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Edoras / Re: A Friend Like Me [Eofer]
« Last post by Éowyn on May 23, 2019, 11:56:18 AM »
"Ma'am? Just how old do you think I am?" Eowyn's nose crinkled at the lad, though it seemed in the least to be from indignation rather than the outrage that had meted itself from her slender frame not a moment ago. Oh, she was most certainly still highly upset with how her day--seven-day-- the last month really had gone thus far, but the unhappiness of it, the uneasiness of her morning spent (if it could be called that) with an uncharacteristically absent-minded Theoden and his familiar-when-it-didn't-suit-her was rather distracted, if nothing else, by this strange boy before her.

And indeed he seemed rather...odd. That was his name from him twice now, and then to speak of another person entirely within a breath of their first greeting? She hadn't the faintest clue of who he spoke of, honestly, and nor did the epithet of bright red hair help her any; that shade of hair was a dime a dozen, maybe two dozen closer to the border Rohan shared with Gondor, where darker coloured hair might be more common and lighter shades, less so.

She wasn't a child anymore, though, and thus refrained from voicing her thoughts, choosing to nod politely instead. Mentally though, she filed it to the back of her mind to investigate later, likely when she herself visited the yards. Or at least ask Eomer and Theodred, if it was someone she was meant to know and had, somehow, despite her fondness for remembering who served them, forgotten.

'Besides,' Eowyn thought wearily, even with a touch of guilt for her churlishness, 'Maybe this lad-- Eofer-- is just shy, and talking about anything is better than nothing.' Or so she was told when her forward spirit tongue-tied others. But at least he was amenable to play-- no, training with her, which quite made up for any strangeness or shyness and certainly the familiarity of not knowing who she was.

She preferred that anyway, she felt, to Grima's presumption by knowing her. Even if he might mean well.

"Swords...there's a practice blade over yonder. A leather cuirass too," the young Lady added, eyeing his tunic dubiously before turning to wrest her blade from the wreckage she'd left of the wooden pole. There'd be the black side (if not her back side) of Numenor to pay for that later, she was sure, but she was too rapt at the (hopeful) upturn of her morning to care.

"I wish to work on my feet, which is a bit difficult when my opponent doesn't move. You said your name twice, by the way."

Well, she couldn't quite keep all of her thoughts inside. Her nurses had always so liked to remind her of what was appropriate and eloquent, anyway.
Edoras / Re: A Friend Like Me [Eofer]
« Last post by Eofor on May 23, 2019, 04:36:20 AM »
Eofor couldn't help but smile despite the scowl the young maiden had been giving him. He had never intended to seem rude to her despite seemingly coming across that way. He watched her lower the blade.

"No, I don't need help with anything, but I can spar. If you would like to spar with me, I'd be glad to spar with you. I'm Eofor." He took a swig of his water, setting the wine-skin down.

"It's good to meet you, ma'am," he said somewhat sheepishly. He had never been particularly eloquent, and that was mot definitely showing now. 'Damn it,' he thought.

"What weapon would you like to use? And have you met Eothain? He's the lad with bright red hair - you'd often find him in the stables, when he and I aren't on duty or sparring. Or spending time together in general," Eofor chuckled.

Anyone who had known him or Eothain would know just how close the two had been since they were both but young boys, dreaming of being knights and riders one day. Even if the two had spent so much time together sparring and riding and hunting, occasionally sneaking off to the woods, anyone who knew them knew just how deep their friendship was.
AU Adventures / Re: True Colors Beyond Shields
« Last post by Eofor on May 22, 2019, 04:43:42 AM »
Eofor couldn't help but just nod. Sure, he might have taken things far too personally, but then again, with all the things he had heard - about his marriage, about how he shouldn't be with Eothain, certain people cutting him out of his life - would it be so hard not to take it personally when they left the table? Not to mention insulting the care of the horses - Eofor always cared deeply for the horses, so that was insult to injury, to say the least.

Gard must have thought these were good men.

"Indeed, I am glad to have that protection - though I would add that I can handle myself in a fight should it come to that. And indeed, Eothain and I both are part of the Kingsguard."

Another swig of ale.

"Your uncle is King Bard?" Apologies for the... outburst from earlier. I should not have gotten angry, considering..." his voice grew quieter and trailed off as he spoke. He glanced at the icon beneath the black cloak.

"Indeed, it would seem as though our positions are similar," he nodded, ordering the group another round of ale. He smiled.

"As for the orcs, I have not heard anything of them running over Rohan or Edoras. I do believe we would be sent to investigate, though," he chuckled.
Further Afield / Re: Luck Turned Around?
« Last post by Alanna on May 22, 2019, 12:28:26 AM »
Alanna listened to the dwarves walk away for a chat as she kept a wary eye on Midnight, noting that something had the horse acting off somewhat. She dug into a pouch on her belt and motioned to him as she pulled out some oats.

With little prompting, Midnight walked over and ate from her hand, allowing her to whisper. “Behave, you or I cut back on the oats”. She was trying to look professional in front of potential employers and her mount acting up like a colt wasn't going to help with her efforts.

Having fed himself, Alanna watched as Midnight walked back to the water, then turned back to Frior as he reassured her about his suspicion that they would hire her services. “Thank you”.

Upon his request, she unsheathed the sword and handed it to him. “It's a fine weapon. I had seen the quality of dwarven weapons on the occasions that we had to defend a caravan from attack. After that orc had broken my old sword I finally decided to buy a 'proper weapon', as my old boss called it. Once I got used to the weight difference it's served me well”.

She looked up as Karg and Roli returned, then stood, placing her bow on the ground as she listened to Kargach's offer, guessing that Roli had lost the argument. “I would be more than willing to travel all the way to the Misty Mountains”. She was unsure if he would appreciate the fact that she liked that area more than anywhere else she had been to in her travels. It was the main reason why she had mostly worked caravans traveling to and from the Mountains since she started on her travels.
Start here... / Re: Face Claim
« Last post by Estë on May 21, 2019, 02:15:29 PM »
Done and done ~
Edoras / Re: A Friend Like Me [Eofer]
« Last post by Éowyn on May 21, 2019, 12:32:19 PM »
Still hacking at the now useless training tool, Eowyn wasn't in the mood to be talked down, and though the voice was unfamiliar, the young Lady of Meduseld whirled on it with a ferocious scowl at the calmness in the tone of it, determined to cow whichever poor creature had been sent from the Golden Halls by uncle or brother to fetch her. Or better yet, pray that it was her brother and perhaps he'd gotten a frog in his throat or some such to change his voice to those more boyish tones, so that she could vent the full extent of her temper.

It was a boy, though-- and he was, with the scatterings of a beard or no in a bid for manhood, but it was just enough to give her pause, though her scowl remained fixed if less fierce than it had been. And--

He apparently didn't have the faintest clue as to who she was.

Eowyn wasn't sure why she was so wrong-footed by that. She didn't like to think she had an ego; if anything, she took pride in being generally approachable, even in her reticent moods. Certainly, she didn't like to be considered silly by the common folk, as royalty and those of a higher station often were. And yet-- she was generally known about Edoras. But still, Eofer's kindly smile seemed utterly oblivious-- that, or he was a very good actor.

(Eowyn decided then too, as she lowered her sword, that she didn't feel like enlightening him for the time being).

"Uh...yes, hello. Do you need help with something?" The girl's eyebrows were still drawn, though the scowl had lessened significantly by this point-- before alighting into something more hopeful in miens.

"Can you spar, by any chance?"
Start here... / Re: Face Claim
« Last post by Dory on May 21, 2019, 11:51:46 AM »
Relinquishing my claim on Natalia Tena as Nymyari and my reservation of Sienna Guillory, please.
Roleplaying Extras / Re: Need a Mod?
« Last post by Dory on May 21, 2019, 11:50:25 AM »
Thread: Celebrian - Character WIP
Location of thread: Character Applications
What needs to be done?: Shelving the WIP, plzthx.


Thread: Nymyari - Character.
Location of thread: Approved Characters - Dwarves
What needs to be done?: Shelving. She just isn't working out where she is and I'm sorry for that to the relevant parties.

Thread: Perfectly Incomplete - Plotter.
Location of thread: Plot Pages - Dwarves
What needs to be done?: Archiving.

Thread: Caught In A One-Way Street.
Location of thread: The Grey Mountains.
What needs to be done?: Archiving.

Start here... / Re: Face Claim
« Last post by Estë on May 21, 2019, 02:48:15 AM »
Not requiring any action, more me officially logging changing Dags' FC to Candace Cameron Bure and sorting Austyn Johnson from my reserved to now Tuuli <3
The Blue Mountains / Re: Still Mastering the Game
« Last post by Dagmar on May 20, 2019, 01:38:19 PM »
{So I’ll add the tag. Open to any of the Anliv clan if they want to swoop in to the rescue though Dags also has this}

"Will there be cake?!".

Dagmar laughed at the question, and as Tuuli's hopeful blue-gray eyes found hers in the mirror as she worked at her braids. She reminded a bit of Koph when she did that. Dagmar had simply seen a child in need, who had seemingly gravitated right to her, and followed the prompting of heart and instinct, but...if it was all not overly thought out, she also instantly fit in in so many little ways. Her blonde locks aside. Honestly Dags hadn't pondered what people would think of that being on purpose until the walk home.

Dags' laugh sounded of joy again, from the twins and Friór's influences as much as this one she could now call hers, though she would always deeply feel Fíli's absence, and in moments like this, when she realized what she still couldn't give the girl.

She'd only been able to claim 'Tulip' as hers for about a week, (Friór, upon hearing his new cousin's name, and though young himself, had just said the nickname like it was the most natural step in the world, and for the boy used to his family being tagged with bird names it perhaps was) but the also bright child had been chatty from that first day she'd met and adopted her. That reminded of both Koph and Fritz!

She was also nothing but excited for this, her first big grown up party of fancy people! Her new mother on the other hand...was nervous.

If she thought she could get away with not attending, or dropping Ti off with one of the boys while she did such, she would, but...the rumor mill had run too far for that, it would be noticed more than the girl's presence if she did bring her. While ever gracious, she saw Saga's personal tea invites for what they were, and would not subject either of them to that.

Dagmar had thought once Saga moved on from her oh so forced attentions towards Kophas, and found her own life and family, the socialite would stop being so concerned with her own. She wasn't sure why now. The invites proved the once-princess-in-waiting was still very much the center of attention, for her supposed still favor within Erebor the few times she visited. Dagmar personally didn't see it that way at all.

Maybe because Fadi was still on the Council, though with Balin's own return all those years ago he was hardly as in charge as before. It was a perhaps shared responsibility.

Enough of one to draw Dagmar into attending the newest Master of Coin moving up. For her father's sake. And bringing Ti along would have been no problem, Dagmar was eager enough to let those of the genuine Nobles and her friends officially meet the girl. She'd agreed to this before adopting Ti...and before Saga's excessive invites.

Now she couldn't find a way to back out. Other than informing both her father (who would already be there) and her brothers, honestly, of her conundrum, and not so much asking any of the boys (as she would always think of them) to also show up, or face a woman like Saga, but she knew mentioning it was enough.

If it was just her, she would have been hesitant to sound so much like she couldn't handle this, but...motherly defensiveness for Ti had already taken over, and her pride was nothing if it helped protect the girl.

Dags pushed these thoughts and worries aside as best she could to answer her girl though, "Oh Ti. that's the best part of these things! A cake as tall as the room and almost to the ceiling probably", she tried to explain; watching Tuuli's eyes widen. The child had not been poor before, the woman who watched her doing well enough, somewhere about middle, but she had still probably never seen that!

"To the ceiling...", Ti looked up at the one in her new room in Dagmar's own space of a house within the caverns, no doubt trying to imagine it. The same way she and Fíli had tried to imagine a dragon once when she only had a few quarters less than Ti in her own age...

The memory was a good one, and Dags kissed the top of Ti's golden head before working at the other side and braid, Ti glancing back to the mirror to help with that.


Dagmar had collected up plenty of her own frocks from childhood as well as some new ones for Tuuli, and chose one of the new for this; a lovely green that helped bring out Ti's blueish eyes also. She didn't like to think of it as the girl's first official introduction to the rest of the mountain, but...some would treat it that way, though the party was hardly anything about her. Still, the Master of Coin being a part of the Council as well as Fadi, and her Anlaf's daughter and with his newest granddaughter. She wouldn't be able to just enter and exit exactly.

First came the greeting of the hostess of course, the current Master of Coin's wife and newly appointed one's mother. Dagmar thanked her for the invite and congratulated her, all genuinely, if keeping her smile from growing too much with the amused thought of what Fíli would make of all this! She could almost hear him hoping the stuffy Dwarf's son would be less stuffy than him...but then he had been rubbed wrong by the Dwarf challenging their marriage cost...

It wasn't that such thoughts didn't still sting, and wouldn't always, but Dags could think on them now at least and had been for a while.

"Oh my! And is this...".

Dagmar wasn't sure if she was defensive of touched as the woman knelt, more outright than she had expected, to fully and intimately face Tuuli; she seemed genuine enough. You knew she'd be made much of...

Dags lightly took Ti's hand but smiled as the elder Dwarf woman did as well, "Hello sweetheart...oh you're just the most precious thing...". She opened her arms for a hug, and after a beat of decision, Dags nodded lightly and still hesitantly relinquished her daughter's hand. The woman only seemed wistful as she hugged Tuuli though, stepping back, cupping both cheeks and even giving a more surprising bop to the nose that had Ti giggle!

Dagmar was flabbergasted, and watched the woman stunned as she rose, of course also helping her up a bit. "Thank-you my dear", Dwarves of her age got to used that title for most everyone, "Forgive me, it's been years since my boy was that treasure it you hear, they shoot up like even Oak sprouts!". She didn't say Daisies since Dwarves were still long lived!

"Thankyou...", Dags meant for more than just the advice and pressed the woman's hand before moving on to let others greet her...and shuffling Ti away from further focus and more towards the cake she was so eager about!

"They are going to talk a whole bunch about how the new Master of Coin will do such a good job, and then there will be words that will even confuse me, but then, then, after what's going to seem a million quadrillion years they'll cut that cake and your Grandfadi will  personally see you get a slice!", Dags grinned to Ti as she pointed out the cake. She knew it was a lot of family and titles to get used to, but Ti seemed to almost eagerly take up every fact.

And already had family bias.

"And Grandfadi runs the whole Council", it wasn't really phrased as a question.

Dagmar laughed again, "Sort of...with Master Balin, but...even he has to listen to the Master of Coin and Justice and such".

Ti's nose crinkled, "Well that doesn't seem fair".

"No it doesn't", Dags agreed.

"Excuse me, Miss Dagmar?". Dags turned from her own Dwarfling to a slightly older one. Saga and Harfur's youngest. Even then she didn't really suspect...until she noticed the lad seemed not well at ease. "I...hi, um...I...".

"There you are, Feld!", before she could reassure the lad, his mother's voice rang out. Rising, but with an escape being far too late, Dagmar put her hands on either of Tuuli's shoulders as well, protectively, and watched the slight interaction between mother and son with hard defined emotions.

Oh Saga...

She'd thought, hoped, the other was beyond this, and to do to her youngest what she had ever been doing to Tyda and her other friends when younger...

Dags gave as much of a normal smile back as she could as Saga faked surprise at finding her; knowing it had all been planned out, and listened to the...spiel of lies, and thinly veiled rebuke and admitting of her purpose, with something akin to sadness or disappointment in her gaze as the two women faced each-other, their Dwarflings between them.

Then Saga's scrutinizing blue eyes fell to Ti, and Dags effortlessly stepped around to be in front of and between, with her daughter as behind her as she could manage, though it was more to the side, as she answered the other's challenge. She was not about to pretend she hadn't avoided Saga on purpose, but recalling Saga's son also there, didn't speak as plain as she might have otherwise. "Yes, I saw your invites", she admitted with a sigh, "So sorry to not get back to you in a timely manner, I...had to figure my reply, you understand". Dags' reply here and now was soft and gracious, but her look still gently told Saga she was not fooled.
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