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Re: A Drabble By Any Other Name by Ginger Dúnhere
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Tolkien Fan Works / Re: A Drabble By Any Other Name
« Last post by Ginger Dúnhere on Today at 04:38:09 AM »

The sun was beginning it’s approach to evening. Heidi had sent Ginger out to scavenge for an early supper. She had not given any more thought to the fire dancer when the customers picked up, and started to buy up the wears. But, she couldn’t help it now as she let her mind wander back through the events of the day. If she had been back home where she belonged, she would be sitting back with a hot cup of tea watching her sister work on her embroidery, while her mother played the harp and sang. Her father would be sitting by their bay window with a book.

She thought of these things as she passed a woman selling embroidered handkerchiefs in a proper shop. A man was singing while playing the harp to some children gathered around. And she passed a man looking down at his book as he walked. And still did not notice these things even as she saw them.

It was not until she collided with someone’s shoulder that she snapped out of her thoughts. The man exclaimed something in a tongue she had never heard before, and when she got a look at his face, it was the fire juggler/breather from the square!

The anger in his eyes met the horrified expression on her face, and she blushed. She didn’t have time to make an apology before the man was scolding her in a language she could understand, “You must be the only person who doesn’t watch where they’re going!” Ginger turned to attention to the bread on the street as he picked it up, “You are a comberworld! Go make yourself useful elsewhere.

Too stunned to say anything she watched him stomp off, tucking the loaf under his arm. She watched until he disappeared into the crowd.

Thank you, have a good night, miss.” Said the vendor as she handed her two bowls of stew. She paid the lady and returned to her booth, careful not to let herself daydream lest she lose the stew in the street. It was the only thing that smelled good, and it was hot. So, stew it would be. She had little hope of it tasting good. There had been nothing decent to eat since …

Heidi, look. I found--” Ginger stopped as the fire dancer entered her sight. Heidi was smiling at him before her attention turned to her, “Ginger! My dear girl, I’m so glad you’re back. I was just telling this young man that you had gone out to get something to eat. Be a dear, and go get another bowl of this delicious smelling soup.


Equally delightful.

Heidi moved swiftly to relive Ginger of the bowls of soup, handed her some coin, and shooed her away. She could feel the eyes of the fire dancer on her as she turned on her heel to return to the stall.

The nerve of Heidi to invite that very rude man - who had been so graceful, so elegant to watch - to join them for an early supper! He had no right! If Heidi knew how he had treated her, she would throw him out of the tent, she just knew it. Yet, there she was in line again for another bowl of soup, annoyance growing as the woman gave her a look while handing her the third bowl.

Upon her return, Heidi was laughing with the man. All of Ginger’s previous thoughts burned in her mind with a little shame. Heidi had a way of taking off the edge when she wanted. Make people feel comfortable being in her presence, and merry over all. Heidi wouldn’t toss the man aside. She would tell Ginger that he was right, she was daydreaming too much instead of going and coming right back. It was irksome, but Ginger pushed it aside to take a seat within Men’s earshot of their conversation.

Yes,” Heidi was saying, “I find calendula to be very effective against minor cuts. I have some salve here you might wish to try - on the house. I swear by it!” Heidi set her stew aside as she got up to rummage through the stuff on her cart until she found the little jar of salve. “There we are.” She returned and handed the jar to the fire juggler. “Now you just apply twice a day for a week to see improvements.

Thank you, I’m sure of that. You have been too kind to me.” He set it aside and continued to eat his soup as Heidi kept talking about healing salves.

I shall have to make you one for those burns,” She said offhandedly, “You come back with me to our camp, and I’ll whip one up for you in no time.

To this Ginger felt her heart stop skip a beat. Her earlier concerns came back in a flash. If this man came back with them there was a certain chance he would get caught up with Yorik. But the man just ate his stew without saying anything. He didn’t give anything away, no twitching, no eye shifts, not even a hint of disinterest - or even slight disgust.

He finally spoke when all the stew was gone, “Thank you, I’d like that very much.

Was he insane?

Heidi was all smiles, “Wonderful! Ginger and I will wrap up here, and meet you at the entrance of the town; the same way we came in.
Mirkwood / Re: Interracial tensions and whatnot
« Last post by Eden on January 19, 2020, 03:54:03 PM »
((ooc; sorry for the late reply, exam season >.>))

Eden suddenly tensed up at the light creaking sound coming from her door. Her hand instinctively made its way towards her hip, where the hilt of her sword once was, only to grasp thin air. She mentally cursed herself for her foolishness; what would she do bedridden like that, cut whoever came close? Then again, if she was to go she wouldn’t do so without a fight. Life is for the fighters, she had learned that the hard way.

Her surprise was evident when the now open door revealed a beautiful female elf. Her serene smile and soft words were reassuring, yet the human woman kept her guard up; sometimes evil can come in a pretty package. Once can never be too careful.

Eden suppressed the flinch that erupted from her body at the sudden touch from the healer. She must have looked like a scared, wild animal to the Elf’s eyes, she thought. If there was one thing the female hated more than anything else that would be looking vulnerable. She couldn’t stay there, helpless. She had to get back on her feet as soon as possible.

Despite her mental protests, she let the healer inspect the damage. She allowed her body to relax – to the degree that such thing was possible – and her eyes to wander. Her gaze fell upon the torch-lit hallway. The vivid flames offered just enough light for Eden to satisfy part of her curiosity; there seemed to be another door opposite of the room she was in. Was there another patient there? Was this the medical ward, then? She did not have to trouble her mind with questions for long, though. In the blink of an eye, the door she had her eyes fixed upon opened, only to reveal the Elvenking himself. Of course, she had no idea of his title as of yet, but even by looking at him from afar one could easily guess he held some sort of title; his posture was imposing and his pace firm.

To her surprise, the eye-catching stranger made his way towards the room she was in. He seemed even taller and awe-inspiring up close.  Eden might not have realized she had been staring all this time if the female elf hadn’t spoke. It was now clearly evident that indeed the male was a figure of authority.

Her mind wandered at the events of the battle. The memories seemed distant and confused at first, even though it had only been a few weeks, but she knew. In fact, she was sure of it; this was not the first time she had laid eyes upon him. How could she possibly forget that lone, majestic figure dressed in silver, cutting his way through uncountable hoards of enemies. She was there, she had seen it with her own eyes, what she once deemed impossible. She was also there when the Dol Guldur War Troll came; that was when things had begun going south. The monstrous creature created such havoc that the alliance forces scattered and eventually each man had to fend for himself. It made its way right towards the Elvenking who seemed too caught up to notice. Cutting down another Orc, Eden paused for a moment to catch her breath and assess the situation, only to see the danger at hand. Without giving it much thought, the woman slashed and stabbed her way towards the massive foe. Once she had gotten close enough, she decided to improvise. She slashed its popliteal fossa, the parts behind the beast’s knees, again and again, hoping to stop it in its tracks. Indeed, the foul creature slowed down and let out a cry of pain but not before kicking the human off. Eden landed a few metres away, colliding with stone rumbles and smashing several of her bones. The pain was so great that she passed out before she could see her eventual victory. The Troll had indeed fallen before he could cause any more damage and death.

''She’s awake.''

The Elf’s words brought her back to reality. With her memory restored, everything made more sense and she felt a bit more at ease than before, despite the coldness in his voice. She listened intently to the brief exchange between the two, observing and assessing. Outside of the battlefield he seemed to possess a calmness and coldness that both baffled her and irritated her. Was he really not scathed by what had happened? What even had happened after her fall? His piercing gaze landed upon her and she momentarily lost her track of thought.

'' You, '' she blurted out, only to receive the curious looks from both of the Elves.

'' You’re… alive. ''
she pointed out. Her tone was hard to decipher for she herself wasn’t sure if her remark was made out of plain curiosity or relief or both.
Tolkien Fan Works / Re: A Drabble By Any Other Name
« Last post by Ginger Dúnhere on January 19, 2020, 06:09:37 AM »

Did you see out there in the square?” Heidi asked, sitting next to Ginger; interrupting her thoughts. She drew her attention to the square where people were gathering. A man stood over them, standing on the fountain. He was unlike anyone she had ever seen. It wasn’t that he was tall, it wasn’t that he had hair as red as the sun - or was it gold? It was the baton he was lighting at both ends.

Is that the man your customer was telling you about?” Ginger asked not taking her eyes off the man as he lept towards the crowd. They backed away, giving him plenty of space. He bowed before them. His chest was bare, and his hair was loose. He rose and gazed at the crowd. Heidi and Ginger watched in anticipation.

He started slowly as though teasing the crowd. He waved the flames about, twisting and switching the baton from one hand to the other. Gradually he spun them faster and faster, the flames made wheels of light around him. Each time he would spin them in the air the audience gasped, and Ginger’s own heart felt as though it was going to stop. But the Fire Juggler didn’t miss a beat. He let the flames go high, and he let them close to his bare skin that Ginger thought they would surely burn him. But they did not.

Ginger rose from her seat without really thinking about the action, and Heidi didn’t stop her. A thought was growing in the old woman’s mind, something that whispered ‘now is the time, now you may begin.’ But begin what? She watched Ginger press her way through the crowd, and for a moment, Heidi knew exactly how to go about doing what the little thought wanted.

Ginger stopped just one person short of stepping into the circle. Everyone’s gaze went up when he threw the baton, and he caught it, bowing as he finished his act. He withdrew to the fountain for a split second before picking up chains and setting their ends on fire. “I’ve not seen him use those before!” Said the young boy before her. He was transfixed as the man stepped back into the circle, and more people seemed to be pushing for a better look. One little girl nudged past Ginger, taking hold of the boy’s hand. “Look, he’s doing something new!” The girl Oooo'd and aww’d.

The Juggler’s face was set. He swung the chains get them started then flung them around and started to dance. He ducked with the movements of the fire, and leapt into the air as though he was dancing to some invisible music only he could hear. He waved them above his head, and in the next moment was spinning low. Then he brought them up and around! It was dazzling, and Ginger was completely transfixed. He held all the grace of the Elvish dancers in Thranduil’s great halls.

When the dance was done he bowed. Everyone clapped enthusiastically, and returned to their shopping. Ginger stayed a little longer than anyone else, watching the man as he sat down on the fountain. She didn’t mean to stare, but it was the first normal and amazing thing she had seen. Someone who had not been part of the company, someone who went around freely performing for the public. She watched as he set out a cup, and people came by dropping coin - probably for his fire dance.

When Heidi came up behind Ginger she touched her elbow gently. Ginger jumped, “Oh, Heidi, I’m sorry.” Together they went back to their booth. 
Men / Re: Ulfric
« Last post by Nienna on January 19, 2020, 01:51:34 AM »
Roleplaying Extras / Re: Pip's Character Cheat Sheet 2.0
« Last post by Vark on January 19, 2020, 01:32:50 AM »
Name: Vark  F
Age: 30
Race/ Occupation: Man from Tharbad / Farm-Hand
Height/ Build: 6'4" / Muscular
Hair Colour/ Eye Colour: Brown with Grey Streaks / Brown
Relationship Status: Single N.I
Face Claim: Joe Manganiello
Most likely to be found: Near Tharbad or Rohan / Farming
Least likely to be found: Elven Cities / Hurting women
Definitely wont be found: Too far east / Committing crimes
Most likely to: Bear hug you when you're down
Least likely to: Threaten you without reason
Definitely wont: Help you be a crook
Speech Colour Code: #632B1C
Roleplaying Extras / Re: Pip's Character Cheat Sheet 2.0
« Last post by Ulfric on January 19, 2020, 01:32:12 AM »
Name: Ulfric F
Age: 58
Race/ Occupation: Man of Gondorian area / Dúnedain
Height/ Build: 6'6"/ Broad
Hair Colour/ Eye Colour: Dark Brown / Brown
Relationship Status: Single  II
Face Claim: Adam Driver
Most likely to be found: On the road somewhere
Least likely to be found: Near Mumakil.
Definitely wont be found: Hovering where he's not wanted
Most likely to: Hunt things
Least likely to: Ask for unneccessary help.
Definitely wont: Beg
Speech Colour Code: #565400
Roleplaying Extras / Re: Pip's Character Cheat Sheet 2.0
« Last post by Séla on January 19, 2020, 01:31:29 AM »
Name: Séla  H
Age: 149
Race/ Occupation: Dwarf from Ered Mithrin / Advisor
Height/ Build: 4'10" / Curvaceous
Hair Colour/ Eye Colour: Brown / Green
Relationship Status: Married to Féren
Face Claim: Vera Farmiga
Most likely to be found: Iron Hills or Erebor / Advising Daín
Least likely to be found: Cities of Men / Playing 'Mother'
Definitely wont be found: Elven Cities / Biting her tongue
Most likely to: Say what she means even if its hurtful
Least likely to: Befriend outsiders
Definitely wont: Take your advice
Speech Colour Code: #606060
Roleplaying Extras / Re: Pip's Character Cheat Sheet 2.0
« Last post by Ruby Goodbody on January 19, 2020, 01:30:44 AM »
Name: Ruby Goodbody
Age: 35
Race/ Occupation: Hobbit of Hobbiton / Baker
Height/ Build: 3'6" / Plump
Hair Colour/ Eye Colour: Mucky Blonde / Blue
Relationship Status: It's Complicated with Leander Boffin
Face Claim: Sinead Keenan
Most likely to be found: In the Shire / Cooking
Least likely to be found: In the tavern, Bree / Drinking, dancing
Definitely wont be found: Beyond the borders of the Shire / Hurting people
Most likely to: Bite your head off
Least likely to: Keep quiet
Definitely wont: Be told what to do
Speech Colour Code: #3E5B00
Roleplaying Extras / Re: Pip's Character Cheat Sheet 2.0
« Last post by Ruairmli on January 19, 2020, 01:30:12 AM »
Name: Ruairmli
Age: 132
Race/ Occupation: Dwarf of Ered Mithrin / Soldier
Height/ Build: 4'7" / Average
Hair Colour/ Eye Colour: Dark Brown / Brown
Relationship Status: Single N.I
Face Claim: Johnny Galecki
Most likely to be found: Dwarven Cities / Teaching Combat
Least likely to be found: Cities of Man / Drinking Excessively
Definitely wont be found: Elven Cities / Murdering (unless Nusin)
Most likely to: Teach combat, teach morals
Least likely to: Turn his back on anyone
Definitely wont: Do anything morally wrong
Speech Colour Code: #AF2323
Roleplaying Extras / Re: Pip's Character Cheat Sheet 2.0
« Last post by Róza on January 19, 2020, 01:29:33 AM »
Name: Róza  H
Age: 33
Race/ Occupation: Man of Gondor / Bounty Hunter
Height/ Build:  6'0" / Slender
Hair Colour/ Eye Colour: Dark Gold-Brown / Honey Brown
Relationship Status: It's Complicated
Face Claim: Lesley-Ann Brandt
Most likely to be found: Around Gondor / Hurting people
Least likely to be found: Elven cities / Charitable things
Definitely wont be found: Umbar / Behaving
Most likely to: Tear guts out, stab someone
Least likely to: Play fair, have a heart
Definitely wont: Fall in love
Speech Colour Code: #771F1F
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