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Completed AU Threads / Re: Adult Supervision?
« on: August 29, 2019, 02:50:41 AM »
While they finished up their treats, Grandfadi asked after the Royal Family of Dale. Folkin lent an ear to the conversation, in a distracted sort of way, so he could impress Papa if he knew facts himself, even if he just heard Grandfadi say them first; but arguably most of the lad's focus was on his treat. And, as the older brother, ensuring Ills didn't get too sticky; though she wasn't the one they had to worry about in that area.

"Well, as to this lost Sir Dur..."

Oh yeah, finding him would be a good thing also...

The stall runner piped up with helpful information. At the suggestion of Sir Dur having to clean Uncle Koph's hawk cages, Folkin laughed. "Yeah, I bet he wouldn't like that at all!", he said. Ills frowned at him. "Foli, that's not nice...".

"Aww, he won't actually do it!", the slightly older Dwarfling assured his oldest sister.

Still, Grandfadi agreed, and they set off in search of the regal servant again. Ok, as Mama was always telling him, Sir Dur had other jobs, besides babysitting, Folkin just could never remember what they were...

From on Grandfadi’s shoulders again, Folkin scanned as they headed towards the toy stall and...yes!
”There he is!”, the Dwarfling pointed. He wiggled to get down as they approached and rushed the rest of the way up. ”Sir Dur! We were looking for you, where’d you go?”. The Dwarf had turned in shocked relief as one of his changes approached, followed by the other and Anlaf. He might have expressed more worry over the last fact, but first what the young prince had said...
“Where?...I...”, he cut off stating it was them who had rushed away from him; or young Folkin, and just faced Anlaf. “My apologies, Sir”.

Completed AU Threads / Re: Adult Supervision?
« on: May 17, 2019, 02:45:38 AM »
Folkin was given aid in his quest by Grandfadi coming up and hoisting him up on his shoulders, before next gripping Illmur's hand. In this way, they made better progress through the crowd and over towards the ultimate goal and prize of the sweet's stall! And looking for Sir Dur, that too. Folkin knew if they went home without him...someone would be in some form of trouble, if just later when he made it back on his own.

Papa would probably find it funny (a bit anyway) same as Grandfadi had, but Mama would give him that look that told him she knew he knew better. But wasn't keeping track of Ills more important?

Once they got closer to the stall, Grandfadi let him down, and Folkin took Illmurʼs hand again to continue looking out for his sister and as they both rushed up to the stall and Man running it, peeking over the rim as much as Dwarflings as them could. They noticed they were alone though. ”Oh no, we didnʼt lose Grandfadi too did we?”, Illmur asked. Mostly seriously. But no, their grandfather came striding up soon enough! After they had turned back to the stall, so that his announcement of his presence was hosting them both up to see!

The stall runner asked Grandfadi what he could do for him, and Folkin knew he and Illmur held the answer to that! ”Two taffy please!”, he said still giggling.

”And do you have honey?”, Illmur asked? In any capacity she meant!

Men / Re: Alanna
« on: May 02, 2019, 03:10:42 AM »
I agree!

Alright I'll get something up. Would somewhere in Eriador maybe a year before the War work? Not sure if you had a specific timeline for her yet/just wanted to check

Men / Re: Alanna
« on: May 01, 2019, 12:01:38 AM »
Posting under OC name so you can explore mine also if you want.

So I have quite the cast of characters up so narrowed down to those with probably the most reason/chance to run into Alanna and we can just start with whoever takes your fancy first or however many you want to start with <3

Nauroval & Alanna:

My Great Eagle from the Misty Mountains, I don't know that she'd be interested enough in a human to land and meet one, but I can tarry her in a clearing etc and force an interaction if she wants to talk with one or anything.

Nyx & Alanna:

Ah my talking Warg with her own revenge vendetta against all Orcs (though she isn't friendly to most others but those have all her hate but for Dwarves also) if Alanna just wants some drama I can keep her from eating her for a confrontation and perhaps get her to talk if it comes about to that.

Kargach & Alanna:

My most traveled Dwarf, even at 100 something in LOTR time, that's not too shabby as they go and he's still traveling about as a wheel-wright/caravan manager of the carts he sells to said caravan. Pretty open minded, he would have no problem hiring a human as an extra caravan guard, though he says he's not too shabby with a sword and could do such himself. Still he's not in his 80's anymore and knows he should take it more carefully. Especially if he was in a small caravan or on his own, I could see him hiring Alanna.

Friór & Alanna:

A young Dwarf lad (14 equivalent around movie time-frame I believe) from a good family in the Blue Mountains, he's Kargach's apprentice in woodcarving and while quiet and perhaps not too adventurous he loves the outdoors and would accompany him on a caravan trip so I think throwing him in with Kargach would be the best way to get a meeting.

Harper & Alanna:

And finally my teenager hawk-skin-changer, who's a teenager for all of those time-frames I think the way skin-changers go she is on her own ever since her parents died and trying to keep her secret as a skin-changer while craving human interaction so if she came across Alanna traveling, she would definitely stop by her campfire for a bite to eat and a chat.

Announcements / Re: Roll Call
« on: August 07, 2018, 02:10:21 PM »
Gard reporting and also keeping everyone for the moment <3

Away Board / Re: Where is Whit?
« on: April 30, 2018, 02:56:36 PM »
Have fun Whit! I know, it's busy stuff, but still <3

Guides & Resources / Re: Buddy System
« on: January 08, 2018, 02:18:22 AM »
Sure thing Persephone! I got ya!

I'll draft and send a PM asap but if you have any questions in the mean time this and Este are the best accounts to PM from. <3

Wanted Ads / Re: Featured Adverts
« on: December 07, 2017, 07:17:14 PM »
What a lovely idea Cass!! Allow me to help! Um I got this! It’s already in open thread but why not! And seems easiest ^^

Alias:  Gard
Image(s): I’ll look! Or anything you find <3

Completed AU Threads / Re: Adult Supervision?
« on: October 25, 2017, 03:03:57 PM »
Grandfadi gave them both a giant, tight hug such as he often did, and which communicated so much. The two Dwarflngs both giggled as they were swept up off their tiny feet and then set back down. Their grandfather then going on to listen intently to their answers in a way few adults did. Most in their family, though.

His smile seemed to reassure Illmur that he had not been questioning her choice, his words also going on to reassure as to that, and much else besides. "Ills your grandmodi  is very skilled at giving even a whole gaggle of dwarflings equal attention, thanks to your mother and many uncles, don't you ever feel you gotta skip out of the way. With either of us".

Illmur gave a shy smile, sort of embarrassed this was spot on as to how she had felt, and knowing she shouldn't, and softly grateful for her grandfather's words as well. "I know...thanks Grandfadi", she gave another soft hug even as Folkin went on explaining about what they had been up to.

Her brother didn't sound the least bit sorry for having lost their supervision, but Illmur was and winced slightly as if their grandfather would think them bad for having done such. Anlaf just laughed though, being met with a grateful  smile out of Illmur and Folkin grinning bigger.

"Lost your supervision? And an esteemed member of the court...not as esteemed as your grandfather, but almost...what will your parents say? And I don't think they'll be able to get many other favors such as watching you, now", he went on.

Both of the Dwarflings knew he was jesting, for the most part, and smiled back, Illmur's growing as well. "Of course not!", Folkin exclaimed, "You're the best council member ever".

Illmur knew what her brother meant, but still smiled softly again, half worried, half amused, as she leaned over, "Foli...Papa and Uncle Thorin are both on the council too...". The little Dwarfling's face fell as he realized the trouble with his statement. He had entirely too much influential family, that was what it was!

Flynn would have corrected and found some clever statement, but his younger brother floundered a bit before grabbing the excuse of Grandfadi helping them with finding Sir Dur and his further questioning on what Anlaf was doing out here also! Grandfadi was still sort of vague with it, stating he would rather help them anyway, but Folkin had the feeling it had been grand whatever it was, and he would return to said question before they went home!

Oh that was right! Grandfadi and Grandmodi had been here too when the dragon came that first time. Despite knowing the history of it, generally anyway, Folkin couldn't help imagining his grandfather (both of them probably!) standing boldly at the gate defending.

The market of Dale came in sight as they approached, and Illmur was very glad to have Grandfadi here now because she knew without him Folkin would be darting through the crowd and she'd have to rush to try to keep up. He wouldn't lose her, of course, but it would still be hard to keep track of him.

Both Dwarflings scanned, but they didn't see Sir Dur, not right away anyway. Maybe along their way to the sweet stalls! Folkin jogged forward, pushing past and under one of the first people to be in his way, politely, or attempted, still, he was a young prince of Erebor who had been raised right after all, "'scuse me...pardon...".

Archived Plotters / Re: The Song Remains The Same
« on: October 14, 2017, 03:56:04 AM »
I'm trying to aid y'all with characters you may not know what to do with. Or maybe you do and I'm just in the way! :) Anyway idea throwing! Hmm...I've always avoided the Elf area though or in terms of taking one up. I still have some characters that might like to meet Cirdan though! I don't know which of the ones I list you are familiar with so excuse me re-explaing them.

Naruoval & Cirdan: as a Great Eagle she would recognize that Elves are one of the higher of Illuvatar's creations and probably hold an amount of respect for them. I don't know if it's full cannon or just Blue and my head cannon but Eagles take Elvish names and words after all. Anyway she's around the Misty Mountains mostly and being an ambassador for Gwaihir. Just if it works.

Kargach & Cirdan: the one Dwarf of mine I can probably best get to meet an Elf and who won't just dismiss him for being an Elf (Cirdan should count himself lucky he didn't run into Fritz like Hal had to *rolls eyes at her immature Dwarf*). He tends to take an amused view of life and might try to poke fun at Cirdan which could be fun.

Those are probably the two most likely I see, or easiest, of my collection though if you want to throw him at any of my others feel free. As the son of a shipwright...ok, grandson of a shipwright who's own father then ran the very successful business of such, Wes would be interested but he's on the sea most of the time and so I'm not sure how probably it would be.

Dwarves / Re: Tried And True
« on: October 14, 2017, 03:32:14 AM »
Ok, imma try to help y'all and poke in plotters, so from this that got mentioned before, let's see...we started Sofia's I need to start up any of the others for you, even of the ones you said you'd start if you wanted me to? Just helping or attempting at that <3

Dáin and Bilbo: I think let it rest for now is best. Though certainly we'll visit this later on just because these two are a must write. No doubt about that!!!

Dáin and Gard: TA 2951 it is then!!! Official business. LOL. Perfect for me. Though I do think it makes more sense for this one if I start the thread since it would be Dáin going to do business in Dale and meeting Lord Gard there. LOL.

Dáin and Sofia: That's the idea. Oh!!! The chaos… And lovely kid Sofia there… LOL. Maybe on this one, just like Gard's one, we could place some spoilers on the title just to be on the safe side, though I guess it's safe to assume that everyone here has read The Hobbit at least once and knows how the story ends at least on Tolkien's mind. LOL.

Dáin and Dagmar/Fritz: We have this baby then. I will start as promised!!!!

Archived Plotters / Re: The Blue Sorcerer
« on: September 17, 2017, 11:23:59 PM »
Here you are! <3

As I say just tell me if anything doesn't work.

Archived Plotters / Re: The Blue Sorcerer
« on: September 15, 2017, 04:05:54 PM »
You might have said you didn't know if any of this would work, I don't recall, but if any of it does, or if not that's fine too <3

If Pallendo can be anywhere, then pretty much any of mine would work but let me help not overload you by focusing on who most wants to meet a wizard ^^

Gard & Pallendo: Bard's nephew and ward, this kid of Lake Town is well meaning but very curious; which has hindered the first at times and got him into trouble. Not afraid to bombard with questions, he once met Radagst though not sure if that still stands but would definitely offer either direction or aid if Pallendo came by Lake Town and curiously ask questions if he found opportunity.

Nyx & Pallendo: My Warg opposed to the idea of Orc riders and hates Orcs, but this doesn't make her a friend to the free peoples of Middle Earth. She also hates Dwarves, and is just rebelliously against everyone else. If she realized he was an Istari she would just be snidely resentful. Probably not attack outright, since he can retaliate effectively! But then she is still young and rash in Hobbit timeframe and probably not much better even later. Just an exchange of words? Mild confrontation?

Nauroval & Pallendo: As a Great Eagle, Naurvoal prides herself on knowing about Elvish culture (far as it counts and since Eagle names derive from the language) and knowing a Wizard when she spots one. Just as Gandalf had to try to win Gwaihir's notice she may not do anything with said notice, but is up for a run in if you want.

Harper & Pallendo: As a skin-changer this one also feels she knows something, namely that Wizards and the Valar exist. Not much beyond that but still being equivalently young she also would maybe ask questions with that backing up of some familiarity with the concept to aid it.

Just whoever and how many you want to plot with. Or if you see one of mine you like better

Archived Plotters / Re: This one Grasps your soul. This one Keeps it.
« on: September 09, 2017, 06:33:19 PM »
Alright, Dwalin plots! Since you read all mine anyway you said, I'll skip links but you can find them pretty easily through account ^^

Bilbo Baggins & Dwalin: Company plots! All the things! Maybe even some awkwardness when the dwarves are arriving at Bagend and Dwalin is the only one there eating Bilbo's food while he's completely dumbfounded...if that's enough for a thread ^^ we can work in the timeframe and give them enough time for it.

Dagmar & Dwalin: As I explained, the maiden who is tagging along after Fíli since ever and then courting him she's probably given Dwalin a bright word or two <3 There's a group sort of Engagement thread for the prince and her but I can even make another thread of that timeframe where she can just chat with stoic Dwalin. Or Dwarfling stuff! All the stuff!

Fritz & Dwalin: Also with Anlaf on Thorin's council and all that there's options here too.

Anlaf & Dwalin: Council stuff. Anlaf is of the option the Quest is not doable with the force Thorin has, but after saying so very supportive all the same and watching the Kingdom for the King when the Company sets out. Dwalin and Anlaf discussing said Quest? Other Council type talk.

Gard & Dwalin: When the Dwarves invade the house in Lake Town, Gard is determined to talk to all of them! More eager kid questions against stoic wall stuff :D

Again you know the ones I have! If you want any of my other characters to plot with Dwalin just say so!

Abandoned Roleplay Threads / Re: An Odd Encounter
« on: September 01, 2017, 06:29:45 PM »
The stranger, Mr. Altair, bowed to her curtsy, and it made Sofia smile more. Her first impressions of him being nice seemed true. The girl then watched, almost more curious what Mr. Altair would do with the sorry bit of information she had had to relate. He fidgeted, taking his very interesting hat off his head and running a hand through his hair before plopping it back. Thoughtfulness seemed clearly written along his face, rather than defeat, and soon he spoke very rebellious words indeed! Though they may not have seemed so.

With the news that he would be willing to break into the Master's main hall, Sofia should have skipped straight away from him, bad influence that he was and all! If she helped him, she was going to get her parents into more and worse trouble! Yet such spunk, even if he hadn't been here long enough to know how dangerous it was, deserved to be rewarded and aided!

Plus she had already given him a very clear warning of how ill tempered the Master was. Now it was on him if he followed through (and her if she helped still).

Well I simply won’t give up without trying. You know this place better that I do. Let’s go see if the Master is home.

Bad influence ahead! Though strangely the kind of adults who made "Bad Influences" in Lake Town were just trying to do normal things around unfair rules. Mr. Altair should be able to read anything the Master had! Of course Sofia was too young still to understand things needing kept secret by a ruler from the populace for their sake; but the Master didn't have any of those anyway.

So Sofia nodded, "Yeah we can do that!", she then  began leading the way, all confidant too, or for an eight year old, and not ducking from notice of neighbors or anything until they reached the Master's main hall. She even kept playing the little hostess and knocked, but didn't call out so as to gain too much attention beyond just the good and proper checking kind. She then smiled to Altair and rocked on her heels, listening.

{Hehe she's perhaps too ok with the idea and I think she's observed too much of how to get around the rules ;) Also I'm playing with where and if they should run into Gard. May do so next post or so}

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