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Half-Elves / Re: Lord of the Last Homely House
« on: February 08, 2017, 07:08:50 AM »
perhaps a thread where I come back to Rivendell after the wedding and surprise you and my brothers?

Other / Feeling Yuck
« on: February 05, 2017, 02:45:37 AM »
hey all sorry to say this but I think I'm coming down with something   I feel like Poo ill be back on soon as this mess goes away in a few days.

Applications / [Hobbit + LotR] Arwen Undómiel
« on: February 01, 2017, 11:31:14 PM »
Arwen Undómi

NAME: Arwen Undómiel
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Eveningstar
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE:[/b]Born TA 241, 2700
PLACE OF BIRTH:  Rivendell
RACE:Half Elf
GENDER:  Female
HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE:  Glossy Black with Soft Curls
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Petite,  5' 10
OVERALL APPEARANCE: Medieval Long sleeve gown with her Evening Star Necklace and cloak
WEAPONS:  Hadhafang
FACE CLAIM:  Liv Taylor

STRENGTHS: Arwen is the Pure embodiment of everything good.
she is a being of Pure, she is fiercly protective over those she loves.
Arwen is a source of hope to her people that they may never again fear the night
Arwen knows true courage - my goodness, does she ever! She had the bravery to willingly walk into almost instant death: remember, she is over 3,000 years old.
WEAKNESSES:  Brave to the point of Foolishness: she would give up everything for Aragorn.
ASPIRATIONS:  To Bring Peace to the Lands through the reuniting of the Kingdoms of Arnor and Gondor.
FEARS:  Loosing Aragorn, War.
PERSONALITY:  Arwen, on the whole, is a gentle and loving soul, slightly playful. There are four traits in Arwen's personality that shine above all others: Faith
Arwen is faithful. She worked ceaselessly on her banner for Aragorn and watched over him constantly in thought. Not once did her faith waiver; not in Aragorn, her future, or in herself.
Never a more selfless woman has lived. She loved Aragorn so much she gave up her immortality. In doing that, she gave up her father, the chance to see her mother again, her people, everything she knew and treasured. For love alone. And not only that, she gave up her position on that ship across the Sundering Seas to Frodo. Could you be able to do that? I wouldn't. Which brings us to another point...
Arwen knows true courage - my goodness, does she ever! She had the bravery to willingly walk into almost instant death: remember, she is over 3,000 years old. The sixty years she ruled with Aragorn must have seemed like a heartbeat to her...
The trait of an elf, or a woman, or both? Frodo never spoke of his suffering, only in moments of intense suffering, and yet Arwen could see that he was in a lot of pain, and gave up her position in Valinor for him without a qualm.
Loyal: Arwen never strayed from her love of her people, even in her darkest times she gave her people hope and her unwavering loyalty
Arwen was the youngest child of Elrond and Celebrían; her elder brothers were the twins Elladan and Elrohir. Through her father, she was the granddaughter of Eärendil the Mariner (the second of the Half-Elven), great-granddaughter of Tuor of Gondolin, and therefore a direct descendant of the ancient House of Hador. Arwen was also a descendant of King Turgon of the Ñoldor through her great-grandmother, Idril. Through her mother, she was the granddaughter of Lady Galadriel and the great-granddaughter of Finarfin. Éomer of Rohan said that the Lady Arwen was fairer than the Lady Galadriel of Lórien, but Gimli son of Glóin thought differently. Through both of her parents, Arwen was a direct descendant of the ancient Elven House of Finwë. Furthermore, Arwen was a descendant of Beren and Lúthien Tinúviel, whose story resembled hers. Indeed, Arwen was held to be the reappearance in the likeness of her ancestress Lúthien, fairest of all the Elves, who was called Nightingale.

Arwen lived for many hundreds of years in tranquility and contentment in Rivendell, her father's home, and in Lorien, where her mother was born and where Galadriel ruled as Lady of the Galadrim. But tragedy struck, and one year, Arwen was 2268 at the time received word that while her mother was traveling home from visiting Galadriel in Lorien, Orcs set upon the little band as they crossed the Redhorn Pass. Celebrian was captured, and although Elladan and Elrohir swiftly pursued the Orcs and retook her, slaying them, it was too late. Celebrian had been wounded. They brought her home to Imladris, and Elrond healed her body, but the shock and terror she had sustained were too much. The next year she decided to go to the West, to Valinor, where it was believed she could be happy again. Her mother's departure was very grievous to Arwen, for she had some premonition that this was forever; that she would never see her again. And so it was. Arwen, although she grieved for a long time, soon resumed a normal life. She spent many years in Lothlorien, consoling her grief with the beauty around her. All too soon for her elvish mind, however, though it was in reality many years she was recalled to Imladris.

 There she first met Estel, also called Aragorn, who was then only twenty years old. He fell in love with her almost instantly, but she was wary, having lived happily so many years without wedding, long past the time when she had been inclined to marry. Therefore, she kindly put him, as it were, in his place. But Elrond, not knowing that they had actually spoken, and watching Aragorn cast glances her way, spoke with him, saying that Aragorn should not get her hand until he was King of Gondor and Arnor, and only then if Arwen was willing. Aragorn went into the Wild shortly afterward, taking leave of Arwen only with a quiet last longing glance and a kiss on her hand.
Arwen had hardly noted his passion. After several years in her father's home had gone by, she was invited to return to Lorien.

She happily went and resumed the old customs and ways which the last several years had broken up. Aragorn had no knowledge of her going to Lorien, for he was at that time serving the King of Rohan. And so Arwen thought that now she would probably spend most of the rest of the time she had left on Middle-earth there before she went with her father to Valinor. But the time was far shorter than she, or anyone else, except Elrond or Aragorn, guessed. Whispers of strange and dread deeds were flying across the lands of Rohan and Gondor. Some of them even reached the borders of Lorien, though it is doubtful that Arwen heard any of them. It seemed that a captain of Gondor, whom all called Throngil(Eagle of the Star) was the mightiest that they had ever had. He was invincible in battle(so the rumors went). Wearing a star upon his brow, he defeated every last one of Steward's enemies(all the lesser enemies, at least). With all that, he was as humble and deferential as the lowliest farmer.

The Steward loved him dearly, and often called him a son, though they were no relation in the world. All the unmarried women of Gondor vied for his hand, yet he took no notice of any of them. He came from Rohan, though he was not one of the Rohirrim, and bore a sword that Thengel the King had given him. Fair, humble, just, reverent--this was a man of many qualities, and Denethor, son of the Steward, was envious.

Denethor was not made to bow to anyone, not even one who fully deserved it. So Throngil, noting the coolness of Steward's son, departed, after a long midnight talk with the Steward. Where he went no one knew, but at the last, it was rumored that his face was toward the Land of Shadow, Mordor. Denethor played this for all it was worth, denouncing Throngil as a traitor who had come to spy out their secrets. But the Steward was silent and grieved, like one who kept his own secret and would ever keep it locked away in his heart. But it was true that Throngil went to Mordor, though only many years afterward it was discovered why.
But of all the court intrigues of Gondor, Arwen was as ignorant as a bird. She was happy--mostly. For now and then the thought crossed her mind that, perhaps, she had been unfair to Aragorn. He could not be blamed for loving her, nor could he be blamed for being a mortal. So the days went by, smiling sunkissed on her. But one day came which would change her life forever. Aragorn came to Lorien. No, he did not know she was there. But she soon discovered that he was, and as quickly knew that she loved him. How or where she found this out--only she knows. But who can count the heart of a lover, or tell why love is?

Suffice it to say that she now loved him. Arwen and Aragorn plighted their troth on a midsummer night, on the Hill of Cerin Amroth. How can anyone know the happiness they felt unless they themselves have felt it? But also, Arwen's heart was then torn in two. She would be forever divided from her people. She would never in all worlds see her mother again. However, even this could not dissuade her from loving Aragorn.

But soon, Aragorn had to leave for Imladris. Her heart ached at their parting and she resolved to soon return herself to her father. On the last day that Aragorn was in Lorien, the couple danced through the silent woods. On the edge of the stream of Nimrodel, they said farewell.
Aragorn then departed for Imladris and a new stage of his life. Arwen did not stay long in Lorien after that, for she could not bear to be apart from Aragorn. So she also went back to Imladris. Pleading with her father to let her marry Aragorn, she only got a promise that, if and when Aragorn was king of Arnor and Gondor, she should wed him. During the time that Aragorn was Ranger of the Northlands, he visited often at Rivendell, yet they did not have much opportunity to meet. But their love was exchanged in looks. All too soon, however, war broke loose. Four halflings came to Rivendell, evil hot on their heels. With them was Aragorn. The next day a council took place. Arwen was there, but she did not speak, only now becoming aware of the great danger she, and all she loved, was in.

Arwen was a very distant relative of her husband Aragorn. Aragorn's ancestor, Elros Tar-Minyatur, the first King of Númenor, was her father Elrond's brother, who chose to live as a man rather than one of the Eldar. This means that Aragorn also has very distant Elvish ancestry. Elros died in SA 442, some 3240 years before Arwen was born.
Arwen eventually became Queen of the Reunited Kingdom of Arnor and Gondor when she married Aragorn, who was the line of the Kings of Arnor. After the War of the Ring ended, Arwen and Aragorn produced the future heir to the throne, Eldarion. By Arwen and Aragorn's marriage, the long-sundered lines of the Half-elven were joined. Their union also served to  unite and preserve the bloodlines of the Three Kings of the High Elves (Ingwë, Finwë, and the brothers Olwë and Elwë) as well as the only line with Maiarin blood through Arwen's great-great-great grandmother, Melian, Queen of Doriath, and also on Aragorn's side, through the line of kings of Arnor and Númenor to Elros, Elrond's brother, whose great-great-grandmother was also Melian.

AGE:  27
EXPERIENCE: I have been roleplaying off and on since 05
OTHER CHARACTERS:  If you have any, that is.
HOW DID YOU FIND US?:  Another site I roleplay on
Ipomea had been feeling lost the last few days as she had lost her hearing aids once again and had yet to find them so she had to be very cautious about her surroundings as she walked around the beautiful Garden. Ipomea had been walking towards the lake when suddenly she felt something grab her by the left ankle this caused Ipomea to Scream"Help I am an unarmed help!"
she mentally scolded herself for having forgotten her wand in her room as she was dangling by one leg high above the garden she hoped someone would come help her as she desperately tried to get free but as she did so more vine wrapped around her, she knew this was not any kind of Vine she had seen before with its thorny vines and strange snakelike movements. Soon the horrid vine began to tighten around Ipomea All she could do was yell for help. Ipomea kept calling hoping someone even a professor would come help her as she was unable to hear them they would have to use sign to tell her what was going on.  These days Xanthe Crabbe had more to worry about. She always said what needed to be said and did what needed to be done.  Two wizarding war defeats hadn't seemed to have taught some people anything and now pranking had crossed a new line. Xanthe had missed that evening meal when one of her dorm mates lost her sight in a magical explosion; almost certainly a response to what was being done to other houses. Thankfully Alice would be back but life would be more difficult for her. Having to do the 5th year again would only be the start of her troubles. She had to look out for her family interests as well as her own. No doubt daddy had plans to marry her off but she could do plenty in the two years she had left here. These thoughts were cut short as she heard cries for help. It didn't sound too far away either so dashed there and seen another witch hanging in the air. She did have her wand and used a quick severing charm on the higher up parts of the vine. The witch would still fall but at least Xanthe wouldn't hit her with the spell. At least she could try and catch her when she fell. Ipomea was relieved when she saw someone come running she recognized the girl from the pitch as she had met her before. Ipomea braced herself as she fell and instinctively jammed her feet into the ground as she hit. Ipomea then looked up at Xanthe and trying her best to speak and sign she said: "Thank You Xanthe, and it is nice to see you again." Ipomea then said," I'm sorry to have made such a fuss.". Ipomea knew she sounded odd but hoped the other witch would understand. Just then Ipomea noticed a black ring around her ankle where the vine had been holding her, she noticed it was swollen and oozing some green stuff. Ipomea looked at the plant and picked up the severed piece. It moved like a snake but had large sharp thorns all over. Ipomea knew there was no way she would be able to walk to the hospital wing not as bad as her ankle hurt she was sure it was broken if not crushed
If there was a plant you also had roots to deal with. Xanthe knew this and later on somebody probably the grounds keeper would need to deal with it. Right now what left of it was a long stump that was flopping around and the severed piece that still had some life in it, and would cause no harm unless somebody got too close. She knew what was like to deal with a disabled person because of Alice so hearing Ipomea speak wasn't much of a shock. What was said was perfectly clear so no problem there. She didn't need to be a school nurse to recognize that the other witch wouldn't be walking on her own for a while so the obvious thing was to help her to the hospital wing. Other people might be unkind but she believed in karma; the principle made sense to her. "Not a problem Ipomea. I'd hope that somebody would do that for me in the same situation. So just hang onto me and we'll go to the hospital wing" she replied speaking a bit more slowly. "Then somebody will have to deal with that thing" she added but she figured this wasn't a prank. It was too general and frankly more idiotic to let a dangerous plant grow there. After all, anybody could be attacked by it and that wasn't a good sign. "Let's walk on three, two, one..." Now they were on their way.  Ipomea tried to limp along with the other witch's help but the Pain was starting to make her dizzy but at last, they had arrived. Ipomea gently sat up on the nearest bed by now her ankle looked the size of a Quaffle and was still oozing that green pus. Ipomea thanked the other witch for her help.[/font]

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