know of whom I speak?” He asked, wondering what had become of Captain Bram since he had left him a year ago to work in this hell hole, which was the biggest mistake of Ning’s career.

ooc:: We're just going to say that Captain Bram ... died...?
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