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  • Bilbo Baggins: Caught up on a missed post Hera, your reply from Bilbo is next promise <3
    June 27, 2020, 08:01:13 PM
  • Guiga: As for the old Lake-town plot. It was about a revolt against the Master by the people due to taxes and such one year before the events of the movies. It was very interesting.
    June 27, 2020, 06:07:49 PM
  • Guiga: I did write you a PM just after Becca’s. Strange. It was very late that night and maybe I forgot to hit send before logging out, but that character is on hold. So don’t worry.
    June 27, 2020, 06:05:33 PM
  • Dory: (Her being Galadriel. Dunno what happened there.)
    June 27, 2020, 07:59:49 AM
  • Dory: I'm Katja's writer, so I'm defo curious. Also, I was reading that new app and I just want to let it be known that I also play her and even though I'm busy right now, I'm happy to be messaged or shouted out if she's going to be needed or used for something.
    June 27, 2020, 07:59:28 AM
  • Marbys: Posted!
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  • Marbys: I'm almost done with the reply for Shadowfax and Nauroval. It should be out tomorrow, if all goes well.
    June 26, 2020, 05:44:51 AM
  • Nienna: Work is murder
    June 26, 2020, 12:12:45 AM
  • Gard:'re certainly welcome to try to revive any plots you want, but doing a quick check over the Directory I think Bard, Katja, and Oliver are the only adult characters in town :D Let me know if I missed any one's characters
    June 25, 2020, 12:55:28 PM
  • Guiga: I was wondering if I could reopen or restart from scratch that old plot about the rebellion against the Master of Lake-town we used to have a long time ago and which would be best. I’m not even sure how many inhabitants of Esgaroth we have in play anymore. I’ll have to look into it, but that was an interesting plot.
    June 25, 2020, 03:46:58 AM
  • Hera: Amarthal's lovely, dear. Thank you. Just one problem, you just killed Berthrien's whole family! Elladan would never leave her alone in the wilds after that. His talk to Elrond will have to happen a lot before I first imagined because he'd take her to Rivendell as soon as she was able to travel. Something I'll have to think about later.
    June 24, 2020, 09:55:40 PM
  • Guiga: I posted a very bare bones application because I expected to have problems with it like Hera and Marbys had, but everything worked just fine for me. I'll finish her during the week.
    June 22, 2020, 05:47:40 AM
  • Gard: But now you're good yes :)
    June 21, 2020, 03:38:13 PM
  • Gard: Same Yay and No Worries. I was planning on getting one more Nauroval reaction in either-way :)
    June 21, 2020, 12:32:05 PM
  • Ari: No worries Marbys
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  • Ari: (^○^) ~yay!~
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  • Marbys: Sorry, Gard and Ari. I totally forgot about our thread!!! How could I? Next time I’m on the desktop, that’s the post I’ll be writing. Help in on the way for Nauroval!!!
    June 21, 2020, 02:56:32 AM
  • Hera: Done! Tracker is up!
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  • Hera: I think I'll go with just one to start.
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Half-Elves / Re: Lost in Between
« Last post by Bilbo Baggins on June 28, 2020, 07:50:20 PM »
No rush on your end of course, but here's the post-Erebor one!
Rivendell / Where We Began, but Changed
« Last post by Bilbo Baggins on June 28, 2020, 07:45:20 PM »
The last time Bilbo had been within these Halls, he had breathed a sigh of relief, and felt the wave of varying emotions escaping certain death brought. As well as the awed joy and splendor of seeing this magnificent Elf city up close. One he'd read about so many times.

He had been such a different Hobbit then; but then Gandalf had already made that observation back when the Company left Beorn's house.

Still, it was odd to see the Halls now and ponder who, and where, he'd been then vs. now, on his and Gandalf's return trip to the Shire. It was probably the one stop where he felt the difference the most. Beorn's house hadn't been that long between visits; it was nice to be able to visit Thranduil's Halls in plain, visible, sight and with the Elf King's welcome. Yet here, Rivendell, while nothing about Elrond's gracious hospitality had changed, everything else had.

He had just been starting out upon his journey before, now he was all but finished with it. And it was only himself and Gandalf, not plus Thirteen Dwarves. They had left Ten in Erebor, to plan their own return trip and tell their kin...much. Though Bilbo was very curious about how things fared in the Shire, he suspected it went on in much the same manner as it had, and would even seem unchanged from when he left.

Unlike those like Balin and Bard, he would just step back through his door (he assumed) and not have the grand task of delivering such news as the Fall of the Line of Durin or the rebuilding of two whole cities.

Bilbo gazed out at a serene waterfall just beyond the railing all but at his height, and felt the contrast of watching the water gently fall and recalling watching helpless from a mountain as fire scorched everything, cursing his every foolish word or word not spoken that had brought it to that end.

"At-least he was the last", Bilbo whispered, hardly aware he even spoke in a low tone to himself, "At least he was the last". But...was that true? Yes, Bilbo thought to himself, he recalled from his books...he would have to do another perusal when he got home, though, to ensure.

Not that Fire Drakes were likely to threaten the Shire, but...Bilbo now held an understanding, a bit more of one anyway, of the vastness of the world, and cared for things beyond his lovely garden gate and even the borders of the Shire. As Gandalf had said he would!

Dolies indeed! Bilbo found a small smile. It really was, and had been, an absurd worry! And he saw it, and his fretting Hobbit self,  now in much the same light as Gandalf no doubt had at the time.
Graphics & Fan Works / Re: Pip's Graphics Shop
« Last post by Pip on June 27, 2020, 11:40:29 PM »
To Do
Brego of Harrowdale : Signature & Avatar
Kéra, the Inventor : Signature & Avatar
Thengel of Rohan : Signature & Avatar
Fengel, King of Rohan : Signature & Avatar
Gandalf, the Grey Wizard :  Signature & Avatar
Elladan, Son of Elrond :  Signature & Avatar

Estel/Aragorn/Elessar : Signature & Avatar (28/06/2020)
Dark Lord Sauron : Signature & Avatar (28/06/2020)
Arahin, Daughter of Gwaihir : Signature & Avatar (28/06/2020)
Annúngilel (Noldorin Sorceress) : Signature & Avatar (28/06/2020)
Dáin Ironfoot : Signature & Avatar (28/06/2020)
Cefren of Mirkwood : Signature & Avatar (28/06/2020)

I will bulk post ONLY when all are done.
Rivendell / Re: Song and Dance in the Hall of Fire
« Last post by Bilbo Baggins on June 27, 2020, 07:59:55 PM »
Bilbo was clueless as to the perceptiveness with which Idhrenion scrutinized him as he entered, but even had he known, it wouldn't have surprised him. Elves were known for that. Known for many powers that seemed mystical to the other Races of Middle Earth, and especially Hobbits, who got out so little and distrusted so much.

As he had once naively commented to Elrond, when the Lord of this House, and his accepting nature, lowered a younger Hobbit's guard and he didn't watch his tongue! Thankfully, what Bilbo had heard on Elrond's graciousness also proved true.

The Hobbit gave a smile to those around him, but was not about to become insulted if they carried on with their own business and didn't acknowledge him. It was their right, as Elves, and Hobbits were masters of being unobtrusive, as Gandalf had once given his Company in testimonial.

Of course, such also went against the hospitality spoken of within these Halls, and which Bilbo had once seen himself years ago. One of them graciously excused his intrusion, stating the musicians were no doubt finished with the particular piece they had been giving. As he nodded his gratitude, and took a seat, Bilbo studied all three of the Elves also. Discreetly of course. Or as discreetly as one could when they no doubt noticed your every move.

The one to have spoken to him had a smile on his face that was, in the way of Elves, hard to read, but...if Bilbo had to guess (dangerous business!), he would say it was amusement of a sort that seemed to have more of an idea on who he was than just having heard his name. He obviously knew that, as he greeted Bilbo by his name.

If he did know him by reputation alone, perhaps, it was little surprise. Bilbo knew this Elf was at the very least alive (and had been for centuries) when he last passed through, whether he had been in Rivendell at the time or not. Bilbo didn't recall having run into him...but then, with their exponentially larger lifespans, for all he knew the many years between his two visits felt more like a month than the years it had been to the Elf.

The other two he was sure he hadn't met, though there was something decidedly Un-Elvish about the woman. For was more obvious than it at times could be that her gender was female. She almost...came off as more of a simple female of Men than an Elf. None of this an insult. As the players changed songs, one of them glanced his way, as if to ask if the choice was acceptable, perhaps. Bilbo nodded to him that it was.

"My kin are known for faster paced tunes", he shared with the three other companions with him, as well as the musicians if they cared to hear him, with a soft smile as he recalled the music from his and Frodo's own birthday celebration not too far back, which he'd let sooth his soul for while he could, "But I'm afraid my own mood matches this more solemn pace". He said no more than this to not ruin the mood completely. No doubt those here were trying to avoid thought of the destruction that hung over them.
Half-Elves / Re: Lost in Between
« Last post by Elladan on June 27, 2020, 01:38:20 AM »
Elladan & Bilbo: OK. I'll put the pre-Erebor thread on my list of starters together with Pellavan's, but it may take a bit longer to get out than Pellavan's.
Graphics & Fan Works / Re: Pip's Graphics Shop
« Last post by Hera on June 27, 2020, 01:34:02 AM »
Name (that you want on the graphic): Fengel, King of Rohan
Character(s): Fengel
Coloured? If yes which two colours: Green and gold of Rohan
Coloured Eyes? If yes, what colour: No
Song of your choice: Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Name (that you want on the graphic): Gandalf, the Grey Wizard
Character(s): Gandalf
Coloured? If yes which two colours: Dark and light grey
Coloured Eyes? If yes, what colour: No
Song of your choice: Miley Cyrus - The Climb (Maybe a bit of a weird choice? But I think it's fitting)

Name (that you want on the graphic): Elladan, Son of Elrond
Character(s): Elladan
Coloured? If yes which two colours: Black and white
Coloured Eyes? If yes, what colour: No
Song of your choice: Celine Dion - Immortality

Take your time. I'm in no hurry. I just really liked your style.
Fangorn Forest / Re: On the Edge of Trouble
« Last post by Annúngilel on June 27, 2020, 12:06:23 AM »
For a few decades now, since T.A. 2966, Annúngilel had been traveling the world trying to undo some of the damage she had done to others while she was cursed. She blamed herself for all the tragedies she had caused. She should've been stronger than she was. She should've fought harder. What was done, was done. All she could do now was try to fix what was still possible and keep wandering until she felt she could settle somewhere without her presence being considered a burden to others. The good name she had made for herself during the First Age and almost half of the Second one had crumbled and now she always had to prove herself good again to gain anyone's trust. It was understandable.

Her current situation made her feel like those Noldorin who had taken part in the Kinslayings of the First Age, of which she was never a part, but she had done evil towards her own kind, but not only them, during the years she was cursed, even leading some of them to their deaths. She felt horribly guilty for it now that she was herself again. The only times she felt more at ease was when she was dealing with mortals. Most of them didn't even know of her darker past or didn't care. Change, for good or evil, is easier for them to accept. Maybe they were gifted in ways Elves would never truly understand. She had been wandering the lush lands of Rohan for a while, until she delved deep into Fangorn Forest for the last 5 years.

Annúngilel believed she had managed to befriend some of the Ents during this time. Patience was always one of her characteristics from youth and it was all that you needed to get along with the tree shepherds of the ancient forest. Now she felt restless again. She knew there was still some old evils to be undone. That had been just a respite from her self-imposed errands. So she left Fangorn for the wilds of Rohan again, but as soon as her grey mare started to gallop her away from the last of the tree lines, Annúngilel saw the most interesting of sights: A Great Eagle and a horse sharing a moment. She couldn't tell what it was about from afar, but the sheer unexpectedness of it caught her attention. Soon she had approached the pair, but not too close.

"I'm Annúngilel of the Noldor." She chose to introduce herself in Westron even though she knew the Great Eagles of Manwë that had stayed in Middle-earth knew how to speak Sindarin for the horse's sake. She could recognize the stallion as one of the famed Chiefs of the Mearas due to the unusual color of his hide and imagined he'd be more used to either Westron or Rohirric, of the latter she had no command to keep a conversation in. "May I be of assistance?" The offer was followed by an approach of the duo in a very slow walk. "This is Yurrë" Annúngilel introduced her mare to both of them as she had been her companion for quite some time now and they were good friends.

((OOC: Sorry! This post is kinda smallish, but I've lost the one I was working on yesterday and didn't want to leave you waiting even more. Ann is just getting acquainted with the odd duo anyway. Yurrë is a Quenya name that means Woman who runs.))
Sea & Port Towns / Re: Coming Clean and Fresh
« Last post by Alvelin on June 26, 2020, 03:28:56 AM »
Before moving in completely, Alvelin performed a quick search around the hut, scanning every nook and cranny to make sure everything inside was safe and secure. No big bugs or unwanted creatures lurking around… Although, she could handle a few harmless spiders and geckos sharing the abode; at least they did their part in getting rid of pesky insects.  Following her nose to the source of a putrid odor revealed a dead rat - likely an old one that managed to crawl its way into the hut before it died - now riddled with maggots. Gross. Couldn't have that stinking up the place.  Using a stick to sweep up the decayed lump onto the blade of a wood axe, she carefully picked up the carcass and tossed it outside - as respectfully as she could possibly do it, if Yavanna cared about such sentiments towards rats after death.  The wood axe, she had found among the various tools lying around the hut, and was a reminder for her to cook the rabbit soon, else the meat would spoil while she was busy being distracted, exploring and tidying up her new living quarters. 

Grizzly by her side, she headed outdoors to collect some kindling nearby, hesitant to use the axe against any living tree, so long as there were fallen branches she could load her arms with, lugging it back to the hut - and whatever edibles she could forage along the way, to keep her hunger satiated as she prepped the rabbit and roasted it over the fire. She had to admit, the aromas were mouthwatering, nearly tempted to take a bite for herself. Her priority, however, was the dog, and while Grizzly gobbled down his gourmet meal, Alvelin turned her attention to further investigating and cleaning up things. Surprisingly the hut was full of items and trinkets, uncovered while rummaging through drawers, cabinets and chests. Quite a household clutter… Could there have been a family that lived in here, once?


A few weeks later…

Puffs of smoke emanating from the chimney would indicate to passersby afar that someone was actively using the hut.  The woods were abounding with small game birds, of which Alvelin had caught a few pheasants for Grizzly, and was in the process of butchering and roasting them over the fire when she turned her head to glance up at the window - where the back of her head had been facing it, prior to hearing the little 'tap' against the glass.  Cleaning the hut was slow process to keep on top of, since Alvelin had settled into her new normal, spending far more time outdoors than in.  That particular window around back was more for letting in light overhead than for peering through, and would require a stool for her to reach up and wipe it down.  Not one to fret about a little dirt, she actually didn't mind the dim lighting the smudged glass provided.  Made the room much more cozy, with the fire on.

If the 'tap' was any louder, she might have been tempted to take a peek outside, moreso with wary concern, had her senses told her that there was something (or someone) "bigger" outside nearby the hut.  Picking up no further sound or movement out of the ordinary, Alvelin turned back to her task of cooking the pheasant, dismissing the 'tap' as a piece of nature's debris - a pebble or piece of dirt that had been dislodged from the roof, or a bug that had smacked into it. Or even if it was a curious critter - a harmless bird or squirrel - it was nothing Alvelin thought about to raise concern over.
Further Afield / Re: Taken Under Wing
« Last post by Nauroval on June 25, 2020, 01:40:14 PM »
{Makes sense, yeah sometimes entitled's no doubt harder :D And no worries, it was enough for me, and hopefully I gave enough back}

The way in which Arahin rose to any and all challenges associated with her own position, both as Ambassador, as well as Gwaihir's daughter and Thorondor's heir, was part of what Nauroval respected about her and had noticed first off upon meeting her. She would say because she was in many ways similar, herself, but also knew not to overstep her boundaries.

It was what making it in Great Eagle culture was all built upon. Knowing one's place.

Of course, Nauroval knew that all of the talk was not all about herself, and though the comments were kept respectful, for the most part, there were those who also felt Arahin didn't have much experience with gaining position, since it had been handed over since birth. That could be harder, though, the younger Eagle knew, as expectations were as well.

She sympathized with her friend, just having to make it in general, and not fail and make one's parents proud was hard enough. She couldn't imagine the pressure a legacy on top of that caused.

Even before having Arahin's behavior to sort of emulate, Nauroval rose to challenges as well and understood nothing would be handed her way, even with the opportunities a friendship gained her. It was an earned friendship, after all. Even though Nauroval knew she had Arahin's approval and permission for entering into the heart of Gwaihir's territory, she gave a checking glance to the sentinels as she flew past, making sure they recalled as well. They gave her a nod as she passed, and Nauroval reciprocated back in greeting as much as she could without disrupting her flight.

Arahin soon met her after her landing. Despite the situation, and how this, her first real test, should have made her more nervous, some of the tension actually released from Nauroval's shoulders at her friend's arrival. She genuinely enjoyed Arahin's company, and even being tested to see if she could take over as Ambassador for her, and trained to do such, couldn't completely dampen just spending more time with the older Eagle.

That and she reminded herself that she did feel up to the challenges of the test.

Arahin didn't truly refuse her gift, so Nauroval didn't take it as an insult, and the reasoning made sense. All the same, she wasn't sorry to have caught the rabbit and done the favor. Only with Arahin assuring that she had had enough, did Nauroval take back the offer, and only for the sense in her later words and explanation.

The younger Eagle could handle a few surprises, and knew to expect them. She merely nodded to Arahin's explanation. "No, makes sense that anything could be thrown at you as Ambassador and I'm up for it", she assured, sitting taller just in anticipation and after finishing up the rest of her catch.
Half-Elves / Re: Lost in Between
« Last post by Bilbo Baggins on June 24, 2020, 10:57:40 PM »
Elladan & Bilbo: I'll start the post-Erebor one, sure, sounds good! And I'm good to also have us do the other one at the same time if you want, but would probably let you start that one too? But whether we do one and then the other or both at the same time doesn't matter to me
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