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First Time / New Panem | AU HG
« Last post by twitch on November 18, 2017, 08:06:31 PM »
« Last post by W&B JORDAN on November 18, 2017, 07:20:43 PM »

The real monsters are human.

Werewolves have been labeled non-human by the Supreme Court,
beyond the scope of fundamental rights. They must register with
the government and cannot move without fearing criminal penalties.
Other supernaturals, vampires, witches, ghouls, guides, and ghosts
watch in horror, fearing they will be exposed and become the next
target of the human government. As more of the supernatural world
leaks into public consciousness, can we overcome the intolerance
and hate or does a bitter, violent end await us all?

We are an advanced, supernatural creatures, no word count
(400+ preferred), jcink premium site set in present day New Orleans, LA.


TUMBLRSITE [/center]
The Shire / Re: A Secret Slipped
« Last post by Bilbo Baggins on November 16, 2017, 03:54:10 PM »
There were classic looks that those who knew Meriadoc Brandybuck could tell you meant he was being stubborn or prying; and Frodo arguably knew them better than Bilbo himself; but Bilbo could still tell that the younger adolescent’s rocking and steady gaze was anything but a lack of attention or giving up on his questions.

He’d probably label it his own “quest”.

No, Merry would be figuring out whatever he could, and Bilbo was trying to think fast as to how to keep this from spreading all over the Shire like wild fire...

Not that his first thought was that Merry would blab. Well, truthfully one couldn't know, the lad was both trustworthy, of course, from what Bilbo had seen of him and Frodo interacting, but also...prone to excitable bouts where anything could happen. He would have to be all but bribed, perhaps, to not tell.

But firstly, Bilbo's question seemed to have some effectiveness to stalling, at least while Merry answered.

“Peregrin’s staying with the Boffins for a time, I came to visit, and um… was wondering if you had any of your famous cornbread and eggs leftover?”

Speaking of treats with which to bribe the lad...Bilbo was about to go on that yes he did and yes he could try to set Master Meriadoc up with some, when the point was of course dodged right back around to.

“And answers, do you have any answers? I’d like some of those, too,”

Bilbo swallowed a tad bit, though tried to not look caught out, and keep that pleasant-slightly-bemused smile, though it was harder still at the young Hobbit's next words.

“It wasn’t a wizard and it wasn’t the birds or bees or anything of the sort. It was a woosh like a big blow of wind. I know I am not the only one who heard it either. I saw Otho’s expression and heard his cry. You were there and you weren’t.”

A sigh escaped Bilbo, one that still tried to disguise as a chuckle, and he knew he couldn't keep dodging forever, not that he was quite ready to admit yet either! Thankfully Merry took to the move off the porch and for all to hear.

"Well the neighborhood gossip is that I'm cracked, have to keep up appearances if I'm to keep that going...", Bilbo still dodged about even and thankfully as the conversation turned.

“Well did the clock ever stop a hobbit from eating? Time is relative. Food is always,”

Despite the pressure of the moment, this did bring a genuine chuckle from the older Hobbit, "Yes, that it is, I couldn't agree more, so I shall go see about those cornbread and eggs...", he shuffled to the kitchen after politely indicating Merry to a chair he would either take or not. It was just Hobbit formality and even Cracked Bilbo Baggins tried to keep to it...when it suited.

“Hmm… that is a shame. I wanted to see if Frodo wanted to have a cuppa and some Old Toby with Pip and me. I was planning a little party of three or four if Samwise joined us, But no bother. Another day, eh?”

"It looks that way, though I'll be sure to tell him you were by, and I'm sure knowing Frodo he'll be making amends and coming by to plan up another time", Bilbo was surprisingly able to make conversation given the focus of also dodging, but then any experience in Hobbit Social affairs would train that particular skill in.

What Merry mentioned seemed to be the most popular plan of activity between the four, honestly, Bilbo knew, and with most young Hobbits about. Honestly Bilbo was glad there had been no strained relationships between him and the Took and Brandybuck side after he'd gone and hauled Frodo off from Brandy Hall all those years ago; and to be expected and welcomed that they would follow the lad here.

He really is a good enough sort to tell, the thought intruded upon Bilbo grabbing up some of the left overs and setting the kettle. Yes that as it may...none could know...not even Frodo knew...well alright, Frodo probably guessed by this point...

"Here we are...", Bilbo came back to pass over a plate Merry's way...and resign himself to what was coming...even if he still didn't quite know how to proceed.
Affiliate / Tenderness of the Heart Affiliation
« Last post by Bekah on November 15, 2017, 05:12:28 PM »
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Once Upon a Time AU / Re: An Odd Understanding
« Last post by Harper on November 14, 2017, 04:18:07 PM »
{Again, most to all of the back-ground stuff fluid for any and all changes that may or may not occur ^^}

Harper Auster had, for a few moments atleast, put aside her self assigned mission of finding her cousin, Thomas, and somehow...making amends. Honestly the latter part of the plan was even more hazy and she wasn't sure what she would do once she did find him, or say for that matter, would come when she did, she was sure.

And Pumpkin Spiced Latte-no coffee was going to help her with that! Somehow. Harper still hadn't become a coffee drinker, still in her teens and it still tasting nasty, but thankfully coffee stores could doctor up flavor-of-fall-lattes with more sugar and milk and no coffee and make a drink that was just like a mid-day treat to carry around with you.

She had a few notes and names jotted down in her phone's notes and might have got on about trying to find some way to reach out to and help her cousin, the one she had never known about for all these years!

For most of her childhood, Harper had known something went on between the adults around her, and mainly her father and the uncle she hardly saw. They were poorer (not by much comparison wise, but it seemed it) and Harper's father had seemed to feel it his brother and sister-in-law's own faults. Because of irresponsibility. Irresponsibility that went to the point of having given up one of their twins just for said purpose of not being able to care for it. They had said.

How did you even choose though!

The irony was, Harper wasn't really close to the one cousin she did have, though she hardly saw him either, but she most certainly had to find the one lost cousin of hers! Let him know that not all his family had given up on him!

Though she wouldn't blame him if he didn't care.

Still, she had to try! And Harper herself didn't fully know why she had such a feeling that they would understand a lot about each other once and if they did meet.

Yet at the moment she wasn’t actively focused on said mission, and sort of because of dead-ends. It was Saturday and she was supposed to just be enjoying her weekend.

Paused by the street light, and yes debating what next, and whether to head to the park or not, Harper sipped her drink, and had her mission forced upon her focus once more.

It wasn’t clear at first, and as she just watched a lady rushing down the pavement who next threw her purse at flock of pigeons in her way. Thing was, it didn’t strike Harper as odd. More than that, something made Harper’s gaze fix on the woman immediately after scanning her surroundings and scanning past her.

A wary intimidation was the first thought. Not fear, but awareness of making sure...well she wasn’t treated like the pigeons. Much as she sort of understood that reaction. She would have smiled, if someone didn’t barrel down the walkway, next knocking the woman over in his haste.

She'd seen him before, Harper knew, but where...

Then it came to her, he had been one of the ones she'd put a question to and who had told her she'd be better off not prying into such things and anything to do with Auster. It had been a bit jarring given that was her last name too. What exactly had he been doing to put such a stigma to the name?

Of course Harper had more clues than she wanted to that, and knew at least it was Something, even if she knew Nothing.

The man was gone by the time these thoughts had time to process, and adding further confusion, and clues, another darted after him and for some reason Harper had paused to make sure it wasn't her cousin or something. It wasn't. Though, again, given all the man who had currently darted by had said, Harper wouldn't be surprised if Thomas knew the other. Worked with him even...

Part of her darting forward once both had rushed by might have been seeking further clues, but she quickly enough dropped any ulterior to it and realized it would just cause more trouble if she followed them or anything. And she couldn't anyway, they had darted by too fast. Still, for some reason she gave a further glance up the street, before finally putting all of her focus to the woman she had jogged over to help.

”Here! Ma’am! Um...let me help you up...”, Harper only got awkward after she was there and as she said it, and held out a hand.
The Shire / Re: Elvish Herb Tales [LOTR]
« Last post by Bilbo Baggins on November 13, 2017, 04:22:03 PM »
”Gaffer wouldn' listen to her even if she should try to!”

Bilbo chuckled again, not for not believing Sam, but because he did. Hamfast Gamgee was very good at turning a shoulder to trouble makers! As good as he was at also giving them answer when need be.

”That he would not, no you’re right Sam”. Again, there was no air of Speaking Out of Turn with Bilbo Baggins and the right sort, like the Gamgees. Bilbo didn't want Sam to feel he 'shouldn't bother his father's employer or young heir'. He wanted Sam to feel comfortable in sharing or asking anything he wished to know.

The talk of Dwarves and their ways (hauling young Hobbits off) made Sam's eyes go wide same as the Trolls part made some of the other younger Hobbit lads and lasses do.

”Maybe it is a skill known ta all Elves?”

Sam pondered on Elrond, and Elves in general. "Most likely so, my lad", Bilbo answered back. He knew it seemed strange, to tell Sam (or just think it himself) he might one day run into Lord Elrond, but who knew what was possible, and especially with a lad like Samwise Gamgee, who was much more clever than he probably gave himself credit for.

"But I don't want to take all the focus of this conversation", Bilbo went on, though he knew Sam might get him right back to talking of Elves and his adventures very soon. "So, what other things, other than roses, have you learned to grow all on your own by this point?", he asked kindly and to further encourage the lad.
Once Upon a Time AU / An Odd Understanding
« Last post by Nauroval on November 13, 2017, 04:11:07 PM »
Nicole Avis’ heels clacked down the pavement with a not too hard tread, yet something in the sound even communicating her displeasure! Orrin had left her stranded by way of his “job” and an unreliable car. Again!

And no, she would not give him the satisfaction of making a big thing about it, or calling one of his taxi friends who would just send him by for the sole purpose of gloating at her!

Of course the car is his fault..., Nicole fummed to herself as she walked along, he promised to fix it and...oh bother these heels!. She stopped to switch them out for her emergency flats, which helped her pace also. Nicole continued along the pavement, everything about her giving off the air of a woman not to be messed with.

Yet even in her agitated state she had a clear sense and view (more a sense) of those around her, even in her peripherals. Nicole could weave skillfully through any crowd and seem almost not there. She supposed it must be something of a family trait, for Orrin could do much the same with his car, she knew; though she would never tell him she noticed any similarities...or half worried he might crash. After all, despite his good reflexes, he had. Even if only when he tried to drive past Middleton town limits.

It was very true, as proved by that time Orrin  came in search of his keys, that her workplace was within walking distance of her and Orrin’s flat; but that didn’t mean either enjoyed having to walk there, and in Middleton’s temperamental weather!

It was actually surprisingly nice out. For Middleton, and hadn’t rained. Yet.

Still, it could, and if it did Nicole was going to be in an even worse mood!

It was all of this, and the morning's frustrations, that combined to perhaps lower Nicole's guard and let...small things slip through. Small things like pigeon's. The birds had just landed, within Nicole's line of sight, and ahead of her on the path, to peck at the ground and search out bread and other left overs.

Nicole was not in the mood today, and something about the whole thing struck her as very insulting and almost disrespectful! How dare they! Even, and especially, small fodder birds such as them, only good for larger animals to catch, knew to keep out of her way!

A bit odd a thought, but again Nicole didn't pause to ponder this and for once flew off the handle with her first response. Which was to throw her purse (and a well aimed stomp) at them as they scattered. "Stupid...scatterbrained...get out of here!". It was only after completing the action, that Nicole became self aware and quickly and discretely glanced about, but none seemed to have seen her, except maybe that girl on the corner, who had just exited the coffee shop (though she looked a bit young for coffee herself) and stood by the street light as if debating where to go with her drink.

Thing was, it wasn't just the fact that she had been caught out at all, Nicole's gaze, once going past the girl, fixed on it and the look of mild shock. Mild shock that still seemed to sort of understand, because as the two locked gazes, she almost expected the girl to smile wryly and in defense of her.

All just a confusing feel of the moment, and Nicole probably hadn't paused that long because as she next felt herself rammed into she associated it with her previous action. How...who was defending the pigeons...?, then she tumbled to the ground, after her just thrown purse. Her purse! Nicole found it, so knew it hadn't been a robbery, and pulled the purse to her even as she heard other feet rushing up.
First Time / Pledge; An AU Pokemon RP
« Last post by Oniwanbashu on November 13, 2017, 04:47:37 AM »
PLEDGE is a laid-back Pokémon trainer roleplay forum set in the Ho'ohiki Region: Where the environment is as extreme and diverse as its people. Running for over a year strong, our community is dependable and sure to keep you coming back!

Including mechanics like the Link system from Pokémon Conquest and Delta Pokémon from the TCG, we offer a variety of experiences with character driven plotlines, world-changing events, and more!

Our rating is 3-2-3 and we provide a safe environment for all genders, sexualities, and disabilities. Anything over a 2-1-2 rating is marked by a content warning, and all members are encouraged to let us know their boundaries! Come check us out today!

First Time / For A Better Tomorrow [jcink][lb]
« Last post by Zardu Hasselfrau on November 08, 2017, 11:03:47 PM »


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Other Times; Other Places / Re: And I Love Her
« Last post by Thranduil on November 08, 2017, 05:31:16 AM »
Most people were asleep, but as was not terribly uncommon, Thranduil was not most people. He’d made a habit of being contrary for the pure sake of it, if only to inject a mild taste of the unexpected into what was the undeniable monotony of life in Menegroth.  His father indulged him, for it did no real harm, and Thranduil suspected that beneath a father’s obligation, Oropher might have silently approved.

Unlike Celeborn, Thranduil had not yet made any attempt at sleep, nor did it seem that sleep sought to claim him any time soon.  Like so many others, he had been swept up in the excitement of visitors from afar, and his mind had been quite full of thoughts of them, himself.  He was still dressed for court, cutting an ever impressive figure worthy of any elvish lordling, and by the way he always carried himself, it was clear to most that he damn well knew it.  Arrogance was no virtue, and yet Thranduil seemed to think otherwise.

Had his besotted kinsman had his full presence of mind, he might have noted a pair of boots, the only part of Thranduil visible where he rested against another nearby tree, back leaned against the bark, legs stretched out before him.  But Thranduil noticed Celeborn.  Even before he had begun speaking, the sound of bare feet was clear enough, and a brief glance told Thranduil exactly who had intruded upon the garden this evening.  Yet he did not announce himself to Celeborn immediately, not wanting to interrupt his own solitude any more than he sensed Celeborn wanted to be interrupted.  However, the words spoken aloud were too much to resist.

“She certainly is lovely,” he observed, climbing to his feet, stretching out long limbs before fully rounding the tree and coming into view.  Blue eyes sparkled, unable to hide his ill intentions.  He maintained a distance, allowing Celeborn that small degree of safety, though that didn’t mean he wouldn’t push onward.  “And in possession of quite the sharp wit,” he continued, wondering absently if Celeborn had even worked up the courage to speak to her, or if he was simply sighing over her beauty from afar. 

“Her brother is also quite charming.  Shall we think of a new name for him as well?  The night is young.”

He loved Celeborn dearly, and if he were quick to tease it was only because he knew his kinsman would forgive him. 
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