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Announcements / Re: Announcement: Canon Activity Requirement
« Last post by Ulmo on Today at 12:12:28 PM »
Bumping this announcement! <3
First Time / Re: | Incandescence | 3+ years! [jcink premium]
« Last post by Ulmo on Today at 12:11:37 PM »
First Time / | Incandescence | 3+ years! [jcink premium]
« Last post by Eiko on Today at 11:05:31 AM »

APRIL 2017:: It's puppy season in Candenta! We currently have more than 20 puppies available for adoption, with parents from all walks of life, from underdog to Alpha! Dire puppies, purple eyed puppies, regular puppies -- we got'em all! We also allow puppies as first characters during this time! Come on in and join INC today, tell them Eiko sent you!
The Shire / Re: The Serial Book Borrower
« Last post by Isaac Brandywood on Today at 04:12:27 AM »
Their host was pursing his lips as both Leander and Isaac squabbled, and Isaac had not even noticed until the hobbit latched onto Isaac’s little save. “Oh yes, variety it was! As for the financial gain, I confess I really quite forgot about it most of the times of the trip, of course, almost being eaten the handful of times I was will do that…” Again, the references to whatever madness Mr. Bilbo had gotten into peeked through his words. The more they did, the harder it was for Isaac to look into their host’s eyes - more than usual. “Stop it Bilbo, stop it!” even Mr. Bilbo replied to himself. Between Leander Boffin’s cutting words and Mr. Bilbo’s mysterious asides, the choice of simply bolting out the door tempted Isaac. There was nothing he could do to steer this conversation away from nonsense, could he? Him, especially!

Mr. Bilbo hesitated for a moment. “Still,” he admitted after deliberating, “I didn't return with quite what the neighbors seem to think I did.” The remark puzzled Isaac - but not Leander on his side, who still sipped his tea as if this were not news for him. “All the same, Mr. Boffin please do recall you're not allowed to poke at my cellar or back rooms while...finding your feet.” Isaac’s eyes widened and swallowed his tea hard enough to hear a gulp - the civil alternative to simply snorting into the cup like a child. A side glance at Leander, however, was not as interesting as the comment Bilbo made. Instead of being insulted, alarmed, or even annoyed, Leander simply bowed his head. With a little smile on the side, too! Did his shamelessness know no bounds?!

“I wasn’t thinking of doing so!” claimed Leander, still with that cheeky side smile poking at his left cheek. “Your hospitality is gift enough, Mr. Bilbo! And yet, the air of mystery makes it more tempting for me, or anyone, to want to take a peek.” Then Leander turned his eyes on Isaac, still amused. “Look, you’re scaring Isaac here, Mr. Bilbo.” I’m not - But before Isaac could retort like a child, Leander went straight back to mocking him. ”What do you think Mr. Bilbo brought with him from the East, Mr. Brandywood?” Isaac’s eyes fluttered, which was the best he could do to stop an eyeroll on its way. “I’m not asking you to make fun of what you think, I don’t know either!”

“I’m sure it was merely the essentials!” replied Isaac, arching his neck under Leander’s teasing gaze. Realizing how silly he sounded, he took up a napkin and gestured as if he were wiping his mouth. “Or. Nothing too extravagant. Nothing to parade around. Why...Bag End is lush all on its own. There’s not much to make it even finer.” A compliment - a good sign to this disastrous tea time. Leander raised an eyebrow skeptically, clearly expecting more from Isaac. “I’m guessing you said something more like a dragon egg, or a dwarven hammer, didn’t you, Mr. Leander.”

“Actually…!” admitted Leander, who was brightening at the suggestions. “That’s not far from the truth.”

“I’m sure it is not,” murmured Isaac, tone dropping from the sarcasm.
Corrupt / Re: Come out Sinner, Sinner come out calling
« Last post by Urjak on Today at 03:55:18 AM »
Let me just---idly drop this note right here for you to find. I figured you were gonna be in high demand, since your App was amazing and you have a great grip on Azog, but, if you can fit one more thread in, I'd love it <3

Azog & Urjak: If you're interested in kicking Urj's ass. Please do. She's a crappy little piss ant, and I'd be totally on board with her being put to task. If you have other ideas, I am pretty open to anything (short of her dying, please spare my garbage baby) and always happy to brainstorm.
Further Afield / Re: Kindred Spirits of a Sort
« Last post by Urjak on Today at 03:40:30 AM »
Urjak remained still, her scent and the foolish decision to speak up was damning enough in her current situation, it might spell her doom if she were silly enough to move. Or was it? This Warg seemed as hesitant as she was to make a move, further proving the youths theory that they were both without a pack.This could either be really good, or really bad. But one thing was for sure, Urjak did NOT care for her own hesitance--she'd have to figure something out and fast.

The snuffling and growling didn’t put Urjak at ease, and she dared rumble out a snarl (though this was merely reflex) in reply. Wargs were clever and voracious hunters, and the young orc knew she was in the inferior position, but she was evasive and witty--and much more dangerous than the cony Nyx had been idling with.

At the beasts reply, Urjak had to smirk, and decided that certain risks would have to be acceptable for the sake of pride--and a clever idea. Making sure to curve her throw so that her exact location wasn't as easy to glean; the orc tossed the dead quail out from the thick underbrush she’d used for cover, letting the limp thing be her proof, and maybe even a peace offering.

“It’s only a loss now that I’ve given you my kill. Nasty little things, but there’s good, dark blood inside.” Urjak was the type of person who loved bloody, partially fermented meat. Which was why these throw-away birds were such a good prize. But for the sake of her life, she could deal with digging up moldy tubers for her dinner, and let this clever Warg enjoy the blackened flesh of the greasy bird.
Away Board / the road goes ever on
« Last post by Anadwen on April 25, 2017, 10:21:46 PM »
this shouldn't be too hard to figure out.

after a prolonged period of ceding activity and one hiatus notice after another with scarcely any activity anymore, i have decided to finally stop clinging to false hope and leave for good.

understand, the fault's not in you guys. you were the best RP site i've ever been on, and the one i've spent the most time on; i'm grateful for the fun i've had with you and the threads we've had, but there are several highly serious reasons why i've got to say bye and neither of them seem like something that would change very soon.

1. this is the most major one. i've grown out of LotR.
it doesn't sound very plausible to some people, but my interests change; LotR is simply not what i want and need anymore, i've explored the premise to the point i feel like it has nothing new and enticing to offer me, and therefore i've found other things, other interests. my personality and likes change as well - when i experienced the most interest in Tolkien's work, I was around the age of ~15, I was much of a wide-eyed idealist that loved pretty fairytales and tales of heroism, kings, inhuman terrors and the epic quests done against them, tales of heroes and not-so-heroes. i loved the premise and its ethereal, but still familiar feeling. but i cannot relate to this feeling anymore. it's slipped through my fingers and i don't think it'll come back because i've changed. i found other interests, too; i realized i needed something with the weight of the real world on its shoulders and all the gritty and perhaps ugly bits incorporated. i started reenacting; i started reading a song of ice and fire and then the witcher and these works changed my viewpoint on fiction and my preferences within it altogether. the situation for me changed as well; in the confusing reality i've got, the clarity of Tolkien's work, to me, comes off as even a little depressing because i cannot relate to it.
i need and crave something without epic quests and grand heroes, i learned to love the stories of minor people and their sometimes seemingly minor lives, painted in a colorful palette where no one is the real villain and no one the real hero, simply because it feels more truthful to my own reality. middle-earth... cannot give me this, sadly. this is something i've realized a while ago. now that i understand some things better, its appeal has been lost out on me.
i'll always love Tolkien's work, but i simply do not want to be involved in the fandom around it.

2. i'm busy.
i'm a student, i'm a working tailor's apprentice, i practice karate, and i am also a reenactor. beside that, i have my own writing and drawing to work on; these are all very demanding passtimes which have slowly moved forum-rping onto a side lane, and then yet further. i have very little time left before searching & applying for an university, and writing posts is quite exhausting for me; i already have little energy in day to day life. beside this, there is a long-running personal rp/collab project i have been running since the beginning of october '16, which is very fulfilling, flawlessly up my alley, and takes the majority of my attention even off other things simply due to the attachment i have to it.
i just don't have the time & motivation to continue with forum rping; i like fast-paced posting and threads with lots of OOC input from both sides, which is something that forums usually cannot give me. nowadays, i much prefer rping over skype; it's much faster and simpler to manage than the entire hassle around forums as well.

3. i've left the fandom.
due to what i've seen on tumblr, and foremost among it the massive amounts of unpleasant content in the Silmarillion fandom - chiefly, drastically skewered depictions of characters, incestuous ships left and right, and the occasional rabid SJWing have made me slowly distance myself from the entire fandom and harbor a growing dislike rather than like for it. LotR and Hobbit are not touched by this so deeply, but the - to me - unpleasant content and tone of the fandom still lingered enough to make want to have nothing to do with the material anymore.

4. i feel like the site is dead.
i know this is not quite so, but the speed at which things move at THRP is a major turn-off for my willingness to write. i understand we all have limitations and our personal lives; this is not something i am faulting you for, because it's just life, life's shit like that. however, it is a serious hindrance to my muse and simply a system i cannot exist within. as previously mentioned, i like fast posting; if i am to wait months for a post, i gradually lose muse and interest in the thread altogether because i distance myself away from it. the ideal time to receive a response in? 3 days. yeah, just 3 days. and when it comes to the choice between a project which gets me 1-5 replies daily, i think the choice i'm making is obvious.
my mental state is about as stable as a plastic folding lawn chair. i'm very tired. forum-posting like this requires an incredible amount of my energy. i just can't do it anymore.

i miss a lot of people who have left over the years; i miss RPing with them, and coincidentally a number of them was also among my favorite RP partners. but that's it. people come and go.

i wish you all the best in your personal and RPing lives alike.
it's been a fun, fun ride full of fond memories, but it's time to say goodbye, because the road goes ever on, and i'm especially one to never stay long in one place and linger.

here i am leaving my contact info: - main blog; a dark aesthetic/cyberpunk/landscape and occasional fandom blog also featuring my art. - a sideblog separately for my art only. - my deviantart profile.


with the best regards,

Jyu Ayen
(or Anadwen, as you used to know me here)
Incomplete Applications / Re: Scorchskin(WIP)
« Last post by Ulmo on April 25, 2017, 09:51:55 PM »
Character Applications / Re: Alavar [WIP]
« Last post by Ulmo on April 25, 2017, 09:51:36 PM »
Character Applications / Re: Inira(WIP)
« Last post by Ulmo on April 25, 2017, 09:50:55 PM »
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